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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Ishita. He says I remember I asked you not to ask anything where I m going and why, you just trusted me, I want to say truth. She says no need, I know everything, Tisha was Niddhi, she stayed between us, she did all this, that night she went to Mani’s house. She tells everything. He says Shagun lost her baby. Ishita gets shocked. He says I reached there late, Shagun called me when I was at police station, she got some infection, doctors said she should get admitted, I was with her at hospital, I promised I won’t tell anything to you and Mani, this baby was imp for Shagun, she thought if she told this to Mani, her relation will end, sorry to hide this. She says I know the baby was imp to her. He asks did Niddhi confess crime. She says yes, case is on

fastrack. He says I won’t leave her. She says Mani will know this some day. He says Mani does not know, let Shagun tell him.

Shagun asks Aaliya is everything fine between Ruhi and Adi, I heard about it. Mani says don’t worry, its normal fight, I m sure Ishu and Raman will manage. She asks how could Adi slap Ruhi. Aaliya says no, media hyped it. Mani says exactly. Shagun says its perfect till you believe him, Mani its high time, we should talk to Raman and Ishita about Aaliya and Adi’s marriage. He says yes, but is this right time. She says yes, even Ruhi and Adi’s issues will get sort out, does Aaliya has any problem. Aaliya says no and smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita did you tell Raman about Ruhi and Adi. Ishita says not yet. Ruhi sees Raman and recalls Ishita’s words. Adi greets Raman and asks Mrs. Bhalla for food. He says our profits will double by this project. He talks to Romi about work. Raman asks how was launch event, you both worked for first time. Adi says it was very good, it was a great success. Ruhi says yes. Raman smiles and slaps Adi. He gets angry. He asks what do you two think, I m foolish, I won’t know it, its all over the papers, Ruhi you had wine and went in launch party, do you care for reputation, its not a joke, did you think about company name, you know what I made this business by hardwork, you have to work hard else be out of home and company, you both will sort out problems right away.

Adi and Ruhi go. Ruhi says how could he shout on me. Adi says he slapped me too, we should sort everything, I m sorry, can’t we make a new start by forgetting everything. She says I m sorry, I can’t forget everything soon, you are so jealous that you went to decide my alliance. He says it was a mistake. She says saying is easy, I decided to prove to Papa that I m better than you, I have more business sense and I can go ahead of any guy, marriage is not my life’s goal, I have to make career, you go and marry. She argues. She says I will prove I can run our company alone, we won’t need you, Papa will feel proud of me, remember. He stops her and asks do you think I will let you do this. She asks are you threatening me. He says I m challenging you, time will show who is better than whom.

Shagun, Aaliya and Mani come to meet Bhallas. Mani meets Raman. Raman thanks him for supporting family. Mrs. Bhalla sees Aaliya smiling and asks did they come to talk about marriage. Mani says you guessed right. Ishita asks can I talk to Shagun once, I bought a new saree for Aaliya, it will be good if Shagun sees it. Mani asks what’s urgency. Raman says you know ladies, we can’t help, let them go. Ishita takes Shagun to room. She hugs Shagun. She says I m very sorry, I can’t even imagine which phase you are going through, Niddhi’s enmity was with us, you got punished, Raman told me everything. Shagun cries and hugs her.

Ishita says you should tell this to Mani. Shagun says I can’t say, Mani came close to me because of this baby, what will I tell Mani. Ishita says he will know it. Shagun says I can’t lose Mani, I got everything I wanted, I don’t have courage to live alone, if he leaves me… Ishita says he will never leave you, he is a good person, he will understand you, your well being is imp for him, he will be glad that you are fine. Shagun asks Ishita to tell him. Ishita says sorry but I can’t tell him, its not just my opinion, even Raman thinks so, you have to tell Mani.

Shagun says fine, I need some time. Ishita says take your time, tell him, we will manage if everything happens. Mani says if your talks are over, we should do work, I think Adi and Aaliya should get married. Raman asks did you not read newspapers. Mani says I read everything, you know women are imp, Ishu brought a big change in your life, Shagun is bringing a pleasant change in my life, I m going to become father in this age. Raman sees Shagun. Mrs. And Mr. Bhalla agree with Mani. Mihika says Aaliya and Adi are eager to marry. Raman says I want to hear yes from Adi. He calls Adi. He asks Ishita to ask Adi.

Ishita asks Adi to tell his opinion on marriage, girl’s family has come. Adi says no, I can’t do this marriage at this time. They get shocked. Shagun asks what’s wrong with you. Ishita asks is there anything. Mani says you got engaged, is there anyone else. Adi says no, I love Aaliya a lot, I m not ready for marriage now, everyone feels I m unable to manage my life well, my Papa taunts me, Papa feels I can’t do anything well, my younger sister started raising finger on me, she insulted me publicly, she thinks she is better than me. Ruhi hears him and asks him not to blame him, you are really useless, its not my problem, its your problem. Ishita asks will you talk to Adi this way. Adi says she thinks she is very sensible, I have no respect in this house, till I get my respect, I can’t think about marriage.

Mani stops Adi and says you are asking time today and will refuse to marry, did you think of Aaliya, you decided this by fighting with Ruhi, will you do this marriage to me or not, you are answerable to me, if this is your decision, I can’t wait for your yes. He asks Shagun to stop. He promises to find a nice guy for Aaliya and get her married in next 24 hours. They get shocked.

Ishita tears Adi and Ruhi’s pic. Ishita says one of you will get room, you have to join this pic such that the cracks are not visible. Adi asks how is this possible.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A good father does not sideline his children. This is what I don’t like from Raman. He’s treating adi and ruhi differently. Adi and ruhi did equal mistake, then why slap is only for adi? And only scolding ruhi. Poor adi. Ruhi thinks she has more business sense. She should get solid treatment for talking to her elder brother & creating a ruckus in the function by drinking.Ishita is very good in her role, scolding both without sidelining them . Agree both of them did mistake, and fight also came between the two because of Raman’s partiality. If Raman was a good father he would not insult an elderly son and praise young daughter in frontof everyone. I hope Ishita and Raman’s difference don’t increase. How can raman take care of ex – wife? Mani is there. I feel bad for adi and aaliya as he is not ready for marriage. I don’t like mani’s statement he gave to adi. How can he threaten him? Ishita is really a good mother. How she’s resolving her children’s fight is the main part. I love dt and kp a lot. But Raman’s role is spoilt. Hate ruhi… not even an adult… threatening her elder brother like hell and proud of herself. Dont know why did cvs want to destroy ruhi’s character. Where is ruhanika? Haven’t seen her since long.

    Nothing else to comment. Cvs really damaged the storyline. No meaning in the title yhm. We can’t expect happy clips at this time.

  2. guys, this ruhi’s character is filled with arrogance and attitude. I hope Adi takes this challenge seriously and do better than this arrogant creep. He does not have to prove anyone but needs to do this to gain his own self respect. I hope Aaliya and Mani stand by him in this hour.

  3. how on earth can ruhi work in business company when she did not finish her schooling

  4. I hate rushing a lot. How dare she can hurt her brother. Aditi will definitely reach success in this challenge

  5. I am extremely sorry for the before comment my keyboard is doing this. The rushing is rushing and aditi is adi

  6. farther will slap sometime when a son did a wrong thing.But for a daughter farther will blame over a misbehaviour and rarely slap if it is big thing.So as a farther raman did can be accepted.But compared with adi and ruhi,adi is a grown up and he should not be jealous on his sister.

    1. But the jealousy between adi and ruhi came because of Raman

    2. Iam a silent reader but windy adi is not jealous of ruhi he got a little jealous at first but later he supported her ruhi has become arrogant and proud of herself she is getting possessive from adi she wants to become the head after raman so it’s her who should be slapped tightly. Cvs should teach ruhi a lesson

  7. what is happening if Adi Aliya get married ishra will become mom and father in law,disgusting and Adi is only 21

  8. plz give me a reply I am new in it,what r u think about Adi Aliyas marriage?if it happens ishra romance will be ruined

  9. Ruhi did great mistake I think Ruhi is punishable not Aadi . Shagun is bad in taking decisions n Mani should understand mental state Aadi n should not force him for marriage. If Aadi n Aaliya get married now in this situation they cant enjoy their married life. Hope Raman will understand soon that Aadi is better than Ruhi. Ruhi should get a lesson for misbehaving Aadi.

  10. Ruhi is a spoilt, arrogant brat who deserves to be slapped left and right. This is all because of Raman. When they were young Raman always spoilt Adi and now he’s spoiling Ruhi. And it was unfair of Raman to slap adi and he barely scolded Ruhi… and still ahe felt that he had hurt her. Spoilt girl! Never imagined a year ago that a sweet little 7 year old like Ruhi could turn into someone so arrogant and horrible..

  11. plz ekta don’t spoil the raman’s character anymore.Kill him if u so hate the character but don’t plz spoil his character.It hurtes.I am a big fan of KP and can’t bear other’s blaming raman always for everything what he doing.cvs spoiled yhm.miss old Yhm.

  12. Khushiarvind

    Hi vp, rithu,shivani, bhagya, shivani, sindhu, magic nd all my dear frnds
    Disgusting… Ruhi is turning to shagun season2…adi is far more sensible than her.. He wants to patch up with her nd she is doing wrong in her arrogance nd false pride.. She is saying she is educated bt its never shown that ruhi going to any college or school.. She had become a spoiled brat… Ishitha’s sanskar is nowhere scene..
    Cvs shld hang themselves for bringing up such disgusting story line.. If they cant bring any new plots juz shut down the show.. Juz to bring negativity they are ruining the characters..

  13. Khushiarvind

    I thnk cvs are planning to make mani negative.. There will ne a huge drama when mani comes to knw abt shagun’s miscarriage.. Cvs had left enough circumstances for mani to doubt shagun-ramans relation.. Hell where in the world we can find ex-husband supporting ex-wife while husband is having no clue abt such important matters.. Mani is going to be the nxt ultimate villian of the show..
    Here in this show a lion’s portion of the issues happens because if their nature if hiding things frm family.. What lesson they r giving the new generation? That husband nd wife shld conceal everything frm each ither. Showing sll unrealistic things.. How can raman be more imp to shagun than mani. Unbelievable.

  14. Khushiarvind

    I believe that this show started as the lobe story bet a stepmother nd daughter.. Now i cant find any love in the show.. Always fights nd misunderstandings.. They never talk their heart out to each other.. Cvs leave no chance to create misunderstandings md negativity. All characters are ruined .. Even ishitha’s . Raman’s character is ruined nd ruhi is beyond words..
    What raman is doing? Noone is perfect in this world.. He is proving adi incompetant before evryone adding on to ruhi’s arrogance. He always does mistake nd create havoc in ishithas life.. Poor ishitha need to struggle nd struggle for sorting out his mistakes..

  15. Sorry guys I m 2 a silent reader but according 2 me Ruhi is also not wrong.In some previous episode she has proved that she is better then Adi as far as in business. We know
    that if she had not handelded the tender situation then it would be a great loss for Ramans company.
    and yes Adi is jealous if Ruhi and that 2 very Jealous
    Sorry if I hurt any one of you. But I support ruhi

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