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The Episode starts with Bala saying Vandu did right to make Shravan’s fav food. Amma asks Vandu not to tell anything to Shravan now. Shitija goes to call Shravan and says he is not in his room. Even Bala checks. Shitija asks Vandu does she not love her. Amma says parents love all children equally. Vandu worries for Shravan and thinks where did he go. Raman and Mihir talk about ad campaign designs. Adi comes and talks to Mihir. Adi says I m very happy, my day was too good. Raman says we are talking, can you excuse us please. Adi says fine, I will talk later.

Adi sees white lilies bill and tells Mihir that Ishita liked white lilies. Raman asks him not to take Ishita’s name. Adi asks why, if I recalled her, why can’t I take her name, I still love her, if you have problem, leave it. Raman

says if I have problem, you have to change, you live in my house, you have no status. Adi argues and says you can’t control what others think. Raman says you have to listen to me till you stay in my house. Adi says mumma left you because of your behavior, you don’t deserve her, that’s why you are alone, no one wants to talk to you. He goes.

Raman gets sad and throws things. Vandu cries for Shravan. Shitija says I called his friends, he is not at his friends’ place. Vandu says its my fault, I should have not shouted on him, I should have let him chat with Alia. Bala says we will see CCTV footage and can know with whom he left. They check CCTV footage and see Shravan with his bag. Amma says he is leaving home, I told you Vandu not to be so strict to him. Vandu says I m sorry, I did not know he will do this. They see Mrs. Bhalla. Vandu says how dare she take my son. They all go to Bhallas.

Vandu and everyone ask Mrs. Bhalla about Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla says I don’t know. Simmi defends. Amma says we have seen in CCTV footage, Mrs. Bhalla was talking to Shravan. Mrs. Bhalla says I met him, I asked him where is he going with bag, I thought to talk to him at home, he was drinking water, I got Pammi’s call and he left, I thought he went home. Vandu says I don’t trust you. Mrs. Bhalla says I had pity and got your son here, you are saying I m wrong. Appa says we should see CCTV footage again, if she is saying Shravan left.

Ruhaan asks Nupur how can Mam take decision, she is in jail. Nupur says I have sent papers to her, you will have to just shoot for Pihu industries. Ruhaan says great, I will not let Papa and Ishita unite, I can do anything to keep them away. Ishita comes home. Aaliya asks him to take rest. Mani gets Ishita’s medical file and belongings. Aaliya says I wil throw these flowers. Ishita says no, don’t throw, I told nurse to keep this for me, I will take home, these flowers are special. Aaliya says they dried, sorry. Ishita says yes, but its valuable, the person who saved my life sent this without knowing me, I will keep this. She thinks of Raman giving her white lilies. Mani thinks I know Ishita recalled Raman seeing these lilies.

Bala says where can Shravan go. Vandu says Mrs. Bhalla stopped him. They all check CCTV footage and go to ask Mrs. Bhalla about Shravan. Vandu says Shravan did not leave from here, we checked footage again, where is he. They all argue. Appa tells Bala that we should do police complain. Bala says yes, we will tell police on whom we have doubt. Raman talks to Simmi. Simmi tells about Shravan gone missing. Adi hears this and thinks I m sure Mihika will take Ishita to Delhi, once Raman and Ishita come face to face, everything will be fine. Ruhaan says they made me away from them, I will not let them unite. Adi says just Ishita can make Papa like before, I will unite them and families.

Ishita sees the flowers and imagines Raman. They dance and spend romantic moments. Itni mohabbat……. Boldo na zara…… plays………. Her imagination ends. The RJ tells about the beautiful song of movie Azhar. She says Raman, are you happy, I left that house for your happiness, I hope you are very happy…… She cries and says I miss you. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……………

Mihika talks to Amma and asks what, Shravan is missing, stop crying, I m coming Delhi. Ishita hears this and asks Mihika about it. Mihika says I don’t know, he is missing, Bala went to police, I have to go Delhi right away, you also come along. Ishita says Shravan is missing, how can I come. Mihika says they need you. Ishita says they will be worried, don’t know how will they react seeing me, they think I m dead, some will be happy and some will be shocked, I can’t face them. Mihika says fine, I won’t force you, I have to go to Delhi right now. Aaliya asks Ishita not to take stress. Mihika thinks I know Ishita wanted to go there and can’t go, its fate’s game, I have to inform Romi that Vandu called police in Bhalla house. She leaves. Ishita cries.

Ishita tells Mani that she can’t go. Mani says nothing will happen, I will come with you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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