Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ishita scolding Raman. Raman takes out an envelop and looks at it. Ishita asks why did you go here. She asks whats this showing his and Shagun’s photos. She says whats all this doing with you, the problem is you still love Shagun. He says you are talking like a wife. She says I don’t have any problem with ex wife, but if I get you with any woman drunk, did you think what will the family react. Shagun will call the police next time. Its bad when people say that Raman is found in someone’e bedroom drunk. Did you ever think about your family and Ruhi. Ishita says Ruhi talks only about you. She says how can I tell her that you don’t love her, you only love Shagun, not you have hatred for everyone. She says your failure is this hatred.

She leaves

closing the door. Raman throws the photo album and gets angry. Its morning, Amma and Appa buys drumsticks and bargain. Appa asks Amma not to bargain much. They promote Satyamev Jayate. Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi are together. Ishita asks Ruhi to eat the food herself. Mrs. Bhalla smiles seeing their bonding. Mrs. Bhalla gets annoyed as Ishita stops her form making Ruhi eat. Ishita says Ruhi does not eat at school also, so we have to teach her. Mrs. Bhalla reacts. Simmi comes and asks for a lock. Simmi sits for breakfast. Ruhi says I don’t want to go to school as the puppy has fever today. Ishita says I m the doctor, I will send you to school. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, don’t go to school.

She says she is in 1st class, its fine if she does not go school. Ishita says it will spoil Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says her experience. Simmi says see Raman, he is the big businessman. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to go and see Rinki. Ruhi says I will play with the puppy today. Amma talks to Bala about Shravan’s admission in school. She is happy and says I m proud, congratulate Vandu and give my love to Shravan. Amma tells this to Appa and Mihika. Appa is also happy. Mihika says I heard about that school.

Amma says I will give this good news to Ishita, we should admit Ruhi in that school. Ruhi’s future should be bright. Ishita served coffee to Raman. Raman says I want tea. She asks asks him to have coffee. He tastes it and says its more bitter than her. Ruhi asks Raman to come with her. Raman says I have much work. Ruhi takes the puppy Muttu Swamy out. A dog comes and barks. Ruhi gets scared and runs. She falls and cries. Raman runs to her removing his coat. Ishita sees Ruhi and runs to her. Everyone come running to her. Raman lifts her and takes her to the hospital.

Raman and Ishita say the doctor that a dog has bitten Ruhi and its bleeding. Ishita cries. Raman gets worried. The nurse acts about any allergy. Ishita says none. Mrs. Bhalla comes on wheel chair. Ishita asks what happened to you. She says I got a sprain. The doctor says something hurt her head, we need blood. Mrs. Bhalla says take my blood. The doctor says the parents should give the blood. Raman thinks about Ashok’s words. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to give the blood. Raman thinks if the blood does not match, what will I say everyone. Ishita asks Raman to get his blood checked. Raman says I will not give blood. Everyone are shocked.

Raman says I m not well. I can’t give blood. Ishita cries and asks Raman to come. Raman says take from blood bank. Mr. Bhalla says take my blood. Mrs. Bhalla says what happened Raman, that you are doing this. Raman says call Shagun, I can’t give blood. He leaves. Ishita says whats his problem, she is his daughter. Raman says what should I do, if my blood does not match, the truth will be out. Ishita calls Shagun. Ishita tells her about Ruhi. Shagun is shocked. Shagun says Raman can give. Shagun says we are coming there. Ruhi’s blood group is B+ which matches with Ashok. Ashok says it looks like the Lord is also having fun playing with Raman.

Raman tries to arrange blood from blood bank. Ishita scolds Raman. Raman says I can’t give her blood. Ishita says you are lying. She says are you not ashamed, life is giving you chances to come close to Ruhi. Raman says enough now, go from here. Ishita says you are so insensitive. Amma, Appa and Mihika come to see Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Amma consoles her and says nothing will happen to her. Amma prays. Mrs. Bhalla says its because of you, you brought the puppy. Amma says that was another dog. Shagun comes and says I m not allowed to give blood. Ashok says I will give blood to Ruhi. He taunts Raman.

Ashok smiles. Ishita says you did not get blood test, you can know why you are ill. Raman asks Ishita to go. Ashok says chill, I can understand what you are going through, its ok, I will give the blood. He says I knew Ruhi is in my fate. Raman gives him an angry look.

Ruhi is out of danger. Mrs. Bhalla thanks the doctor. Ashok says I m Ruhi’s father. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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