Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi coming there. She says I will see how Ishita saves her children. She asks Ishita to come and take her baby, and then take Ruhi. Abhishek looks on and says Ishita should take babies and secure them, so that I can make a move. Ishita cries and says you know the baby needs care, don’t take revenge with a girl, you are a woman, don’t you have a heart. Niddhi asks her to take baby and not make her helpless to fall low, give me Ruhi and take your baby.

Ishita waits for Abhishek. Abhishek wishes she goes ahead. Raman says Niddhi will be with Ishita, if I go there by hill route, I will reach there soon. Niddhi reminds Ishita the deal, did you change your decision, I don’t care for the baby, and is about to throw baby. Ishita leaves Ruhi and runs to stop Niddhi.

Niddhi asks her to send Ruhi here, else she will drop the baby. Ishita asks don’t you know woman’s pain. Niddhi says you are asking me, don’t forget the deal, what are you seeing around, did you call Raman or anyone, I don’t have pity, I will make the baby fall, give me Ruhi. Ruhi asks Ishita not to take her. Ishita holds Ruhi and takes her. Ruhi cries and says please don’t take me. Raman runs to reach them. Niddhi takes Ruhi and asks shall I drop baby, stay away. Ishita says you promised me you will give me baby. She slips and baby falls in Ishita’s hands. Ishita sees the baby and hugs baby. Abhishek calls the commandos. Niddhi makes Ruhi sit in the car. She pushes Ishita.

Ruhi calls out Ishi Maa. Niddhi asks her to sit quiet. Ishita kisses her baby. Ruhi looks at her. Abhishek and commandos stop Niddhi’s car. Raman reaches there and gets shocked. He recalls Ishita’s words. Abhishek asks Niddhi to leave Ruhi, else he will shoot. Niddhi gets angry and drives ahead. Ishita shouts Ruhi. Abhishek asks how is the baby. She says my Ruhi, we have to follow that car. Raman runs back. Ruhi says I want to go to Ishita. Ishita says this way goes towards the cliff, there is no u turn, I m scared, drive fast. Niddhi drives in high speed. She then notices the route. Niddhi and Ruhi get shocked seeing the end of the cliff. Their car drops and bursts. Abhishek and Ishita get shocked seeing the car burning. She shouts Ruhi and cries.

Later, Ishita gets the baby checked at hospital. Manoj says thank God baby is fine. Amma asks Ishita what happened. Mr. Bhalla asks Abhishek where is Ruhi. Raman comes and cries. He says I will say, Ishita has sacrificed her, Niddhi’s car fell off the cliff. They all get shocked. Raman says what did Ruhi do, why did you take Ruhi’s life. I told Ishita not to call Abhishek, why did Abhishek come, you both killed my daughter. Ishita says Abhishek was just helping. Raman says fine, find my daughter, get her back. Abhishek says listen to me. Raman scolds him and Ishita. He says I told you not to inform Abhishek, you are stain on mother’s name, you proved stepmom is always a stepmom, I did not think I will say this, you showed your truth, you chose your baby over Ruhi, you will live with this burden all your life. Everyone cry.

Raman calls her selfish and says world is right to curse her, Bala’s mum was right, Ishita is unlucky, I was mad to marry her. Ruhi got us close, but my fate is bad, Ruhi was alive when you did not come in my life, we just saved problems because of you, what do you want to prove, you won’t become mother if any little girl calls you mother, you are really a baanch, this is truth, don’t be shocked, you don’t deserve to become a mother, Lord gave you one chance, you proved there is none more selfish than you, I m helpless, else I would have not left you, from today, there is no place for you in my life. He asks Amma to take her daughter away from me. He goes.

Ishita goes to that cliff area and recalls Raman’s words. Suraj and Ashok pass by that way. They see Ishita and stop the car. Suraj says Ishita was dead, how did she come. Ashok says I had doubt, what is she doing, we have to check. Ishita goes near the cliff end and cries. She says Ruhi died because of me, I m sorry Ruhi, I have no right to live. Ashok says is she going to do suicide. They get shocked seeing Ishita jump down the cliff, in the river. Suraj says she did suicide. Ashok says this story ended, she is dead, no one can be saved from jumping off this height. He gets glad. At Bhalla house, Abhishek breaks the news to Raman and Bhalla and Iyer families. They all get shocked. Raman goes to his room and cries.

After 7 years, Delhi is shown. Mrs. Bhalla is seen working out and shouts for Neelu. She asks Neelu to get juice. Neelu gets many different types of juice drinks. Mrs. Bhalla drinks juice and asks did I lose weight. Neelu says you should have run 30 minutes. Mrs. Bhalla says I have run for 5 minutes and 30minutes will be done in 6 days. Neelu asks her to take care of her health. Mrs. Bhalla argues. Neelu says just Ishita can win in talk with you. Mrs. Bhalla asks her not to take Ishita’s name in this house now, my Ishita, daughter, bahu, friend, don’t know where did she do.

Scene shifts to Australia. Ishita is seen treating a kid’s dental problem by telling about Lord Krishna. A girl comes and says Amma…. Ishita asks Aaliya not to do this. Aaliya says Amma, you and your Panchtantra, you are saying Lord Krishna’s story to a little kid, you forgot you are in Australia, not India, you should say harry potter’s story here. Ishita says story can be anything, but lesson should be right, I don’t know any other story than Panchtantra. The lady compliments Aaliya on her mother. Aaliya says the lady is saying you are the world’s best mother. Ishita recalls Raman’s words. Aaliya says yes, that’s true, my Amma is world’s best mum. Ishita cries and says I m world’s worst mother. Aaliya sees her and asks what happened. Ishita smiles. Aaliya says you have to take Appa to hospital. Ishita says I know, I left him there. Aaliya says just you can take care of Appa, you were worried about this kid, the lady said right, my Amma is world’s best mum. Ishita cries and says saying this won’t make me best mother, I m not a good mother, if I was a good mother, I would be not so far, I have a daughter, I have kept her away from me, she got away from mother’s love, I could not do anything for her, I m world’s worst mother. She cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays……….

A girl Pihu (Ruhi’s younger sister) comes and Mrs. Bhalla asks where was she. She thinks she recalls Ruhi seeing her always.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Siddhi

    Everything is finish everything is finish sorry to say but I am with Raman ishita proved that blood relation is more important then heart realation I just hate this ishita ekta not only ruined ramans character but also just badly badly ruined ishus character how can ishu just do this serial lose its mean completely ishu to kahti thi WO ruhi k bagar mar jaye gi but us ko to itna dukh niii hoya

  2. diya

    who is this aliya and her appa ??? i am damn sure ishita is nt married!!!! thn? iguess new entry in the serial,.. nyway hate raman now …. nd again pihu ..can’t they gt a btr name …

  3. Cham

    Who is Aaliya?Appa???who are those people? Shocking!!!! Someone please tell me…
    Anyway I’m going to stop watching this

  4. maine aaj jaanboojkar yhm ke aadhe episode nahi dekha . aaj hi leap aa gaya . ruhi ab pihoo hai aur yeh aliya koun hai . patha nahi ishitha ne kis se shaadhi ki .worst episode and precap .

  5. Siddhi

    My heart just break I am crying right now when car fall n burn mere ankhooo k samne ruhi ka chehra aya I just start crying n ishu …………. Yrr I am sooooooo shocked how she pulls ruhi n she choose her own child I just have noo words to describe my feeling ruhi yr ekta n CVS what u have turned the serial I was in place of ruhi na I just hate hate u a lot

  6. Abhay

    Leap track …. okay story..
    Can’t see love birds away from each other so far ? and Pihu…
    I felt like ?my loved one’s name

  7. how can ishitha do like that to ruhi .after getting her baby she can run and save ruhi .but she did not do it . horrible .I feel like crying after seeing the half of the episode.

  8. Eera

    Finally they are relived now after taking. Leap. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, hope they don’t drag this much like other serials.. .. …. ….

  9. loveleen

    ohhh no wat happened to this show…everyone is separated…raman his both daughters..ishita adi all….i think ekta maam cant bear love affection n unity in her shows…..poor ekta maam…

  10. Star Plus daily popular show Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein will head for
    generation leap very soon.
    It is already disclosed that Aditi
    Bhatia will be essaying the
    character of grown up Ruhi.
    If rumours are to be believed
    Abhishek Verma of ‘Total
    Nadaniyaan’, and ‘Badi Door Se Aa
    ye Hain’ fame will be playing the
    role of grown-up Aditya.
    Although Ruhi will be seen hating
    Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) post the
    Aditya, on the other hand will play
    the cupid and will get his
    estranged family together once
    It would be interesting to see the
    way relationship will change post
    the generation leap.
    Will Aditya be able to get his lost
    family together or not?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  11. Natasha

    This storyline is turning out to be the same thing like how it was in Bade Acche Lagthe Hain.

  12. The history is all set to be repeated in
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. As the
    beginning of the plot, Raman hated
    Ruhi now once again Raman will hate
    his surrogate baby. Ishita will return to
    give the love to the baby she deserves
    and the makers will try to recreate the
    bond of Ishita and Ruhi which will be a
    very difficult task. Ruhanika will be
    playing the surrogate baby.
    The emotional breakdown of Ishita will
    the highlight of the upcoming track.
    She has been living with pain and
    sadness in her heart for so many
    years, and will have an emotional
    An emotional and a heartbreaking
    saga awaits the viewers!

  13. Rosh

    Too much happened in the show in so little time! Crying for Ruhi. Don’t know if I can continue to watch this show without Ruhi in it! Love you Ruhi!

  14. Shagun will take place of Ishita after
    Raman and Ishita get separated. She
    might not marry Manoj and sacrifice
    her love to take care of Ishita’s family.
    With Sarika’s evil presence in the
    house, Shagun step in to hold back the
    broken family together. Shagun would
    be deeply hurt with Raman and Ishita
    separation. As popular in Ekta’s show,
    Adi will grow up to be an angry young
    man and be very obedient to his
    mother, Shagun.

  15. Vins

    While watching the show somewhere in the corner of my heart I feel like they r trying to fool us… but no… Instead they showed a lot in a single episode… They killed ruhi… that stupid raman’s blablabla which is intolerable… killed ishita…. seven years leap… ruhi’s younger sister pihu…. ishita make over….. omg… They disappointed viewers a lot and lot…. Once it was a unique serial… but not any more…. like other shows it separated a whole family… killed all the love…. even we can expect the upcoming track…. little pihu will reunite ishra… so I feel like history repeats with same storyline… this is like yhm season 2…

  16. Darshi

    Omg guys…. finally it happened. .. I was totally completely madly shocked. … I don’t know what to say. .. I’m blank ??

  17. Vins

    This aliya and appa I think they saved ishita while she was drowning… I’m happy that they killed ishita… that stupid raman will know at least that his anger killed ishita… They showed like ishita killed ruhi and raman killed ishita… wow… seriously this episode hurts a lot…. disappointed me…

  18. Laxmi

    Great Ekta.. We thought YHM will be different with ruhi ishu relationship… But like other serials all crappie strtd… Ruhi will be against ishu… Ishu Raman vengeance…. All nonsense…

  19. Randunu

    What have you done?You dumb Ekta Ji…Very well,very well you have hit worst spot ever your fans can expect.Why did you do this?Hadn’t you got any other idea to end this serial in a good mood.2 years can be accepted,but 7 years!And Ishita living with other man!What a crap serial is this!We loved the serial by heart,but you have ruined it.If Raman went to Australia with Raman,it is acceptable.But tell me when they will join their hands again?Lost our old genuine beautiful YHM.Is this what Ekta’s love meant to be!Now we’re back to the begining again.Hate this new twist.

  20. At last leap is shown finally ekta you have done atlast but at least u kept a girl with ishitha. But the family of bhalla doesn’t hate. Some what nice for today.

  21. Ayesha

    As I said yesterday. Ruhi will be assumed death but she and Niddhi will be in some far off place and Ruhi will hate her ishi maa. Ishra will be separated. And yeah addi might hate Raman too. Let’s see

  22. Darshi

    Why is ekta plotting the same story ? Like sathiya….n kazuti zindagee ki and which sleemi irani was acting ????

  23. Rashi

    Aaj ishita ne dioha diya ki vo apne khoon ke liye ruhi ko kisi ko bhi de skti h meri mummy keh rhi thi ki ishita apni uss beti ke liye jise usne pala tk nhi jise vo sahi SE jaanti bhi nhi uske liye apni pyaari Pali posi beti ko de skti mummy keh rhi thi ki Raman sahi keh rha vo maa ke naam par dhabba h how could she do this when I saw that the car blasted tears came to my eyes I
    Can’t imagine ishita can really do that she can give her daughter ruhi to anyone how was she pulling ruhi …..ruhi who has only brought Raman and ishita close I HATE YOU YOU HAVE ONLY TAKEN THE LIFE OF OUR SMALL CUTE RUHI BABY

  24. Suma

    I don’t understand why these took online poll asking for giving opinion regarding leap when they actually don’t follow what audience wanted..anyway ektha would be glad that she broke lovely relation grown for years together, mom n child’s, wife n husband’s..sweet relationship between family members..I hate yhm I hate yhm, I hate yhm, I hate yhm I hate yhm i hate yhm I hate yhm I hate yhm I hate yhm I hate yhm I hate yhm

  25. meghana

    i didnt watch epi but while reading i was jst crying.i was thinking that newly born baby with ishu but nw ishu is helpless and she is just staying away without ruhi adi raman even her own baby…i really pity for raman i loved ur character a lot bt nw frightened to see hw rude will u nd ur character after loosing ishu u didnt even think of ur premature child nd hw can u jump into river.nd ektha hw can u become so unminded wat is the use of surrocacy track.many of them insulted ishu as baanch nd nw even though she has her own baby she became banch atleast ishu would have raisen her own baby naa she mised her ruhi nd the chance she got was also lost.chi i hate u ektha show may b successful r nt bt i hate u for making ishu really a banch i hate u i hate u chi.u hurted fans a lot nd i think show will b seen as from starting raman with ruhis younger sister nd ishu takes place of shagun nd ruhi hates raman nd ishu after some days ishu meets raman pihu starts uniting her parents nd meanwhile ruhi again comes nd starts hating her lablablabbbbbbb.hate u ektha

  26. Cham

    too much showed in short period of time….my heaven I feel like numb..This episode………..I have no words!!!!!!How did they do such???I’m shocked!!!!!!!!!!!1
    The Love is over…Confused confused confused sooo much with this Aaliya..and her APPA! No No No she can’t marry any because I think know one knows about Where is Ishitha…
    Oh My God Today’s episode made me cry a lot and still i’m…I can’t even imagin

  27. Aish Joshi

    I guess ki Ishita ki koi galti nahi hai aur Raman ko usse itna sunnana nahi chaheyetha…
    Aur ab yeh Alia aur uske Appa kaun hai…
    Plzz bring Ishita back varna yeh show toh sunasuna ho jayega….
    Ab bas YHM ke makers Raman aur Ishita ko saath kardon please….

  28. meghana

    any1 plz tel me is pihu character played by ruhanika..plzzz tel me i cant wait to watch this till 11pm

    • Suni

      Yes Pihu is played by Ruhanika Dhawan…
      At least our Ruhanika will be there so it wn’t be all bad i hope

  29. Hi everyone!!! And ye hai mohabbatein is getting worse now.a.days!!! ???And a 7 year leap!!! ??? and everyone, here is the spoiler of yhm…..

    Nidhi Chabbra will be seen eloping with Ruhi to Dubai and settling down there with her. The cast will be seen going to Dubai to get her back.
    The cast and crew will soon travel to Dubai to shoot in the city’s tourist locations. And the cast is all set for a new look post the leap which will only get finalised after Ekta Kapoor seeks advice from a priest, read a statement.
    The cast and crew will soon travel to Dubai to shoot in the city’s tourist locations. And the cast is all set for a new look post the leap which will only get finalised after Ekta Kapoor seeks advice from a priest, read a statement.

    Post this, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will introduce the (much awaited) leap which will showcase Raman and Ishita’s separation followed by a GROWN-UP RUHI BEING SHARP AND BAD LIKE NIDHI. ???????ALL RUHI WOULD WANT IS TO RUIN ISHITA’S LIFE FOR SPOILING HER FUTURE BY HANDING OVER HER CUSTODY TO NIDHIN (few years ago )…… ???????

  30. lol

    How ridiculous is this serial getting…?? How can ishita and Raman’s daughter look like that..same as ruhi..ruhi was introduced saying that she look exactly like shagun..nw ishita’s daughter is also like that .stupidity overloaded.. Cheap concept..idiotic serial

    • Anakha

      You are exactly right.. I too was thinking about is not acceptable…while making such ‘twists’ they want to think that atleast we have common sense

  31. diya

    guys am finding this story post leap very interstng ///raman still loves ishita nd ishit astill loves raman ………nd ishita is nt married to any one cz she is still legally married to raman seems she is still stuck in her past ………. i guess that girl calls her amma cz she took care of her like a mother … many ppl are happy after leap ..i saw in fb ..evn am nt that sad ..waitng fr the reunion ..honestly story seems interesting .but u know what i hate rkb now!!

  32. ishitha ko pehle adi ki pikhr nahi thi sirf ruhi ki thi .jab uski bacchi aayi toh ruhi ko bhi bhool gayi . uski bacchi milne ke baad bhi ishitha ne ruhi ko bachaane ki koshish bhi nahi ki . pagal aurath . usse maa pehle ruhi ne ki phir adi ne aur phir uska baccha. ekta ne toh ishitha ki character ko poori tarah barbaad kar diya.

    • V P

      Rithu … she tried her bedt level to take care of Ruhi …. Its not that she got her baby in hand she changed … situation was like that . Nidhi was not sparing … why fid she call police ? absolutely no fault of her … but Raman is just crazy .. cant take a wise decision … he is responsible for all wrong doings . Ishitha never wanted that surrogate baby …now this surrogate child too not getting mothers love like Ruhi .very sad episode … Ishithas part … Raman was very rude with the words …Any thing can be forgiven in life but cant forget . back again Raman will be in that old form only .. its really bad they seperated Ishra but I feel they will show flash back ….

  33. diya

    ishita’s look is great ..evn rkb’s too .evn neelu gt a btr ruhi ..she will gt a bad look!

  34. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    and all

  35. Hi hate you ekta hate u from bottom of heart u just get lost to hell
    Finally you are happy na after separating our ishra and I will not hate the actors bcoz they are my most favorite couple and I can’t see them like this
    And I noticed one thing after hearing about ishu death raman has cried it showed that he didn’t expected ishitha to sucide and he cried for her and somewhere he regretted what he said and he expected her to return and after leap also he has love for her but he will not show to ishitha or others….. I think he will be shocked to see ishitha after leap and from today’s episode raman is right from his side but he should not have called her baanj bcoz of him only ishitha attempted to sucide any wife can’t tolerate when her own husband call her as baanj……. I am feeling very bad for both them….. I have cried only while reading written update but who ever have watched today’s episode I don’t know what’s their condition is….. From today I am gonna stop watching this serial till raman ishitha unite and bring their daughter ruhi to right track…… If any one accept with me please reply me

  36. Natasha

    i didnt watch todays epi. but reading update when i read about leap i became stunned. i mean how…ishu state i cant describe. i feel that she did wrong by not noticing to ruhi after getting her baby but again after getting sense abt ruhi she had gone mad. i thought how she can do this?

    then after leap in australia ishu suarrogate baby isnt with her. then whats she doing there? i could have give a thought if pihu was with her. but shes also not with her.

    by the way i came here after many days. rithu diya fathi and all how r u?

  37. Rekha

    Always Raman takes nasty decision and blames ishita for it. If ruhi is so dear then he must not have asked ishita to go meet nidhi. Ishita also must not have agreed to Raman.

  38. shivani

    I dont think ishu is married ….just confusing the viewers….
    why ekta is full of negative thoughts….look at both the families…raman married twice..
    both marriage became incomplete…romi is also married ,but ekta made sarika an evil and made his marriage a flop….simi is a divorce with one child( param was a fraud) …mihika is also a divorce….mihir was married but ekta killed rinki…. why she is spreading wrong wrong concepts about marriage ??

    • whatever

      What is your point? Of course there are several things wrong with “marriage”. It is just a brainwash you got used to. That doesn’t mean it is good all around. But I see the point of having so many marriages fail in one serial but that doesn’t mean your point is valid that marriages are all good.

      • shivani

        Just watch ekta’s other shows…then u’ll understand wat i mean…she doesn’t respect any relations…she is making fun of relationships…wen i was a regular viewer of her show MATSH on colors , so many fans criticised her views about relationships…

      • rajat

        She makes fun of other things also like court cases…. She rubs them with her hands n deaths God know that lead cast died how many times n got over it…. Everything is like a toy for her


    • rajat

      Sry shruti… It’s not fooling after all… Whatever is being shown is original… But I liked your hope… But don’t expect that from an ekta serial… Becoz without leap ekta’s serial is incomplete… As you can have the earlier serial’s examples… She can drag a serial with the help of leaps for 10 yrs…

  40. Siddhi

    I am regretting why I watched today’s episode ishita looks sooo cheap so cheap when she come to hospital it seems so ajib yr my head is paining right now

    • Okaik

      Yar indian serials men tou dead ko bhi alive kar detay hain. Tou phir dead ko Australia pochana ?..u should know that, if u watch hindinserials….

      I think when she jumped off the cliff then the water in which she jumped had some tunnel like thingy through which she swimmed and reached to australia…ROFL….yo…haha???

      And this pihu OMG is ruhi…..


      • Sajal Ali

        Yo may be…she had her passport with her…..
        It’s not illogical

        This is what happens in stupid hindi serials

        ROFL ??

  41. Siddhi

    Ruhi chilati riii ishimaa mujhay nii Jana but ishu ne us ki ek nii sunii aur niddhi ko dediya last time in adi case ishu was shouting she can not live without ruhi she don’t have anything else ruhi but today the way ishu pulls ruhi was soon heart breaking I cried seen ruhi n ishu looks so bad not as look wise but ad character wise

  42. Hi everyone after ages. I read here & there the up dates. as i was done with this stupid ugly unrealistic revengeful degrading marriage & giving bad vibes to kids who are watching. Don’t the writers & this Ekta character realize she is setting a bad example for the younger generation with all this negative things.
    How well this story started just to make it interesting why is she spoiling this story with all these unheard of things that won’t even dream of happening in real life. why is she so angry & against marriage.has she had a bad childhood.. i am not from India God Forbid me for judging her . but that is the impression i get by reading this story. actually i gave up on this story long time ago. but when i read it once in away to see the comments by the lovers of this show. i feel so sorry for them as their emotions are getting battered by the writer. The writer is sick in his mind too .i feel we are the fools not the writer some of u get so up set. better for everyone to not stress & think this is just another show. or stop watching. i know we all love IsRa , Ru & Adi . & For Raman to be made such a weak guy every time there is a crisis he puts the blame on another without accepting like a real Strong Man . does not act like a CEO. what more to expect.
    Pls keep ur emotions intact & don’t stress . God Bless u all

  43. SIndhu

    How many times will they show Ishita jumping off the cliff and trying to die? Can’t the producers think of something different? This is ridiculous. Did you all look at the older Adi pictures? Adi will not be acting anymore. Things just moved so fast in YHM that no one knows what is going on. It is all confusing. You have the leap, separation and don’t know whether Ishita married or living with Abhishek or Subbu? Remember Subbu is in Australia. It is all mind boggling. I hope tomorrow’s episode will throw some sense in YHM. Today’s episode has completely turned me nuts and I don’t know whether I am watching YHM or some new serial. Of course if there is separation, I will not watch YHM anymore until they join. I will just read the updates. Ridiculous serial from now on.

    • Sajal Ali

      Why people get so serious…it’s just a drama serial not your life bab…calm down???

  44. Rianaa

    One of the saddestic ep. Of yhm….everything changed these 7 years leap…one thing didnt get who is Aliya!!!! Or did she married Dr. Manoj…it is too confusing…but one thing i like that is ruhanika dhawan is still continuing not as ruhi but pihu….seriously everything shown in today ep….revenge…sadness…twist..n leap…

    • su

      Most probably they r alive.. Thtz wat usually happens in these serials.. And ruhi will hate ishita as she exchanged her for pihu..and the drama will go on like that..i guess so..

  45. Randunu

    Are you going to repeat all that things again?That I love you part and bus accident,ghost drama and it’ll be so funny to watch that again.

  46. Randunu

    It will be greatest blackmark if Shagun took the place of Ishita and whose daughter is that calling Ishita amma?She mustn’t be her actual mom and who is she?Mani or Subbu’s daughter?

  47. Anakha

    Hai rithu,siddhi,vp,diya,ude and all yhm friends…I am too disappointed.. Actually..the aim of surrogacy was to experience the feel of motherhood to ishita..but now what happened..did she got it..she still cannot see the growth of her own baby…she is still away from her baby…really she is unlucky ..may be because she did injustice with ruhi…ruhi believed her ishimaa more than anything,more than papa,dadi,bhai,shagun mamma…but,she broke ruhi’s trust..until the last moment ruhi had hope but ishita did’nt even look at her..may be ishita was in such a situation…now new entries,new twists ,new turns..”old yhm is no more”.. May be the new track may increase trp’s but i can’t accept that ruhanika is not as our cute ruhi…

  48. Dandani

    Omg what if acp is Aaliyah’s Appa ??probably not but there r some spoilers saying that acp and ishita might pair up as jodi

  49. Siddhi

    I think the man with ishu is subbu ad he also lives in Australia n alia ka amma appa kahna Bhi asa indicate karta hai

  50. V P

    very sad episode …. what all things happened in Yhm is quite unbelievable . Ghost track and chip track and all took so many days . Ruhi acted so well … very good acting … super and her feelings quite true … so too Ishithas feelings … cant blame Ishitha for the situation . as usual Acps operation was very slow . I love Ishra like anything but the way Raman talked to Ishitha better she doesnot go back to him immediately …, we cant blame the actors … directors to be blamed for destroying such an unque story …. congras makers you have won … great … now atleat if Ruhi is saved with Nidhi …. please dont make her hate her Ishimaa …… you cvs are capable of bringing any nonsense in this serial … why are we commenting …. here in this case Raman is responsible for losing Ruhi and losing Ishitha too . may be Ekta madam wants to bring Devi Shaghun to enter in Bhallas house . As someone commented the cvs enjoy breaking marriages … I love Divyanka and if at all watching only to see her … viewers are totalky broken and makers be happy and enjoy this week end with Pandit …

  51. yashora

    What a blo*dy episode…i dont think that its wrong wht ishitha did.but abishek is wrong.they acted like idiots..they had to catch niddhi in lots of ways..whhat an stupid police.and that raman balla.he was the first one who deliver the idea about giving ruhhi to nidhi 4 babys fake…
    YHM is going on wrong track…i’m afraid i won’t like to watch it again..

  52. lol

    Now this serial ll follow SNS track,in it post leap Mira was against Gopi,and here Ruhi ll turn against Ishita.. And who d hell is Alia??

    • V P

      Hi rithu and all , I too wish and strongly believe she has not married …. cvs are capable of twisting any way .,. Then that strong character too is lost …. why should we blame Raman and Ishitha … they are just doing their job …. cvs really spoiled it like sathiya ….

  53. Santosh

    ishita ne jump mara suicide attempt kiya fir achanak australia kaha se pahuch gayi 7 year baad

  54. Aakhir jiska dart dha wahi hua….. And Ishitha… pls stop blaming her. when she was pregnant she didn’t think about her child and saved ruhi and adi from the bomb blast. For a mother its difficult to choose a child btw the two. She might have thought that Abishek or Raman will save ruhi. Had baar mushkilo ka samba karke WO hi kyoon bachaye ruhi ko aakhir Raman ka bhi tho kuch zimedari banta hai.

  55. I don’t know what to say…….Only I am commenting here to blurt out my anger for this serial……..That’s it………I feel SHAME on Myself for spended my 2 years by watching this…………I hate the serial totally now……….Equally I hate Raman & Ishitha………….Raman ….He is disgusting…… Always he behaved with Ishu like this……..By words he said today…… I am damn sure he never loved Ishu……..At first , He used to hate Ruhi…….At the time he have no problems…… But now all r only created by Ishu………& Ishu ………What divine bond between Ishu & Ruhi……….But today’s episode proved that she really don’t care abt Ruhi…….When Shagun demands Ruhi in custody…Ishu ka reaction……. I can’t even imagine it now alsooooo……..But today when she saw Ruhi’s death in front of her eyes…….But she just shout once…..Drop two tears ……..Is it that divine love……….I just hate this crap now………..when I watched the episode na………I cried……..But now not……….I don’t like to watch it………But one thing is we can see Ruhanika Dhawan as Pihu in serial…… But it can’t replace our Ruhi……..??????

  56. Dolly

    Whatever may be the situation Ishita shouldn’t have chosen her baby over Ruhi
    Feeling betrayed by Ishita’s decision
    Whatever Raman said to her was right

  57. aaj ishitha ne aapna selfish roop dikhaa hi diya . aur doosri taraf khud cliff se gir gayi. uski bacchi ko baad mein dekh lethi jee bharke lekin uss se pehle ruhi ko bachaana chahiye tha . aadhe episode mein toh ishitha theek se ro bhi nahi rahi thi . aur ishitha ne bulaaya bhi toh kisko uss nikamma acp , jisne aaj tak yhm mein ek bhi case solve nahi kiya .

    • Siddhi

      Exactly asa lag raha tha WO ruhi ki ishimaa ni us bachi ki maa WO to thek se roi Bhi nii aur bad me normally wapis a gi n baki logon nay Bhi utna reaction show nii kiya jitna karna cahiye tha

  58. Annie

    Earlier whenever big problems used to happen,Ishita used to talk to Ruhi & explain her & Ruhi was shown smart then why wasn’t her smartness shown in today’s episode, when Abhishek was telling niddhi to come out, Ruhi could have opened the door & ran away…The leap wasn’t required at all…Since so many years they are staying at ramans ex company guest house….lol….whatever happened to their building!!! now we would not be able to see ishima and ruhis bond,the backbone of the serial. Really sad,RIP YHM..

    • Siddhi

      I agree Raman said to much to ishita us ne Jo kuch kaha wo sab true nahi tha ishita was a very gud mom of ruhi but today the behavior she showed it seemed after getting her own baby she was completely changed

  59. Anakha

    I really felt bad for ruhi…shagun left her when she was very small,even raman ignored her..she did’nt get parent’s love..but still she was a lovely,well mannered child..with much efforts she unite ishra,she loved them,stand by them whenever they need, as a brave girl,support and realise her family’s problems and made sacrifices…but first she was exchanged to get adi,now for much a 6 year old girl can bear…..and suddenly to change that character to a spoilt…can’t agree with this..let her hate ishita but don’t show her as a tomboy or ill ruhi and ruhanika…

  60. tarun

    jab terriosit ne ruhi par attack kiya tha den ishita ne unko bhi
    nhi choda bcoz of her aj wo us nidhi ka kuch nhi kr pyi…all bakwas track last 3 episodes me sab kuch windup kar diya..nd so called leap ho hi gya…go to hell cvs..

  61. This is the lost leap so far, ekta u are lost.yhm has become the worst serial so far.does it mean marriage in India is a curse.please stop this film.

  62. jani

    this day actually meant fools day now only.whole yh
    m fans became fools.. What a ttragedy God what a tragedy?

  63. diya

    well epi was too fast to undrstand ..well i wont doubt ishita’s love fr ruhi ..but today she was partial to her daughter was visible ..but wt raman did was unaccpetable …..totally ..he made the pln of giving ruhi to ishita nd the blame came on ruhi ..blo*dy hypocrite ,,kp was grt today..but dt was nt upto that mark ..but hr xpressins post leap whn she recalled raman’s words was nice … nyway leap is good idea ..but ishraru separation wasnt neccesasry without thm yhm is nothng really eager to know who is this aliya and her sure ishita hasnt marrd nyone she is still stuck in her past ..well letsc wt happns nxt …missing my old yhm already though!!

  64. Suni

    This episode made me cry soooooooo much!!!
    I wouldn’t say I hated it because I didn’t I just think that it was a bit rushed and it really ruined IshRaRu… I don’t think that this type of Angst works for IshRa as they loved each other so deeply…
    Ishita really could have tried harder to get Ruhi back after she got her own baby back…
    And everything Raman said to Ishita was just horrible… how could he!!!!! He called her a Baanjh!?!? HOW WHY WHAT!? This is not the Raman who loved Ishita unconditonally! Why did you ruin Ishra in such way!?
    And also I’m laughing at how Raman said that Ishu chose her own blood over Ruhi when that is basically what he forced her to do!!!!!
    And Ishu… I understand why you committed suicide but did u not once think about YOUR baby? You lost Ruhi in order to save her and know you don’t even care about her!?
    I feel like this Alia will play a major role in reuniting IshRaRu tho. And also I expected Pihu to be in custody of Ishu’s after all this time but NOPE.
    And I am happy that Ruhanika Dhawan is still in the show but it makes no sense for her to play Ruhi’s half sister….
    Spoilers suggested that Abhishek will be married to Ishu but after ‘Appa’ and Alia I really think it could be Mani… or someone completely new.
    Also, Ruhi was also such a beautiful well-mannered doll and now she’s a rebellious Tomboy teenager!?!? I really wish this Nidhi could just go die! I will only watch Sat and Sun’s epis, if it doesn’t interest me, I will have to et go of this once beautiful show… I feel like the same story will be repeating itself when Pihu tries to bring IshRa back together…..

    Also, I really want to know the actress’ name who plays Alia…. Do any of you know!?

  65. Suni

    Also, I believe that the leap wasn’t a bad idea it’s jut how they tore IshRaRu apart that annoyed me….

  66. Starbucks

    Wow is it me or was that cliff a portal to Australia
    It’s totally sense less and what about Raman and ruhi then shagun and manoj I’m really confused ????

  67. Siddhi

    Ruhis love was so true for her ishimaa ruhi never she never allow shagun or anyone to take ishus place even when shagun turns positive when ishu ka fake death drama howa shagun was positive at that time but she never foget her ishima but ishu writers should she the previous episode when ishu got the baby she first kissed her n then she saw niddhi taking ruhi she run towards her but niddhi pushes her she fell down n again she sees her baby n kisses her what was that yrrr definately she could save ruhi she wadted time in seeing her baby porri life pari thi baby ko deknii ki liye

    • V P

      yes Siddhi true …. as a child , that situation Ishitha kissing that baby only made Ruhi upset . Whatever Raman said Ishitha should not have taken Ruhi ….. That was v wrong …. directors advice not the actors fault …you cant call her Selfish here … when the child is thrown whoever it is the thot nothing happened to the baby made her kiss the baby .if its for her own baby , why should she try to suicide . cvs spoiled our Ishru bond . feeling so sad …and Ruhi was hated by Raman only becoz of she looked like Shaghun …. now Ishitha Ramans daughter too look like shaghun … How fid Ishitha reach Australia …. I cant think of Shaghun in Bhallas house …. only hope our Ruhi will not hate her Ishima …Really something is wrong with this makers and Ekta ? I am sure many had sleepless night yesterday …,,

  68. shree

    Are vivek dahia (acp) leave the show…. U r wasting ur time being a failure acp their u should have join some good show.. . In this episode ur image is going to fall…

  69. Kashish

    People should stop watching such bakwas show. Story kahan sey kahan jaati hai.koi sense hee nahi story mein. Kabhi ishita ko crocodile bite kar ya hai fir bi woh jinda hoti hai, kabhi shagun ki aatma ka naatak, kabhi goli lagti hai , kabhi pahad sey jump karti hai fir bi jinda hoti hai. Please ekta kapoor stop this bakwas.

  70. Durga

    What happened to Rinki’s murder track? Serial completely spoiled.. there is not even few happy episodes in between.. when one problem finishes the next starts straightaway.. they could’ve shown lots instead of leap.. mihir mihika abhishek story.. sarika’s eviction, shagun manoj marriage and mainly ruhi and new baby bonding with ishita.. spoiled beyond repair

  71. JJ

    Ekta sure knows how to f**k up stories, the holi episode just remained incomplete and this whole NIDDHI and leap bullshit took over, ektas own life must have such extreme ups and downs that she reflects in her shows, from success to failure. I ain’t ever watching her shit shows again.

  72. Athira Ramesh

    Hello guys…
    Ruhi is not died & she is staying with nidhi in Dubai. She is hating her favourite ishi maa.

    I used to watch this serial even when it had a lot of worst twists.. but now no more… cheeee wasted the time. Worst serail… blaaaahh

  73. shivani

    I agree with u diya…post leap may be interesting…I know raman behaved very badly with ishu…but the fact is he loves her a lot…ishu also loves Raman…
    Now m waiting for their reunion…i want to see their expression when they meet each other…and i m sure it must be heart touching

  74. do saal se ishruh dikhaaya aur kal ke ek episode mein poore serial ke story ka achaar bana diya inn makers ne .aakhir jo ekta aur uske makers ko karna tha wahi kiya .

  75. raman ne ishitha pe blame daal diya ki jab se woh uski zindagi mein aayi hai tab se problems hai . toh agar woh shaadi nahi kartha toh ruhi ki custody shagun ko milthi . problems ishitha ki wajah se nahi balki problems raman ki wajah se hai .ashok sarika param shagun etc .jo bhi aaye sab raman ke dushman the .ishitha ne raman aur adi ruhi ko bachaane ke liye kya kuch nahi kiya phir bhi raman ne sabhi blame ishitha pe daal di .

    • aiman


  76. Ishita, Aaliya and the mystery man will travel to India. Ishita will be reluctant to return as she will scared to face the past which has been haunting her for seven years. Ishita is shattered, Raman’s taunts still make her cry. In India, a new lovestory will take place between Adi and Aaliya who will get closer to each other with some nok-jhok.
    According to new gossip, Ruhi will be in India only with a new identity of Ruhaan. It is yet to be known how the trio of mother,father and daughter will meet. Thought is is confirmed that Ruhi will have extreme hatred for Ishita and will be very obedient to Nidhi. Ruhi will plot to create trouble in Ishita’s life and bring more hatred between Raman and Ishita while Pihu will want to wish for a happy family. She will bring a new ray of happiness in Ishita’s life which is filled with pain and sadness.
    It seems like the initial storyline of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is being repeated with some role reversal. Pihu would be the new Ruhi would try to bring the couple closer while Ruhi is the new Adi who try to create trouble for the couple and hate Ishita. And Nidhi is our new Shagun who would use Ruhi for his own motive, like Shagun did to Adi. What a unique leap! We wonder if there was really to recycle the storyline of the same show all over again when they could have continued the original storyline perfectly.

  77. I think niddhi and ruhi did not died
    and they are alive at anywhere.
    but anyway ekta how fast you bring
    the leap and ishra family separation
    that much fast you unite the ishra family.
    plz plz plz. ……

  78. karthika

    i didn’t expect this from last they potrayed ishitha as selfish.everything is just messed up after leap.what is the need of adopting aliya?totally sick after could ishitha do this to ruhi?this serial is mainly to show the love of step mother and daughter’s had been messed up like anything.

  79. maine socha ki leap shayad monday hoga lekin leap toh kal hi ho gaya .agar monday hotha toh atleast sabhi viewers ko leap ke against hothe dekh ke shayad leap stop ho jaaye.

  80. Star Plus Popular Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein took it’s biggest twist
    and the writers didnot leaved a
    single stone unturned to maintain the
    suspense of the track.
    As we have seen,Ishita will be
    confused between ruhi and new born
    baby when Nidhi asks to handover
    Ruhi. Ishita and Abhishek’s plan
    fails and this ends up taking Nidhi
    and Ruhi’s life. Raman blames Ishita
    for Ruhi’s death and this leads to
    another big tragedy where Ishita
    does suicide jumping off a cliff.
    Then comes a 7 year leap where
    Ishita will be seen living in Australia
    and a girl Aliya calls her Amma. Did
    Ishita marry someone as aliya talks
    about Appa ?
    Ohh…This is an interesting question
    and we will answer you soon..
    In the coming episodes,Raman will
    become the old Raavan kumar who
    will be shaken by the deaths of his
    lovely wife and Ruhi.
    Ishita’s surrogate baby will be
    named as Pihu (Remember Pihu
    in Bade Acche Lagte Hain ) and she
    will just resemble Ishima’s
    Ruhi. Ruhaanika Dhawan is essaying
    the role of Pihu.
    While its already in the news about
    actress, Aditi Bhatia set to play the
    grown up Ruhi, actor Abhishek
    Verma who is best known for his
    roles on ‘Total Nadaniyaan’, and
    ‘Badi Door Se Aaye Hain’ will be
    playing the grown-up Aditya.
    Post Leap Ruhi will be seen as a
    Rockstar and called as Ruhaan who
    will hate her ishima to the core.
    How will these mohabbatein come
    together? Stay tuned for more

  81. V P

    I was very sure when I saw Aliya , the cvs will pair up with Adi . our Ruhi to rockstar very cruel from cvs part .How can Nidhi can get Ruhis custody …. Shaghuncan get … what logic is there …. spoiled fully … they could have done without leap …. seperation for few days for Ramans rude words. Never he realizes what he talks . Ekta madam portrayed Indian marrige very badly ? what is Ristha here ? sorry to say how these production team story writers and directors are come to this level ? We should never blame actors …. They have to dance according to the Directors tune . Their work ….

  82. shivani

    Gud afternoon guys….thanks for the update rithu….
    it mesns ishita is going to suffer a lot…from Raman….from Ruhi….
    And the idea of ,ruhi troubling her ishima, is horrible…

  83. Saliha

    Hey Guys, did you notice that Alia calls amma and appa i mean Tami? An instinct is hitting me that Alia may be Mani aka Abhimanyu’s daughter. Mani if you could remember best friend of Ishita, tamil guy and a well wisher too.

  84. sam

    Ruhi to hate her ishima???? Then what was the point of casting such nice and humble relationship between them for so long??? It’s only becoz of that relation that we have been watching serial or else there’s nothing .. Would be good if the hatred part goes quickly and the duo mother and daughter unite::: or else it’s for sure nobody is liking this leap:::

  85. V P

    More than Ishra I loved Ishru …. now going to miss that …., now the storyline is not going to be happy at all …. we lost our Yhm …. frankly speaking cant come out of it how this unique serial is spoiled . Delhi police proved to be the worse …. Acp and team could not stop one lady Nidhi …. We cant blame 8 year old Ruhi at all …. God never heard Ruhi and Adi s prayers …so many miracles cud have happened before …. instead Ekta bought negative vibes only …How much Ruhi wanted to be with her little sister ….,please stop this serial …. let us have some peace ….,otherwise also lots of tension in every ones life ..,. Ekta is adding more to it .., we want to relax watching tv …. as it is Raman and Ishitha matured couple … why was the need of the leap ?

  86. raksahna

    omg i cant believe but aliya pihu ruhi its all getting confusing and ishita in austtrailia so stupid

  87. Rashi


    • V P

      very true …. leap was not required as they are matured couple but seperation for a while can be shown to clear the total misunderstanding

  88. mostly aliya mani ki beti hogi kyunki subbu toh show mein tha aur sirf saath saal ka leap hai . saath saal pehle toh subbu ka koi beta ya beti nagi thi aur alia saath saal ki nahi lagthi . mani ka zaroor ho saktha hai.

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  90. 73339735427

    As u all know our old yhm died many days ago…,RIP EKTA RIP OLD YHM RIP NEW YHM TOO new leap wil take show very least trp and leads to shut down their show at the begining itself RIP EKTA

  91. Grown UP RUHI’S REAL
    Shagun will take place of Ishita
    after Raman bhalla and Ishita get
    She might not marry Manoj and
    sacrifice her love to take care of
    Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) family.
    With Sarika’s (Sarika Dhillon) evil
    presence in the house, Shagun step
    in to hold back the broken family
    Shagun (anita) would be deeply hurt
    with Raman and Ishita separation.
    As popular in Ekta’s show, Adi will
    grow up to be an angry young

  92. nimrit

    pura show hath se nikal gaya…ab kabhi hamare wo purane ishra aur unke wo sweet looks….nok jhok…kabhi dekhne nahi milega….mil gayi makers aur uss ekta ke man ko thandak…jiska dar finally wahi hua…..just hate u ekta & makers……& finally bye bye yhm…..this is my last cmnt on this site….jab ishita raman fir ek baar connect ho jaenge tabhi me cmnt karungi……& i know ab itni aasani se aur itni jaldi ye makers ishra ki saath nahi laenge..6..7 months to pass out honge hi….so tab tak bye bye yhm…..once again HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE u ektaaa & cvs…

  93. yhm ke Wikipedia pe likha hai ki ishitha is married to someonr else .lekin usse dekh ke shaadi shudha lagthi nahi hai . agar ishraruhadi unite hue toh phir se ek aur shaadi ka mazak ban jaayega iss show mein.

  94. nimrit

    poora barbaad karke rakha hai show ko…wo aliya ishita ko amma amma kehke bol rahi hai aur kisi unknown ko appa….whts this yar….so rubbish….i m sure may be wo mani hoga…nahi to subbu…..& mani hai to achha hai nahi to wo subbu ek no. duffer hai….

  95. patha nahi ishitha ne uss nikamme acp ko kyu bulaaya . woh aur uska team asaani se ruhi ko bachaa sakthe the lekin bewakoof log acp ho ya police . nikamme rahe gaye.

  96. nimrit

    shagun & raman ko saath me rakhne ki jaroorat hi kya hai…kyu karte hai makers bar aaisehi karte hai…fans ki feeling ko kabhi to undrstnd karo yarr…ab kya ishita aur raman ki 3..3…4..4.. shadiya dikhaoge kya…shadi matlab mazak banake rakh diya hai inhone….raman dusri shadi karta hai .phir pehli ko chodke dusri..aur phir dhsri ko chhodke pehli…kya hera feri laga rakhi hai….

  97. nimrit

    shagun & raman ko saath me rakhne ki jaroorat hi kya hai…kyu karte hai makers bar aaisehi karte hai…fans ki feeling ko kabhi to undrstnd karo yarr…ab kya ishita aur raman ki 3..3…4..4.. shadiya dikhaoge kya…shadi matlab mazak banake rakh diya hai inhone….raman dusri shadi karta hai .phir pehli ko chodke dusri..aur phir dhsri ko chhodke pehli…kya hera feri laga rakhi hai….very very very dissapointed track….

  98. rose

    I think the story is going to change and everything will be new and interesting…we have yo see that how they are going to frame the story … How their different characters Will meet and all that stuff
    ..I am excited to know…

  99. Siddhi

    Hi everyone It was OK if by some mistake ishu lose ruhi but last eposude show that ishu chosses her baby which was very hurtful n now they will show ruhi negative yrr what the writers upto show ki saari story bigar di

  100. Siddhi

    Wao is liye to shagun aur manoj ki shaadi nii hoi bakwaas now shagun again in bhalla so sarika was still in bhalla house so dumb

  101. diya

    neither ishita is married nor raman ..i think the story will b taking a new type of story line ..just wait nd watch ..

  102. I can’t understand….shagun to replace ishita? wats going on…after what happened with shagun and Raman ….how can Raman accept her back….this is wrong, ekt ma’am you are now spoiling the show as well as the makers. if shagun is there how will ishita get her place back NO NO NO this is totally wrong

  103. Anakha

    Gud afternoon guys…anyways atlast leap happened…ishita lives in australia with aliya and her appa,raman and family in delhi with pihu,ruhi or ruhaan in dubai with niddhi..i’m waiting to see them together again…hope everything will be alright soon…i think this Aliya wants ishita to marry her appa…i’m excited to see mihika,mihir,romi,adi,ruhaan,ananya,shravan and all..

  104. Appy

    shagun or raman ki beti ruhi or ishita or raman ki beti pihu dono hum shakal kese :/ hadd hi ho gyi . or raman shurur se hi psycho hi tha tabhi shagun ne use chorar tha bewakufo ki tarah ku6 b bolta hia ishita ne aaj har torture uski wajah se jhel chahe wo shagun ho ashok ho sarika ho bus accident ho or last me ye nidhi or raman bhonkta ki ye sab ishita ki waja hse h i means :/ had hi ho gyi

  105. afternoon guys… I’m requesting you all, not that i’m disrespecting any of you…could you please comment in English… I don’t know Hindi at all even a bit, I can’t understand anything

  106. V P

    It is crystal clear Ekta wanted Shaghun in prominent role , so started with surrogancy …., now entering to live in Bhallas house . We know what she was …. its showing in star utsav now … as a vamp too brilliant actress … but she can never be Ishitha .,. The story changed from the surrogancy …. the beauty is gone from there …. Its very defficult to accept Ruhi as pehu .. simply tailoring the story with negatives only ….. I am sure Ekta and her team can have a gala party tonight for breaking the hearts of millions .

  107. Akhir jiska dar dha vahi hua. But pls don’t hate Ishitha too much she saved ruhi’s life innumerable times. Its very difficult to choose a child between the two. She did not completely forget ruhi. Its proved she tried to commit suicide leaving her own child behind. Its not her to be blamed but its Raman’s anger which is to be blamed.

  108. Cham

    After the sudden 7 years leap,mrs. Ballha was shown with a comedy scene,no one even gave a single smile to it because everybody were shocked seeing Ishitha suiciding and suddenly showed as a 7 year leap.

  109. Siddhi

    Guys ishita lives with Mani ishita n Mani unite in Australia ishu continues her work as a dentist she is guilty assuming ruhi is dead coz of her in the other hand Raman has turned a completely angry man believing ishita n ruhi died

  110. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita has
    shifted in Australia.
    Ishita continues her woks
    as dentist but she is
    guilty assuming Ruhi is
    dead because of her.
    Ishita gets support of her
    best friend Mani and tries
    to keep herself happy for
    On the other hand, Raman
    has turned a complete
    angry man believing
    Ishita and Ruhi dead.
    Raman and Ishita’s
    daughter has grownup
    which is very similar to
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  111. The worse possible way to handle an otherwise excellent story.

    You totally killed the objective of YHM which was mainly a built up of love and care between a stepmother and a step daughter.

    The story would have made more sense if Ishita would have sacrificed her own daughter instead of Ruhi. Technically Pihu is just a biological daughter of Ishita , she did not carry her nor did she hold her.

    But really Ekta has to be blamed for such senseless story.

    It is really sad that the society still admires.

    1. Stepmothers need to be bad.
    2. There is no good life after 2nd marriage.
    3. If u are impotent its end of your life.

    Whatever was good about the story has just been used against it.

  112. Ngozi

    I was so shocked to see a leap take place after all in yhmb! I think producers or directors should be careful with how they recycle story line and how they play with us viewers.
    Been watching Indian soaps since pyar ka daad hai and Veera up up to yhmb. I was disappointed with the way the other two finished because the leap in which Pankudi died and Aisha came as Pankudi look alike after which Pankudi reappeared did not make sense. Also killing off Ratan and Nihal in Veera did not make sense . Now this twist in yhmb is so annoying which is why I have refused to watch anymore and can’t wait to see where this will end so I can stop tuning in to Star Plus completely. What message are they thing to pass on to those of us that are not Hindus and only understand through the subtitles which sometimes doesn’t come in in an entire episode?

  113. Ngozi

    The part of dying and not dying is also confusing. Ishita has had to die many times in this story and how do they survive falling off the cliff? I can understand the bit where Raman planned the first fall ishita had but how did ishita survive and how did she get to Australia? How did Nidhi escape from prison and how could she steal a child from Neonatal care?
    I know it’s a soap but they are stretching it too far. They could have used another child actor and not Ruhi to play Pihu. Sarika shouldn’t remain in the Balla house after all she did and Rohit was taken from them.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.