Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi shouting Ishi Maa. The man asks Abhishek to leave Kaali, else they will kill this girl with bomb. Ishita cries. Abhishek says we will leave Kaali. The man laughs. Abhishek goes to get Kaali. Vandu worries and thinks whom to call. Bala comes and she asks about Ruhi and Adi. He says don’t worry, kids don’t worry about Ishita. She says this cold is killing me, please take me to police station, I want to meet Ishita. He says I think we should be at home, I will get medicines for your cold. She says I took all medicines. He makes her rest and goes. She worries for Ishita.

Raman goes to Abhishek and asks are you leaving Kaali, is this true. Abhishek says yes, I spoke to my senior. Raman goes. Abhishek says I won’t leave Kaali so easily, and asks inspector

to go. Kaali is taken out of the cell. Kaali smiles and says I knew my men will get me freed, police force can’t do anything, I have to meet my men and hug them. Inspector asks Abhishek what are you saying, will this plan work. Abhishek says yes, my plan will work, I care for that girl, but my country comes first, I can’t leave Kaali easily, we have to save Ruhi, there should be no mistake, its dangerous operation. The inspector says team is with us. Abhishek says be careful. Ruhi should be safe.

Bala asks Vandu to have brandy. She says you know I don’t drink. He says this wine will work as medicine, you have to stay fit to help Ishita. She says are you mad, I can’t. He insists. Bala makes Vandu drink the brandy saying its medicine. She asks are you mad, you made me drink it. He asks her to sleep, brandy is needed to stay fine in cold weather, you sleep now, I will see kids. She says I can’t believe this. He goes. Ishita and everyone look on, as Abhishek gets Kaali with him. The man smiles and says you did good work inspector, now when we get Kaali, we will leave this girl. Abhishek says no, Kaali and Ruhi will walk together, they will take steps from either sides. The man agrees. Abhishek asks Kaali to tell his men not to act smart, else none will be saved.

The man says give us Kaali, we will leave. Abhishek asks them to send bomb remote with Ruhi. The man gives the remote to Ruhi. Abhishek frees Kaali to go. He asks Ruhi to come. Kaali asks Ruhi to come slowly, else his men can shoot her. Ishita gets angry and holds his collar. She says she is my daughter, if anything happens to her, I will not leave you alive, I m not threatening you, I will not spare you. She asks Ruhi to come. Kaali smiles and starts walking towards his men, while Ruhi tensely walks towards police. Kaali says great, my men got me freed by just a kid, everyone is coward, nothing can happen of this country, we will kill everyone. He holds Ruhi. Ruhi cries. Ishita and Raman panic, and police holds them. Abhishek asks Kaali to leave the girl. Kaali takes the remote and says Abhishek, you are really innocent or acting, if I leave this girl, you will not leave me, I know your plan, so I m taking this girl, don’t try to follow me, else I will kill everyone. Ruhi shouts Ishi Maa. Abhishek signs the forces. Ishitra takes a grass cutter tool and shouts Kaali. She runs towards Kaali. Raman and everyone shockingly look on.

She hits on Kaali’s back. The police shoots at the men, and firing starts. Kaali drops Ruhi and she falls. He holds Ishita by her neck. Raman runs to save Ishita. Kaali pushes Ishita, and she falls. Ruhi runs to Ishita and hugs her. Raman comes to them and hugs them worriedly. The police and terrorists fire out continues. Raman holds Ishita and Ruhi, and they are surrounded by police. The men get killed by the police. Kaali gets the bomb remote and smiles. He gets up and laughs. Raman and Ishita see him, and get shocked seeing the remote.

Kaali laughs. Abhishek too gets shocked. Kaali says you have to pay for this, see this. He activates the bomb. Raman and Ishita panic. Kaali says I have started bomb timer, now none can save your daughter, you all will die. Raman runs to Kaali and kicks him. He beats Kaali. Ruhi cries and shouts Ishi Maa. Ishita cries and shouts Raman, bomb started, Abhishek help. Abhishek holds Raman and says leave him Raman, Ruhi needs you more. He asks the policemen to arrest Kaali again. Kaali is taken away. Ishita shouts Raman and cries.

Vandu tells the student’s mother that she was just thinking of the student’s future. The lady scolds her and says you destroyed his future, my son slipped in coma. Vandu drinks wine and coughs. She cries and says I did not do anything. She falls on the bed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Resh

    Horrible episode&precap……….Guys is this our yhm…..Nope….definitely not……So upset……Plz end this track ekta mam. ….It’s so weird…..Surrogacy track was far far better than this track………This is the most worst track avar in the history of yhm?

  2. Sayujya

    Crap!!!that’s what this serial has turned into .A highly entertaining romcom has turned into a drama filled with violence,horror,stupidity….The upcoming episodes too
    seem to continue the stupidity.

  3. Nooooo this is not my yhm this is cid or savdhaan india….. god please don’t do this what happened to my yeh hai mohabbatein the writers made this serial a blunder ….. and as we all know Ruhi will be
    Saved but what will happen to our ishra… and when will that students suicide case will end don’t know what will happen further

  4. Oh Real S..t story is this the love story of Raman & Isitha we watched at the beginning or are we watching revenge, murder hatred etc. i am sure we are watching a different YHM. Are these sort of things happen in a love story. other time the parents are against the boy & girl & many things happen like the start of the YHM ow Raman didn’t like Ishitha etc. but what is this rubbish .this must be the modern day love story which has strayed away from the original drama.

    How can this Ekta & the writer think & write this dumb things & ruining a great story. there are many story line without violence.If they think they can attention & get high on TRP or some such thing they are sadly mistaken. they will go down it is better if they end it with happyly ever after. Every Fan will be happy without the Separation , & marriage or what ever there is in store. & make their favorite Kanna’s the winners.

  5. Hj

    Episode is horrible. Precap is also bad. Any way waiting for next update. Plzzzzzz don’t separate ishararuadi. We don’t want disgusting pallavi,niddhi, sarika, ashok and suraj anymore

  6. ACP comes to Raman’s house and
    arrests Ishita on the charges of Mr.
    Chadda’s murder. There will be twist
    in the show. Raman have a change of
    heart in the show.

  7. we fans and veiwers never expected such a type of yhm so different and totally unrelated from the genre of the show .its all fault of the makers and ekta .cv’s have lost their such case they should look around the old yhm which was far better what – the present yhm is not even equall to the old yhm’ s 0.0001% also .it is turning so worst now and disgusting.

  8. kajal

    End the track please
    If u cant i have a suggestion
    Just let the bomb blast up anx bring adi there and all adi ruhi ishita and raman die in that bomb blast and with death of lead pairs the show will definitely end and we will not have to bare that ishra seperation and leap drama

  9. Cham

    what? Raman having a change in his heart!!!! I don’t know why I hate this show now.You are right rithushree,this is not our old Yhm and seems like most of them had given up watching this!!,
    Anyway i love image which Raman, Ishitha and Ruhi hugging together,but it seems to be no more according to the upcoming tracks.

  10. Leila

    First of all wat ruhi doing there n ishita didn’t kill amar his wife did it to frame so she could get rohit back

  11. summi

    Good to see Ishita in Jhansi ki rani avtaar. Hope writers don’t separate Ishimaa n Ruhi. After seeing todays episode I think there is no separation hope Ishita will be declared innocent soon n Pallavi to get punished.

    • V P

      Very true Summi agree with you .but it’s not really right as so many issues to b resolved … In the middle of murder case why this terrorist ? Plus vandus case to b resolved .. Ishitha and Ruhi acted so well … And three of them hugged together was an excellent scene .

  12. summi

    I think this track is shown just to give some importance to Vivek as nothing is left for him in this serial. Divyanka must be happy with this track as Vivek is her fiance.

  13. Ude

    Hi guyz! i knw tht these days are not good for any fans even for me 2 bt i say jst try to bare it becuz we cnt do anything. dnt loose hope our old YHM wil sm hw cm back.
    We’ll gv 3 cheers for OLD YHM,
    Hip hip hureee!!!!!
    Hip hip hureee!!!!!
    Hip hip hureee!!!!!

  14. saljaz

    I respect women empowerment coz i am a girl too but ishita going to attack kaali out of all the people in the police force this is crap. Plus y do they like bringing action wen it just turns out as total comedy…. The epi left me laughing throughout…a chaotic shootout occurs while ishra n ruhi sitdown crying n hugging… What the hell?… In a normal scenerio ppl run fr their lives… They cud hv been shot.
    Just dnt try to fit in action if u writers dnt knw the direction.

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