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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting shocked reading the papers. Ruhi argues with Raman and says she wants to break relations with him. Ruhi tells Raman that she does not want to be with Raman and that’s why giving him divorce. Raman gets angry. Ruhi says I hate you and goes. They all cry. Bala advises Raman and Raman argues with him. Bala says Ruhi is sensitive, she is little girl, I spoke to counselor, she is going through bad phase, calm down and deal with kids well. Raman scolds him and says I will manage my home, I don’t need your advice. Bala asks are you mad, do you understand, we are still relatives… Raman calls it enough and counts his favors on Bala. Bala says you are crossing your limits. Raman says look at yourself, this is my house, I can do anything, go home, sorry I forgot

you have no house, you stay in inlaws. Bala cries and says you did right Raman to show me your true colors, I will never come here, I did not come to beg you for money, you came with cheque to help me, I will return your money. Raman asks him to come that day in this house. Bala leaves angrily and upset. Simmi cries and says why did Ishita go, see the house state. Romi says go and see Ruhi. Shagun and Simmi go to Ruhi and see her talking to Ishita’s pic. Ruhi misses Ishita and wishes Ishita comes back soon. She recalls Ishita. Teri bechaini ka…………..plays….. Shagun asks Simmi to let Ruhi cry, she will be fine. They leave.

Bala tells Mr. Bhalla to tell Raman that I will return money to him. Mr. Bhalla says no need, Raman got angry for no reason, he is doing same things like he used to do when Shagun left him, I think he is in shock that Ishita went. Bala says I understand, but Ishita’s tervi did not happen, and Raman is preparing for marriage, like he is not sad for Ishita’s death, its not that Raman whom I knew, he changed. Mr. Bhalla says yes, but we behave same way, things will get worse, calm down. Bala asks him not to request, I know the situation, I m with you, don’t worry. Mr. Bhalla thanks him.

Sarika tells Niddhi that I like your style. She tells bad about family and forwards hand to shake. Niddhi moves her hand back and asks are you classic vamp of this house, I love Raman and respect him, I care for his family, if Raman gets hurt by you, then I will not leave you, we are not friends and not enemies. Sarika asks Niddhi how did Raman change so soon. Niddhi says love and passion, everything, which is not there between you and your husband. Sarika asks love, what nonsense, Raman used to sleep on floor as Ishita used to sleep on floor in jail, he used to eat dry roti, they had much love, then when did you both fall in love. Niddhi says who said love can happen with one woman, Raman and I have a past, we love each other a lot. She says I don’t want anyone to know, but this is enough for you. Sarika thinks about Raman and Niddhi’s past.

Its morning, Raman and Niddhi come to have breakfast. Ruhi talks with manners and rude to Niddhi. Raman says its time we send Ruhi to boarding school. Simmi says we will manage Ruhi, you manage your new relations. Raman gets a call and says I needed this contract at any cost, I m coming office. He goes office and talks to Pandey about the contract. Pandey asks about his image, we read in news about your wife, we want clean named people, that’s why we gave contract to him. Ashok comes and Raman fumes. He asks about Ashok’s image, and tells his scams.

Pandey says Mr. Raichand is backing Ashok, as Ashok is going to marry his daughter. Raman asks does Raichand know whom is he giving his daughter and calls Ashok Aiyyaash… Ashok says impressive word, I think Raman is jealous of me, Raman’s life is also cool, you are marrying your lawyer Niddhi right, I do everything openly, and Raman always hides things, how did you change after Ishita died. Raman says I will deal with you your way, and scolds him.

Shagun talks to teacher and asks why is she stopping her from meeting Ruhi. Teacher says its principal’s order. Shagun goes and asks Principal the same. She says I m Ruhi’s mother, its not legally right. Niddhi comes and argues with Shagun. She says Raman has Ruhi’s custody, he does not like you meeting Ruhi. Shagun says shut up, I m her mother. Niddhi asks her to talk in low tone and reminds how Shagun left Ruhi. Shagun says so you are after all this. Niddhi says I m just after Raman, I love Ruhi as Raman does, I m going to be her new Maa. She smiles.

A man tells inspector that Ishita came to the cliff with someone. Ruhi tells Raman about divorce, so she is going to stay at Amma’s house now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what has happen to raman? what is this? i don’t like this track. plz change it. yeh hai mohabbatein is about ishitha & raman’s love story not raman & nidhi. I hate this track.

  2. What’s happening in yhm?

  3. I like Ruhi soooooooooo much…………..What a Performance!!!!!

  4. Sharon shrivatsav

    What a crap nidhi is!

  5. Oh what is going in this drama.i hate this new character niddi.when will this finish some one please tell me.I think Raman is acting like that he loves this true love?

  6. Raman is behaving foolishly vth all family members and he is releating d same thing as ishitha.she had hidden all mattrrs from her family nd suffered even though they all know ishitha did all this to help raman nd nw raman is doing same thing. Atleast he might have said to ruhi nd shagun.nd watng to see ishu.

  7. Hello rithu, VP, Diya, Summi and other refular column writers. The episode is getting worse by the day. I never imagined that Raman can turn so nasty just like another Ashok but it does show that Karen is a versatile actor and he can perform any role well. He acted so well until viewers are thinking what happened to the very coy, loving husband and gentle Raman. I must say Raman is faking his love for NIddhi very well and it became so believable. I watched the previous episodes that I did not watch and realised that even though he tried to be romantic with Niddhi he was not real unlike with Ishita. There is something so different in his feelings towards Niddhi. If you watch carefully you will know what I mean. The romance is very plastic and not natural. It is very distant and most of the time he sleeps or he is at work and not many instances where they are together romantically. I suppose the writers even know that if too close then they will receive a lot of hate mails by Ishra’s fans. Let us be patient and I am sure Ishita will soon rejoin Raman. It may take another month or so because they need to drag this crap but who cares as long as I have my hope that Ishra will be back again and roll. At least I watch for Ruhi now and she is so good and hope she gets the child artist award for the Star Paarivar awards 2016. I am not sure whether Raman and Ishita will get the favourite jodi award if the writers separate them for too long. Better not separate them for too long if not they might not even get the Favourite International Jodi award too which they have been getting since 2014.

    1. hey sindhu .i totally agree with you .even i hope ruhi gets best child award in star parivar awards because she is seen regularly in the show and her acting is good and because last year she was not seen much but now she is shown regularly.

    2. award …. they may not get … true

  8. Still how many days we should bear this track..?? Please writers if u drag this too much.. After uniting ISHRA also we can’t enjoy their chemistry.. Disgusting track ever.. End this soon.. i want my old lovely YHM.. Missing it so much.. Please reunite ISHRA nd end this track.. We don’t want RAMAN NIDHI nd ISHITA ASHOK …. We only want ISHRA.. Y don’t you people understand this.. YHM already lost its charm.. Don’t make it more worst. try to make it as earlier. Y can’t you show that ISHRA together faces the problems instead u people are always focusing on separating them.. U don’t believe but we fans enjoy any track if ISHRARUDHI are together..! Please end this crap soon.. Thank u

  9. Hi rithushree n all yhm fans

    1. hey naaz .after many days? how are you?

  10. It’s done totally done…… hereafter I am going to watch yhm in star utsav only until ishra reunite i won’t watch it in star plus

  11. Lubna Amiraly

    Worst episode.worst precap.i’m just waiting for shalini entry.

  12. Bakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

  13. Is there any proof to say that its all raman’s plan to save ishu…?…after watching raman’s behavior its hard to believe that its his plan…he totally forgot her …..and i think ishu is also unaware of this plan…if so , then wats the need of making raman jealous by marrying ashok..?…confusing..

  14. awwww cool guys ishita will be back. with new avthar n BTW raman didnt change it was Raman n ishita plan just wait n watch.

  15. worst episode and precap . bechara bala . aaj raman ko dekhke aisa laga ki woh acting kar raha hai aur yeh niddhi ka kuch zyaada hi tamaashe ho gaye show mein .irritating lady.

  16. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy and all yhm friends.

  17. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman organizes a big party on his and Raman’s sangeet ceremony.
    Entire Bhalla family along with Shagun reaches to the ceremony. Sarika and Nidhi plan to kill Raman and Ishita’s unborn baby and Sarika gives some powder to Nidhi mixes it in Shagun’s drink. Nidhi mixes it and gives it to Shagun. Shagun tries to take the drink but Ruhi throws it in nick of time. Ruhi then reveals to them about how Sarika and Nidhi spike her drink kill to her Ishima’s baby. Raman is shocked to know that Raman tries to talk Ruhi but she avoids him.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  18. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
    Ishita returns in modern avatar and marries Ashok to make Raman jealous The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Nidhi are getting married. Whole Bhalla and Iyer family is sad with this decision and are against their marriage.

    All family members are tensed but their beloved Ishita will return soon in all new avatar. Ishita will return to her family in a modern avatar to expose Nidhi. Ishita returns Ishita will also reveal Raman’s plan behind marrying Nidhi.

    While in her struggle Ishita will marry Ashok to make Raman jealous. Seeing Ishita with Ashok, Raman will get angry and will reveal his intentions.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  19. Star Plus Show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is showing a lot of Twists and Turns in the upcoming track of the show.As we know Raman declared that he is going to marry Nidhi.But he didnot know that Shanaya is going to enter his life.

    SANGEET KI TAYYARII is going to start in YHM for NIDHI
    Nidhi says “ sangeet will have a lot of twists and it will be super dramatic. There will be lot of incidents from shagun to ruhi on sangeet ,to check on Raman whether really wants to marry her or not. But of course the result comes up with that he is really going to marry her.”

    YHM has lot of twits from ISHITHA as Shanaya Divyanka will pretend that she is shanaya but she is not. Then Shanaya has lot to do with nidhi and raman. Soon after a while it will be revealed that shanaya is the Ishitha and the lady wolf nidhi chabra will thrown out from the house of bhalla.

    Ishitha to Marry Ashok
    Yes,You hears it wright.There is a buzz that Ishitha will pretend to be Shanaya and will fool Ashok. She will pretend as marrying Ashok. Stay Tuned for more updates of Raman marrying Nidhi and Shanaya’s marriage with Ashok.

  20. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Moabbtein will show that Raman wants to get with Nidhi soon. Family members do not want Raman get married with Nidhi so they trying hard to stop him. Ruhi also breaks her relationship with Raman but Raman is not ready leave Nidhi.
    Now, Raman’s mother Santoshi creates a drama of her illness as she believes that Raman stops her wedding preparation seeing her ill. Raman and NIdhi behave in front of family like a married couple which is making Bhall family angry.
    Will Santoshi get successful convince Raman to stop his wedding with Nidhi?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  21. Ok even if it was their plan this is unreal. though every drama is. but this is going beyond the limit. i didn’t watch from the time of the murder. only read the updates & was not even interested to comment as it is so disgusting. can’t believe India with so many traditional ways they observe gives so much rubbish in this drama.what is the example they give of the chastity & sacredness of marriage. a person getting divorce many times & added to that the just suffer & the evil winning. what did poor Vanditha do . she only corrected a boy doing something wrong & tried to correct a student to go in the right way . not cheat in life etc. but she has become the victim now & a drunkard. how can they even think of writing so much bad things & put them in the drama & make people fed up of it. people are getting so sick of this drama that u can read so much hate in the comments. I think the producer this Ekta must be enjoying without showing a positive side always negative & when people are really fed up she comes with something different. can u even think of coupling Ishu with Ashok. makes me sick.& children who have problems in real life will think that Ruhi behaving & being rude to the father is the right way in life. so very sad. even if Raman & Ishu are trying to find the culprit they could have done it in a better way. & first & foremost why did they even catch Ishu for a murder when she only went to help a woman who was being abused. O why even bother to comment i wonder as the Original YHM is dead & buried. RIP .people pls don’t waste even commenting u guys are wasting your emotions as the producer is having fun. with ur feelings. Good Luck.

    1. yes Mino you are totally right . i had been saying the same thing . playing with our emotions …. never seen a twist like this

      1. I too Aim of the same opinion

  22. The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness a major twist. It seems that Sarika and Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) want to kill Ishita’s unborn child who is inside Shagun (Anita Hassanandani). Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) will organise a big party to celebrate his sangeet .
    However Sarika and Nidhi will take advantage of the situation and will spike Shagun’s drink. Shagun is about to drink it put Ruhi comes on time and throws it. It seems that Ruhi had overheard their plan to kill Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) unborn and came running to save Shagun and her child. Raman will be shocked, but for some unknown reasons will not react in the whole situation.
    Stay tuned for more updates on your favourite show

  23. Guys Serial is going gud. Itne saal ye serial no.1 hoke jarahihai. Thoda injarkar kaaaro. Neya wala character bhi acha rahega

  24. Hey guys…recent news says that its raman’s plan to save ishita as niddhi has an innocense proof of ishita and through which niddhi blackmailed raman to marry her but by the time ishita has to be hidden from all…..

  25. Plan of raman n nidhi for some good to ishu n entire family… Just analogous to ishita and shagun bhoot wala crap drama… Raman ki zindagi pe aisa kuch bhi nhi hua tha jo bhoot ka sequence zaruri tha n now again utter nonsense… Serial me yeh ek chiz baaki thi jo wo bhi dikhaya… Height of showing irrelevant stuffs.. Wo sarika pata nahi serial me hai hi kyun… Ekta kapoor knows to take the serial to apex n wahan se na samhal kar neeche dhakel do.. Worst ssly

  26. I want to see shanaya and ramans jealous….
    It’s funny know

  27. What a stupid “CEO” Raman ! He worried about Ishita so much when she was in jail. But When Nidhi gave him the USB why he did not check it at home before giving it to the court to see what happened to his wife who was at Chaddda’s house. Big mistake !
    Now, to save his wife he agrees to sleeps and marries his enemy, hurts so much to family members as well. If Shatosh and Ruhi do not prevent his marriage, he must have married Nidhi. He said he could not live without Ishita , what he is thinking when his enemy is on his wife’ s bed. That is called his SACRIFICE for love ? An extreme stupid plan again. TOO GOSSIP.
    The maker should end nonsense love story, otherwise your work which it is initially thought great becomes number zero. Write it again seriously to make your audiences want to see it again and again and again

    1. great cloud you said it .

      1. Yes. It’s really bakwas

  28. I think ruhi will try to find out about ishita n wat happen to her

  29. Todays episode starts with Raman n Ruhi divorce issue, Ruhi is just Ishimaa’s daughter who hates his father because he is unable to search her Ishimaa. Raman plz understand what your daughter is going through. I can’t understand why Raman misbehave Bala who is always with him in any problem, it is too much just to show Nidhi that he is with her Raman is hurting people who is always genuine with him. Mr Bhalla is feeling sorry for Raman’s behavior. Raman is too much he wants to send her daughter to boarding school just because she’s against her marriage with Nidhi. But precap is interesting it can take story in other way. Raman is loosing contracts in presence of Nidhi, she must be in office to convince investors.

  30. Christine dass

    this YHM is going to be real stupid.

  31. Wow
    I’m loving yhm,
    Guys I know exactlly what is happening and I rate Raman and ishita

    1. What’s happening yaar???

  32. I think now it’s the time to say RIPYHM….This is the worst track ever in the history of yhm
    I don’t like this track.Moreover I don’t feel like watching it further

  33. Girls plzz don’t write anything bad about nidhi she is just a character if we hate her it means she is doing her work properly so plz don’t. Think bad about her

  34. hey guys good afternoon.

  35. Why ishita marring Ashok. and where is Mihika.

  36. Hi resh
    Well I would have told you but then I’ll be spoiling it for others
    However you can research it and it will tell you everything
    Sorry ??

  37. But resh
    I can’t hold it for long sooo here it goes…. Ishita is not dead and she will be re-entering as Shalini with a modern look and Raman is involved in the plan!!!!
    Search the rest on your own

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