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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Kanhaiya’s story to Pihu and feeding her. Ruhi smiles and gets tearful eyed. Ishita says now Pihu has to take medicines, till then her health won’t get fine. She makes her eat medicines and drink water. She makes Pihu sleep by continuing the story. Pihu sleeps. Ishita asks Ruhi what is she seeing. Ruhi says I m seeing how you made things fine, you are Pihu’s Ishi Maa. Ishita cries and says Pihu wants her Shagun mumma.

Mihika gets Ashok’s call and says I have to talk to such man because of him. Ashok asks for Romi, he had meeting at hotel. She says Romi left, he maybe on the way, does he know about meeting. Ashok says yes, he has set meeting, where did he go. She says his mood was bad. He asks do you worry for him. she says ofcourse, he is

my hand. He asks her to come here then, they will find him together. She says I will come. She thinks where did Romi go.

Pihu talks in sleep and misses Shagun. Ishita hears her and leaves. Ruhi asks Ishita about Pihu. Ishita says Pihu is not fine, she wants Shagun. Ruhi says Shagun is not in Delhi. Ishita says no, she is in Delhi, Abhishek told me. Ruhi asks why is she not with Pihu, we should call her and ask. Ishita calls Abhishek and asks for Shagun. He says I got her location, I will send you, meet me there. Mihika reaches hotel and tries calling Romi. She says Ashok has habit to create drama, where is he. Ashok smiles seeing her and acts. Mihika asks Ashok are you sure Romi was coming here. He says yes, I checked conference hall, maybe he booked room. Receptionist says yes, Romi Bhalla checked in. Ashok asks Mihika to come, we will check.

Ishita and Ruhi reach place. Ishita says I came here with Raman, how can Shagun be here. She asks Abhishek are you sure of this location. He says yes, why. She says this is Anil’s place, that kidnapped who committed suicide. He asks what is Shagun doing here. She says I know she has reason, I want to know why she lied. Shagun comes there. They see her and ask what is she doing here, Pihu is asking for her. Shagun says I came to meet Anil’s sister to get to know about kidnappers. Ishita asks why did you like about being out of Delhi.

Shagun says yes, I lied so that you bond with Pihu, which would be not possible if I stay at home. Ishita cries and thanks her. Shagun says you also did many sacrifices for me and my children, I did not tell Pihu that you are her real mum, I wanted your bond with Pihu to improve. Ishita hugs her. Abhishek asks for Anil’s sister, police did not get her. Shagun says I did not get her, who is that woman, who wanted to hurt Ishita. He says don’t worry, we will find her. Ruhi asks her to come, Pihu is unwell. They leave. Abhishek thinks am I doing some mistake.

Ashok knocks the door. Mihika says maybe Romi is not here. Ashok knocks again and says Romi is here. Romi opens the door and sees Mihika and Ashok. He gets shocked. Mihika asks what are you doing here. Romi says I was over drunk and took room to rest, thinking I will go home later. Ashok asks are you alone. Romi says yes, what nonsense. Ashok says I don’t believe you. They get inside room and see room vacant. Ashok thinks where did that girl go.

Ishita asks Shagun to meet Pihu. Shagun says I will meet her in morning. Ishita says she is ill and wants to meet you, she is missing you. Shagun says I know what I m doing, don’t push me. She goes. Ruhi asks Ishita what happened to Shagun. Ishita says I will talk to her.

Romi talks to Ashok and asks what is he doing. Ashok says I have to go to washroom. Romi asks why now. Ashok thinks it means that girl is in washroom. Romi tries to stop him. Ashok goes to washroom and checks everywhere. He does not see the girl. Ashok comes and Romi asks him to come, is there anything else to see. Ashok tells Romi that meeting is not happening now, and leaves. Romi tells Mihika that he forgot his wallet and goes back to room. Mihika gets sad.

Shagun says I don’t want to talk to you Ishita. Ishita says I know you are doing this to make Pihu close to me, you don’t punish her this way. Shagun says I m not punishing her, let me do this my way, Pihu will get habitual to you. Ishita says this is wrong, she missed you. Shagun says she is habitual to me, she should get habitual, I m doing this as Pihu should get habitual to you, she is your daughter, not mine. Ishita says Pihu is your daughter, no one can snatch her from you, don’t think this ever. She hugs Shagun. Shagun thinks its easy to trap you in words, I know how to play my cards. She smiles.

Ishita gets a call and tells everyone that Raman is coming back. Mrs. Bhalla says good, we will call beauty parlor and take appointment. Amma says we all will get makeover. Ishita says I don’t need it if Raman is coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hay frndzz… no any drastic changes.. todays epi also bor lyk evry day… fed up vth yhm…. mss ma old yhm vry baadlyy

  2. Monique_D

    Raman………Raman where for art thou Raman….

    Come back soon.

    1. where have u been monique. It has been long u updated ur FF. hope u are gud

  3. Raman is angry on everyone, as he lost the letter by which he can know complete truth. Abhishek tells Raman that someone knowing kidnapper had posted letter to Raman. Shagun is worried knowing this, as her truth will come out. Raman checks all his posts and does not get the confidential letter. Shagun thinks to get letter and destroy it before Raman gets it. Ishita’s kidnapper has written a letter to state the real culprit. The letter gets misplaced. The letter has Shagun’s truth written in it, is regarded very important as Anil is no more and there is none to speak up kidnapper’s name.

    Raman got new reason to worry and seek Ishita’s help. He asks her to find an important letter. Pihu gets the letter and keeps in the drawer. Pihu then adds it in her project file. Mrs. Bhalla calls a parlor lady to give a new look to Ishita. Raman calls Ishita from airport. Ishita was in hurry and left. Shagun mixes something in the hair color. Mrs. Iyer tells Mrs. Bhalla that they will apply the hair color if it will get waste. Mrs. Bhalla applies the hair color and her hair get spoiled and turn colorful. On the other hand, Raman is angry as Romi is found with some girl. Raman knows that there is some reason why Romi is doing this, that girl is not any normal friend, that’s why Romi is lying. Raman and Ishita fear about Romi having an extra marital affair.

  4. Ishita makes Pihu eat food. Pihu is happy and have food. She bites her finger. Ishita gets hurt. Pihu apologizes to her. Ishita says it is okay. It is surprising to see Ishita teaching Pihu how to bite finger rightly. Shagun instigates Pihu and asks her to trouble Ishita. She has filled hatred in Pihu’s heart.

    Pihu thinks she is Shagun’s daughter. Pihu’s plans back fires when she tries to put oil on Ishita and keeps bottle near the door, but it falls on Shagun’s saree ruining it. Shagun makes an excuse and tells about Pihu’s school project in which she has to balance oil bottle. She goes to change her saree. Little Pihu doesn’t know that Shagun is using her to take revenge. Pihu will apologize to Ishita when she comes to know that she is her real mum. Ishita will get love of her both daughters.

  5. Sarayumane

    guys, please read my article on the mother-daughter relationship, it is saath nibhana serial page.

  6. Pihu gets to know about Shagun’s marriage happening with Mani. Pihu gets hurt and feels like losing her mother. Shagun cries as Pihu is against her and Mani’s relation. Shagun sheds crocodile tears to win Mani’s sympathy. Shagun thinks of using Mani to break Raman and Ishita’s relation.

  7. We all want to about Mighir up coming life

  8. pranathi induri


  9. Wot s ths…
    Kab pihu ko sab kuch samach mein aayeagaa… mein chahthi hooo pihu aur ishu ki union ayssea hone chahiyeaa saalo pehale aadhi aur ishu ki hua dha bilkul vayssea..ishu apne jaan ko ghatrea mein daalkar pohu ko bachana chahiyeaa… ruhi aur aadhi situation ki witness hona chahiyeaa… pihu ki samnea shagun ki aslea chehara aana chahiyeaa.. thab ghar mein raman ko wo letter milna chahiyeaa… pehla jaissa raman aakkea ishu hsptl mein admit kardhena chahiyeaa usseaa maafi maangkar sab ek saath hona chahiyeaa… shagun ko tho theeno bacho milkar nikalna chahiyeaa gar sseaa… u knw gys.. always mein imagination meon rahthi hei aaghir kya hoga upcoming epsds mein… me hamesha wo sab imagine karthe rahthe hei… raman ka apology their soooprb hug… reunion with family (ishrarupidi).. sabssea gass shagun ko garssea aur sabka zindhagi se nikalnaa.. chaahe wo negative aur positive ho… lekin dhono southan ek gar mein dhono ma aur ek papa ki saath bacho ka rishtha… kithna bakwaas hogaa…. i cnt evn imagn abt ths scenes… plzz cvs ham sabkka rqst cnsider karkkeaa show ko phir sseaa acha banaadho…..

  10. Hi jaz VP Sindhu shivani aditya rithu mino Monique n all yhm fans…how are you all?

    I’m so bored with yhm these days. No interest in watching episodes… So nothing much to write here. Just hoping for some miracle that can put the serial back on track.

    1. Hi az hru.I’m not watching this show now days..I’m not happy with the leap,and can’t tolerate this blo*dy shaggy,just I’m fed up of this women,arey yaar isku,aur iske x boy friend ashok dusra kaam dahnda nahi hain kya,jab dekho tab ishra ku preshaan karthey dono kam they kya ab ye niddhi bala ku b jhel rahe hain..always evil win’s in this show..ok az gd nyt & sweet dreams

      1. Hey jaz..m fine dear. How u?

        Right u r…no interest left in the show.

  11. Honeypriya

    Hey today’s episode is little boring.???

    Any telugu fans for the???????

    1. Hey hi
      Im telugu fan

  12. Hai rithu sindhu shivani aditya jaz bhagya mariya khusi monique.d aastha aliya disha az aliaa vp and all yhm fans. Today episode was ok to say frankly it war boring….cv’s are just passing the serial without any intersting facts always misunderstandings and affairs. Plz get old rocking yhm with ishra chemistry back.

  13. this shagun i hate this shagun so irritating always show fake goodness

  14. now yhm is boring after yhm i watch bahu hamari rajnikant full of joy serial you also try on life ok

  15. Hi EVERYONE…….
    Rithu VP Mino Sindhu Siddhi Jaz Aditya Az Monique Saritha Khushi and all other YHM fans…hope everyone is fine…
    Where is Mino , VP and siddhi…did they stop watching this show ??…very good …there is nothing interested in this show… i too have lost my interest….

    I cant tolerate this shagun….just expose her and kick her out from ishra life forever…ishita is such an innocent that she couldn’t realize shaguns real intentions…she easily trust everyone…I m glad that raman is back…writers wont bring that old love btw ishita and raman so soon ,but atleast we can see them….

  16. No Romi please don’t be like this!!! Don’t become a bad character

  17. Hi guys, I agree with you all. It is so so so boring. Yesterday for the first time I did not watch. I am also going to start watching a new serial now.

  18. Hi all yhm fans. As I said dt and kp chemistry is lost now , they shud unite them and end the serial. Like ekta did with all her serials before after the leap.

  19. Hai Mariya yesterday you said that i chatted with u before soo.. R U AdItYa KiRaN??

  20. All get bored by yhm.. bcz it so boring.. before i came here only for read ur cmnts… but now this site also lost its charm.. rithu shivani sindhu khushi vp jaz mino sarita disha supergirl and every fans of yhm i mss ur cmnts very badly.. reallee i love to read healthy dscsns about yhm.. btt now?

    1. Dear aastha am really fed up with current track so dnt wish to see thenaerial nw a days. Reading only the updates. See the retelecast today of ystrdays episode i feel lyk in ishu- pihu scene the natural element was missing. It was cute bt nt superb as the ild ruhi- ishu attachment. Feelng kyk somthng changd in divyankas acting., that natural element missing. Dnt knw whether you people too feel the same. All characters r seemed to be over acting.

  21. Aall get bored by yhm

  22. Can anyone tell me what happened to param?

  23. I missed the episode.i don’t like to read also the update because it is becoming too boring. cvs should show their creativity.each episode is like too boring.
    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam parvathi Monique d aparna Natasha priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya mino az jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl and all yhm friends.

  24. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that ACP Abhishek come to Bhalla house and inform them about kidnapper Anil Nagpal committed suicide but he sent a letter to Raman before his death.
    Raman is tensed feeling that he did not get letter yet but her get more tensed knowing letter has delivered to house.
    However, everyone unaware about Pihu got the letter and she kept in inside Raman’s drawer.
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Shagun’s efforts to get the letter.
    Ishita asks everyone to find letter so that they will find out the truth of the real master mind behind her kidnapping.
    Furthermore, Shagun will also try to find the letter to keep her secret closed from Raman and Ishita.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

    1. What nonsense they r showing.. Hw can a person who is in police custody send letter to bhalla hse. They r making thrnhell out of our law nd order system. Culprits cuming out of jail easily in days when unnicent people suffrr. Anyone can enter jail to interrogate the accused nd civillans hav easy access to jail. They can meet the culprits nd make olottings easily
      Police is of no use as always raman nd ishitha will be finding the truth.
      Is abhishek dump that he nvr doubt shagun nd simply announced abt the letttr in bhalla hse.
      Nw shagun will find it nd destroy it

  25. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman ( Karan Patel) and Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi ) life.
    Abhishek comes to Bhalla house and informs Bhalla family that Anil has committed suicide and sent a confidential letter to Raman.
    Raman gets shocked and enlightens that he has not received such letter.
    However Pihu has seen the letter in Raman’s drawer but she is unaware about the incident.
    Raman informs his entire family members to hunt for the letter is it’s very important.
    Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani ) and Ishita both of them start hunting for the letter.
    Let’s wait and watch to see who observes the letter first Ishita or Shagun.

  26. Hey Adu monique rithu super girl salley susan vp mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi jeni khushi shinning shivani saritha HELLO EVERYONE GUYS,nothing to watch now days in this show I watch only in star plus two show’s ( yhm,ishqbaaz)

  27. Gd nyt guys…&… sweet dreams..&. My lovely friend’s Adu monique khushi ke liye b

    1. Hi jaz dear hw ru doing… Nothng is going well in yhm dear.. Lost intrst in show..
      I am rwading only written updates nw. Watchng bahu hamari rajnikany to cut down my stress.. Awesome comedy show
      By the way hw ru doing?

  28. Raman Raman he’s our man! If he can’t do it nobody can! – You scream! I scream! We all scream for ice-cream!

  29. hi everyone voting eposides don’t have any interest now missing old yhm ishra ishru a lot nothing much to say really very disappointed now a days watching old yhm on hot star missing the old charm of yhm

  30. episode awesome Kimberly pls read my comment on 30 July

  31. aliya is manis niece
    n adi is shagun son
    Mani shagun is going to marry
    aliya will call her amma
    adi started to like aliya
    what will be their relationship status
    if aliya n minor will marry them shagun n aliya will be nand bhabhi
    n if adi n aliya will marry then they will be saas bahu
    adi n aliya will be on one side husband wife n on the other side mama bjanji

  32. Very boring episode

  33. Hi Jaz. I started watching ishqbaaz recently. Have not watched from the start so don’t know the plot but I already love Shivaye and Anika. At least it is a great boredom relief from YHM. Hope we get old YHM back soon. If only somebody can kidnap Shagun that would be a great start.


    Even I am Not Watching This SERIAL JAZ
    Now A Days
    It is Boring
    That Mihir Ahliya Aspect is Unbearable.
    Good Night JAZ.

    I know You Are in SLEEP Now

    Hi YHM fans Monique Shivani Mino Megha Rithu VP Shona Shreya SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Sindhu Siddhi And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    The TRACK of YHM is Very Boring Guys.
    I Think Super GIRL is Right EKTA Should END YE HAI MOHABBATEIN Now.
    There is No Story in YHM
    Just Dragging The SERIAL.
    That’s it.

    Please GUYS Take Care of Your HEALTH
    Make Sure You Are 100% Fit
    Take Care

    1. hi maria but I don’t want yhm to end coz I love it addicted to this serial I am watching this serial coz I love yhm cast don’t want it to end but makers should show something good

      1. Right siddhi….m also addicted to this show….so dont want yhm to end…

  35. Episode was kkk but plzz yhm crew make it some crispy as we saw it before as we just love that bond of ishita n ruhi n mainly raman n ishita crispy fight…. Over alll it is gud byeee pishra(pihu, ruhi,raman,ishita )

  36. Shagun is a snake n I think niddhi will sell her out n she will tell Ruhi

  37. Monique_D

    Morning all
    Adu Jaz Shivani Mino Megha Rithu VP Shona Shreya SARITHA Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Sindhu Siddhi And ALL The Members of The GROUP.

    Yes I’m giving myself a YHM break so I just read the updates.
    I don’t even have inspiration to write my Fan Fiction (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire) anymore.

    Jaz and Adu how are you guys been?

  38. Athira Ramesh

    Bored og yhm. Nothing good os happening.. when will shagun’s drama end?

  39. In this show problems start and it will never end… Or it would end later.. Will shagun and Mani marry? We don’t want that to happen!!!

  40. pallavi mishra

    I think aliya started to like mihir instead of adi

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