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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita challenging Raman to have drinks. He sits with her and asks her to drink. She calls him a rat and makes a peg for him. She says I will choose some young man and drink with him. He asks her to see and finishes the bottle. He says you finished it. She says challenge was 50-50, I would have done what you do. He asks her to then take another challenge. He removes his shirt. She is drunk and says I will remove saree. He says no, don’t remove it. She asks then tell me what to remove. He asks her to get rid of her drunken state. She asks him to say what to do, its no fun, I will win. He runs away from her and asks whats wrong with you, get away. They fall on the bed. They have an eyelock. She hugs him. Yeh hai mohabbatein……plays……………. Raman looks at her.

They fall asleep.

Ruhi smiles recalling Pihu. She says she is cute, full of life, we had fun like two sisters. She thinks where is Ishita and looks for her. She says it means Ishita did not come at night. She calls Aaliya and asks about Ishita. She says ya, maybe I woke up late, maybe she went for morning walk. Ruhi thinks where did Ishita go. Ishita is with Raman. Ruhi does not see Raman’s car in compound and asks watchman. Watchman says Raman did not come at night. She says this can’t happen. Raman and Ishita can’t be together.

Ruhi goes to Amma. She tells Amma that Raman threatened to harm Ishita, I m worried for Ishita ji. Amma says don’t worry, I will see Raman, Ishu did not call me. Amma goes to Bhalla house and asks Simmi about Raman. Simmi asks her not to create issue. Neelu says Raman is not in her room. Amma says even Ishita is not at her home, Raman threatened her in party, now Raman is missing and Ishita is also missing, what did he do. Simmi says they are not little kids, if they went together, they will come back. Shagun hears this and thinks Raman and Ishita did not return home.

Mihika asks Romi why is he worried. Romi says I saw Niddhi at Ashok’s house yesterday. Mihika asks how is this possible, she died 7 years ago. Romi says our family broke because of her, I asked Ashok, he denied and is hiding Niddhi from us, it means something big thing is going to happen, I have to find out, Ashok named her in party and disappeared, if she is really alive, its imp to catch her. Mihika cries and says if Niddhi is alive, its possible that Ruhi is also alive. He says Ashok should not know that we know about this. She says yes, just Niddhi can say truth about Ruhi, Ishita will get mad by happiness, we have to tell this to Ishita. He says yes right, we should tell this to Ishita right away, come.

Shagun goes to hotel. Manager says Raman was shouting on guests and was over drunk, we were controlling him and then his wife went out of control, you inform their family. She says family is worried for Raman, when did they leave from party, did Raman go with his wife. Manager says when Sir saw his wife in drunken state, he asked me to book a room. She asks is he in this hotel. He says sorry, I can’t tell you. She says we are family, its really urgent. He says wait, and asks lady to call Raman. He says sorry, Raman is not receiving call. Shagun requests him. He says fine, come with me.

Shagun asks manager to use master keys, there can be emergency. He opens the door for her. Shagun enters the room and sees the couch, table and everything around messed up. She finds Raman’s shirt on the couch and turns to see. She gets shocked seeing Raman and Ishita sleeping intimately.

Shagun wakes up Raman. Raman and Ishita wake up and get shocked seeing Shagun. They then find themselves in such state. Raman gets up and asks Shagun you here, I m sorry, its not like what it looks like, Ishita was too drunk and….. Shagun says its okay Raman and gets his shirt. She asks him to wear his shirt and not give any explanation, I trust you, I know you won’t break your promise to marry me and won’t hurt me. Ishita looks on. Shagun says I will wait at reception. She goes. Raman wears his shirt and sees Ishita. He leaves from the room. Ishita thinks what did this happen.

Niddhi scolds Ruhi and says I made you loved by the world, you will play game with me, you are enjoying with your family. She is about to beat Ruhi and sees someone coming. Ishita comes home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The plot thinkens….at least its something worth watching.In my country RSA we are about a year behind so for me,I can watch the bickering and fighting ISHRA.

    1. Oh hi monique a big fan of ur ff lovw it
      By the way wt is RSA i heard of ksa

      1. Tara..RSA..MEANS.(republic.of.south Africa)

      2. Hi Tara,Im glad you like my FF

    2. Hi Monique I’m also from RSA unfortunately we won’t be able to watch it for long still as Glow will go “offline” end of the month super saaaaadddd

      1. I see its on the indian bouquet of DSTV -star plus…

  2. Hi guys get star plus or download from the net

    1. I have a site where i watch the current episodes

  3. Actually no one can be blamed in YHM… It is clear from Raman today he is in love with Ishu… Shagun… Yeah she changed… But she too have some desires… But it won’t good nice if she enters betweeen loved ones… No point of getting anger in that… Because not only she… everyone knows about Ishra… and their fight and love… So she should react accordingly… BUT love Ishra scene today… Ishu Said that he has not changed when he tucked her hair… Awesome moment… Raman’s mixed expressions…. KP You know what I am speechless at your acting… But then he left his hesitation and when Ishu tried to remove her hand from Raman… He picked it and held it again… Cute Ishra… And Thanks for this happy episode after long days…

  4. Hi adi I’m not seeing today episode.because.I’m.going.dinner with my husband.BYE.bye

  5. Thanks for such a nice episode after a long time.hope they two ( ishita & Raman ) will unite soon with their 3 lovely kids!!!!

  6. This is the only serial where I read the comments coz it’s worth reading.. Unlike other shows where it’s just a convo between regular commenters totally unrelated to the serial.

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