Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun arguing with Ishita for doing the drama and getting the first page coverage. Raman defends Ishita. He gets a call and gets shocked. He tells them that his conference is called off, because of Ishita’s drunken behavior, they are questioning company’s credibility. Ishita gets sad. Shagun says Ishita does not know anything than creating problem. Raman asks her to just stop it. Ishita says so sorry Raman. Raman says don’t worry, I will manage. He leaves.

Aaliya asks Shagun why did she say all that. Shagun says don’t explain me, Ishita is wrong this time. Aaliya asks her to go home. Shagun says I will not forgive Ishita so soon. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita and says I spiked the drinks, I did not know this will happen. Amma comes and says I thought

why I m feeling drunk. Mrs. Bhalla says forgive me, I did bad. Ishita says I went to police station, everyone is seeing my mistake, what will be Raman’s respect.

Mrs. Bhalla feels sorry. Shagun comes and says amazing, you all don’t see her mistake, even if she does not invite me in party. Ishita says please we can talk this later, I apologized, we have to think how to solve Raman’s problem. Shagun argues with her. Roshni comes and looks on. Aaliya asks Shagun to stop it. Shagun asks Ishita to remember she is not any Devi, she should come on ground. Roshni says stop it, all problems are because of you, it was better you were not invited in birthday party, everyone enjoyed in the party. Shagun says how dare you talk to me like this. Ishita says enough, don’t raise hand on her, we will not bear an outsider slap our family member, its enough, just leave now. Shagun leaves.

Raman says investors called for a meet, if they withdraw support, I will be on road. Kiran says relax, don’t worry. Raman says you are saying don’t worry, this loss would have not happened if I did not postpone my launch. Adi comes and hears them. Raman says I wanted to see Adi’s success, his project launch was more imp to me, some loss is fine, I m ready to bear any loss, I did not know this will happen, you can withdraw from this project. Adi recalls his words and cries. Adi goes.

Adi says Papa is right, his project would have completed by now, just for me, he did this to make me successful, now he is going to bear big loss, no I will not let this happen, he did a lot for me, its my turn now. Aaliya stops Shagun and says Ishita is in stress. Shagun says you always support her, you don’t take a stand for me, even Roshni scolded me, is this my respect here, its best I don’t interfere in your life. She leaves. Aaliya turns and sees Roshni. Roshni says sorry, I did not wish to insult her, I could not bear her talking badly to Ishita. Aaliya says enough, its fine you took stand for Ishita, you don’t interfere in our family matters, you have no right. She goes. Roshni cries and says yes, I will not do anything such.

Ishita asks Raman did he final things with investors. Raman says no, don’t call again and again, please leave me alone, I m working. He goes to meet investors. The man says you are launching health drink, your wife has created drama getting drunk, think of company image, we came here to back out, but something happened that we are not backing out from this project, see this video. Ishita, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma apologize to the investors. Ishita says it was someone’s joke that became a punishment, Raman worked hard for this project, if he gets successful, it will be your success too, its said a woman is behind a man’s success, we three hold much value for him, we are ready to give public apology, don’t change that saying, forgive us and keep trust on him, we are very sorry.

The man says after seeing this video, we decided we will back this project, press conference will happen tomorrow. Raman thanks them. Kiran says it was close, you should thank Ishita. Raman says I know, she did great thing. Ishita says thanks, finally, I m so happy. Raman says you have sent video on right time and they changed mind, you know what to do. She says I was not able to see you in stress, you are this family’s lifeline, I m so relieved, I m sorry and I love you. He says I love you too. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays…..

Ishita says this happened because of Adi, Raman called and said all investors are ready to back the project, thanks for brilliant idea Adi, why did you not let me tell him. He says it does not matter, he also did a lot for me and did not express, I got to know today, he got big loss by postponing launch date, he is ready to give life for me and I was competing with him. She says it happens, mummy shows love and Papa does not, I m happy you got to know this. He says yes, I m sorry. She says I have forgiven you and hugs him. Adi apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita asks him to focus on his launch, Raman will be glad. He says yes, I want to make him feel proud. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes. Ishita jokes. She says you will not do such thing again. Mrs. Bhalla says never, I learnt big lesson, but I will not leave drinking. Ishita says once in a month. Mrs. Bhalla says twice. Ishita says fine, and hugs her. Aaliya jokes.

Raman says Adi said I m his mentor, he loves me, its best feeling in the world. Ishita says I know, he keeps saying this to me, I m glad he said this to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks for the written update.

    Looks like next week we will see Barun in the show. Barun enters YHM:

  2. azuka nkwonta

    Miss shetty ishita is not Divyanka. Ishita is a character and not a real person so don’t get upset when people talk against her.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Azuka my friend I wasn’t boasting about myself so please don’t u ever say such things to me after all I really did apologise.U know what u r just behaving like that shagun whom I really hated a lot,the same way u r behavior towards me is like that.what do u think of urself that u can call me Shetty,besides I am just 17 years old teen who know how to speak but not like u calling me that I am boasting get it
      I hate to argue with such people like u who speak to me like a boss,just like previously there was one commenter named Saalekh forever,who never minded his tongue at all just spat harsh words at me.Fine I agree that I am bad girl,that doesn’t prove that I should mind my own business,after all I do have a business of studying for my exams not to just sit and waster my precious time with u in this silly matter
      Apologises!!Happy now miss Azuka.ARE U fine with it or not,tell me
      This was my only way to express my inner angry feelings towards u for u thought that I am boasting huh,well we ll see about it when I come with good result and justify that whos boasting and whos not

      1. Shreya shetty

        Its a serial agreed dear azuka.but to be honest I am not taking this serial personally at all,Ishita in real life is divyanka who was a partner of Vivek in the season 8 of nach baliye,u just go and check it out for urself this isn’t real but REEL show which we are watching right now.Dont think that I am a brainless girl who s behaving like an illiterate person coz I know what everyone thinks about me and others who behave like neutral person both good and bad

      2. hu shreya how are you? Still talking with anger hahaha dont take stress dear study hard and get the gd result

    2. Shreya shetty

      Sorry to say this,but instead of calling me miss Shetty call me as a friend Shreya,not fully like Shreya Shetty,and I will call u Azuka only that s all.why should I get upset who are against ishita in fact I ve realized that I was behaving like a jerk when I used to argue with people who were negative against ishita and now I feel that let shall it be besides its their opinion and who am I to attack them,mann,i just got carried away by a wrong blow of wind

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Miss shreya shetty, you are still boasting. I told you don’t apologise again. You want to show me your qualifications, don’t do that please. You are 17 years but I have nephews and niece that are older than you. Ishita is not Divyanka in real life, she is just a character she is playing her role.

      2. Shreya shetty

        Where is parichary??if only she would be there then the matter would be been settled properly
        Parichary please come I’m in need of ur help to stop this small arguement

  3. azuka nkwonta

    Why was roshni meddling, what does she think, how can she speak to shagun like that, she has no respect.
    Mrs. bhalla drinking only twice in a month, I doubt it, that will be like twice in a week.

  4. Ohoo todays epi is much better! Seriously! Nw dats wht I call as gd old yhm! Yippee!

    Shagun is too much today! She doesnt care abt famiy reputation! She only worries abt lossing da front page artical of da newspaper! Such a shameless women she is! Ughhh hate her! ?
    Poor Roshni, she loves her ishimaa whts wrong with dt! I mean if i would hv been in hers place Ill also react in da same way! And Aaliya s reaction was also justified! Gd or bad, she calls shagun as mumma so she doesnt lyk to see anyone scolding her maa! Bt she doesnt hv any right to call Roshni as an outsider! Just da same way dt bhallas helped her roshni has also helped dem by solving dere stupid fights and such things!
    Bt according to my point of view SHAGUN DESERVES DIS INSULT!!
    ??? ???

    1. Shreya shetty

      Yes Absolutely!!!I am with u on this one Ravi!!Roshni did the correct thing to shagun by saying that,i felt relieved because for all we know that shaggy doo aka shagun is an immature,clumsy,brainless and dumbass minded character of this show.atleast ashok guy or nidhi was far better than her,in fact they both should be the villain not this shagun Mahan arora!!I really do damn her a lot
      But that was unusual when roshni interfered between ishita and shagun which was not good but that has to be done to keep that shaguns mouth shut.Ishita my heroine that was a superb insult u gave to that creep.I just love u to manhandle such losers like shagun
      Ohh no,now whats going on!!ishita s drunken state causes ramans and adis business to be in risk right now.I see so it all started from Aaliya and mrs bhalla,in fact that brainless Aaliya should nt have thrown that vinegar bottle down like that but bring it and show it to ishita,atleast in that manner the matter would be sorted out before taking place but no,This time I feel Aaliya is completely unfit to be the bhallas house bahu because she doesn’t know to manage anything properly just like how Raman kumar mentioned that shes not fully develepoed minded at all in anything,ek dum 100% naalayak ladki hai voh aaliya
      Roshni is far 10 times better than that aaliya,not only she gives immense respect and affectionate love towards her ishimaa but also is willing to save her from all sorts of misaspects throughout her path

      1. Shreya my girl … be cool .., I am happy to know you are studying very hard . End of the day that counts .. coming out of flying colours .You take care … but I must appreciate your way of writing . Good only .

      2. Shreya shetty

        Aaliya should be slapped hard by ishu and adi should drag her hand out and kick her out of the house along with her belongings if she takes shaggys side.Raman,please do us a favour and say that Aaliya is indeed an irresponsible,mindless and nonsensical girl and so doesn’t deserve to live in the bhalla parivar at any cost
        this is my wish for the next month episode to happen.mann,i feel like slapping aaliya a 100 times so that her cheeks get red,and so she should mind her own facts,nowdays such immature girls like aaliya should be taught a lesson by their in laws,why is ishita being so soft towards her please ishita become a very strict mother in law so that aaliya will never dance on ur heard just like how mrs bhalla said,c mon u ve got that motherly feeling in u so why don’t u use it ishu,go and unleash ur true mom in law saas expression on ur Dimmsy DIL aaliya,please bring roshini back and make her ur bahu

  5. I am glad watching today’s episode. At least the maters have been resolved quickly like investors not pulling out and Adi and Raman about to make peace with each other and Adi realizing his mistake of competing with Raman. I am so happy they are trying to quickly solve the negativity and bring in the positive vibes. instead of dragging the negativity for weeks. I am the cvs can show it in this mannter instead of dragging negativity for along time. I hope they will show more scenes of Pihu, Raman and Ishita now that Pihu is back. They have not still shown Pihu and Ishita together on the same frame and I don’t know why. They normally show Ruhi and Pihu. I mist those Ishra and Pihu scenes a lot. Pihu has grown up and I am sure Pihu has other adolescents issue and how will Raman and Ishita as parents help Pihu using their parenting skills.

    Aliya scolding Roshni is not wrong as Aliya is right in saying Roshni is not in Bhalla or Iyer family. She is just a guest in Iyer’s house. So she should not have interfered regardless of whether Ishita was being scolded by Shagun or not. She should not have commented on anything. t is not Roshni’s family matters.

    It was a ice between Raman and Ishita. Very lovely to hear Raman defending his wife and not getting too upset with what she had done and speaking to her pleasantly on the phone after the apology. Great support both husband and wife.

  6. good episode and shagun my god good top order villain and hello to all yhm strong stalwart vp sindhu shivani mino shreya priya susan bhai

    1. Hi Magic nice to see ur comment . Miss you all really

  7. Hi friends.. good episode.. I think yhm is getting back on track… Roshni is future ishu for sure… She can’t hear a word against ishu… Gave a bang on reply to blouse.. Raman also took stand for ishu… Roshni did wat Aliya should have done… Ishra conversation was good… ADI understood Raman.. also he apologized for ishu, toshi good…

  8. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    after so many episodes today’s episode is much better .shagun you deserves this insult I love u roshini u stand for ishitha .finally adi learns the truth about Raman.nice episode.
    hi guys rithu VP amma shivani sindhu magic shreya Mino mounique priyamvedha parichey disha jaz adithya ravi and all yhm frds

    1. Hi Dear Bhagya how r you ? Nice to see u after a long gap

    2. Hey are you?

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi magic dear how r u after so many days you came to this site how r u yar

    1. am absolutely fine bhagya and you are also fine i know hahahaactually this show is not going to become as old one so pearless girl i cant watch this show attentively

  10. Hi all Good episode … except for Shaghun , its a positive track . Shaghuns worry on not getting front page coverage is so weird behaviour . As all are worried on that coverage … her problem was she is not there . Alia was more or less convincing … but Roshini should not have intefered and Ishitha should not have sided Roshini against Shaghun . Other wise for Ishitha Shaghun is Alias mother … she should be respected . Anyways I liked the way Alia gave to Roshini … This is Ishitha … she will do anything for Raman snd family … accepts her mistake .. the way she said was so sweet that Raman is the lifeline of the family … if he is stressed the whole family is stressed . Vety true … Loved Adi today and his realization … If the storyline goes on like this … nice to watch . Mrs Bhalla too acts super yesterday and today also . Totally these two days episodes were watchable .

  11. Why roshini cum in btw shagun n ishita… Is she a family member.. No na… She is a guest… Shud behave like a the same… And ishita.. What she think of herself?? I really don’t understand. While ago, she stopped shagun from interfering in their family matter.. Even though aliya is her daughter..
    And shagun was taking aliyas side… If we think practically… There is no wrong in that. Ishu’s mother.. Hw many times did she interfere in bhallas family matters… Not only that.. She use to fight with Mrs bhalla.. No ishita is showing partiality.. Making shagun outsider n roshini as family member. She can share anything with her Amma Bala Jiju roshini… Bt aliya shud nt share a single word with her mother… What is this nonsense… I hate ishita n raman these days… These two r responsible fr all the problems in family… Being elders… They shud know hw to deal with problems smoothly bt no… They always blame aliya n adi… If it’s misunderstood by ishita also.. They blame adi…fr not speaking a word supporting ishita… Raman… Shud not talk like that with aliya… She is bahu not wife or mother … Shud hv sum common sense

  12. Rosslyn Dada

    Nice episode

  13. azuka nkwonta

    How can I forgive roshni for disrespecting shagun. I won’t forgive, she will have to respect shagun, she thinks ishita is her mother now . Shagun has the right to be angry. She paid for a bold front page cover and ishita’s drama took it from her. I don’t like the way the bhallas treat shagun; when they need her they will use her and when they don’t they will throw her away and call her bad. When suhail’s issues with ruhi started, they rushed to shagun and seeked her help afterwards they forgot her. When Raman needed someone to raise pihu he went to shagun and seeked her help and she helped, afterwards they forgot her. I know shagun seems to be evil but it is the way the people she meets have been treating her that made her react the way she does. She has different approach in solving her problems but the bhallas unfairly treats her.

    1. Hmmm but azuka, raman ddnt go to shagun, shagun is da one who helped all by herself! In da surrogate issue even shagun is da one who jumped in between! Dd raman ever ask dt stupid shagun to becm da surrogate mother of their kid? NOOO!! Wht a lady she is, she jumped in between raman n Dr.manoj n kept saying dt ishita has done a lot of thngs 4 my kids n this is da only way dt I cn repay 4 her bt wht dd she do after dt! she manipulated pihu against her own maa, Cn u forgive for dt behavior of shagun?
      I hv said dis only bcz of u r talking lyk u hv forgotten all dose thngs dts y!!

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Raman went to shagun when ishita left and reminded her of all the things ishita did for her and she agreed to raise pihu because of all the things ishita did for her. I don’t forget please.

  14. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun is not evil in my own way of looking at her. The bhallas also have issues, they unfairly treats shagun. They shredded her invitation card and said she causes problems. But this Mrs bhalla and Raman used her for seven years to raise pihu. She calls shagun my daughter but immediately ishita came back she switched over to ishita and once again she sees shagun as an evil person. Who will not hate that; that after seven years people forgot your sacrifice immediately even when the person they are celebrating did not stay to raise her daughter for seven years. It is people that makes shagun turn bad

  15. Dia

    Roshni nehaved like a jerk today……whatever aaliya said to roshni was right…….and ishita said that she could not bear any outsider slapping any family member…..technically shagun is a family member and roshni an outsider…..ok its fine if they consider roshni as a family member but what about shagun…….shagun was wrong to scold ishita n others for front page coverage but this does not mean that they call her an outsider…..

  16. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hii VP Amma iam fine actually iam busy with my project work that’s why iam not commenting in this site regularly

  17. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  18. Adi and Taneja gets on their launch while Raman cancels his big deal to see his son’s success, Adi is moved knowing about it.

    Taneja misbehaves with Adi when Raman comes to Adi’s support and stands against Taneja for his son, Adi and Raman’s father-son duo seems to have recreated.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  19. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for some more drama.

    Raman had made huge sacrifice for Adi and had also taken a huge loss but Adi who had always misunderstood Raman realize his mistake.

    Adi realize that it’s not Raman who was wrong and competing with him but it’s he who is making all fuss.

    Adi turns Raman’s savior this time, Adi’s launch gets successful and Adi gives all credit to Raman.

    Adi and Raman’s sweet patch up

    Adi calls Raman his mentor, Raman is super happy and father, son duo finally patches up together again.

    While happiness in Bhalla house stays for only few moments as new troubles​ are yet to hit Bhalla’s way.

    This new trouble is going to be in form of huge Strom and Kiran will be the face of it.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  20. According to the current track Ishita, Mrs.Bhalla gets drunk after which Raman brings them home from police station.

    Adi gets furious when he sees their pic on first page of the newspaper, Aliya tries to calm him down but she is not able to do so.

    Adi-Raman gets united

    In the upcoming track it will be seen that Raman will talk to Kiran, he will say that he is going to suffer a great loss for postponing the launch date but then he is ready to bear it for Adi.

    Adi overhears their conversation and he feels guilty for thinking wrong about Raman.

    Later he apologizes to him for his mistake, Raman forgives him and all the issues amid him gets sorted.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  21. Star Plus was the first to come up with a spin off for their show, Ishqbaaz.

    Then Ekta Kapoor launched her TRP Topper Kumkum Bhagya’s spin off Kundali Bhagya.

    At the lunch of Kundali Bhagya Ekta revealed that she was planning a spin off for ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ as well.

    Ekta went on to reveal how she wanted to do something on the lines of how the famous sitcom Friends, had a spin-off of sorts based on the life of Joey Tribiani and his family.

    Ekta said, “I was looking forward to doing something on the lines of Friends and its spin off. But there are 6-7 strong characters in most of my shows. Hence, I was planning something on the same lines for ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ as well, but it was not working out with the storyline and writing and all other aspects.”

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  22. Star Plus’ most popular and watched love drama Ishqbaaz casting Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandana) will be replaced by Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    Further, as per ongoing track of Ishqbaaz is showing separation and tashan amid Anika and Shivaay.

    Also Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is showing major war amid Raman and Adi.

    As new love story of Adi and Aaliya has replaced love story of Raman and Ishita.

    So makers of the show decided to make spin off the show.

    Spin off Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will showcase Raman and Ishita’s love story.

    Further it is believed that YHM’s spin off will take time slot of Ishqbaaz.

    While this statement is not yet confirmed the new time slot of Ishqbaaz.

    It would be interesting to see storyline of YHM spin off.

    Stay tuned here for more exciting updates and upcoming twist in the show.

  23. azuka nkwonta

    I can understand that roshni stood out for ishita against shagun but after ishita made shagun leave she should have scolded roshni because she was wrong to disrespect shagun. The producers have always made ishita look innocent; if someone spike you drink with vodka even if it was coca cola or juice that was inside that glass the taste will change that means you will know that you are drinking something different because it must smell and taste alcohol, and I saw the quantity of vodka that Mrs bhalla added to each glass, it was too much, so it is easy to detect. But now it is looking like ishita was innocent and did not know what she was drinking. All blames have gone to Mrs bhalla so now ishita remains innocent and good.

    People don’t understand shagun’s life but I do understand her. Shagun has no one who defends her or supports her. She is the one that defends and supports herself. Her children does not defend her, even aaliyah whom she just adopted does not defend her and yet she calls her mumma. If Mani was there he will not defend shagun so I can understand with her. She is like a lonely woman who has no one so she defends herself in anyway possible and with anything, you have to be in shagun’s position to understand the way she sees this life. In her position if she does not defend herself in anyway possible she will become weak and people will use her. But ishita has people who defends and supports her. Just look at what happened when Mr Roy called her stepmom, she became weak and emotional down just because Adi did not defend her when she was there. But if shagun was in this situation she will not behave the way ishita did because she knew how to defend oneself when no one can defend you.
    If shagun is bad why is it that she does not mistreat her children including aaliyah and pihu in fact she showers them with so much love and gift that she spoils them with it. It shows that shagun has humanity in her but ishita she believes in giving less because she is a miser, that does not mean that ishita is better, it is just her own principles but shagun’s principles are different, that does not mean that shagun is bad.

    1. U cn understand shagun bcz ur behaviour is much similar to shagun! Dats wht I cn see!!

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Of course I can understand shagun.

  24. They should show someone for Roshni and sent her away ? from bhallas

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