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The Episode starts with Ishita coming to Amma. Amma is cooking after a long time and Ishita stops her. Amma asks did you give the Vibhuti to Ruhi and Shravan. Ishita says no, I got late. Amma praises Raman for taking care of everyone, you are very lucky to get a husband like Raman, he is like Lord. Ishita says even Lord is of mud. Amma asks what happened. Ishita says nothing, go inside, I will make everything. Amma goes. Ishita says what is it that Ramna is hiding, why is he lying to me about him and Shagun. Pathak talks to Raman and Shagun and says I spoke to a lawyer, he will handle everything, I fixed today’s meeting.

Raman says we can’t meet here. Pathak says at a hotel. Shagun asks is he reliable. Pathak says he is my mentor, he won’t say anyone. Pathak wants to talk to Raman

alone. Raman asks Shagun to wait outside. She leaves. Pathak asks Raman is he sure to help Shagun. Raman says I did not hide anything from you, you are a friend and brother, I m doing this for Adi, try to understand, if we don’t win, then Adi will be very much hurt which I don’t want. Pathak says fine. Raman says manage everything, before Ishita, Mihir, Amma know this, hide this matter. Pathak says fine, I promise I will not share your secrets with anyone, trust me.

Bala sees Ishita upset. He asks her what happened to her. She looks at Amma and asks her to go and rest. She says I will send you to hospital again. Amma says fine and leaves. Bala says now tell me what is it, anything serious. Ishita says yes and tells him everything about Raman and Shagun. Bala asks did Raman not tell you, but why will he lie, is it about Adi. She says I never stopped him about Adi, I never stopped him to meet Shagun too, I felt bad as he lied to me. Bala understands as she stops saying she is hurt by the one she………. She leaves, He says I know what you wanted to tell me Ishita, but Raman should have not done this, I think I need to talk to him.

Raman, Pathak and Shagun come to the hotel to meet the lawyer. Raman says my guests will be coming, send them to my room, Raman Bhalla. Romi and his friends also come there. Romi says I booked a room for you, don’t take tension. He says his name Romi Bhalla. The receptionist says Bhalla and gives Raman’s room number. Pathak goes to see where is the lawyer. Raman and Shagun are alone in the room. Romi looks for the room. He gets the room and walks in. He is shocked to see Shagun and Raman together.

He shuts the door and thinks. His friends come. Romi says this is not out room, someone else is there. Let’s go from here. Pathak says the lawyer will come in 10mins. Raman says fine, sit. The lwyer meets Raman. Raman tells all the case details. Mihir calls Raman ad he cuts his call. The secretary says Raman cancelled all his meetings for some imp work. Mihir says what imp work. Raman says its just a mistake and can affect my son, Adi is attached to Shagun a lot, I can’t hurt him. The lawyer says its your mum in law’s accident, why do you want to hide this now.

Raman says nothing is important to me than my son and switches off the phone. Mihir says what the hell, I hope its not a problem. Shagun says I m a mum first, if anything happens, I can’t live without Adi, he is so scared. Raman says Shagun relax. I won’t let anything happen to you and Adi. The lawyer asks her to be strong. The case is not officially filed, but he will manage, they can get out of this problem. Raman says fine. Pathak leaves with him. Raman says don’t worry about money. The lawyer says we will see money matters after this, ask her to be strong. Raman says fine.

Romi comes home and sees Ishita. He thinks of Raman and Shagun. He thinks what was Raman doing in hotel room with Shagun, does Ishita know this. Ishita asks Romi about his stomach ache. He says it was because of outside food. She says I made curd rice for you, will bring it. Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi not to have any food from outside. Romi feels bad for Ishita. He comes in his room and says Raman does not lie, then why did he…. Shall I tell bhabhi, no Raman will beat me, if he asks what I was doing there, what will I say, I will be stuck if I tell truth or lie.

The hotel room catches fire and the manager asks the staff to make all the guests leave. Raman says I need Ishita the most today and I m hiding this from her, I m dividing between Shagun and Ishita. He gets Pathak’s call and says I m leaving now, Shagun is freshing up. He asks Shagun to hurry up. Mr. Bhalla switches on the tv and tells them about the hotel peninsula catching fire. Raman and Shagun hear the fire alarm. She panics. The fire reaches their room too. The manager asks them to come out fast. Shagun starts coughing by the fumes and Raman takes care of her.

Romi hears this news and says Raman is there at this hotel. Everyone is shocked and worry about Raman. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you saying, whats Raman doing there, and how do you know. Romi says I saw his car there. Mrs. Bhalla says call Raman fast. Ishita runs out. She leaves in her car. Simmi says Ishita left. Romi says I will go. Simmi consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita drives faster to reach the hotel and Romi follows her on the bike. The manager stops Ishita. She says let me go, I have to see my husband and calls out Raman.

She is shocked to see Raman bringing Shagun lifting her as she is unconscious. Raman sees her too. He just leaves talking Shagun. Romi comes there ad sees Raman and Shagun. Raman makes Shagun sit in the car and looks at Ishita.

Ishita comes home and cries. Everyone ask about Raman, is he fine. They ask Romi. Romi says Ishita saw Raman and Shagun together, even I saw them in the room together in morning, but I did not say it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat the hell is going on??

  2. wat is raman doing? y is he punishing ishita like this. he owe his life to her & he is giving pain to her. not done raman. when will u understand that u have a life beyond adi and that life belongs to ishita.

  3. Yakk sagun z trapping raman.. For dat she z using poor adi.. Poor isitha

  4. Plzz don’t flop the serial.

  5. what the hell episode?

  6. Raman is losing senses and righteous path thinking only about adi. This is getting no fun anymore

  7. Shagun can die in a hole

  8. OMG what?! -.-
    I bet Ishita is going to go off at Raman and then in their argument she is going to say “because I love you” and then everything is going to go downhill from there.

  9. so much 4 int jodi…shagun x an insult 2 women, oh God raman b a man and b pratical pichari ishu



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