Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala informing Mihir to come at police station. He says Ishita has got the family arrested, Abhishek took them, come there. Ishita apologizes to Appa and tells everything on why she has sent them away from home to save them. He asks why did you not tell them truth. Ishita says they will not listen to me, I was shouting to say Sarika is the informer, and they did not listen, this step was necessary, I did not know how to tell them, I followed Sarika, she told me that she has sent Romi and Rohit to save them, Sarika went to meet Ashok I caught her red handed. Appa is shocked.

Ishita says I have to find out that thing at home so that family is safe, but Adi will come home from karate class, don’t let him come there, bring him here. He says fine, nothing will happen

to anyone, I will bring Adi here. He says I will become witness and tell everyone, come. She says no, I have to find soon, there is no FIR. Prateek asks Ishita to come fast, they have to check house. She leaves.

Appa says Ishita became bad infornt of the family, I will tell everyone the truth. Ishita tells Prateek and Shagun that they have to find out soon whats hidden here, it can be anything, I heard Sarika saying cd125, she was talking to Ashok, we have to prove ourselves right and show this danger to family. Prateek asks how can we know it. Ishita guesses. They try to find out.

They don’t get any clue or thing. Someone rings the bell. The watchman comes and asks Ishita to get water, the tanker has come. She sends him. She cries and says whats that, we have to find out, we can’t keep them in jail for much time. Prateek asks her not to panic. Ashok gets informed and says what, they can’t go outside home, do as per my plan. He says no, my plan will flop, this can’t happen, Sarika can’t do anything fine, I have to get them back home, Ishita can’t win.

Mihir asks lawyer to get the bail. The lawyer says this offense is non bailable. Mihir says you know they are innocent. Lawyer says yes, but court does not know. Bala says its big embarrassment for them. The lawyer says Ishita should come and take case back, why did she do this, what can be the reason. Appa comes and says Ishita has a big reason behind this. He tells Abhishek that he wants to meet Raman and Mr. Bhalla. Abhishek sends him and wonders what will Appa tell Raman, I have to stop them here for sometime, I hope Ishita knows the danger.

Appa tells Bhallas that Ishita did this to send you all out of home, she lost your trust, so she did this, Ashok’s informer is Sarika, Ashok and Sarika tried to kill you all, Ishita did this to save you. Mrs. Bhalla does not believe this, and says Ishita could have told us, she insulted us. Mr. Bhalla says you can trust Ishita’s story, we don’t believe this. Appa says Romi and Rohit are away with Sarika, they should have been here. Mrs. Bhalla says Sarika went for work, she told me.

Appa tells Raman that Sarika gave the juice with poison to him. Raman says I feel Appa is saying right, but I don’t know. Ashok comes to bail out Raman and family. He says he has come for humanity and acts. Abhishek looks on. Ashok says Abhishek knows Bhallas well, he is personal ACP, then why did he arrest them. Abhishek asks him not to teach him laws, stop this acting and leave. Ashok says I got the certificate to prove Ishita is mentally unstable. Abhishek thinks what did Ashok hide there to harm family, he wants to free family and send them back home. Inspector checks and says Ashok is right, we can’t keep them like this. Abhishek checks papers and asks them to come.

Mr. Bhalla asks whats Ashok doing here. Ashok says I care for you, I have old relation with you, I know the blames on you are false. He asks Raman not to take the business rivalry seriously. He shows the certificate to prove Ishita is mentally unstable. Raman tears the papers and says Ishita is not mad, we did not trouble her for dowry, this is her plan, she is doing this to save them from some danger. Its proved because Ashok has come to free me, I trust Ishita completely, till Ishita does not come here, we will not go anywhere. Abhishek gets glad.

Mr. Bhalla says we trust our bahu, we won’t go anywhere. Raman scolds and threatens Ashok. Rmana says he knows Sarika is helping Ashok, she gave me juice which had poison, this proves Ishita was right. He asks Ashok to leave. Shagun takes water to drink and goes to Ishita, seeing her crying. She pacifies Ishita. She asks Ishita to have water. Ishita drinks water and says this tastes strange. She asks the to find out fast and drinks more water. She looks at the water tanker from the window and gets shocked seeing Cd 125 number. She recalls what watchman said and cries.

Ishita starts coughing and bleeding. She says tanker water had poison and falls. Shagun and Prateek get worried. Shagun says we will call doctor. Ishita faints.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. nivedha

    My god finally Raman believed ishitha …. I am really happpyyyy ramannn… This is the fantafab epi

    • Don’t spoil your mood on this new year due to that idiot ashok just take a chill rithu have a happy New year I am new to this page but still I am saying this ‘coz I like your comments and I hate people who misbehave with others I think some days before the same happened with jhanvi but don’t take this idiots seriously, I am saying this as your friend hope you don’t take this in wrong way

  2. mp

    oh thank god finally the bhalla family trust ishita. But feel bad for ishu. Anyway where is simmi? Today appa did a very good job.

  3. Jhanvi

    Thnx amena ……fast update…
    I missed d epi.. But interesting..
    Ishu drunk water but yeah nothing will happen to her..
    Apppaaaa ……. Thnk god u told them..
    Nd Ramannnn rocked today…. Right answer that bastered….

    Nd yeas today my mamma asked me , sab kuchh hamesha isse hi hota hai…!!!!?????

    • nivedha

      Hey jhanvi I felt happy.. On reading raman’s words.. Will see once the video uploaded in hotstar… Awesome Raman..

  4. Jhanvi

    Rithu don’t spoil your mood dear…, just ignore it..

    It’s so nice …..without moderation…. Feeling so freeeeee….

  5. A very very happy New year to everyone I wish this 2016 May bless us with all the happiness, health, wealth,and more friends and good people around us may this 2016 be a optimistic one and motivate us to do more good things once again happy 2016 guys…… live your life in king size !!

  6. maya

    nice episode ishita super …. I m laughing on rithu story dear who s this asjok ………dry so much dear rithu

  7. And finally the track is going to end and happy to know that raman is trusting ishita even though he was angry with her and appa also trusted his daughter in this tough time….hope new year comes with new track with positivity happiness and of course more romance!!! And today loved raman confronting ashok after a long time “che foot dho inch…” wow loved it and the way he said I trust my wife awesome awesome!!!! Feeling sad for ishita bichari she is getting hurt often even doctors who treat her would have become tired of treating her she has been hurt so many times in this 3 months any how happy that this track ended and happy days are arriving in ishra life, and I am so happy after 2 months I got to see ishraru pic and yhm…tune at back when the serial starts I didn’t like the horror wala theme I love always pyaar bara mohabbatein!!!!

  8. Ude

    Rithu what will happend next? Do u know anything about it. Will something happen to ishitha?(reply me only if u ar not bothered)

    • I think after all this a new chapter will open in Romi’s life with mihika because in India forums I read that on New year’s celebration romi will be alone and sad and after some time mihika will cheer him up and will take rohit from him raman will be happy seeing romi happily dancing with mihika with rohit in her hands…. so on this basis I guess that may be romi and mihika might get married but it’s just my guess I don’t know what will happen and happy days are arriving in ishra life and in new year celebration raman will have a back ache as he will lift a cylinder and we can expect more romance between ishra!!!! So let’s enjoy the new year guys

  9. Wow…raman i lov u vry vry much….thats the quality of a gud husband…lov u …but poor ishu…nd hope bhallas wont ever break their trust on ishu…hope hppines comes soon in yhm

  10. Naina

    Wow atlast ishita’s truth is out ….
    Now PLZ make ashok get punishment sooner …. PLZ not able to tolerate this ashok ….

  11. Episode was gud thank good ye drama almost finish ho gaya aur is Mrs bhalla ka dimaag kharab hai ishu k jaga us sarika par believe kar rahi thi aj tak to is k kabhi satika se bani nahi

    • Jhanvi

      Sidhhi …now we r free to talk….. Like before…

      I hope ki ab se moderation Na ho ……

  12. nivedha

    Guys remember acc to last year new party it was Raman shagun anniversary… I hope they wont do it now?

  13. Misty

    Nice episode… Awesome Raman…
    When that watchman told about water ..I got that. There is fishy in that water ishita drunk it. Appa supported ishita..
    Get lost you Ashok Khanna..

  14. Anakha

    Episode was superb…..rithu,we are here for your exciting comments,please don’t be upset with what those people said….

  15. Misty

    No moderation.. Wow…..!!!! So fast comments…. So many comments…

    Happy new year guys…. All yhmins and cast… Have a great year ahead…

  16. Jhanvi

    Yes sidhhi…. That’s y I asked Na…
    Thnk god exams over.. So nice ..
    Bilkul pehle wali feelings a rahi hai is page par to….

    Where is nimrit , Diya , diya …

    Hi misty …u came today… How r u ???

    • You blo*dy moron don’t you have sense seriously you are such a pervert… how could you talk like this to a girl can you speak with your mom or sister like this respect women you blo*dy bastard

  17. Chaavi

    so Ishitha wil die and Shugun replaces her places in Bhalla family!!!! Happy times will come soon nah!. waiting to see Shagun with the Bhallas! <3

  18. Misty

    Right ans. Prince..definitely he should take his mother or sister.. And you just shut your mouth..

  19. Ude

    Why guys why ar u all behaving like this? And u dirty ashok dnt u know hw to speak to a girl. Idiot! Frst rithu then jhanvi.

    • U think urself as a hero??? Stop the nonsense if u have a little shame left in u…this page is only for serial gossip not to blabber anything you want… Respect women before come to the social networking sites… And dnt forget we girls know how to teach a lesson to a person like u…

  20. Pihu

    @Ashok., Don’t you have Mom and Sis. Take them . don’t you have shame .? You bastered don’t ruin this page’s charm…

  21. fathi fathi

    Hi guyz…wow now no moderation n but plz dont cht unwantd in thz site.
    hi siddhi.rithu.faya.vp.priyol.janvi.diya.diya.darshika n all YHM fans

    • fathi fathi

      Natasha i will tell frankly i dont knw much about hindi so plz cht in english.
      hahhhaha ya ya natasha itz true…

  22. Hi All Now Are we having another sicko Ashok in this page.Best thing is to Ignore.. Pls don’t insult his mother Or sister as they are not to be blamed for his sick mind most probably they brought him up well but on the way to growing up he has fallen in to a dirty drain that is why the foul mouth & writing..So why do we have to stoop to his level . & today being a good Day of the year..pls ashok go & use some soap & wash ur self well So that the smell will not pollute this page & make it smelling…people like you don’t know to respect a lady or a woman.. i don’t think u have any respect for ur mum or sister.. if u have some decency u know how to respect a lady r a woman.. May God Forgive ur behaviour .. At least be respect full to ur own mum & sister..if u have any that is. leave our girls out of ur catty ways. go find another page. we are a peaceful lot.
    what to do we have to deal with sick minded people.. even for fun don’t u insult anyone it may be man or woman…ok

  23. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi guys…… I love the epi,……. Feeling sad for ishu. She’s suffering a lot. But love raman. He trusted ishu.

    Anyway……. Ignore this crazy ppl. Very shameless……! Rithu, jhanvi…… No need to care about them. Specially this dirty ashok.

  24. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    And guys,…… No separation and replacing. Don’t speak nonsense.
    Wooooooow so fast…… No moderation.

    Ya…. Another psycho…… Disgusting.

  25. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Oh siddhi….. Congratulations…… You’ve found a new language.
    Come back rithu and jhanvi……. Don’t spoil your mood because of that psychos…………

  26. gennipher

    Hii iam new to this.but iam a regular reader of yhm. Today i felt like commenting when i read this ashok psychos comment. Ashok u u could u behave like this in a social site.pls dont forget that u too came into this world from a women ur mom. She is the one who taught u everything.she is also a grateful to a women. Respect them. Sorry siddhi and fathi whoever said dont reply to him. Bcz i could not control a my anger. Being a women i could not could not see a man insulting a women.ashok go to hell.

  27. fathi fathi

    Happy for upcoming scenes……..aftr a long brk ISHRA scenes…..i am so so so happy bcz of thm bcz thy didnt sperte n i am so happy….

  28. gennipher

    Hey rithu and jhanvi y r u not coming . Why should u hide or be afraid of that physco. Iam relly missing u both. Pls come yarr. Dont mind thst idiot.

  29. fathi fathi

    I thght only girlz will cht n come to site but today only i knew boyz r also cmng…feeling shame on those boyz who spk whch z not nessry

  30. Parul

    Hey everyone..fathi..rithu..jhanvi..siddhi..natashaa..hw r u ol guys..i came back to this page after a long tym..n yhm is going crazy day by day…waiting for tomorrows episode..

  31. Naina

    Very truly said mino …. His sis and mom are not B blamed …. As they also may b unaware of this cheap character of this crap …. Anyways its better to ignore him ….. Uff I think it’s better for tu to review the comments …. I think they WIL modify it frm jan4 …. anyways rithu come back ….

  32. Misty

    Definitely he is a physcho .only he can talk like that. I m feeling how was his mother ?? Whose upbringing is so law.. Look he is not ashamed of his mom and sis’s name also. He can take them too .

  33. Diya

    Hi all my dear frnds…
    Rithu, jhanvi, Diya, darshika, siddhi, nivedha, nimrit, sabrin, faya, fathi, cindy, misty, parvathy, mino, natasha etc..

    Today’s was a fabulous episode after so many episode could see a exciting episode.. The thing I didn’t understand is ishita found the water taste strange then y she drank more??I think this drama will end within days..Raman rocked today he supported ishu..

  34. Diya

    I think modification will start from 4th bcuz as modification stoped from 31st Dec and from then they have holiday..

    • nivedha

      Download it yaar.. Only in hotstar full video LL be updated… I guess but I don’t know how far its true..

    • go to Google and search for yeh hai mohabbatein hotstar then you will get but the only problem with hotstar is it works best only in WiFi connection with data card
      The coconnection is really very poor

  35. diya

    hey all …. todays episode was good .. nd i love love love raman bcz he trusted ishu nd stood by her like a rock . love you ravan kumar . appa also did a good job . nd this ashok hate u . .
    …. very soon u will go to the jail … u deserve it creep. i hope nothng happns to ishu.nd sarika will get caught tmrw nywah.

  36. I have a request to u both rithu and janhvi plz don’t stop commenting due to that stupid useless fellow.. U should come in this page and avoid that person otherwise he ll love to irritate u… U should come and that will be a good lesson from us to him..

  37. Shivani Rana

    Nyc epi . @ashok u bl***y just go and talk nonsense with ur sis and mother. They will give you answer. How dare you to insult a girl.? Don’t you have shame.? Is this your upbreeding.? This is India where we worship matarani and behaving like this with a woman so shame..!!! Don’t u have self respect ?? If yes then Jake dub maro chullu bhar pani me..

  38. sa'adarh dabai

    YHM..this is not fair..despite all the sufferrings that ishita went through..enough of all suffering..she cnt die nw…

  39. sa'adarh dabai

    for the first time raman is not rude and mad…he believe in what his father in law is saying and have full faith on ishita..

  40. sa'adarh dabai

    and if u guys dont mind..lets all post our comment with english..because many of us are novice in hindi language

  41. Jhanvi

    Awesome epi.. Awesome performance by DT…. Waiting for tomorrow epi.. I lyk d way Raman took a stand. Appa blvd ishu. Nice.
    Nd what Mrs bhalla still blving that crap sarika..

  42. diya

    hey all ….. yhmians .. hello jhanvi ‘ rithu , diya , nivedha , siddhi , misty nd all . i m xperiencing this no moderation fr the frst tym nd have to say its GREAT

  43. diya

    see guys ,,, dont waste ur time on this ashok. he is soo cheap that ,,, tha agar muh lagao ge to khud ki muh hi gandhi ho jaygi …… he is taking advantage of this no moderation stuff ………. cheap fools like do exist in this world ,…. its better to ignore to keeep our mind and surroundings positive ……… nd those said ,… tell this to ur mother and sister . its my request its not at all good to bring his mother and sister in all this rubbish ,,,,, they hv nothing to do with ny of these foul talks he did today ………. he is doing all these for attention .. nd by commnting we r just giving him what he wants …


  44. happy

    many are there from chennai coz when there was flood nd no network many of them did commented for some days

  45. happy

    reality we face it everyyear…but no one pays attention on us….and our CM will now say look there is flood even in Chennai what can we do? CM sir look at the speed of rescue team

  46. Sunita

    Happy new year to all YHM lovers and the entire cast of YHM….missed the episode…but thanks gor the written updates….the episode seems too gud after a long time….feeling so gud to know that raman took stand for ishita….he is the best example of a gud loving husband….finally Ishita’s hard work will give her a positive result….we all will b able to see a happy Bhalla family again….n hope shagun n manoj get married….N today Appa really did a gud job….waiting for tmrw’s episode….Rithu…plz dont mind comments of people who don’t have shame….this page is not meant for them and ignore them….i usually read the updates for ur posts….please come back….happy new year once again

  47. Riya

    YHM: Raman and Ishita’s naughty drama in New Year 2015 Upcoming Episode

    Thursday, December 31 2015

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) united and happiness return in their life on New Year celebration in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Bhalla family realizes Ishita did all this just to save Raman.

    Mrs Bhalla apologizes to Ishita for not understanding her and misbehaved with her.

    Everything gets fine in Bhalla family, Rama and Ishita’s life.

    Raman and Ishita’s sweet-noke-jhoke again get started.

    There will be a New Year celebration in Dolly Aunty’s house who also celebrates their silver jubilee anniversary.

    Ishita makes them exchange garlands to make their anniversary special.

    Raman and Ishita’s cute fight in new year party

    Apart from this, Mihir and Mihika ask Raman to do dance with Ishita but Raman refuses.

    Raman has backache and Ishita laugh recalling how Raman lifted cylinder.

    Raman scolds Ishita and blames her for his pain.

    Ishita convince Raman in her usual romantic style.

  48. Sunita

    Neither employee nor asrudent right now….used to work till last year…stopped working after blessed with a baby girl?

    • happy

      sorry maam i did wanted to hurt u or any one but i thought all here are of my age…engineering student …idid accepted so sorry if any one is hurt

  49. Hi guys
    Just thought I’ll pop in the convo
    My six sence are saying the Ishu might die cause shagun has changed and she is also pregernant with ishus baby
    (Just a guess)

  50. Sunita

    If ishita dies there is no point in doing all these drama….nothing will happen to ishita…n shagun will be united with manoj coz they both have feelings for each other

  51. happy

    sarika killed rinky coz rinky came 2 know that rohit is not sariks and romis son…she adopted him from a orphanage…2 get entry in romi life coz he is ramans bro (money)

  52. angel

    ekta bought aly nd asha nd thought that darmiyaan will work but it did as allmummy watch sns nd dabh type serial and youth watch yhm nd sawaragini. as their story are different fron other… i m also sawragni fan nd lucky should not forgive ragni so easly

  53. angel

    but if writter are not getting anything then why not leap?? plz dont talk about yrkkh they only show marriage nothing els

  54. Guys though I am not feeling sleepy …. My network is not allowing me to post it fast. ….. Anyways u all continue. ….

    I hope u all remember yhm’s earlier episode comment targets …. So try achieving it …. Bye I WIL try to come by morning ….

    • Diya

      And I can understand malayalam, Tamil,kanada,English,Hindi,and little arabic..ik Arabic bcuz iam in UAE and still a student…

  55. Honey

    Hi guys, I am a silent reader. But now onwards I too want to comment. Today’s episode was very nice. And one more thing , did anyone know telugu in this site?

  56. fathi fathi

    Hi every1…wow aunts n teens are also here in cht……so thre was a long talk for u all nah………..whr r u both janvi n rithu plz come…….feeling sad on u both n better u chnge ur name n come to thz site plz………

  57. wow!itnee saare comments.hey guys darahika parvathi siddhi ramchin jhanvi sabrin vp faya fathi misty nimrit diya (both the diyas) nivedha naina zaara naaz and all yhm friends good morning.

    • Jhanvi

      Hi…..I was a big fan of Matsh… But Ekta has ruined that show ….feeling very bad for ishveer… So I have stopped nowadays.. In fact I have stopped SWARAGINI too…..

  58. Honey

    Hi, hari priya. By the way if you don’t mind can I know where do you live because I just want to confirm that whether I know you or not?

  59. debs

    Hey guys hi..m new here, never commented..from past 2 month I don’t hv tv..all ur updates & comments keep me updated. Thank u guys..ritu u r super..

  60. Jhanvi

    I don’t want to go….but I have to go ….today is my exam..( comp. Exam )..

    Where is faya, sabrin , Natasha, Zara, zain, ??? …Nd wc bc parul…

    • Jhanvi

      Jyoti… I love both… But if I have to chose one then… Only ishra…. Nd YHM… I love YHM d most coz of uniq storyline…. In Matsh I love only ishveer… But in YHM I love all d characters…. Ishrarudi., Mimi ,bandu, simmi, shrvu, romi, ….I love all d characters Nd actors of this show… This is d first show I love all d cast….

      I can’t forget ishra , divan Nd their chemistry. Ever nvr…!!!!!

  61. i love two shows equal….

    If i say option both 1 nd 2 bcouz….

    i love two serials…. so much

    i lov ishveer jodi nd ishra jdi

    i saw MATSH beginning first epi….

    But YHM i saw they married after episodes ….

    MATSH is a childhood love story….

    when they married they fall in love with each other…

    MATSH ishveer chemistry love so much in last year January , February , i love those episodes…

    Ya valentine episode i cant forget….it

    In YHM always i love to see only ishra, ruhi, adi….

    In MATSH i L only ishveer….

    In YHM i L only ishitha, raman, ruhi , adi

  62. Sarika’s truth is exposed as everyone
    comes to know that Sarika has been
    supporting Ashok in his conspiracy.
    Finally Ishita’s mission is successful
    as she unveils her secret infront of
    everyone. Sarika feels ashamed as
    the Police comes and arrests her. The
    family will get to know about the
    helplessness which forced Sarika to
    help Ashok, else she would not have
    done this with her own family. Ishita
    feels scared and files complaint
    against her family, to protect them.
    Ishita asks for forgiveness from the
    family. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to
    Ishita and brings her back home with
    New Year Party in next in the show.
    Ishita and Raman celebrate new year
    in Pammi aunty’s home. They go with
    their family. Everyone is enjoying, but
    Raman is having back pain and he
    couldn’t stand properly. Ishita brings
    balm for him, and their old caring days

  63. The long running drama is about to
    finally end on Star Plus’ ‘ Yeh Hai
    The spooky track will finally lead to
    its success. Sarika’s truth will be
    revealed and Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) will be back in the house.
    Our source informs, “Sarika’s truth
    gets exposed as everyone comes to
    know that Sarika has been supporting
    Ashok in his conspiracy. Finally
    Ishita’s mission is successful, as she
    unveils her secret in front of
    everyone. However, Sarika feels
    ashamed as the Police comes and
    arrests her.”
    “Raman ( Karan Patel ) and his family
    will finally get to know about the
    helplessness, which forced Sarika to
    help Ashok. Later, Ishita asks for
    forgiveness from the family and Mrs.
    Bhalla too apologizes to Ishita and
    brings her back home with respect.”
    Wow, Indeed a happy new year
    beginning for the Bhalla family!

  64. acchu

    evryone r telling sarika’s truth came out,but no one r telling abt d sarika secret……………..what d hell is dat secrte now???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  65. Shraddha Sharma

    Finaly raman and whole family belives Ishita…
    Kya koi btayega ki Sarika ka secret hai kya, jiske chalte vo Ashok ka sath de rehi hai???
    And guys maine kahin padha tha ki Shagun is going to die? Is this true??? Fir Manoj and Shagun ki love story ka kya hoga???

  66. Ude

    Ar u sure bt some ar saying that ishitha is gng to die and if shagun dies what will happend to ishra to be born baby?

  67. shagun wont die .its fake .because shagun is ekta ‘s best friend and like a family member .why will ekta kill her and anitha aka shagun told she wont leave this show.

  68. Ude

    Bt in our country its nt like that bt i too hav nt finish my exams yet bcuz i havnt finish my practical exams yet its gng to hav in feb as urs

  69. acchu

    mundhu sarika truth ento chepandi,…tarvata sarika expose indhi ana mata one time kadhu konni crore times anandi…
    fedup of listening sarika truth bitaki vachindi ani…but evaru asala reason chepadam ledu.
    mundu adi chepandi,,
    chusinde chusi chusi bore vasthundi

  70. acchu

    from where did rinky get pregnent & when she has deleivered a baby??????????????
    4m wr d hell dat baby was adopted by sarika?

    if in case u know d whole of it,can u tell clearly..

  71. Ude

    Sorry acchu for replying exept rithu.
    I think that rithu said sarika killed rinky and her baby means sarika’s baby and he is a adupted baby.

  72. Hii guyss….i am a silent reader….bcz of Ashok i have commented here…..nd i think Ashok is non other than Mizun bcz evry1 here is giving importance to jhanvi n rithushree so Mizun is doing this..

    • fathi fathi

      So z mizun z jelous wth rithu n janvi???
      y she z doing tht???can any1 expn???if urll only wish if not dont……

  73. anupam chakravourty

    Hey guys…happy new yr. Wats about the news of marrige of divyanka aka Ishita and Vivek aka ACP abhishek

  74. Riya

    YHM: Sarika get arrested, Manoj accepts Shagun, Ishra’s reunion Upcoming Episode

    Saturday, January 02 2016

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) exposed Sarika’s (Sarika Dhillon) evil reality and get her arrested in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita gets successful save Bhalla family’s life by Ashok’s dangerous plan.

    Ishita also exposed Sarika to everyone she is the one who killed Rinky and Ashok was blackmailing her over this truth.

    Sarika gets arrested and Raman thanks Ishita for g his life.

    Bhalla family is touched seeing selfless love of Ishita for them.

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita to reunite Manoj and Shagun (Anita Hassandani)

    Ishita also ask them to forgive Shagun as she did this for Raman and kids.

    Apart from this, Manoj who loves Shagun is surprised knowing Shagun is alive and scolds her for hiding this truth from him.

    Let’s see if Ishita reunite Ashok and Manoj.