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The Episode starts with everyone coming in orphanage. Raman says he is adopting the baby and the family wants to meet the baby. The man asks them to meet. Raman asks for Rohit Bhalla. The man says sorry, he is already adopted and they get shocked. Raman asks the name of the man who adopted the baby. The man says he can’t tell the name of the man who adopted the baby,. Raman scolds him and says Ashok have given him money. Ishita says single parent can’t get baby so easily. Raman says the baby belongs to our family, my brother Romi is the father. The man says I m following the procedures and can’t tell you anything. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Raman asks for Sarika’s address.

The man says he can’t give and asks them to leave. Raman gives his contact details if he changes his decision anyway

and needs it. Romi cries. They all leave. The man asks Sarika to come, they all went. Sarika comes with the baby and thanks him for the help. She says I m sorry, I don’t want to show the baby’s face to them. He says I understand, take the baby there, don’t worry. Vinni gives the form to Simmi and asks her to give it to Adi. Simmi sees dance competition form, and says Adi does not know dance, what will he do. Neelu asks Simmi to call Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla cries. Ishita says she will talk to manager again. She gets shocked seeing Sarika and the baby. She cries and says it means Sarika’s baby is here. Sarika asks the lady to take care of her baby, she will come again to meet. Ishita sees the tag and tells everyone that baby is here, no one adopted him, the man lied to us as Sarika did not wish us to meet him. They all rush and see the baby.

Mrs. Bhalla hugs the baby saying my Romi’s son. Romi hugs the baby. The man asks why are they meeting the baby when he did not allow them. Raman says they love the baby. The man says we are helping the girl whom they did not support. Ishita defends her family and says they will love the family. The man says they can’t touch the baby till Sarika permits them. Ishita says give us her address, we will get her permission, think about baby, which family will be better for the baby, we love the baby and want to give every happiness which he deserves.

She says why can’t they get it and requests him. The man says fine, I will give the address, we will be happy if baby gets good hoe and family. She thanks him and they all get happy. Ishita comes to meet Sarika. Raman asks her to listen to them once.

Jhakad talks to Ashok about Romi’s illegitimate child. Ashok says you think Raman is arrogant but Adi is spoiling your daughter a lot. I have enmity with Raman, and about Romi’s child, I will adopt from orphanage and Sarika has no money to raise the child. Raman and Ishita come home and tell Romi that Sarika hates them, she will not come. Ishita defends Sarika that Romi has hurt her a lot and what will she react then. She says its Romi’s mistake and explains her about a girl’s emotions. She says he will not get her love and it will be not good relation. She asks him to prove himself. Romi agrees.

Raman is worried for Romi going to meet Sarika. Ishita says he has realized his mistake now, Sarika loved him by her heart, love has strength, Romi did not understand her love, now he is realizing, this was imp, what we get easy we don’t value it, Romi is fighting for his love, I m sure he will become a better husband and better father, I have seen passion for the baby. Raman says I hope he thinks well and decides.

Romi comes to meet Sarika and she avoids him. He apologizes to her in rude way and she scolds him. She asks on whose saying did he come. He says I love you, I did mistake, I was scared when you said you are pregnant, I have changed and cries. She asks how much does he earn if he wants to accept her and baby. She asks him not to lie, Raman gave him job and he became jobless, how will he raise the child. She asks does he know the expenses of a child, get responsible, earn 40000rs per month, its average middle class income, then come and talk to me.

Ishita tells Raman that you said Romi has to get responsible. Raman thinks he will sponsor the event and Adi will win being my son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plzzzzzzzzzzz bring ishita back in saree…..we want our old cute ishita in saree…..plzzzz & also bring ruhi back too….

  2. hey guys good morning.

  3. hey are right.mujhe bhi ishitha saree mein acchi lagtha hai.mujhe ishitha ka purana style accha lagtha hai.

  4. hey nimrit i am sorry.tell your mom happy birthday from my side.

  5. Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis hookng the audience to its show with it’s twists and turns inthe episodes.As we have seen Sarika and her baby Rohit Bhalla in the adoption center.Somehow,Romi and the rest of his family coming to know about the son he has had from Sarika.Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) finds the address of sarika and tries to convince her but her efforts go in vain.She tells Romi(Aly Goni) that sarika hates them.She encourages Romi to win sarika’s trust and love back.Romi confronts sarika and says that he loves her and wants her back with his son.Sarika throws a challenge to earn 40,000 ruppees on his own without the help of his family.If he gets success in that then she will accept him.On the other hand,Raman(Karan Patel) tries to bribe the principal to make adi win in the dance competition.Actually Aditya is participating in a dance competition, to be held in his school, with his friend Vinni. But, the little boy doesn’t even knowthe ABCD of dance.Thus, to hide Aditya’s weakness, super cool dadRaman lands up in the school and offers the principal to sponsor the competition.Soon ishitagets to know that Raman is sponsoring and gets confused on why he is doing that.Raman is doing a wrong thing in the blindness of love on his son.Don’t know what would happen when his beloved wife Ishita will know the reality.

  6. hiii!!!! …….all guys…

  7. hahaha…rithu maine bataya meri mom ko….usse tumhara name bohot hi pasand aaya….muze kahne lagi tumhara bhj name aaisahi rakhna chahiye tha…..hihihihihi…..

  8. ruh ruh ruhiiiiii….where r u baby……plzzzzz come soooooooon na…..we r eagerly waiting fr u ….plzzzz

  9. Can someone please tell me why ishita was refusing romi and sarika wedding? I didn’t watch those episodes bcoz of my exams

  10. It is rumored that Shagun will be making a comeback soon inYeh Hai Mohabbatein.Her re-entry will take some time to happen in the show but as per the latest reports and rumours, Shagun will be returning back to Raman and Ishita’s life after some time but this time it is rumoured that Shagun will have a positive role in the storyline.We will inform you once an official source confirms the news, till then don’t believe in any other news on Shagun coming back.Keep Reading For More updates AboutYHM.

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