Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts wuth everyone coming in the couple contest, where Subbu announces the rules and begins the game, calling the participants. Mihir and Rinki, Raman and Ishita take part among others. Ishita is surprised. Mrs. Bhalla says they both are also participating. Simmi says its good. Adi and Ruhi clap. Raman and Ishita argue again and he asks her not to come back home. Ruhi and Adi say they gave their names to keep an eye on Mihir and Rinki, they can lose and make them win. She asks are they learning this cleverness from their dad. Raman says as their mum does not have mind.

The round 1 begins and she says how will she eat, it will have egg. Raman and Ishita argue and she blindfolds. Ruhi says they are fighting again. Subbu says the rules, that ladies will be making their husbands

have cake without seeing, with love and without making it fall. Everyone clap. Mihir guides Rinki and eats the cake. Raman misguides Ishita to tease her and then eats the cake. Ruhi says Ishita will win. Shravan says if mum did not had baby in her tummy, then my mum and dad would have won.

Ishita says he does not need to have more, they have to lose, she will not make him eat. She says you said no one at home will eat sugar. Raman gets angry and Mrs. Bhalla says I think Raman and Ishita are losing intentionally. Simmi says its good Miir and Rinki will win. Shravan says your dad lost. Ruhi says intentionally. Mihir and Rinki win the round. Subbu says the round 2 rules, gents will be blindfolded and have to identify their wife by touching only the hand, lets see.

The round 2 begins. A man loses and his wife twists his ear. Mihir is next and he passes by holding Rinki’s hand. Mihika says come on Mihir, and he goes back to Rinki again. Mihir holds her hand and wins. She recalls his words. Raman is taken for the round. He holds Ishita’s hand and Adi says look at him, he is teasing Ishita. Raman smiles and goes to next, saying this is the world’s softest hands, my Madrasan. Ishita gets angry. Raman says Mrs. Sharma, your hands are so soft, which soap do you use and asks Ishita to ask her tips.

Subbu says now the third round, the winner will be declared by this, the rules are… everyone know the wife’s cooking, ladies have 20mins and they have to make a common dish Chole and husbands have to say which one is made by their wife. The ladies make Chole and Raman smells the dish being blindfolded. He identifies Ishita’s dish and says it has good smell, my wife can’t make this, where is the bad stinking Chole. He loses intentionally. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did he do this act. Raman jokes and they laugh.

Ishita gets angry and comes home. She sees Iyer house locked and says Amma and Appa will be downstairs. She goes to Bhalla house and sees watery floor. Neelu says she is cleaning the floor and sends her to room. Ishita goes to room and sees the decorations. She smiles and says wow, whats all this. She takes a rose and says whats going on in Raavan Kumar’s mind and smiles. Raman comes to her.

He asks did she get angry seeing him. She says he troubled her infront of everyone and did not identify her, does not know to say anything. He asks what does she want to hear. She says nothing. He says you have to hear it, why should I say infront of everyone, I will say when we both are alone and no one around. He says he did not have courage to say, but she has always seen in his eyes. He says I… The phone rings. She says this always happens. He says leave the phone and competition, it was not for us, we took part so that Mihir and Rinki should know whats relations. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays…………….

Raman makes Ishita stand and says the truth, sitting down on his knees that I love you Ishi Maa. She sits down, and asks whats the problem.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Yaar….Ishita Raman se bulwa rahi hai to usse bhi bolna hi hoga…….Adhura confession nahi chalega…… me bhi nahi dikhaya & news me bhi nahi aaya………bolna to padega & wo bhi kal hi…….

  2. are yar raman aaj tho bahuth maja aaya………….vise waiting for tmrw but cant wait for 24 hrs…………par cnfsn ke baadh raman chals u.s we miss him

  3. Ishra nok jok. .oooho kya bolo. .IshRa par se nazar hi nahin hat ti hai . jab woh cutely ladte hai. …raman jaan bhoj kar ishita ko nahin pehchana. ..

  4. wow aaj bhi superb.kal tho aur bhi awesome hoga.and sunday tho double treat ki karan ka marriage and maha movies of ishra.tho sunday is going to be more excited.hip hip hurray.

  5. Yes priyaroli Sunday rocking hoga. …karan ki shaadi. ..maha movie. ..TSA. …nach baliye. ………aaisa rocking Sunday phir nahin aaye ga. ….

  6. Haaaye…….aaj ka ep to jitni baar dekhe kam hai……….. kal ka intjat hai……….

    Pal pal pal pal har pal har pal…….
    Kaise katega pal har pal har pal
    Dil Dil Dil Dil me machi hai machi
    Machi hai Hulchul Hulchul Hulchul
    Kaise katega pal har pal har pal…..
    Kaise katega pal har pal har pal

  7. aaj pura ka nok jok was awesome.cing them in screen iam flat hogaye.even my papa was calling me priya priya per i didnt hear him at all.just keeping my eye on ishra and hear them.couple tho aise hi hona chaye

  8. & Priyaroli TSA kaise bhul gai……double nahi….triple blasy hoga……..

    Pray karo mai dekh pau… ..kyonki…sunday mai bahot busy hooo……..

    • haan yaar.ur right its triple treat.oh kya hai karan ka marriage ka khush mai polu agye.thanks for remembering.and i will pary ki all can watch it any disturbance

  9. Prayu wahi toh raman ne toh boldiya ab ishita ki bari hai. ……promo mein ya sbs mein dikhaya hi nahin k ishita ne bhi kaha ki I love you too raman. …
    …mujhe lagta hai ki raman k US k aane ki baad hi bole gi…..par itna intezar nahin karsakte hum. ….kal hi bol de ishita bhi. …

  10. wife identify of round was superb tha.the way raman teased ishu by holding mrs.sharma ka ishu ka reaction mindblowing tha.its really funny tha

    • mohan

      yes priyaroli i enjoyed that moment very much and also woh chole wala secen when raman says that madrasan itna acha chole bana hi nahi sakti

  11. yaa… Priyaroli.that one adi nd ruhi.ishitha saying u r learning from u r dad.raman kaha u mom doe’t hav mind.supperrthana

  12. thank god in spoilers it is shown raman is giving divorce to ishitha bt aaisa kuch nai hova.raman is going to america this is good than saperation.

  13. Yeah priyaroli. ..bahut funny tha but 3 rounds bhi bahut funny the. …
    jab Mr . bhalla ne kaha ki naraz kar diya aur raman ne kaha ki dusri leke aayen ge. ..par yahi chahiye toh iss hi leke aye ne …….

  14. Aaj ka epi kitna acha thaa but I missed it medicine ka effect hua aur neend lagai jab uth kar tym dekha to 7:00 uthkar roo rahi thi 5:00 se tv khula rakhkar aaj ke epi ka intezaar karahi thi 5:30 ko neend lagai uthi 7 kitna rona aaya .

  15. iam here angel.dont get sad.u can c it trm.get well soon.god plz jal se jal angel ko teek kar naa.and guys plz pary for angel.and angel form now on be careful and in future too.god bless u.

  16. teek guys bye.c u all trm.phir se my health is getting low.good nt.swt dreams.and kal office bohot kam hai tho i will be very busy.tho kal any news of ishra to me in here and my fb.bye paryu,mizun.angel,bhagi,ramya,palak,bulbul,ritu,naima and all.

  17. mizun iam nt ok.u remember last week i got fever for three days.form that my health is getting low.fever tho gaye per kabhi kabhi chakker and week hogaye.

  18. Ab Raman ko Ishita ko batana chahiye ki uss ne kyo Ishita ghar se jane ko kaha …taaki Ishita ke mann me koi kgayal na rahe iss bare me & Jo log kal Raman ki burai kar rahe the…unn ka bhi muh bandh ho…….

  19. parivaar awards ka voting is started.for fav jodi,fav pati,fav patni.tho vote for ishra guys.for more information.c fb.bye.per zaroor vote kar naa.maine mera vote kiya.ab u guys plz vote.

  20. Yaar….aaj ka epbdekh kar kaun kahega…ki 2din pehle IshRa ki major fight hui thi…….

    Jitni baar dekho…..mann bharta hi nahi……

  21. Yaar…precap dekhkar to bahot hansi aa rahi hai………face dekhe dono ke…..kitne dare hue hai…..jaise Board ka result sunne wale hai……..

  22. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    going with a high voltage drama in the
    coming episodes.The lead actor Karan
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    during his absence.
    We have to wait and watch whether his
    missing may affect the audience or not.
    As we mentioned earlier,Raman and
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    Rinky will be happy but she will be upset
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    this and she goes into the room in
    She will be surprised on seein the room
    decorated with red balloons and finds a
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    confesses her that he loves her and as
    we seen in the promo,he says I Love You
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    go away.
    Raman in his own style confess that he
    loves ishita and they both hug each
    other.Atlast fans got to see their favorite
    couple’s love confession.
    Soon,we will see that Raman has to go
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    We have to wait and watch, whether
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  23. Hey rithushree SPA ki voting strat hogayi hai. ..
    IshRa ko vote karo best jodi best pati patni. .
    raman ishita – yhm fb par uss ki link hai. ..

  24. oh thanks mizun .spa ka vote toh mai karthi lekin mein fb mein nahi hu toh plz koi meri taraf se ishra ko vote kariye.even i wish ki iss saal bhi ishra best jodi award jeethe.

  25. mujhe subbu ko dekh ke aisa nahi lagtha ki woh ishra ke beech aayega lekin ishitha ki college reunion party mein mujhe subbu theek nahi laga aur woh zyada interfere kartha hai ishra ke beech.uupar se subbu ki amma aur ashok aur shagun ishra ko alag karne ke liye subbu ko issthemaal karenge saath mein kameenon ka baap param bhi aayega show ke twist mein finial touchup dene.kya hoga patha nahi.

  26. its ok mizun.ishra ke kitnee fabs hai.kya hua mein fb pe nahi hun atleast pray aur wish toh kar sakthi hun .aur aap sab ke votes bhi toh hai na.

  27. last year majority awards yhm ko mile the spa mein .iss baar bhi hona hi chahiye.aur waise bhi iss saal yaani kal confession jo hoga .

  28. by the way aaj karan ki sangeet hai aur divyanka dance nahi kar paayegi.ho saktha hai kal karan ke sangeet ke baare mein sbs aur sbb mein aaye.

  29. Ya allah romi mai chotu baby nahi hhooon m 11 grader grl not a baby arre kya grl nahi rosakti chill mai mazak karahi hoon but m not a chotu baby. Par mai nahin dekh paungi jo bhi tym yhm aata hai aaj se leke kal tak tab mai ghar par nahi hoti .

    • romi

      11grader may b 16 r17 years but I’m 38 and I have got 3 kid so aaP mery liye mere bacho jese ho

  30. naima

    yesterday ….. there were no current in my I could not charge my tab .so I could not come.

  31. safa

    thats nice
    my intermedite over
    I also want to do but engg clgs r s far frm my house thats y my parents ask me to take admin in

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