Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking about informer. She goes to take her purse from the car. Bala comes home and tells eveyrone that his loan is approved. Vandu is worried and asks why will anyone give him loan easily. He says bankers are smart and know profiles, they maybe be seeking returns from my business, enjoy this moment. She worries. Ishita tells Prateek that she can’t understand whats happening. Prateek says we should not meet here, if anyone sees us.. she says I came here to take my bag, its good you met me here. Ashok checks for mic reception. He says so bag is left in car. Ishita takes her purse from car.

She holds bag and tells Prateek that Ashok was telling me about informer. Ashok gets angry that she is using a dead woman to know this. She says Ashok left for hotel

and I missed him. He says I m not a weak player. Prateek says its not good to talk here. She says listen, I need to talk about my next step. A boy collides and her bag falls. The lady comes and takes his son, while stepping on the mic. Ishita says check is he got hurt. The mic breaks and Ashok does not hear anything. He says what is she cooking with Prateek, but Ishita thought fooling me acting as Shagun is easy, its not easy to fool me. She says Prateek, I will leave, we will meet Shagun and talk there.

Ishita and Raman sleep. She sees mobile light and moves the blanket to check Raman. Raman says you were sleeping. So I was just…. She says tell me. She checks the book on spirits and ghosts. She says this is to understand me. She asks him not to find these ways to make her fine, else she will feel bad, she will not hurt him, don’t worry. He says I can’t see you in this pain, I want to help you, I love you and wanted to get some solution.

She feels sorry and thinks to end this soon. She hugs him. They talk and smile. Its morning, Ishita goes to her car. An auto driver tells her about a phone he got in his auto, he dropped the passenger here. She says its locked, I will try emergency calling. She calls on her phone and says Sarika. She says she will give it, and says she will give him prize for his honesty. He says no need, that lady was so tensed and forgot the phone, and tells the same hotel where she went after Ashok. She thinks when will this get solved, did Sarika go there to meet Ashok.

Sarika looks for her phone. Ishita gives her phone and says auto driver gave this. Sarika takes her phone and thanks her. Ishita says I m going clinic, shall I drop you. Sarika says no. Ishita leaves. Sarika gets relieved. She takes auto and leaves. Ishita follows Sarika and talks to Shagun telling her about Sarika. Shagun asks did Sarika dislike Raman. Ishita says yes, Sarika did not like Raman’s help, I will find out. Sarika goes to hotel. Ishita tells Shagun that she came to same hotel, it means it was Sarika here yesterday.

Ishita stops Sarika and says your game is over, I know a lot but want to hear truth from you. Sarika asks what truth. Ishita says really, don’t you know, why did you do this, tell me. Sarika says I m sorry and cries. Ishita says you feel everything will be fine saying sorry.

Sarika says you know Romi is not working, Rohit’s expenses are increasing, Raman is managing all home expenses, I don’t like to ask money from you, I don’t want to depend and lied. Ishita asks what do you mean. Sarika says I m seeing Raman is managing home duties, I explained Romi that he should do something, he should contribute towards home, he gets angry, I feel ashamed to ask money and wanted to earn, Romi made me leave first job, so I lied that I m unmarried to work here, Romi knows this, we did not tell you all. Ishita asks were you hiding this. Sarika says yes, what did you think.

Ishita says we are all family, we are there for Rohit, I assure you we will always stand with you even if you don’t want. Sarika thanks her. Ishita asks Sarika did she see anyone from their family or known people here in this hotel. Sarika says I have seen Mihir, I have hidden seeing him, I did not wish him to know I work here, I saw him yesterday night at 9pm. Ishita gets shocked. Sarika asks Ishita not to tell anyone. Ishita asks her not to worry. Sarika thanks her and leaves. Ishita says I m back to same point, its not Sarika and can’t be Mihir, I m doubting on my loved ones.

Ashok calls on Shagun’s number and is shocked hearing Shagun. He says it means she is alive.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. faya

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that the entire Bhalla family goes in the party except Ishita.

    Ishita tell stem that she will reach there in some times after completing her work.

    Raman’s shirt gets spoiled by soup and he comes home back to change dress.

    Ishita is surprised seeing Raman back and asks the reason behind it.

    Raman tells his shirt is spoiled and comes to change it.

    Phone calls spoil Raman and Ishita’s romance

    Raman changes the dress while Ishita tries to open the house but failed to do it.

    On seeing good time, Raman gets romantic with Ishita and tries to get romantic with her but phone calls spoiled their romantic moments.

    Later Ishita convinces Raman to go for party before anyone comes back to home.

  2. faya

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita takes Shagun avatar and goes ion date with Ashok.

    Ishita returns to home and gets a romantic surprise from her husband Raman.

    Raman stops his beloved wife Ishita on stairs and gets romantic with her.

    Raman kisses on her hand which makes Ishita melt down.

    Ishita also turns romantic seeing Raman in romantic mood.

    Ashok to use Ishita against Raman

    Both Raman and Ishita share some cute moments.

    Apart from this Ashok is ready to destroy Raman and Ishita‘s life because he has found Ishita and Shagun’s ghost drama truth.

    Ashok plans to make IShita puppet of his hand and take revenge from Raman.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

  3. Siddhi

    Hi rithu , jhavi , diya diya , darsika , fathi fathi , misty n all now if sarika is not the real culprit then who so confusing

  4. Hii friends….IshRa romantic scene…I think it is going to be our Yhm 2nd anniversary treat…But kabab mein haddi abhishek…Never mind..We r happy with that…

  5. Episode was good….But feeling pity for Vivek..Apni gf ko kisi aur ke sath intimate hone dekhna…its not easy..First Sharad now vivek.Hats off to u divyanka..

    • hi guys llisten one thing just discuss hear about the serial script and acting of actress dont talk about their personal life or issues they are also human they are also having so many feelings like us. they are not doll please please i beg you dont descripe their personal lives especially with womens emotions

      • V P

        Agree with you Parvathy . It hurts us fans so much these type of gossips and so think about them . True they are also human and has emotions ..,. Twelve hours hard work they do a day …… Feel very sorry for all these comments in this . Anyways the episode is unnecessarily dragging ….the list of people will go on like next Mihir then Neelu …. The makers are really stuck …. How to move on . I am a huge fan of Divyanka also Karan . Karan , always very simple

    • Misty

      Agree with u ….we shld respect first a girl….then we can expect this from men… First we ( woman have to respect a woman )…

      • Misty

        Agree with u …..we shld respect first a girl. Then we can expect this from men.. First we ( woman ) have to respect a woman and her emotions.. She is doing her work only to entertain her fans may be she also dsnt lyk this but she is doing this for fans.. So we shld appreciate her as she is doing best..

    • First respect her…And i strongly believe that couples r made in heaven…Its her life her choice…I think u will not like any random ppl select ur partner so dont bash her..After all she’s a human being…

  6. chits

    i think its sarika ….and ashok nd sarika must have planned dis drama of phone so dat ishita follows sarika and den sarika would lie about mihir …

    • Madhavi

      Can be. As i remember when their dad once spoke about dividing his wealth among all his children .. Sarika expressed her concern to Romi saying that y shud Raman be given his share as he already is well to do ….

  7. sandy

    I think mihir is the real culprit…he want to take revenge from raman as he have accused mihir for rinki death

  8. Misty

    Good episode. Hi everyone..!!!

    Sarika is not d culprit.. Ohh ….then who ????
    I will become mad before d drama will be ended… Mihir ?????

    But hold on guys….they will show tmr that mihir is also not culprit then bala then romi then vandu, mihika, then Nilu, Nd actually we can’t say anything may be they can also doubt on Adi Nd Ruhi ….??????????????????

    Nd they will take another 6 months for this drama…?????????

  9. Misty

    Pls now dont show Adi or mihir as a culprit….

    Tmr ishra romance !!! Awaiting for that… Nd thnk god d mic got damaged …but so what ??? That BL***y Ashok will get to know that Shagun is alive tmr….. But actually d fault is theirs I mean Ishu Shagun… They r doing drama so what’s d need of using old number ..she must use new number Nd y did Shagun rcv call from unknown number…????? She shld be careful… Nd shld nt use d old number…

    • Actually this was not ishita’s cup of tea. She can’t b that smart fool ashok. Shagun told her not to get emotional. But she got emotional and followed ashok. And got their plan in jeopardy. I blame ishita for this.

  10. Misty

    Hi guys faya , fathi, sabrin, sidhhi, diya ,diya , Nd where r u guys lyk Jhanvi, Darshika, rithu, nimrit, Nd Natasha , navya, parul, pratyasha ,?????????

    Did I miss anyone ???? So forgive me for that ….so many friends …feeling happy…!!!!!!

  11. muttu

    i really thinks it’s mihir but then why was he concern on raman’s project and things when he found out about pathak??????????

  12. parul

    Hey misti..n everyone…hws u ol… i cnt understand y they r dragging so much..kbhi sarika..kbhi mihir..pta lge kahi romi culprit nikle..anyways hope ye sb jldi khtm ho..n we could enjoy ishra and ruhi ishita scenes..w8ing for dem..

  13. Diya

    Hi frnds rithu, jhanvi, Diya, darshika, siddhi, nimrit, faya , fathi fathi, misty etc…sorry if I missed someone..

    It’s not sarika then who??? I will get mad by the time they show the real culprit.. Tomorrow ashok will come to know shagun is alive…wat she can’t change her mobile no. taking so much risk for these plan..y she took call from unknown number?? Wait a sec she have ashok’s no.saved in her phone ryt?? Tomorrow ishita’s romance waiting for It…When will this track end??

  14. diya

    helloo alll …
    episode was good . but its not sarika also . but i m pretty sure its not mihir . well romi yes he can be . nd btw the if the khabri is mihir how can he know adi ruhi is in the camp that he was not thr . nd plz dnt track this track … now ashok also know the truth./.\.
    thr is once chance sarika nd ashoke togthr maybe trapping ishita …ufff ekta ….bohot huya ..r u ppl gonna drag this track fr 9 months … plz reveal the culprit .
    nyway love this show
    nd waitng for tmrws episode . ..

  15. durvasa

    Guys, theres 1 person you totally forgot about…………..Rinky…………..After all, shes from Bhalla family and they didnt show her dead body

  16. Zara

    From the start i said it was mihir and i know its him and as for shagun how dumb can they be to keep shaguns old number on when she is acting like she is dead now its getting stupid

  17. sharmi

    It;s Raman’s son. He is getting back at Raman and Ishita for killing his mom lolzzzzzzzzzzzz…just kidding…this is just too dragging

  18. Sunita

    Hi all….i have been reading all ur comments from a long time….i generally dont get time to watch episodes on television…do i end up reading the written updates….i dont know wen will be the truth revealved….too much of dragging….u start doibting someone….and the episode ends up with someone else……shagun is not a fool to answer a call from ashok or a unknown number….writers please use ue brains….we viewers are not sleeping….please don’t make YHM like other shows….we love the happy bhalla family….and we want to see them back soon….

  19. Sameera

    I think culprit will be aditya bhalla , he want a to take revenge for his mother loss . During Diwali celebration bhalla family was Der but adii was missing

  20. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    I’m happy about this page’s friends. Parvathi,niharika,vp,misty,sabrin you guys are totally correct.
    Actually those lines can use for sharad.”first divyanka and now that co-star(I don’t know her name) , hats off sharad”
    but noooooooo….. Always blame to women. Men can do anything and women are always blamed……. LOL…. !What a logic……. So cheap, mean and narrow minded…….!!!

    Anyway, episode was good…….. But too much dragging. They will suspect each each member of bhalla family. Then again he/she is not the informer. Ekta,we patient too much and limit is limit. Reveal the truth as soon as possible.
    And I think,it’s romi. Or may be adi.
    And if ashok can recognise shagun’s voice, why can’t shagun ?
    So stupid shagun, she knows the risk of answering unknown numbers……!
    Now ashok knows that this is an act of ishita. He is smarter than that acp. Coz ACP doesn’t do anything. At least he doesn’t check ashok’s phone details. Which kind of policeman is he…..?
    While acp and all are finding about the informer, ashok will have killed raman……! Haha..!!I’m just kidding.
    And Ekta, This’s for your knowledge about you, YOU ARE SO MAD…..!!!!!
    From SL

  21. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    ya….. May be rinki……!?!? Or is this a cheap plan of sarika…..?!?! Anyway I don’t think about this too much. (It’s easy for my studies. )

  22. V P

    Missing Rithushree ….., where are you ….end of the day it’s only a serial …. But this is too much …. Suspecting Mihir is not right …. Ekta Madam at least let us be happy at least one person in this serial is loyal and trustworthy …. Please give us a good message instead of putting all into negative … Don’t make each and all cruel , rude and selfish … I don’t understand why can’t Mihir come to that hotel . ? As for me I know I am a fool to continue watching this serial but at the same time can’t leave it without seeing too … Only becoz I love Divyanka , Karan and the family unity shown , and the Yhm before surrogancy . If the creators can read some fanfictions , may be able to twist it beautifully . Fan fictions are totally very nice to read whoever writing it . Compliments to their imagination and writing skill …. Kindly don’t put Adi ,and elder family members . So too Romi , whatever he is he loves his Ishitha Bhabi …

  23. Meghana

    I think mihir is the culprit and not sarika as she is innocent and not doing any harm . She just wanted to do a job and earn some money for better living for her child and husband . I really love this serial . Thanks ekta for making this serial so interesting

  24. tarun

    i think sarika is de real curpit…all this a plan of ashok nd sarika…as ashok already doubted ishita.nd he was sured when ishita followed him at hotel…so may be all this his plan…nd that stupid shagun ashok ki voice bhi nhi phechn payegi jbki itne time se rhi hi uske pass..waise itna bada plan banaya hi shgun nd ishita ne bt shgun ne apna no. takchnge nhi kiya……

  25. bechari ishitha phuss gayi hai.precap is bad .sorry guys mujhe lagtha hair mein air do thee din issue site par nahi aka sakthi.actually I am out of station in chennai and I am stuck here.anyways hi jhanvi misty VP darshika Natasha nimrit siddhi and all yhm friends.I miss this site very much.

  26. bechari ishitha phuss gayi hai.precap is bad .sorry guys mujhe lagtha hair mein air do thee din issue site par nahi aka sakthi.actually I am out of station in chennai and I am stuck here.anyways hi jhanvi misty VP darshika Natasha nimrit siddhi and all yhm friends.I miss this site very much.present track thoda boring hai.

  27. diya

    i thnk it dis is the high time to stop thinking who is the culprit . cz it can be raman .the makers r unnecessarily dragging the track.
    lets go with flow . cz the culprit will be sm1 jo humne kavi socha v nhi tha . nd let me tell u one thing ppl..stop suspecting god shake he is a kid . nd rinki is dead .
    nd am telling u they will drag this track till the dats it gets good trps . whn trp will fall they will end the track nd show smthng new

  28. bechari ishitha phuss gayi.precap was bad .sorry guys mujhe lagtha hai mein aur do theen din iss site par nahi aa sakthi .kunki mein cheenai mein hoon aur phuss gayi hoon .anyways hi jhanvi darshika diya vp natasha misty siddhi and all yhm friends.i miss this site vey much.sorry guys i could not come.

  29. Diya

    Wat shagun can’t identify ashok’s voice if ashok can?? Cant she change her mobile number when she’s taking so much risk for this plan… Is she really crazy for taking phone from an unknown no.?? Or ashok’s number will be saved in her phone as its the same number… God knows…

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