Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita challenging Raman to have drinks. He sits with her and asks her to drink. She calls him a rat and makes a peg for him. She says I will choose some young man and drink with him. He asks her to see and finishes the bottle. He says you finished it. She says challenge was 50-50, I would have done what you do. He asks her to then take another challenge. He removes his shirt. She is drunk and says I will remove saree. He says no, don’t remove it. She asks then tell me what to remove. He asks her to get rid of her drunken state. She asks him to say what to do, its no fun, I will win. He runs away from her and asks whats wrong with you, get away. They fall on the bed. They have an eyelock. She hugs him. Yeh hai mohabbatein……plays……………. Raman looks at her.

They fall asleep.

Ruhi smiles recalling Pihu. She says she is cute, full of life, we had fun like two sisters. She thinks where is Ishita and looks for her. She says it means Ishita did not come at night. She calls Aaliya and asks about Ishita. She says ya, maybe I woke up late, maybe she went for morning walk. Ruhi thinks where did Ishita go. Ishita is with Raman. Ruhi does not see Raman’s car in compound and asks watchman. Watchman says Raman did not come at night. She says this can’t happen. Raman and Ishita can’t be together.

Ruhi goes to Amma. She tells Amma that Raman threatened to harm Ishita, I m worried for Ishita ji. Amma says don’t worry, I will see Raman, Ishu did not call me. Amma goes to Bhalla house and asks Simmi about Raman. Simmi asks her not to create issue. Neelu says Raman is not in her room. Amma says even Ishita is not at her home, Raman threatened her in party, now Raman is missing and Ishita is also missing, what did he do. Simmi says they are not little kids, if they went together, they will come back. Shagun hears this and thinks Raman and Ishita did not return home.

Mihika asks Romi why is he worried. Romi says I saw Niddhi at Ashok’s house yesterday. Mihika asks how is this possible, she died 7 years ago. Romi says our family broke because of her, I asked Ashok, he denied and is hiding Niddhi from us, it means something big thing is going to happen, I have to find out, Ashok named her in party and disappeared, if she is really alive, its imp to catch her. Mihika cries and says if Niddhi is alive, its possible that Ruhi is also alive. He says Ashok should not know that we know about this. She says yes, just Niddhi can say truth about Ruhi, Ishita will get mad by happiness, we have to tell this to Ishita. He says yes right, we should tell this to Ishita right away, come.

Shagun goes to hotel. Manager says Raman was shouting on guests and was over drunk, we were controlling him and then his wife went out of control, you inform their family. She says family is worried for Raman, when did they leave from party, did Raman go with his wife. Manager says when Sir saw his wife in drunken state, he asked me to book a room. She asks is he in this hotel. He says sorry, I can’t tell you. She says we are family, its really urgent. He says wait, and asks lady to call Raman. He says sorry, Raman is not receiving call. Shagun requests him. He says fine, come with me.

Shagun asks manager to use master keys, there can be emergency. He opens the door for her. Shagun enters the room and sees the couch, table and everything around messed up. She finds Raman’s shirt on the couch and turns to see. She gets shocked seeing Raman and Ishita sleeping intimately.

Shagun wakes up Raman. Raman and Ishita wake up and get shocked seeing Shagun. They then find themselves in such state. Raman gets up and asks Shagun you here, I m sorry, its not like what it looks like, Ishita was too drunk and….. Shagun says its okay Raman and gets his shirt. She asks him to wear his shirt and not give any explanation, I trust you, I know you won’t break your promise to marry me and won’t hurt me. Ishita looks on. Shagun says I will wait at reception. She goes. Raman wears his shirt and sees Ishita. He leaves from the room. Ishita thinks what did this happen.

Niddhi scolds Ruhi and says I made you loved by the world, you will play game with me, you are enjoying with your family. She is about to beat Ruhi and sees someone coming. Ishita comes home.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. As the wedding is a rushed one, Shagun will be seen in a simple mustard-coloured saree for her haldi, and even her wedding saree will be a simple red one. While the house is full of activity for the occasion, Raman will be seen crying his eyes out in one of the balconies. But Ishra fans need not lose hope as a big twist will change things at the end moment. As Raman and Shagun get ready to marry, there will be one more bride present at the venue. Yes, you guessed it right! It will be none other than Ishita. Speculation is that she may get married to Raman finally. Will Shagun be the one behind this plan? Will she sacrifice and get Ishra together? Well, we must wait and watch. Keep yourselves tuned for more updates…

  2. On the other hand Ishita will see Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) alive and will get shocked. Ishita will be running behind the Nidhi and will bump into Romi (Aly Goni) and Mihika’s car. Ishita tell them that she saw Nidhi and Romi and Mihika will join hands together to catch Nidhi. It would be very interesting to see what is going to happen next in the show. Stay tuned for more updates on your favourite show.

  3. Kv

    I become very happy after reading ur comment….So happy…Raman have to marry Ishu only…☺☺?

  4. The upcoming episode of Star Plus daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high drama. It seems that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will come to know that Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) is still alive and follows her. However Nidhi will be successful in bluffing Ishita and wears a burkha and leaves the place. On the other hand Ishita will tell Raman (Karan Patel ) that she saw Nidhi alive and there is a possibility that her little daughter Ruhi (Aditi Bhati) is still alive. The two will share an emotional moment together and will join hands together to search Ruhi. Will Raman and Ishita ever be able to know the true identity of Ruhi or not? Let’s wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  5. Lots of drama is going to unfold in Raman and Shagun’s wedding in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein. Pihu is very much excited with Raman and Shagun’s wedding so she herself does all the preparation of their marriage. Raman is restless seeing Pihu’s happiness for his and Shagun’s marriage but he cannot do because he wants to go away from Ishita. Pihu calls Ruhi to attend her parents wedding so Ruhi comes there and gets emotional meeting to everyone. Apart from this, Romi and Ishita are behind Nidhi while Nidhi tries to escape from them but Ishita gets successful to catch Nidhi. Ishita brings Nidhi stopping Raman and Shagun’s marriage Ishita brings Nidhi to Raman and Shagun’s wedding which stops their marriage. Pihu and Ruhi get angry seeing Ishita spoils their parents wedding. Not only this, Shagun once again turns negative seeing her marriage break with Raman. It is yet to clear if Raman accepts Ishita again or they stay separate due to past issues. Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    • jaz

      Thank you rithu shree tum ne tu yhm ki sari STORY sonadhi itna sab kuch hone wala hain.OMG.Nidhi tu expose hojayeghi.but shagun ab ye kya karne wali hai pata nahi.I think ruhi aur pihu ke khande mein gun rakkar ye game kheleghi.ishita aur raman ku durr rakne keliye.definitely…….

  6. rajat

    Is this true????
    Becoz if this happens then it will be the biggest gift to ISHRA fans from ekta kapoor….
    But I don’t think ekta will do this… It’s suspectable

  7. I will kill this shagun first of all jab dekho ishra ke room mein ghus jaati hai leap ke pehle aur leap ke baad bhi she knows they are still married and didn’t divorced and this idiot stupid senseless monster raman bhalla is giving explanation to that ghost why is she your wife girl friend or some thing else ohhh sorry I forgot for that monster raman bhalla this ghost is the biological mom of his children …….. Aur uss ghost ki hair style dekho agar booth us se dekha tho vo bhi darke baagh jaayeghi and today ishra seen was awesome and i enjoyed when she said “chuhe ke liye chuhe drink” to raman but that ghost spoiled it all with her useless and yuck hair style

    • jaz

      Swathi ..can I JOINT your hands to KILL shagun…PLS..yhm show ke shuruvat se hi irritating character hain shagun ka.blo*dy…aur kitne BOY FRIEND s iski life mein yaar.first….raman..ashok…manoj..phirse..raman..aur ab dekho tudhi si bhi sharam nahi hain room mein gosgayi besharam aurat..

    • vp

      Swati … loved your comments … any day I am ready to kill Shaghun ….how many men in life … 21 year old son is there … happy happy … even if this is her trick to make Ishra unite … I cant accept her …no acting skill at all … Working for NGO .. there is a chance for her to unite Ishra

  8. Adithi

    Raman cries his eyes out for ishita in his haldi ceremony and shagun is getting ready in yellow Saree Raman cries thinking of ishita marrying Mani and shagun gets ready and pihu is excited Raman thinks of moments with ishita both ishita is also dressed like bride and shagun too don’t know…

  9. jaz

    Hi Adu Gd EVENING……TODAY EPISODE was nice.pochu kyun raman ..was.keep quiet today NA..isliye..Adi.TUM.yhm show ke baad..kya..SHOW..dekhti.ho.Adu.mein tu life OK ka (bahu humari rajni khant) dekhrhi hoon.

  10. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie and all yhm friends.

  11. Sindhu

    Oh the wedding gets stopped but Ishra will not reunite yet. Ruhi is not enough to keep them apart but now Pihu will also join hands to keep Ishra apart together with Shagun. This is getting a bit worse. When will Pihu accept Ishita? Why is Adi not telling anything to Pihu? Raman is still angry with the past. Though he loves Ishita, he is such a fool in doing all this of trying to marry Shagun. Who is going to be happy/ No one as both are trying to enter into an unhappy marriage. Ishita is sensible in not marrying Mani as she knows it will be an unhappy marriage. I am glad at least Romi and Ishita can clear their bad name as they would know Ruhi is alive. I really wish Romi, Mihika and Adi will help Ishita and Raman to unite. If Ishra go into all those funny quarrels it would be fun to watch.

  12. Manju

    I felt like giving good slaps to Raman as he was waling along with Shagun. Firstly he went on hurting her and now wants to marry Shagun as he is hurt from tge news of Ishita marrying Mani. No words to explain his conduct.

    • vp

      I too felt the same Manju … last few episodes how he hurt her with wirds … why should he listen like a stdent and go behind Shaghun … giving explanation and all

  13. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Siddhi, Mino and many more YHM fans. Sorry can’t remember all the names as there are new commentators commenting which is also very nice.

  14. Sindhu

    I just needed to send another comment. Oh today’s episode is nice as you can see in Raman’s eyes that he loves Ishita a lot. He use to this before the leap, moving the strand of Ishita’s hair from her face. That is in a loving manner. Even when they hugged to sleep, she wanted to move away bit he brought her closer to him showing the kind of affection and togetherness that he is yearning for. He never resisted her. He is still our very decent Raman. Oh when I watched this episode I really wished that they were already reunited. Some spoilers say that Shagun will try to make Ishita marry Raman instead of her and others say she will turn negative, I don’t know which to believe now.

  15. Anju

    Hey guys
    I came to know that raman will marry ishitha and not shagun and this all was a plan of shagun
    If its true then it will be the best part of YHM

  16. Hi VP, Sindhu Shivani & All The YHM Fans. As I am not good at remembering names Pls Forgive me fans i know just the easy ones. I Give credit to this Rithu She can remember all the names without missing any Incredible. That is also a gift. Thanks Dear for ur up dates too.
    Oh The IsRa scene was very sweet but that egoist forgot everything when he saw the Witchy Shagun, Why IS Ruhi so Angry with Iahitha. She got a Papa cos of Ishu. All that has been forgotten & She is With Pihu a bit silly trying to break the husband & Wife Bond. at least they were getting somewhere. Anyway poor thing she doesn’t know the truth..When Rhui Calls Ishitha by her name my skin crawls. So disgusting such a grudge for her age without finding the proper facts. Why can’t Ardi tell Pihu That Ishu is her mum. Not even Mrs Iyer. She blabs when she is not wanted but for this all are shutting their mouths. Anyway i think the marriage will happen & That Raman will go through more sufferings from Shagun serves him right, Romi will give the works to Ashok. high time someone got him. & Raman will look a fool when Ishitha wanted to tell him he chased her.we Have to wait & see what happens now waiting for that wicked Nidhi to get caught . she deserves imprisonment. no escape what so ever, Have a great day Fans & Thanks for all the Up Dates..Luv

  17. Shalima

    I would love to see Raman as a run away groom…path am walks in and say Raman u can’t marry shagun as you are still married to ishita..also niddi is still alive and ruhi could be to…ishita shows niddi and decides to leave for Australia…Raman leaves his wedding to go after ishita and stops her…it will like the previous episode where ishita stopped Raman now it wil be Raman stopping ishita…Aliya and Ad I to start their relationship like Raman n ishita but with mihir in between..pihu to hear shagun talk to Ashok and den put her in her place with the help of ruhi

  18. pari miss

    are u guys typing through pc or phone anyways good epi loved. no offence but the actress playing ruhi is just too fat and ugly. she is not even cute. i will be better playing ruhi because i’m also an actress.

    • Pls Don’t get personal. She is ok & it is not fare to comment on another like that.. we all have feelings. She is Doing her Acting the way she is asked to do.. Sorry to hurt ur feelings.. I am sure ur a pretty actress too.

      • kiera

        Well said I happen to think she looks just fine and if that’s fat then I must be obese. Anyway loving YHM kinda reminds me of BALH. Keep well 🙂

    • Siddhi

      I like grown up ruhi she is not fat in fact she looks good she has right figure it’s better to be like this rather than skinny

  19. Fan

    The two people who were blamed for the Niddi/Ruhi debacle are working together to resolve the mysterious “sightings” of Niddi.
    What a dramatic way to stop the wedding. Giving the family some hope that Ruhi may be alive and also stopping the mistake of a wedding.

    Pihu doesn’t know Ishitha so she won’t understand her love and unselfish nature. Ruhi knows Shagun very well. She knows what a selfish and uncaring woman she is, surprising that she would prefer that she marries her beloved father, again.

  20. Astha Chawta

    1. Can you hurry up and unite Ishita and Raman please?

    2. Can you unite Ruhi and Ishita please?

    It’s just upsetting that Ruhi hates her Ishima???

  21. vp

    Hi all … in fact though the episode was ok … i felt v sad Raman leaving her like that ….How can he do …. his wife …demeaned Ishitha infront of Shaghun by explaining tto her . Why should he ? cvs really very upsetting to watch … that too in a hotel room …she was able to save Raman being drunk …. their small scene was excellent … as if they found themselves locked in their love … Ishras expression was superb …expected more of Ishra … and the way she told him nothing changed … their actions spoke their love … but he should have waited for ger to be out … Ruhi … this kuch hatred … its becoming not tolerable …Romi … I always felt will find out the truth … loved Romi Mihika scene …..Amma is little over … Ishitha will find out Nidhi and Ruhi … but she will b very hurt knowing Ruhaan Ruhi chopra is her Ruhi

  22. Episode was okk…but precap is worst……hope ishita romi nd mikha find nidhi’s truth nd expose her truth in front of everyone…..nd thnq for upcoming updates rithushree

  23. sharmi

    By now Ruhi it should be clear to Ruhi because of her supposed death everyone lives got ruined. can’t she see everyone hates each other. She had believed in her Ishima more than anyone else when she is little so why would be believe that Ishita would have given up on her. Sometimes these shows are over dramatic.

    • vp

      True and her anger is only to Ishima …. over dramatic only …cvs … its high to put a full stop to this hatred … this is to play with our emotions … nothing else …

  24. Siddhi

    Hi everyone I just loved ishra scene I grew with u all Raman giving explanation to shagun I hate that scene Raman forgave shagun ciz of whim adi was away from him in childhood but he didn’t forgive ishu its very silly that ruhi starting loving pihu n hates ishu nonsence wao romi still cares for bhalla family n I just hate shagun n I don’t like pihus dressing she is a kid she should dress like a kid I feel really good when in today’s episode ruhi said ishimaa but then she again started ishita hope ruhis truth will come out soon n I am sure shagun n Raman marriage will not happen

  25. summi

    In yesterday’s n todays episode Raman is calling Ishita madrasan which shows his love for Ishita but he left Ishita alone in hotel room is wrong, it hurts his madrasan. Ishita is looking beautiful at the same time Shagun looks ugly . Her hair style doesn’t suits her n sarees too, Shagun is looking aged in her getup. Looking forward for Ishra’s union. Ruhi is unpredictable some times she calls Ishita n sometimes ishimaa

  26. Thank you jazz , vp for supporting me and guys you have seen her hair style koi bhi behosh hojaatha hai shayad bhooth bhi behosh hojaayegi and she is the most irritating character from all serials


    Good Morning to ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Good Morning JAZ Swathi Super GIRL.
    One ThingThing You All RememberRemember
    SHAGUN is A f**king b*t*h (Gandhi RAANDI) Hai.

    JAZ After This SERIAL I STUDY.

    • jaz

      Adu…I saw today MAM SHOW ka comments.nobody THERE srif 2..log they yaar.lagtha hai sarake sare pakchuke hain os show se.I think yhm is BEST


    ALWAYS Remember ONE Thing Guys.
    Never Allow A THIRD PERSON to Stay in Your HOUSE.. It Proves Very Costly for You.
    Take for Instance

    ISHITHA Brought Back Shagun Home
    When She Was Kicked Out by ASHOK.
    Now it is PROVING Costly for ISHITHA.

    Even Her Mother in-Law told Her.
    “Tere Sautan KO Math Rakho GHAR mai”


    • jaz

      OS.bhootni shagun ka hairstyles..Adu..aur uska blouse..mashallah..shayad..thikse paise nahi detha osse raman.fatichair kahiki

  29. jaz

    Gd MORN GUYS . &Adu Raman tu phele shagun ku itni gandhe gandhe gaaliya detha tha.aur ab dekho wahi gali ishu ku detha hai.such bolo tu raman was disaster man.Adu tum kal shagun ki hair style aur uska blouse dekha.khaha se katvake ayi hai ye baal bhootni kahiki..aur besharam aurat kisike bhi room mein gusjathi hain.

  30. vp

    Good morning all … What is Shaghuns sacrifice here ? Nobody can break Ishra love …. Shaghun doesnt know the meaning of love …. Is there something that Raman hides … or behind his anger … purposely wants Ishitha to move away from him …. cvs can come up with anything … something is worrying him … other wise really a no back bone only he has to leave his wife in the hotel room ..,v sad that scene …


    JAZ Shagun ka Hair to GABDHA Tha
    Aur HAMESHA Apna CLEAVAGE Sikhane KI KOSHISH karti.
    VP First of All A BIG Hi to You, As You Are NEW to Me.
    VP Raman Today Also Love ISHITHA.

    He is Angry with Her
    She Left Her for SEVEN Years.
    That is A BIG REASON.
    Ye Shagun SE SHAADI karra
    Gusse SE.

    • jaz MAM..SHOW KI..sharmili’

    • vp

      Yes Aditya Kiran A big hi to you too … I know he loves her … but cvs are making him characterless … who will leave his wife in hotel and go … he is never answerable to Shaghun … he is scared as if she will take away Pihu and go … my thought ….many times when Ishitha asks him for explanation … he ignores her …adis accident time …. Ruhis … second custody time … shaghuns and Ramans scene in reefer room …. here it is cvs mistake …. hate the word Shaghuns sacrifice ….

  32. Afrin

    hi everyone,episode sooo….good I hope so Raman realized he also love ishita and accept her.sagun so bad

  33. The plot thinkens….at least its something worth watching.In my country RSA we are about a year behind so for me,I can watch the bickering and fighting ISHRA.

  34. Nivedha

    Actually no one can be blamed in YHM… It is clear from Raman today he is in love with Ishu… Shagun… Yeah she changed… But she too have some desires… But it won’t good nice if she enters betweeen loved ones… No point of getting anger in that… Because not only she… everyone knows about Ishra… and their fight and love… So she should react accordingly… BUT love Ishra scene today… Ishu Said that he has not changed when he tucked her hair… Awesome moment… Raman’s mixed expressions…. KP You know what I am speechless at your acting… But then he left his hesitation and when Ishu tried to remove her hand from Raman… He picked it and held it again… Cute Ishra… And Thanks for this happy episode after long days…

  35. Thanks for such a nice episode after a long time.hope they two ( ishita & Raman ) will unite soon with their 3 lovely kids!!!!

  36. Yhm fan

    This is the only serial where I read the comments coz it’s worth reading.. Unlike other shows where it’s just a convo between regular commenters totally unrelated to the serial.

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