Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi stopping Ishita and saying she hs come to take her belongings. She goes and Ishita cries. Raman feels bad seeing Ishita and apologizes to her for Ruhi’s annoyance. Ishita says she loves us and misses this home, its my mistake. Raman sees the Lord idol and goes to pray. Raman prays that Ruhi and Ishita’s relation gets fine as he did mistake, and then should not pay for it. Ruhi shows the last year pic of puja and says they did not even invite her, Shagun says right, they all love Adi. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla say they love her. Ruhi apologizes to Mata Rani that no one loves her and she can’t stay, Shagun is waiting out and leaves. They cry. Tere dil ka mere dil se……………..plays…………..

Suraj brings Ashok home and asks servant to call doctor

and get first aid box. He says he would have bailed him yesterday and Raman did not take his call, and now media is after them. Ashok says he will ruin Mihika, and Ishita and Raman’s family. He says he will use Ruhi against them. He calls someone and prepones the shoot and asks him to make Ruhi work hard. He says Ruhi is Ishita’s weakness, I know to use her.

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Ishita asks Raman is Shagun not ashamed to make Ruhi work. Raman says what can we do. Ishita says Ruhi is kid, her studies will get spoiled, I will talk to Shagun. He says no. She says we have to hurry. He says I promise Ruhi will not do ad film. Mihir greets Mr. Bhalla and says Rinki will come after classed and takes Prasad for Mihika. He sees Mihika sitting sad and gives the Navratri Prasad. She says I will have later. He insists. Rinki comes home after classes and Mrs. Bhalla asks about Mihir. Rinki says he will come. Neelu says he came and went to give Prasad. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to get ready and do puja with Mihir. Ishita sees Rinki upset.

Mihir makes Mihika eat the Prasad and Rinki looks on. He says we will go in puja, you also pray, your problems will end. Rinki gets sad and turns. Ishita sees her and Rinki leaves. Ishita goes to her. Rinki says she is sad that Mihir and Mihika’s relation broke my misunderstanding and now they are away because of me. Ishita pacifies her and says relations are complicated, else life would be boring. She gives example of Raman and Shagun, they loved each other and their relation broke, then I came in his life, we have things better now by trust and time, relations needs time. Mihika is his past and you are his present, Mihir is sensible and knows what place to keep past and present.

She says Mihir is helping Mihika as friend, he knows his wife is his priority, he is very sensible. Mihir comes and asks is she praising him. Ishita asks him why did he leave Rinki alone. He says I told rinki I will pick her and she refused, why is she lying. Ishita says she did not complain. Rinki smiles. Mrs. Bhalla calls them for puja and makes them do. Ishita prays for her.

Shagun smiles seeing Ruhi’s look test. She asks if she is confirmed, why look test. The man says its procedure. Shagun shows some tantrums. Ruhi poses for pics in many outfits. She asks Ruhi what happened. Ruhi says I m tired, I want to sleep. Shagun says you can’t sleep in middle of work, I will order choc milkshake. She gets message that Ashok’s cheque cleared, she will go bank and talk as they stopped her EMI. She asks Ruhi to manage and tells a girl to take care of her. She goes. Ruhi gets sad and says I miss you Ishi Maa. Ishita says Ruhi and looks around. Teri bechaini ka…………..plays…………..

Mihika comes in puja and prays. Ishita prays for Ruhi’s happiness and safety. Mrs. Bhalla says its good Mihika came, and curses Ashok. Ashok says if you think of me with so much love aunty ji, I have to come then. They see Ashok and he shamelessly smiles. Ishita thinks she will not leave him. Mihir asks Ashok to get out. Ashok says I did not come to fight, if Raman knows his boss came here, he will not feel good. Mihir says he lost his mind after getting beaten from police. Ashok says talk in low tone else he will fire Raman. Ishita says he needs psychiatric help to think he is Raman’s boss. Ashok says you need it, how is your relation that Raman did not share this and says Mihika also has hidden this. They all are shocked.

Mihir says enough of your nonsense. Ashok says my work is done and gives another good news of Raman being his slave and now his daughter too becoming his slave as Ruhi Bhalla will do shooting for his company, she is talented and will win the world’s heart. He calls someone and says AC should run there and tell her mum that shooting will be there for three days, no tantrums, I gave her money, she should know how to make her smile. They all get worried for Ruhi. Ashok says Jai Mata Di and greets everyone. He leaves. Ishita cries.

Ishita meets Raman and confronts him for lying. Raman says he did not have any option. She says Ruhi is away as you always lie to me, you always hide and you think I will feel bad, now what.

Update Credit to: Amena

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