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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala informing Mihir to come at police station. He says Ishita has got the family arrested, Abhishek took them, come there. Ishita apologizes to Appa and tells everything on why she has sent them away from home to save them. He asks why did you not tell them truth. Ishita says they will not listen to me, I was shouting to say Sarika is the informer, and they did not listen, this step was necessary, I did not know how to tell them, I followed Sarika, she told me that she has sent Romi and Rohit to save them, Sarika went to meet Ashok I caught her red handed. Appa is shocked.

Ishita says I have to find out that thing at home so that family is safe, but Adi will come home from karate class, don’t let him come there, bring him here. He says fine, nothing will happen

to anyone, I will bring Adi here. He says I will become witness and tell everyone, come. She says no, I have to find soon, there is no FIR. Prateek asks Ishita to come fast, they have to check house. She leaves.

Appa says Ishita became bad infornt of the family, I will tell everyone the truth. Ishita tells Prateek and Shagun that they have to find out soon whats hidden here, it can be anything, I heard Sarika saying cd125, she was talking to Ashok, we have to prove ourselves right and show this danger to family. Prateek asks how can we know it. Ishita guesses. They try to find out.

They don’t get any clue or thing. Someone rings the bell. The watchman comes and asks Ishita to get water, the tanker has come. She sends him. She cries and says whats that, we have to find out, we can’t keep them in jail for much time. Prateek asks her not to panic. Ashok gets informed and says what, they can’t go outside home, do as per my plan. He says no, my plan will flop, this can’t happen, Sarika can’t do anything fine, I have to get them back home, Ishita can’t win.

Mihir asks lawyer to get the bail. The lawyer says this offense is non bailable. Mihir says you know they are innocent. Lawyer says yes, but court does not know. Bala says its big embarrassment for them. The lawyer says Ishita should come and take case back, why did she do this, what can be the reason. Appa comes and says Ishita has a big reason behind this. He tells Abhishek that he wants to meet Raman and Mr. Bhalla. Abhishek sends him and wonders what will Appa tell Raman, I have to stop them here for sometime, I hope Ishita knows the danger.

Appa tells Bhallas that Ishita did this to send you all out of home, she lost your trust, so she did this, Ashok’s informer is Sarika, Ashok and Sarika tried to kill you all, Ishita did this to save you. Mrs. Bhalla does not believe this, and says Ishita could have told us, she insulted us. Mr. Bhalla says you can trust Ishita’s story, we don’t believe this. Appa says Romi and Rohit are away with Sarika, they should have been here. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika went for work, she told me.

Appa tells Raman that Sarika gave the juice with poison to him. Raman says I feel Appa is saying right, but I don’t know. Ashok comes to bail out Raman and family. He says he has come for humanity and acts. Abhishek looks on. Ashok says Abhishek knows Bhallas well, he is personal ACP, then why did he arrest them. Abhishek asks him not to teach him laws, stop this acting and leave. Ashok says I got the certificate to prove Ishita is mentally unstable. Abhishek thinks what did Ashok hide there to harm family, he wants to free family and send them back home. Inspector checks and says Ashok is right, we can’t keep them like this. Abhishek checks papers and asks them to come.

Mr. Bhalla asks whats Ashok doing here. Ashok says I care for you, I have old relation with you, I know the blames on you are false. He asks Raman not to take the business rivalry seriously. He shows the certificate to prove Ishita is mentally unstable. Raman tears the papers and says Ishita is not mad, we did not trouble her for dowry, this is her plan, she is doing this to save them from some danger. Its proved because Ashok has come to free me, I trust Ishita completely, till Ishita does not come here, we will not go anywhere. Abhishek gets glad.

Mr. Bhalla says we trust our bahu, we won’t go anywhere. Raman scolds and threatens Ashok. Rmana says he knows Sarika is helping Ashok, she gave me juice which had poison, this proves Ishita was right. He asks Ashok to leave. Shagun takes water to drink and goes to Ishita, seeing her crying. She pacifies Ishita. She asks Ishita to have water. Ishita drinks water and says this tastes strange. She asks the to find out fast and drinks more water. She looks at the water tanker from the window and gets shocked seeing Cd 125 number. She recalls what watchman said and cries.

Ishita starts coughing and bleeding. She says tanker water had poison and falls. Shagun and Prateek get worried. Shagun says we will call doctor. Ishita faints.

Update Credit to: Amena

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