Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st June 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika teasing Ishita and having a talk. Ishita is pampered by Amma. Adi and Ruhi come to meet her in Iyer house. She asks Neelu to make things for them. Ruhi asks Ishita to stay. Simmi says let her go, she needs her mum. Raman says don’t stop her if she wants to go, doctor said she has to rest. Ishita says he does not do anything, kids can see, he can’t see, she does not wish to go. Raman says your mum came to took permission. She asks can’t you stop me. He says I m doing this for you, you saved my kids. Adi says we are Ishi Maa’s kids, more than yours. They get surprised and smile. Janam janam……………plays…………

Ishita asks what did you call me. Adi says I called you Ishi Maa, is it okay. Ishita cries and says more than okay. She hugs him.

She recalls Adi’s rude behavior before. Ruhi reminds she is also here and hugs Ishita. They say I love you Ishi Maa and Ishita says I love you too. Raman smiles seeing them.

Ishita applies ointment and her hair trouble her. Raman comes to help her and moves her hair strands. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays……………………She ties the bandage to her wrist and cares for her. She laughs. He hugs her and they rest. He makes her sleep. Its morning, Raman shows the medicines to Ishita. She smiles. He asks her to take rest. She says she is doctor and remembers everything, she will rest. He hugs her. Vandu comes and says sorry, I will come later. Raman leaves.

Vandu sits with Ishita and hugs her. She says it will be case on that builder. Ishita says it looks a nightmare, don’t know how she survived. Vandu gets a call from Bala’s mum and says she is fine, and will do breakfast here. Ishita gets surprised to know its Bala’s mum’s call. Vandu says she said she will care for me, and pampering me a lot. She says I think she realized many things after Subbu’s tragedy, this baby is imp for her. Vandu says Laxmi had complications at Karthik’s time, and she could not had any other baby. Ishita recalls Subbu’s lie and thinks he said about Laxmi’s miscarriage, did he lie to me, but why.

Raman calls Ishita and says we will go for dinner, with Bala and Vandu. Ishita refuses as its summer. Raman asks Vandu to convince Ishita. Vandu says fine, don’t worry. Mihika tells Abhishek that Shagun disappeared. Mihir says even mum and Ashok do not know. Abhishek says we tried to track her and failed, maybe she run away from city. Mihir says she was always impulsive. He says I felt she realized her mistakes and we can make our relation fine, I can get my sister back, I need to find her. Abhishek says I understand, don’t worry, give her some time, she is smart woman and knows to manage herself, take it easy. Mihir argues and says she is my sister and I will find her myself, maybe you can’t understand a brother and sister relation, else you would have not told me to relax. Mihir and Mihika leave. Abhishek says he knows it very well, he knows the pain of losing a sister.

Raman, Ishita, Bala and Vandu come for dinner. Raman tells a joke on husbands and they laugh. Bala says its not shameful to be wife’s slave. Raman says we are Punjabi and not afraid of wife. Vandu says Bala is right. Raman says he is not afraid of Ishita. Bala orders icecream for Vandu. Raman asks him to come. Ishita says they don’t know Iyer sisters power. Vandu says she will teach her how to make Raman Joru Ka Ghulam. Bala comes and acts commanding, and Vandu talks to him.

Ishita sees Raman talking to kids. Raman asks Adi to let Ruhi go in summer camp, he will be with him. Ishita talks to him and asks him to learn playing guitar. Raman disagrees and they both tell Adi. They start arguing. Adi is stuck between. She asks Adi to do what she says. Raman and Ishita leave. Ruhi says Ishi Maa always win. Raman goes to Ishita in kitchen and hears her praising her mum. She says she will stay with Amma till she gets fine. Raman asks why, can’t he do the hair Champi. She says fine, if you insist. He says Adi will join business program. She says we will see, now Raman will do my Champi and will be called Joru Ka Ghulam.

Raman does the champi and gets worried as her hair cut/fall off, and does not let her see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    intriguing the audience with it’s quite
    interesting story filled with lots of
    twists and turns.he show is leading in
    second place in BARC ratings from
    many weeks. As seen Ishita comes to home from
    hospital and the good thing happened
    is adi undeerstood the difference
    between ishita aunty and shagun
    mama.He accepted ishita aunty as his
    ishima. In the coming episode’s we will see
    some light moments in the Bhalla
    family,Ruhi will be ready to go for girls
    summer camp and adi tells raman that
    he is getting bored in the house.Soon
    Raman and ishita start their nok-jhok on sending adi to business school or
    guitar class. We will also see Amma worried for
    Appa as she feels that something bad is
    going to happen.Soon appa will receive
    a call saying that taxi,which he called
    met with an accident.Amma thanks
    god and asks Vishwa to take care of himself. Ishita who witnesses the whole
    incident asks Amma how she knows
    that something bad is going to
    happen.Amma tells her that if we love
    and care for someone we will get
    intuition about whats going to happen. As mentioned earlier,Adi will develop a
    crush on a girl and he goes to party to
    meet her.Ishita goes to pick up adi from
    party which leaves him embarrassed in
    front of his friends.Not only this,police
    will come to the party with the party with the information of porn CD.Some
    one in the party keeps it in adi’s bag. Ishita will get doubts on subbu’s past
    and her intuition says her that he is
    hiding something from them.Ishita tries
    to find out the facts and it will be
    revealed that he is marrying Simmi
    only to take revenge from Mrs.Bhalla. This will leave everyone shocked.They
    will tell Subbu to get out of their
    lives.Now Why subbu is taking revenge
    from toshiji is to known?

  3. TV actress Mihika faces
    cyberbullying .
    Mihika Varma, who is currently
    seen in ‘Ye Hai
    Mohabbatein’, has been really
    disturbed after a
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    messages on
    “I have an official fan page on
    Facebook and I
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    reply to some if
    I get the time. I was scrolling
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    messages from a man
    which was written in such a bad
    language that I
    was quite disturbed. He even
    abused my
    brother Mishkat Varma. I don’t
    know why he
    sent those messages -maybe he
    wanted to get
    my attention or maybe he saw
    some of my
    pictures from my modelling days
    where I was in
    short clothes. This is the first
    time something
    like this has happened to me on
    social media,”
    she told us.
    Mihika says that she wanted to
    make the
    messages public but then she
    had second
    thoughts. “Like the Delhi girl who
    posted the
    sleazy messages sent to her by a
    random guy
    online, I also thought I’d do the
    same. But I
    have decided to give the man the
    benefit of
    doubt and not take any action
    against him. He
    is someone from Meerut who is
    currently settled
    in Noida. I have blocked him and
    in case he
    tries to harass me by creating
    some other
    profile, I will make his name
    public and also file
    a complaint against him with the
    cyber crime
    cell. I have posted a status on
    Facebook about
    this man and since then I have
    been getting a
    lot of support from my fans,” she

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  6. Subbu must have murdered ACP’s sister and tying to put the blame on Raman/Bhalla’s…

  7. leap in ye hei muhabbathe!!!!!

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