Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita explaining the goons. He says we came here as Bhallas and became Agarwals to get the table. Ishita also explains the same. The goons say you are fooling us, give us money. Raman says fine, come with me, I have money in the car. The man says I will shoot there if you cheat. They lock the goons and run out. She says I m not getting keys. Raman asks why did you get such a big purse. She gets the keys. He says I will drive and is unable to start the car. He says your Appa should have taken cycle instead this second hand car. She says they have come. The goons come there and try to break the car. The car starts.

Raman and Ishita leave. She says thank God we got saved from the problem. Raman calls her problem, she lied to get the table. She says I did

that for table. He says they will get us, and Agarwals too, how shall we alert Agarwals. She calls someone and says I m Mrs. Agarwal, we had booking there, will you send our order home, we had to reconfirm address. She stops Raman from saying anything, and notes down Agarwals’ address. She says thanks, its same. She saves address. She tells Raman that he is thankless. He says your spying habit did not go after many years. She says even your rudeness.

Adi and Aaliya meet in the compound. She asks about Ishita. He says she went on dinner with Papa, what happened, are you fine. She says I came to take Amma, its fathers day, I thought to surprise Appa with a small dinner, I think this won’t happen, Appa and Amma can’t get together. He says sorry, I can’t say Ishita and Mani can get together, as Ishita always loves Raman. She says I think I should leave. He says I know our friendship did not start well, still we are friends, won’t you share your feelings. She cries and says I m much worried for Appa, he has habit to bear pain silently, Amma and Appa are similar, they don’t share pain, Amma is strong, Appa isn’t, Appa loves Amma a lot and can do anything for him, when I see the pain in his eyes, I wish they did not meet.

Adi says Mihir told me once, when anyone goes from our lives, we should believe that person was not for us, we have someone in our destiny, we have to find that person, someone gets that person easily and someone with difficulty, there will be someone for your Appa, I want you to find someone who will love your Appa. She says I did not know Mihir is so sorted. He says Mihir lost his love, he is very cool, he forgot everything and moved on, he is successful, I m really proud, after Ishi Maa left, Papa used to be in his own world, Mihir is my best friend. She says thanks, I think I should thank Mihir too, I should leave now, take care. He says your Appa needs you, just be there for him. She says I will and goes.

Raman and Ishita reach Agarwal’s house. Raman rings the bell and says I think he is afraid of the goons. She says we will break the door. He says best idea. She says not this way and tries her hair pain. He says you are part time thief too. She says you did not see my talent. They look for Agarwals. He says they left home and we got trapped, look at the house, I don’t think they have money, Agarwal wrote letter for the goons. He reads sorry I can’t return money, I will arrange later, I m taking my wife on world tour, I love her a lot, wait and I will come back and repay money. She says so sweet. He says Agarwal is a fool. She says he is so nice, he is thinking of his wife by having big problem on head. The goons come there. She says they have come here. Raman says we will go by back door. The goons look for them. They see some door there.

Ruhi is with judge. Judge asks her why are you not eating anything. Ruhi says I was finding waiter, juice did not come till now. Judge says I know you are finding Raman and Ishita, maybe they went for a drive, they looked in good romantic mood. Ruhi sees Shagun there. Ruhi says I will go and get the juice.

Ishita and Raman reach home. Ishita asks Raman are you sure we should go inside the house, everyone else will get risk too, goons would be following us. Raman says no, I have seen that, no one is following us, maybe goons read that letter and understood we are not Agarwals. Shagun tells Ruhi that she came for dinner, there was no one at home. Ruhi asks really, you came without reservation. Shagun says yes, I did not know it will be so packed. Ruhi says don’t lie more, Raman and Ishita are not here, they left, I know you came to see them.

Shagun says its not like that, I will leave. Judge says Shagun, you would have come to pick Ruhi, come join us. Raman checks note and says its good there is no one at home, I will call police first. They hear her car alarm sound. Raman sees her car and says there is no one around, why is alarm ringing. She says its old car, maybe that’s why. He asks why did your Appa take such old car, why did you not sell it. She says I will switch off the alarm. He sees the goons and stops her. He switches off lights and shows goons to Ishita. She says they reached here, they are touching my car, my car is not bad, alarm was ringing because of them. He says be quiet, your car is best.

Raman asks Ishita why did she had eagerness to have food, what will we do if they come. She says locks are imported, they can’t open the doors. They hear the door sound. Raman gets her to storeroom. She asks how can we hide here. He says they won’t check storeroom. The goons look for them. She asks where will we hide. Raman shows the cupboard. They sit inside the cupboard. Goons come there and think to look outside. Raman and Ishita get relieved. They look at each other. Raman’s phone rings. She asks him to disconnect it. The goon hears the ringtone. Raman says Shagun is calling. The goon says it means they are inside the house, we will not leave them. Shagun and Ruhi come home. Shagun says why is Raman disconnecting my call.

Ruhi says Ishita came by this car, it means they reached home, they maybe at home, I will call them, they will answer. The goons catch Raman and Ishita, and aims guns, saying now even you are Bhallas, we will kill you, you got to know much about us, if you say police. Ishita says we won’t say anyone, we went on date and fell in problem. The goons say we will shoot. Raman gets Ruhi’s call and says its family’s call, if I don’t answer, you will fall in problem. Raman tells Ruhi that we are fine. Ruhi thinks I did not ask anything, why is Papa saying he is fine, I think something is wrong.

The goon says I think there is something downstairs, look from window. He asks Raman not to move, else he will shoot.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anjali

    Ishra scene was very funny. I hope ishita and ruhi patch up soon. It would be nice if there are some ishita Adi scenes

  2. Sweety ?????

    After watching todays episode I think aliya will be back of mihir and adi will be with his broken ??? heart????

    And ruhi will save ishra from those stupid goons who don’t have minimum sense.???

  3. disha

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness major twist and turns as everyone will come to know about Shagun’s real evil intentions.After 7 years of the leap, we have seenShagun as a very good mother and taking care of Puhi. Most of us wondered why Shagun is taking care ofPihu as she is Ishita’s daughter. It seems Shagun is just using Pihu to fulfilher needs!In the coming episode of Yeh hai Mohabbatein we will see more about Shagun’s intentions. A new report claimed that Shagun is using Pihu to get married to Raman and for her re-entry in Bhalla house. In short, she doesn’t love Pihu!!Later on, Shagun will use Pihu to keep Ishita away from Raman. It will be nowseen, how Ishita will handle Shagun and what will be Pihu’s reaction after knowing Shagun’s real face!

    • Santanya Singh

      Wow!? Shagun is a bad person, anyway thanks Disha for telling us the upcoming twist.

  4. raisa anjum

    hi guys i read updates here. nice episode. and i wait for your comments. nice guys. darshika,vp,sindhu,rithushree and many more love your comments.:)

  5. Saritha

    Hai rithu shivani sindhu sona supergirl jaz vp and all yhm fans. I didn’t comment on yesterday’s episode becoz my health was not fine anyway today episode was ok its so boring

  6. Saritha

    Hai disa i think if pihu knows that her harwali aunty(ishita) is her real mother,she saved her life against ruhi from nidhi and if shagun’s evil character turns on then pihu also goes to ishita leaving shagun

  7. Az

    Hi everyone! Episode was good. Loved ishra nok jhok. And shagun…omg…look at her…reached to spy on ishra… Disgusting. Good that Ruhi confronted her. Waiting for further episodes to see which spoilers will come true. Whether ishita will be shot or kidnapped.
    I feel both Ruhi n ishita might get kidnapped. And that’s when ruhi-ishita differences will get resolved after going thru a roller coaster ride of difficult circumstances. What u guys say!

  8. Ayana

    badtameez Ruhi
    calls her parents by name
    arrogant idiot spoilt brat
    can’t blve she is d same daughter. shameless rascal girl….
    loved ishra scene… was too funny…i guess mihir will be wid Alia?

  9. disha

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going ti witness interesting twist and turns as Nidhi is going to brainwash Ruhi!In the coming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Ruhi will demand Bhallahouse on her name, this means she can sell the house and throw off any person from the house without taking anyone’s permission.Raman will be shocked and shattered after hearing this news. It will be now seen what Ishita will do and what will be the reaction of Bhalla family, will they give the house to Ruhi?

  10. Kimberly

    Now I am giving answers of so many comments against me : People are saying that I had insulted India . I want to tell them that I didnt insulted any country . I have some friends in India so I know that in India the society force people to get married . Yes , it is also their in South Africa but not like that . Those who live in India definitely know this . No country is perfect and everyone should accept that….As for supporting Niddhi over Raman and Ishita is because both Raman and Ishita left Ruhaan when she needed them . They exchanged her . Which parent does that ?..Niddhi made Ruhaan a rockstar and thats why I support her….Niddhi took revenge of her father’s death . She lost her family because of Raman . Also I like Niddhi’s badass attitude of not caring about anyone . I just love such type of people….As for pairing Ruhaan-Shravan , teens do date and have affair . And they are not siblings because Niddhi and Iyer family has no relation and officially Niddhi is guardian of Ruhaan…I call Ruhi as Ruhaan because she changed her name…And I have not used slangs for a long time from now . Please dont force me . Please respect my opinion .

    • Ishra

      Dear Kimberly.. Would u shut your sit.. And please go to hell.. We don’t want your opinion.. If you not like the show.. Then.. Get out from here and see your so call b*t*hh dance huu..haa..huu..??? and so far as it concern with your dumb South Africa and blo*dy South Africans.. Every body knows what they are.. blo*dy… ??

  11. Kimberly

    Adi and Aliya scenes are good . Please start their love track and show some intimate scenes between them .

    • shreya shetty


  12. Monique_D

    Today’s epi was ok….Iam a bit unsure on how this Adi/Aliya thing will pan out but a new romance would be nice to see if they are not planning to mend Ishita and Raman’s relationship.
    I read somewhere that one of the goon are going to throw chilli power in Ishita’s eyes and Raman will care for her.My next thing to look forward to it.

  13. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Jaz, Az, Prisha, Saritha, Shona, Raisa, Aditya and many YHM fans whose names I can’t remember. I love today’s episode. It was wonderful. At least the cute Ishra’s scenes were very nice. It was also funny how Raman and Ishita are running away from the goons. I liked the way Ruhi questioned Shagun for coming to the restautuarant without any reservation. She knows that Shagun came to spy on Ishita. I loved it when she told Shagun not to lie. From this we can know one thing that Ruhi loves Raman and Ishita and her anger is not for long because she knew Shagun’s intentions and she was disgusted with Shagun for spying on them. That is why Ruhi said not to lie. If Ruhi hates Ishra, she would not have even bothered to say anything to Shagun. I think Ruhi is trying to reunite Ishra.

    I wish Shagun would get lost. For those who felt sorry for Shagun, you know from the latest updates that Shagun has been having an evil intention of coming into Bhalla’s house. Unfortunately, she is using Ishita’s daughter Pihu to get into Raman’s life. Poor Pihu she thinks her mumma really loves her but Shagun does not love her at all. What a selflsh brat is she…. I suppose Ruhi knows about Shagun and Ishita will return from her real wedding and deal with Shagun when she finds out that Shagun has been all along using Pihu. Ishita will never leave anyone if anybody makes use of her Adi, Ruhi or even Pihu. Ishita will not tolerate this.

    Maybe Aliya might try to create a moment for Simmi and Mani. Just thinking aloud. I just want to say for those who have been leaving comments everyday thanks to all of you as all your positive comments are a pleasure to read.

    • Az

      Hi Sindhu… Even I loved today’s episode n ishra scenes. Shagun is disgusting! Someone just take her away for a while. She should get kidnapped instead! Hope ishra reunion happen soon once DT is back from leave.

  14. disha

    Yhm upcoming twist It was earlier seen that few goons will mistake Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) as Mr. and Mrs. Aggarwal and try to blackmail them.Shockingly the two will land up in ahouse that belongs to Mr and Mrs. Aggarwal.The goons will follow the two estranged lovers and will catch Ishita and point a gun towards her.May be she even gets shot. This will give break to Divyanka Tripathi as her wedding is near.It is yet to be seen whether Ishita will get shot or she will get kidnapped.

  15. Boss

    Kimberly r u lunatic to speak this. I dont knw wats wrong with you . I guess u r negative person in your real life . So u always speak nonsense idiot.

  16. Saritha

    Gud thought sindhu if mani and simmi unite then there is relation between adi and aliya to become husband and wife but i think it should not be happen becoz mani then becomes brother to ishita where he feels insecure

  17. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino jaz shona aditya jeni
    super girl bhagya sara prisha
    saritha simran unique angel shreya
    and all yhm friends.
    bechara mani aur aliya .they are soo alone .

    • Anakha

      Hai rithu …I was not commenting since days…still you remember me….anywayas yhm is interesting….ishra rocks….

    • Anakha

      I was not commenting since days….but still you remember me…..anyways yhm is interesting….do…i am back…

  18. rithushree

    The upcoming episode
    of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show
    that Raman and Ishita get
    kidnapped by goons. Goons
    misunderstand them Mr and Mrs
    Agrwal and demands Raman to give
    money otherwise they will shoot
    them. Goons point gun at Raman
    and Ishita which makes Raman
    scared. Raman is ready to give
    money to them but Ishita tells
    Raman that it is against rule which
    makes Raman angry. Raman asks
    goons to shoot her first which
    makes goons tensed too. However,
    Raman manages to take gun from
    goons and beats them. Raman and
    Ishita finally get free from goon’s
    clutches. Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  19. Babe

    They are just spoiling Anita’s character,she’s so sweet otherwise,now they ‘ll show dat shagun never loved pihu,she was just acting toget close to raman,i mean seriously man,better end shagun’s charcter…

  20. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.episode was good.yes guys mani and simmi won’t make a bad couple. Mani is a good person.they must not turn him negative. As for shugun, goodness she should be fried. Ishu en raman were cute so we’re adi en aliya. It’s good ruhi told shaggy off.

  21. Sush

    Hi kimberly.. i think u can’t think correctly..they don’t want to exchange ruhi, they think anyhow we have to save both daughters with or without police help but they failed in that matter thats it..ruhi misunderstand this..because that time she is 7yr kid..nidhi can’t do as lawyer in austrilua so she used ruhi as ruhaan..only for her sake not for ruhi..and she made her against her parents..raman doesnot runaway from wedding…just he saw photo and he rejected nidhi because he is in love with shagun that time..nidhi father is too sensitive to hang himself..nidhi also does not digest in frustation and depression she lost her senses and doing this revenge doing this she also lost her valuable life..think positively and is beautiful..positive feel makes heaven..negative feel makes heaven also hell..dont take it to heart..just think once..sorry for my poor english..cheer up..

  22. nana

    Hey kimberly you are the one who mentioned about countries. We talked about a teledrama not a country. I told you before if you dont like yhm dont watch it. IshRa is the main characters in this show then they are the best couple and best parents also

  23. Kimberly

    I want to see Niddhi in action . I mean her character is shown to be smart, cunning, wicked who is a mastermind and doesnt care about anyone . Before leap she was perfect but after the leap she hasnt done anything much evil . Its high time she should do something .

    • shreya shetty

      listen to me u nasty old dirty b****dy Kimberly how many I have to remind u about not to go against ishita and raman.why are u calling ruhi ruhaaan Kimberly idiot!!!!!!!!she didn’t change her name at all in fact her name still remains as ruhi because everybody had got to know that this so called ruhaan the rockstar is none other than ruhi herself after such a long time and u HELLLLLL NO WHO THE **** EVER TOLD U TO SPIT HARSH WORDS AGAINST YHM FANS HUH??????THIS IS THE LAST CALL KIMBERLY AND ITS ALL BECAUSE OF UR STUPID OVER CRAZY DRIVING COMMENTS THAT R SOOOOO UGLY ABOUT YHM WHICH HURTS OUR FANS FEELINGS EVENTUALLY I REQUEST PARDON FROM U TO PLEASE GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS WEBSITE OR ELSE GO AND DIE IN HELL THERSELF!!!!!!DONT BOTHER US WITH UR NONESENSICAL SOUTH AFRICAN POLICY RULES OVER INDIANS.I AM SOOOO TOTALLY IRRITATED AND M WAITING TO CLUCK UR NECK OFF ALONG WITH OVER SOME GOOD THRASHING.DONT SPOIL ALL OF OUR FANS MOODS PLEASE!!!!!!

  24. nish singh

    Please stop the south Africa comments. I am also south African but am too educated to make stupid comments about different countries,people and cultures. Ishra..who ever you are you are as bad as Kimberley with your uneducated comments about south Africa. We are completely losing focus of this group and site. We are all here because we love YHM and it various characters and story lines…let us not lose track.

  25. summi

    Todays episode is entertaining , love to see Ish Ra ‘s lost chemistry which is soul of YHM. Ruhi is indirectly uniting Raman n Ishita. I think Ruhi loves her parents but just angry with them, she can’t be positive n well behaved because for seven long years she was with Nidhi, but she loved them so understood that her her papa is in danger .
    plz unite Ish Ra Ruh Adi Pihu soon.

  26. amanda

    Thanks for that bit of information Sush i did not know all that had happen in YHM and who says your english is bad just keep commenting hun

  27. Lotika

    A very big hello to all yhm fans I liked today’s episode after long time it was worth watching without Ruhi’ taunt to Raman n Ishita n I was thinking that I will not comment on Kimberly but she forced me again to say something about her she herself accept that she likes niddhi very much that says all that’s why she is spreading negativity here that’s all to you Kimberly because no matter what we say you will not stop writing stupid things so be happy in your world m leave all of us alone I really enjoyed today’s episode everyone did justice to their part n it was funny too

  28. cute

    Why always making shogun as a bad person by doing all these they can finish her role or leave Ballas house.

  29. yhm fan

    Nice episode
    Luved ishra scenes.
    I think that adi and aaliya will be shown together.
    Well done ruhi for scolding shagun..
    Waiting eagerly for tomorrows episode
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. in isha

    To be honest its boring now…. Better they do a good end and start off another story

  31. Isaaq

    Niddhi is so evil- how can Kimberley support someone that is so evil and cruel? Torturing a young girl for 7 years and having no regret cannot be justified. No matter what, Niddhi revenge is pointless.

    What is Ishita fault in all of this? Raman married Shagun so why isnt Niddhi after Shagun?

    My other concern is that Ishra need to trap Niddhi. They need to be as smart as she is.

    Returning back to Kimberley, I’m non Indian but I understand this culture so much. So please stop supporting Niddhi because I hate evil people- in fact I’ve recently almost fallen into the hands of an evil person but because of God’s blessings I’m safe and protected.

  32. Sahithya

    The upcoming episode soon ishita will be shot by saving ruhi from goons.nidhi tells goons to kidnap ruhi as she is becoming close to bhallas.then goons go for ruhi.they blackmail to come fast or else they will shoot someone from her family so ruhi accept to go.then ishita sees goons taking ruhi.she follows them and finally she take ruhi but goons will try shot ruhi but ishitha saves ruhi and ishita gets shot on the same place where she always get shot.ruhi gets shocked. reports are telling that ishita will be in ICU

  33. Sushi

    The next episode soon ishita will be shot by saving ruhi from goons.nidhi tells goons to kidnap ruhi as she is becoming close to bhallas.then goons go for ruhi.they blackmail to come fast or else they will shoot someone from her family so ruhi accept to go.then ishita sees goons taking ruhi.she follows them and finally she take ruhi but goons will try shot ruhi but ishitha saves ruhi and ishita gets shot on the same place where she always get shot.ruhi gets shocked. reports are telling that ishita will be in ICU

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