Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita crying and thinking of the court decision. She stops Mani and asks why did you do this to me, you are my friend, or were you my friend, I never expected this from you, you did not support truth. Mani says I m supporting truth, the way you are doing, you think Adi is innocent and I think Shagun is good for Pihu, when Aaliya was attacked, did you think I maybe right, you brainwashed Aaliy and she does not want to punish Adi, when you did not think for my child, I had to think, I know we have to support loved ones, I m supporting my wife, Pihu believes Shagun is her mum, I m glad to teach you this lesson of life. He leaves. Ishita cries. Raman and Ruhi hold her.

Everyone cry. Shagun is takig Pihu. Ruhi stops Pihu. Pihu says I m going with mumma. Ruhi says

I will tell you truth, Shagun is not your real mum. Shagun asks Ruhi to stop it, and takes Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Shagun took Pihu, Ishita could not fight, I asked her to fight like tigress for children, what happened to my tigress, she broke down. Mr. Bhalla says your tigress will not lose, our other tigress is with her, Ruhi will make her win the war. Raman hugs Ruhi and Ishita, and they all cry.

Ruhi asks Shagun to send Pihu with them, Pihu will need her stuff. Shagun says no need, Pihu does not need any old thing, I will take her to shopping. Ruhi asks Mani to let them take Pihu once, she will meet everyone. Mani agrees and says Pihu will meet them, afterall its her house. Ruhi thanks her. Mr. Bhalla gets call and says yes, we are getting Pihu home.

Adi and Mihika cry. Mihir calls Mihika and says I m stuck at office because of meeting with Singhal, I can’t manage Shagun, take care of Raman and Ishita. Mihika asks him not to worry. Amma and Appa come. Amma cries and says how will Ishu face this, when is Pihu coming. Neelu says I prepared welcome plate for Pihu, do her aarti, I had mannat and now its fulfilled, Pihu will not go anywhere now. Raman, Ishita, Ruhi, Mr and Mrs. Bhalla get Pihu. Adi hugs Pihu and cries. Neelu asks Mihika to do Pihu’s aarti. Shagun asks Pihu to get her stuff, Mani is waiting, come soon, we will shop for things you need. Ruhi says I can’t see Pihu leaving and leaves.

Neelu requests Shagun not to take Pihu. She asks Ishita to make everything fine, as she always does, you taught Raman to live and smile again, you gave love to Ruhi, stop Pihu from going, do some miracle, I know I m maid of this house, but I know house will shatter after Pihu goes. Adi helps Pihu in packing. Raman goes to Pihu and gives her diary, saying he has written her diet and schedule in it, call me daily, I should know what my princess does. She says fine. He says I did your school project, give this to your teacher, and forgive me if I did anything wrong. Adi and Ishita cry. Adi thinks Raman knows so much about Pihu, he loves Pihu a lot, we did not get such love in childhood. Raman tells Pihu that he loves her a lot.

Pihu says I love you too, we can stay as before, ask Ishita aunty to leave. Shagun says leave it, we all know your Papa can leave you, but not Ishita, come lets go. Ishita and Raman cry. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Pihu and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call you when I watch the tv serial. She asks Pihu to have her fav dish. Shagun says enough, I got Pihu here to make you all meet her, we have to leave now, Mani is waiting downstairs. Shagun takes Pihu. Everyone cry. Aaliya comes there and sees everyone crying. She calls out Ishita. Raman and Ishita get shocked seeing her.

Raman scolds Aaliya and says you and your Appa ruined everything, snatched my daughter, why did you come to make us realize we lost. Adi says its not Aaliya’s fault, she came here to meet me, Mani did everything. Raman says you are not a father and won’t understand. Ishita hugs Aaliya. Adi asks Ishita not to worry, I m with Aaliya, Papa needs you, go. Aaliya says I did not know all this, sorry. Ishita goes to Raman. Aaliya apologizes to Adi. Adi says Papa was angry so he shouted on me, you go home now. Aaliya agrees.

Shagun shows Pihu’s room. Pihu likes the room a lot. Shagun says I did not decorate the room, we will go on shopping tomorrow and buy whatever you want, we will spend time together. Pihu says okay. Shagun asks are you happy. Pihu says yes, I m very happy. Shagun asks her to thank Mani, he supported us, and I want you to call Mani as Papa. Pihu says no, I can’t call him Papa, I have my Papa. Mani says Pihu is right Shagun, even Aaliya does not call you Amma, its enough that you guys are happy here.

Ishita does not find Raman in their room and says I know where is he. She goes to Pihu’s room and sees Raman crying. Raman sees his and Pihu’s pic. He cries and tells Ishita that he is madly missing Pihu, he had just lived for Pihu for 7 years, he had no other reason, he was all alone when Ishita left him, Pihu used to come from school and hug me, I could not become a responsible father and she is gone, I wanted to give you biggest happiness and we lost Pihu because of my carelessness. Ishita says you did everything you could do. Adi sees them and cries. Ishita says everything has a reason behind, stop crying.

Ishita says we can get Pihu back, don’t lose hope. Adi gets a small teddy. Raman promises Ishita that he will get Pihu back. He apologizes. She says you have spent much time with her, I m hurt seeing you like this. Raman says this is Pihu’s toy. Ishita takes the teddy and cries. Raman hugs Adi and they cry. Ishita says I did not even play with her, I could not hug her once, I took her in lap when she is a baby, and now she is gone, I could not hold her with love. Adi hugs Ishita and says enough, you will get Pihu back, I m sure. Raman sees pic and cries.

Pihu talks to Mrs. Bhalla and Shagun removes the line. Shagun asks what happened. Pihu says Dadi was talking about serial and disconnected call. Shagun says what can we do, people change, I will watch your fav serial. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aisha Khanna

    Oh my god Shagun…. why are u cheating on pihu? It’s clear that U need pihu to spoil her against poor ishu and Raman. U don’t deserve love from anyone. U haven’t taught ur kids what is love between parents and children. Thier love is unconditional. U R TRULY AN IMPOSTER!! soon U will lose pihu to ishu….,U will lose Mani also when he comes to know that U bailed Nidhi and helped her shame on you Shagun!!!U r truly a worst mother,sister,wife,friend..etc…. I haven’t seen Mani’s behaviour ever like this…. Raman should have never spoken like this to Aliya. I understand his pain but we shld never show that anger to anyone… Adi and Aliya are finally getting together!!

    In a spoiler video I saw that Nidhi was behind Aliya acid attack. She was dressing up like ruhaan and adi came to know about it. Ruhi can never do this. I found Nidhi by her hand…her hand shows some nerves…. Ruhi s hand is big….. So that evil witch Nidhi threw acid on Aliya… disgusting!!! Ryt?

  2. steya

    even when pihu was with them ishita and raman never really did anything to bring pihu closer to ishita rather they were all focused in the company union and adi drama

    • Khushiarvind


      |Registered Member

      Ys dear steya… You are right.. Ishita shld have rather focussed on bonding with pihu than on becoming bussiness women.. Pihu already likes raman. She have pblm with ishitha only. So ishitha shld try to bind eith her than raman. That role swapping things were all shown for dragging episodes only

  3. Areebah

    This show is getting annoying day by day I hope ishita gets pihus custody mani should realise the truth and adi to b shown innocent in front of everyone

  4. Vani

    I think these problems are becz of raman and shagun….let them be together with their children…..and as cvs potrayed ishita she cn make anyone happy wrever she stays…n find happiness in other’s happiness….raman does’t deserve her
    ….he always thinks abt his hapines,his children,her wife(who cn tk care of him,his children,his family)

  5. Vani

    I really wish shagun and raman shld marry be with their children as happy happy family…..bcz he does’t deserve ishita….wr she tries to give hapiness to every1….bt he just think abt him,his children,his family….

    • shreya shetty

      hey vani just shutup will u????what do u know anything about this serial huh,cant u just keep ur own mouth plastered with tape for once or what.dont u get it raman and shagun are divorced and divorced parents are not given a second opportunity to get married again whatsoever,because now since ishita is legally married to him as being the legal wife and daughter in law of bhalla family shagun is just considered as a true evil witch enemy and neither this shagun has any relation with any of the family members except for her annoying surrogate daughter so called miss pihu bhalla!!!!aaaaaagh feel like taking my slipper and thrashing that little pihu into tiny pieces

      • Diya

        please Miss shreya shetty control your words,, U r too arrogant.. be nice to ppl.. you dont deserve to call ppl withces, evil etc etc.. get it.. you plaster your mouth…

      • danny

        Shreya I think vani is actually suoorti supporting ishu and u took it wrong. She said that ishu is too good for Raman. And after all its all Raman’s fault as he blamed her for ruhi’s death and even talked to her rudely when she returned. And for that she is saying that Raman belongs with shagun. As she is very manipulative and Raman is short tempered and blames his wife again and again. Right now every thing is good between ishra but that doesn’t mean that he didn’t trouble our ishu.
        And pihu is ishu’s daughter. She is young and lied to her whole life that shagun is her mum. U shouldn’t speak like this for pihu.

      • magic

        Hello shreya my friend how are you? It seems you like most to yhm rather than all yhm fans because you are threatning very solidly to other fans but i did not understand the word “plastered mouth” and “sut up” you are commenting in the group not in the jungle book why are you behaving like this you have to understand and respect others comment so plz don’t threaten your friends because all are your friend in the group get it you should get it

    • VP

      yes Vani its true ge doesnt deserve her but he truly loves Ishitha … these all happening taking big decision and all not consulting with wife .. and see the result .. plus here now they say Ishitha is more important to him … Remember when Ruhi decided to go back he was shattered thinking Ishitha too will go … he is a man of full love to his family and kids and on top Ishitha …

      • shreya shetty

        vp its better for u to not to get in my way or else I would think of Kimberly like u.had enough with u vp enough is enough.u r just acting like mani towards ishu isn’t it.go and jump into the well.i am very very very stressed because my exams are nearing ahead and all u VP want is to hurt me in such a manner that I shall be in a position to be considered a low ranker isn’t it????well go on go on keep taunting me and more taunt till then u ll understand our friendship got it.mark my words

  6. Manju

    First class acting Karan Patel way you made your facial expressions on emotions are superb. Sad episode execept for Ruhi acting on persuading Pihu to come back all act well.

  7. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, Shivani, Mino, Shona, VP, Aditya, Az, Prisha, Saritha, MOnique, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Shreya, Supergirl and many other fans.

    Today’s episode is very sad. Gentle Mani turned out to be a villian. I hope when Mani realizes the truth about how Shagun manipulated him and also that Adi is innocent, Ishita should can forgive him but should not accept him as her close friend anymore.When you lose trust with your best and close friends, it is very hard to rekindle the trust. So the friendship is broken between Ishita and Mani. Raman time and again makes the same mistake. Can’t the cvs think of something else. How can Raman be so careless?? Why don’t they go for a DNA test? That will be clearly proven Pihu is Ishita’s daughter. Actually I will blame the Bhalla family for losing pihu especially Raman. They should have told Pihu right from the start that Ishita is her real mother. Ruhi had opportunities to tell Pihu is Ishita’s daughter but she too delayed so much. Why explain about Yesodha’s story when they could have told her the day she discovered ishita’s picture. They deserve this now for losing pihu. Ishita is the only one who can now bring Pihu back. She has to win Pihu’s heart. Pihu is filled with hatred for Ishita and that has to be broken. Pihu has to see Shagun’s evil plans and listen to any conversation that shows shagun talking to NIddhi that she got Pihu by doing all this dirty work. Then Pihu will know who is the good fruit and who is the rotten fruit.

    • Aisha Khanna

      U r absolutely right…why Raman didn’t tell the truth to pihu….now everyone is suffering with problems. I will blame Raman and the Bhalla family also

    • danny

      Yes u r right. Pihu should return for is hu. And for that ishu should her motherly love for pihu like she did with ruhi and adi.

    • Parichary

      Guys don’t blame Raman and Bhalla.

      Pihu met Ishita for the first time and she feel the connection with Ishita and fell in love with her. Adi did mistake by leaving Pihu on the busy road and Ishita save Pihu and Raman witnessed this and get angry. Raman separate Pihu from Ishita and order Ishita to stay away from Pihu then goes to Adi and slap him. Adi want Pihu and Ishita to spend time together and get to know each other. Raman take Pihu away and drive away then Pihu tell Raman that she like Ishita and Raman get tensed and think to tell Pihu that Ishita is her real mother but angry on Ishita and think about Shagun welfare. Pihu believed that Raman and Shagun are married and are her parents but did not know the truth that Raman and Shagun are not married. Shagun use Sindoor for Raman but still want Raman back but Raman refused to get Shagun back in his life.

      Pihu ask Ishita for help with maths homework and Ishita agree to help her. Ishita explain to Pihu easy way with maths and Pihu get answer right and Pihu get happy and thanks her. Ruhi ask Pihu to call Ishita Ishma then Pihu agreed and call Ishita Ishma and Ishita smile and hug while Shagun look on and get irked with much angrythen pretend theat she is okay with Pihu to call Ishita ishma. Shagun become insecurity.

      Goons was abduction on Raman and Ishita and threaten to kill them of they don’t give money. Ruhi get worry then Shagun and Ruhi see goon at Bhalla house and inform Mihir then Mihir calls boys (Sharvan, Adi, Bala), and Aylia. they take chilli powder, pepper powder to throw on goons but heard the gunshot. They get worry for Raman and Ishita but mistaken to throw the chilli powder on Ishita. Ishita scream with pain while Raman and other men beat the goons then one goon escape then push Mrs Iyer and put knife on Ishita neck to slit but Raman ask them to hold on and worry for Ishita. Raman save Ishita from gonn and knife then Raman beat goons again until police arrive to arrested 2 goons. Raman and other forget about Ishita then Ishita scream with pain and Raman and other yelp and ran to Ishita. Raman care for Ishita and Raman shouting around for water and try to reduce Ishita pain and remove chilli powder. shagun get irked and annoyed to see Raman care for Ishita and Ruhi noticed Shagun behave.

      Raman and Ruhi want to tell Pihu about her real mother but Shagun brainwash Pihu and Pihu throw her words on Ruhi when Ruhi tell Pihu about her childhood and angel story. Pihu had learnt from Shagun the wrong way. Pihu tell Ruhi that Ishita is your mother and not mumma and Shagun is my mumma. This shocked Ruhi and get upset on Pihu words and knew that Shagun put poision in Pihu mind.

      Ruhi knew the hospital and make faked stomach pain and Shagun take her to doctor. Shagun don’t want Ruhi to tell Pihu where she born and who is her mother. Shagun goes to admission to fill form then Ruhi take Pihu to maternal wards (baby wards). Ruhi want to tell Pihu about Ishita as her mother not Shagun. Shagun get irked and angry but relieved that Pihu goes with nurse to see baby and couldn’t hear Ruhi truth. Shagun then phone Ishita to inform about Ruhi sick and ask her to rush to the hospital. Shagun send Raman to see Ruhi and need to talk with Ishita. Shagun tell Ishita to stop Ruhi for tell Pihu. Ishita get upset then goes to Ruhi and send Raman and Pihu to go out so she need to talk with Ruhi. Ishita explain to Ruhi not to rush and please give time and Pihu is very senitive while Shagun listening then smirk. Raman want to tell Pihu about her real mother also but Ruhi tell Raman don’t tell and please let me do this and I need to make Pihu understand slowly and Raman agreed.

      • danny

        All this is shown in the show and that why we know this. Wat about the 7yrs that shagun spend at bhallas no body is interested in her sacrifice

  8. kaya

    Kitni cheap orat h shagun jis din iski sachyi pihu ko pta chlegi n sabse jyda puri duniya me tumse nafrat karegi WO.

  9. Neha

    What nonsense blo*dy shagun. I hate her. Hope pihu finds shagun evilness. I remember when ruhi went to shagun’s house in her childhood shagun avoids her completely. I want that to repeat here again. This shagun cannot handle a child more lovely than ishita.

  10. VP

    Kp and Dt and Neelu hats off … superb emotional acting ..I dont think small screen has never viewed such a jodi .. loved it Adi too .. totally an emotional episode …Every day we have to see this Shaghun .. she started with her game .. Mani I feel will understand and regret , sure .. once once Alias truth is out .. her own child Ishitha cud not even hug at least one time .., kp .. opened out his seven years … he lived only for Pihu becoz he was seeing Ishitha in her .. totally good episode .. Alia too helpless ..

    • Parichary

      Ruhi is not cuprlit, Tanusri!!!!

      Nidhi is behind this because she want to revenge on Ruhi.
      Nidhi beat Ruhi and Ishita save Ruhi then tell Ruhi to beat Nidhi back.
      Ruhi agreed with Ishita then Nidhi want to beat Ruhi but stopped by Ruhi (grabbed Nidhi hand) then pull the hunter then beat her badly while think about her childhood until now that Nidhi beat her. Nidhi fell down.

      Adi decided to confess his crime to police but the guy felt bad then stop Adi for going to jail and confessed his crime and the guy goes to jail and free Adi. Raman and Ishita get relieved. Pihu comes to know about Adi innocent and Shagun evil plan. Pihu will hate Shagun and will returned to Ishita by herself and Ishita will be shocked to see Pihu comes to her then Ishita then bring Pihu to Bhalla house and Pihu ask Ishita to bring her clothes and come to stay with Raman. Bhalla get happy. Raman hug Ishita and children together. Mani will get to know about acid attack by other person and Adi innocent. Mani will realised that Ishita is right and feel guilty. Aylia angry on Mani for accusing wrong on Adi and Ishita and believing on Shagun. Mani get shock that shagun plan to separate Ishita, Raman and Pihu.

  11. Jay

    a lovely episode . a bit of the old YHM spirit. And Divyanka looks gorgous in that sari compared to those other buff ones. Really missing the spirit of the old YHM. Saw an old episode on Glow and really the spirit of the actors is gone. That chemistry is not there nymore. sad

    The CV’s should read some of the OS that are written to get ideas on how to spruce up YHM to its old glory. Some very good writing there.

  12. devika

    Raman still cries for his pain losing pihu what about the way he hurt ishitha taking pihu with shagun when ish returned & the dirty tricks he played with shagun to give ishitha’s child oh raman should suffer for his deeds poor ishitha who never gets peace in this drama

  13. rithushree

    Episode was worst and precap was also worst.i hate that shagun.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna mino Sarita sara prisha Aisha and all yhm friends.

  14. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Shagun wins Pihu’s custody and Pihu leaves Bhalla house and goes to stay with Shagun.

    However the entire Bhalla family is shattered witnessing this incident but they are helpless.

    Soon in the series to come Raman will go to Pihu’s school to meet her where Pihu gets cheerful to meet Raman.

    However Shagun will insult Raman the same way as he did earlier.

    Raman will get shattered and will return home.

    Ishita will try to console Raman but in vain.

    Adi will get upset witnessing everything and will vow to bring back Pihu.

  15. Super girl

    Hi all yhm.very very sad episode. I hate the characters of shagun , Nidhi and ashok. The 3 of them together shud be boiled in pot.shaggy waggy u gonna pay for ur deeds.

  16. Rab

    The right person got the custody. Even tho for now she is using pihu to hurt ishita it was true that she loved pihu for 7 years. That’s three times more than ishita raised Ruhi for before the car incident. Hopefully Shagun really shows love to pihu but bhallas become better.

    • shreya shetty

      get lost rab just out out of here if u support shagun and never come back.that much common sense and intelligence u don’t have or what.i mean what sort of upbringing r u brought up from huh?????ishita is 100 percent better than shagun shagun just leaves her own children to die remember that preivous building collapse where ishita sacrificed herself to brutual injuries after saving adi and ruhi.shagun is evil truly pure evil witch and ishita is like a fairy godmother who s every childs favourite character got it or not

      • Diya

        U get lost shreya shetty.. Y do u judge ppl so quickly.. This is just a serial and u r questioning someone else’s upbringing coz of that.. And y do u judge shagun using her past.. you dont even deserve to comment here Miss shreya shetty u r too judgemental

      • Parichary

        Diya, Ihad explain the same way as you tell Shreya. She is too judgment on people and give nasty words. She asked me to stop overconcern her so I stay back and not want to discuss further because of her attitude.

    • danny

      Yes rab if shagun had remained positive then I also want pihu to b with shagun but now CVS to show pihu with ishu, they have spoiled shagun character once again. And now I want pihu to return to ishu and bhalla. But only after they have suffered enough for their mistake.
      For shagun her bad deeds will b paid off when pihu also leaves her like adi and ruhi

    • VP

      Sorry Rab … love is unconditional … love to your own children can not be measured with years .. Adi is an example … he is telling Pihu can not be with Shaghun Mamma ..

  17. arun

    The only reason shagun is behaving like this is because ever since ishita return raman and his family started to act like shagun meant nothing to them even though she sacrifice her happiness to raise pihu not like ishita who ran away an then think ever thing she does is right if that was the case why didn’t she even bother to contact her own family instead she made out she was dead and as for ruhi she is was encouraging raman to marry shagun it wasn’t shagun who said to raman marry me it was him who ask her then she keeps on going on about ishita being pihu real mother has she forgot that shagun is her real mother but she treat her like trash as if to say what happen to her with nidhi was shagun fault an not ishitas

  18. Roselyn Dada

    Salute Rahman and Ishita for their acting. We appriciate you though the writer is writing rubish turning most ac tors to negative made most children to now hate pihu at least let Ishu and Rahman have happy moment together from Nigeria

  19. Sanjana

    I really hope shagun keeps pihu with her turns positive and remains happy with her. Ishitha left pihu when she was only 3 4 day old. She lost one daughter so left other one also. And she isnt even concerned about aliya. Aliya se toh milti bhi nae hai aab. If shagun is wrong so even ishitha isnt doondh ki dhuli.

    • Pixiedus_t

      That’s exactly what I feel! Shagun deserves Pihu as she left everything & raised that little girl without any expectations! Pihu is her world! I wish she turns +ve! And yeah you are right about Alia! Ishita is concerned for Adi but not Alia! I mean she slapped Alia like why? She can soothe her instead! Also she was rude to Alia at times! I feel bad for Mani even! He left everything for Ishita & now stuck in all these! I always wanted to ask why is it always Ishra who decide others lives? Mihir & Rinki’s marriage, now Mani & Shagun’s!! -_-

  20. rithushree

    The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity melodrama.

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) come home after losing Pihu’s custody case. Raman sees Pihu’s photo and cries a lot, recalling her. Ishita sees Raman crying like a kid and consoles him. Raman misses Pihu and shares his pain with Ishita.

    On the other hand Adi (Abhishek Verma) sees Raman weeping and feels sad.

    Pihu has gone with Shagun (Anita Hassanadani), and everyone misses her a lot.

    Adi feels guilty that all problems started because of him, and he decides to settle the things and sort out everything.

    Raman and Ishita go to Pihu’s school to meet Pihu, but teacher does not let them meet Pihu, by following Shagun’s orders.

    Shagun throws a celebration party and wait for Pihu.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  21. arshi

    If ishu was at shagun’s place & shagun at ishu’s place… Then ishu wud have sacrificed everything once shaggy returned back in Raman’s life…but shaggy cudnt do it…the reason is ishu understands relations… Love…care…& now also she wud have given pihu 2 shagun happily if she was assured that shagun will take care of pihu…but she sensed something fishy is going on in shaggy’smind…after all ishu is a real mother & moms can always sense what & who is gud for her children…. All shagun supporters,accept it that ishu is better than shagun in case of handling relations…all shagun haters accept it that shagun has her own selfish reasons for whatever she is doing….so from hrler point of view,she’s not wrong…not from ishu’s point of view…she’s wrong coz ishu thought process is totally different…. There can be no question of comparison between the two of them…

  22. rithushree

    In the upcoming episode, the show to witness high voltage drama as Aditya recalls everything that happened when someone attacked Aliya.

    Aditya recalls that when he reached to meet Aliya just then someone comes in Ruhan attire and he throw acid on Aliya.

    Aditya gets shocked seeing all this and he feels that the person is someone who is close to him so he does not wants to put that person in trouble.
    Niddhi can be the culprit behind acid attack on Aliya

    So he will accept that he did the acid attack on Aliya, hearing this Ishita will get shocked and she will feel that there is something fishy.

    It feels that Niddhi has done this taking her Ruhaan attire to take revenge from Ruhi.

    Lets see the what happens next.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  23. Pixiedus_t

    Honestly! Ishra are at fault this time! Pihu lived with Shagun & Raman for 7 years & of course she’s happy with everything/everyone around! Suddenly Ishita enters & stays with Raman! I mean you can’t just expect a 7 year soul to understand all this! She feels Ishita separated her mom & dad! Ishita should’ve lived in her house & tried getting closer to pihu! But no! She hugs Raman, goes around with him so obviously Pihu would hate Ishita because it’s Shagun’s place (as she believes is snatched) Raman slapping Pihu was too much! The girl don’t even know what she’s talking! He always goes mad at people! All these changes are unexpected & kind of disasters to Pihu! She is not grown enough to tolerate or understand!

    And a few viewers hating on her!! Remember a child always believes & behaves as her/his parents guide them! Pihu is close to Shagun since she was born! A girl always believes her mom is right! So accordingly she does what her mom says! Hurting Ishra or being rude! That’s all because of Shagun! Remember how Adi used to be? Shagun brainwashed Adi then & Pihu now! Blame that lady devil for all this not that little soul! And Bhalla’s are always messed up! I prefer Iyers!

  24. deepa v

    Shagun was never an ideal mother. She looked after pihu with an aim to get back to inlaws and raman.. She left raman for another man for money. spoilt adi, and tuhi was a small baby. In fact Ishitha saved pihu, who was thrown by niddhi Even if shagun did not bring up Pihu, bhallas had people to look after.Pihu.

    • danny

      No dear she genuinely wanted child for ishita. She agreed for surrogacy knowing that she might risk her relation with manoj. She just wanted to b good for her children to b proud on her. Pihu came , ruhi died ishu committed suicide. Now a few days old child was left without a mother. A mother for whom shagun risked everything. So shagun gave up her relationship and became mother to pihu and decided to raise pihu and give her motherly love like ishu had given to ruhi. She managed everyone e. Then she found after 7 yes that ishu is alive she initially decides to find ishu and tell truth to pihu. But then due to her love for pihu she doesn’t. Also ishu was with Mani and aliya(another daughter to is hu). Shagun didn’t wanted to marry Raman. But due to continuous plotting of niddhi and ruhi she was left at the mandap by Raman. Ruhi then put the condition of ishra’s union for her return. Shagun agreed as they were doing it all for her daughter. (Dialogue’ vese bhi ye sab wo meri ruhi ke liye hi to kar rahe he’)then the family started to shower their love on ishu. Like saying tu to meri sherni he, mujhe pata he tu humari ruhi ko jarur wapas leayegi. Ruhi was shagun’s daughter as well won’t she feel bad. That the family for which she sacrificed everything they suddenly got changed when ishita came back.

      Shagun turning bad was not at all good. But till I mentioned the story it was genuine for shogun to claim pihu as pihu was also not happy with ishu staying at Raman’s house at that time also.

  25. Nithi

    What a story… Previously shagun can do anything for Adi and later they showed shagun is using Adi for revenge. Shagun was supposed to stop her marriage with Ashok because of Adi. Same shagun is using Adi….. Super

    Now Shagun is taking care of pihu lik anything, after ishita comes they are showing, she using pihu for revenge….
    Bakwaas…. If viewers are fools, they will show whatever they want….

    • danny

      Yes same here . I too feel same. Just to unite pihu is hu they suddenly turned shagun evil. As ishu would have genuinely lost with good shagun as shagun deserved pihu more. So they turned her bad to show that ishu deserves pihu more

  26. SV

    This serial is just getting worse day by day… and I feel so bad for mani. He’s being pulled into Bhalla family’S nonsense because of Ishita…. why did she ever come to India? Why couldn’t she have just stayed back in Australia?
    And the way the makers are portraying Shagun is not right… no woman can be as heartless as she is…. especially as she is pihu’s mom (trust me Ishita isn’t her mom, she hasn’t done anything a mother should have done for Pihu)
    And seriously, if Ishita had been able to concieve, she wouldn’t have given Ruhi a second glance…. but Shagun had a happy life to look forward too with Manoj, yet she gave it all up for the ungrateful bhallas
    I am not supporting what Shagun is doing but Ishita isn’t the mother goddess that people claim her to be too…

    • Parichary

      I son’t agree SV

      Ishita is Pihu real mother not Shagun.
      Dr manoj use Ishita’s freeze egg and Raman sperm together and put into Shagun’s womb.
      If you say Raman ahd Shagun slept together that mean Shagun is Pihu real mother. Raman and Shagun did not sleep together.
      Ishita had been pregnant with Raman child first after the women and children abduction and bus bombed by Ashok’s driver. Ishita had miscarriage and Raman to get suffered. Raman loves Ishita and want Ishita to have another baby but Ishita don’t want to because she had to risk her life to save families and children. Shagun life are not threaten but Ishita might.
      Aylia lost her parent when she was younger and had been cared by Mani but Mani can’t take care of Aylia and need partner to give mother figure to Aylia but comes to know about Ishita painful and want to committed sucide but saved by Mani twice. Ishita feel guilty of Mani hip function and goes with Mani to take care of him and children (Aylia and Vivaan) without Bhalla and Iyer families knowledge.

      • danny

        Their no question of sleeping with someone hear. She meant to say that is hu didn’t do any motherly duties for pihu. Like waking up at night, being by side if sick baby, feeding baby, making them learn how to stand or how to talk. All this was done by shagun.

      • Parichary

        Danny, do you think about what Raman had said to Ishita when they lost Ruhi.

        Raman tells Ishita to get lost and don’t want to see her face and called her unlucky charmed. It breaks Ishita heart which she went to committed sucide. Raman did not think careful about Ishita sucide or divorce or getting herself hurt. Ruhi is Ishita life. When ACP Abhishek gave news to Raman and Families about Ishita sucide then Mihika and Romi take Ishita side and blame Raman insulted on Ishita and her death. Raman get shattered and blamed himself for separating Ishita and daughters without thinking. Raman loves Ishita and feel guilty. Raman don’t want Shagun to returned back to Bhalla house so that Raman will raised Pihu alone with parent and sister support. Shagun supposed to marry Manoj and go away but heard about Ishita death then Shagun leave Manoj and want to return in Raman life and play as Raman wife and took care of Pihu. Pihu did not know the truth that Raman and Shagun are not married. Raman want to be single again but to his surprised that Ishita returned alive in jail when Raman tried to search Ishita but goes in vain. Police couldn’t find Ishita body and Raman knew that Ishita is alive and ran away but did not know that Mani saved Ishita. Raman accused on Ishita without understanding. When Raman and Ishita goes for energy brand function they get annoyed but stay distance. Ishita overheard Ashok and Romi to get Raman drunk and want to tramped the party but Ishita tried to save Raman but Raman traunt Ishita. Raman ask Ishita to drink whisky and know that Ishita will failed but to his vain that shocked him that Ishita drank whisky from the glass then Raman want to refill for himself but failed because Ishita pull the whisky bottle and drank all of it and Raman tried to stop Ishita and want to control Ishita but goes vain. Ishita get drunk and does singing and dancing then flirt with Raman infront of guest.

  27. SV

    And I totally agree with Sanjana… Ishita hardly cares about aliya… she was just concerned about adi… Ishita has lived with aliya for 7 years and barely a year with adi…. yet she was going gaga for adi and wasn’t the least bit concerned about aliya… and why doesn’t someone control that idiot Raman? Who does he think he is? Shouting at everyone and blaming others for everything- thinking he can never do anything wrong!

  28. Rashmi

    Shagun has to fight for Aditya n should take care of Adi and Aliya.afterall he is her real future may be he accepts her.but pihu….when will she knows the truth definitely she will leave any time in future.poor shagun…u have no mind…

    • Parichary


      Don’t get me wrong.
      Shagun don’t deserve Adi. Shagun don’t want Adi to be in love with Aylia and ruin Adi’s life and want to revenge on Ishita. Don’t forget that Ishita is the one lady who changed Adi life from hate to love and Ishita taught Adi the good value and respect. Shagun give Adi bad influence and believed that Ishita is bad woman but Adi noticed Ishita kind and calm and friendly person and Adi start to love Ishita over Shagun.
      Now Shagun will do this same with Pihu and Pihu will be like Adi. Ishita save Adi, Ruhi and Pihu from Shagun. Raman had to protect Ishita from Shagun and Ashok but now other person join is Nidhi. Ruhi and Raman protect Ishita together against Shagun and Nidhi and Ashok. Mihir help Ishita go against Shagun, Romi to Ashok, Raman and Ruhi to Nidhi.

      Like Good people against bad people.

  29. shivani

    Hi YHM fans….
    this time i cant support ishita….Whatever she said about pihu sounded very unconvincing to me…..she said she didnt play with her,hug her,etc etc….does she realy miss pihu…??…then where was she for the last 7 years….why ishita left her….i knw raman insulted ishita and asked her to leave from his life….but, why she punished pihu for that…she never once tried to meet pihu in these 7 years….i would have supported ishita if she made a single attempt to meet pihu…

    Actually Cvs to be blamed…they showed ishita living happily with mani and aliya…

    Ishita is my favorite character in this show…i am angry at writers that they spoiled ishitas character and viewers started questioning ishita…..because of writers fault, there arised a comparison btwn ishita and shagun..(both left their kids..)…..

    • Khushiarvind


      |Registered Member

      I seconds you shivani… Ishitha have no right to claim on pihu… She left her when she was only a few days ild nvr lookedback at her in 7 yrs… After coming back she never tried to bond with her… In eyes of pihu ishitha is an other women in her papas life who seperated her papa nd shagun mamma.. So she will hate her.. No child can bear this….

    • Parichary

      Nonononono, it can’t be.

      Ishita did not punish Pihu. She feel guilty of Ruhi death and Raman blamed her. Whole families get hurt by Raman insult on Ishita, that is why Ishita does committed sucide which had been witnessed by Ashok and Suraj.

      ACP Abhishek get news about Ishita sucide then goes to Bhalla house (Raman slapped Romi for irresponsible) but stopped by Mihika and Mihika support Ishita and Romi and held Raman responsible. Abhishek give Bhalla and Iyer bad news about Ishita sucide then Raman get shattered and realised that Ishita only loves Ruhi and don’t want to lose Ruhi but he forget his daughter who needs her real mother(Ishita) and the one who save Pihu. Mihika insult Raman for Ishita and take Romi out of Bhalla house and whole families shattered and cried and Raman goes to his room and slumped down and cried badly for Ishita.

      Ishita is not living happily to live with Mani and Aylia. Ishita only loves Raman and missed Ruhi and Adi and she think of newborn baby (Pihu). When Ishita put business news to listen and heard reporter saying Raman’s name award. Ishita pause Raman face and goes to touch Raman face and Mani noticed it. Mani is in love with Ishita but Ishita is not in love with Mani. Mani and Ishita returned to India for Ruhaan advertisement but Ishita did not know that Raman is also involved only Mani knows. Mani want to separate Raman and Ishita but Raman and Ishita get surprised to see each other in jail then Rman and Ishita fight in the studio. Adi plan to bring Ishita and Raman together so they did. Raman and Ishita did the dance but when it comes to end Raman see Ishita loves in her eyes and so is Ishita see in Raman’s love for her also.

      • danny

        Missing someone loving someone from far is different then standing besides them at the time of difficulty. Ishu didn’t came back. Just ruhi was gone all the family was still their who needed her.

  30. shivani

    Raman’s (Karan Patel) pain for Pihu makes Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) angry on Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Pihu’s custody case turn bitter and painful for Raman and Ishita.

    Shagun wins getting Pihu’s custody with help of Mani and use this opportunity humiliating Raman and Ishita.

    Shagun has filled poison in Pihu’s mind against Raman and Ishita in which Pihu puts condition in front of Raman to choose between her and Ishita.

    Raman is helpless as he does not want lose both beloved ones of his life and breaks down seeing Pihu left him.

    However, Ishita can bear anything but cannot see tears in Raman’s eyes so she decides to teach a lesson to Shagun for snatching happiness from her family.

    Adi and Ruhi help Ishita defeat Shagun

    Ishita will now take some negative step against Shagun in which Shagun reveals her evil truth in front of Pihu.

    However, this will not be very easy for Ishita so her big supporter Adi and Ruhi join hands with their Ishima getting Pihu back from Shagun.

  31. Kimberly

    I’m so happy that Shagun got the custody of Pihu and not that blo*dy Ishita…… She first took Ruhi from Niddhi and now was trying to take Pihu from Shagun….Such a shameless woman she is!!!!!!!!!

    • Aisha Khanna

      Dear, Ruhi was Shagun s daughter not Nidhi s. Bcoz of Shagun’s behaviour Ruhi support Ishu only. I know that Ishita did left pihu for 7 yrs …all this is bcoz of Raman

    • Parichary

      Kim…. you are absoulutely wrong about this.

      You did not read or watch what happen in the past of what Shagun did to Raman’s children (Adi and Ruhi)
      Shagun left Raman for Ashok and take Adi away and leaving Ruhi with Raman. Raman raised Ruhi and did not give affection. Ishita save Ruhi life many occassion. Ruhi want Raman and Ishita to get married and Ruhi want to Ishita as her mom. Raman get surprised that Ishita had to risk her life to save his daughter. Raman becomes weaken whenit comes to Adi and Shagun use Adi to revenged on Ishita and planned to separated Raman and Ishita. Ishita save Adi life that Shagun did not save Adi. Raman get happy that Adi see Ishita truth and loves for him and Shagun evil side.

      Nidhi is the one who kidnapped Pihu and demand Ishita for Ruhi. Ishita refused to give Ruhi to Nidhi. Raman supposed to save both girls but Nidhi outsmart them. Nidhi grab Ruhi and fled then went to dead-end cliff and car explosed. Raman and Ishita get shattered of Ruhi death but Nidhi and Ruhi escape alive. Ruhi want to go back to Bhalla house but Nidhi take Ruhi away and goes to other country. Ishita is Pihu real mother not Shagun. Dr Manoj use Ishita’s freeze eggs and Raman’s sperm together and disposed in Shagun’s womb. Shagun is not Pihu real mother. Ruhi and Adi loves Ishita unconditional. Pihu did not know the truth about Shagun as her masti and Ishita as her real mother. When the truth come out and Pihu will hate Shagun and will leave Shagun and Mani house and goes to Ishita and bring Ishita to Raman.

  32. Kimberly

    Now this stupid Raman shud also come back to his senses….. Bcoz of Ishita she lost Pihu….Now he shud kick Ishita out of his life….Even Ruhi shud also come back to her senses and go back to Niddhi who is her real mom.

    • Parichary

      Kim and Teh

      You are also wrong!!!!

      Ishita is not selfished. Shagun and Nidhi want Raman and his money, not children.
      Please read old story again.
      Think of a woman who sacafice her life to save Raman and children lives!
      Shagun don’t want to save children’s lives and want to ruin children’s lives.
      ishita is the only one who always save children’s lives and Raman loves Ishita badly. Raman doesn’t loves Shagun.

      • danny

        Wat about 7yrs of shagun’s life.
        And none of other women wants money. Shagun gave money to mani to give it to workers and even niddhi was a successful lawyer and had such a big house. Niddhi just wanted Raman. While shagun’s objective kept on changing throughout the story.

      • Parichary

        Danny, don’t get me wrong!!!

        Shagun make Mani blind! You did not see what Shagun did. Shagungave Mani money but went behind Mani back and contact union leader to threaten Raman company.

      • danny

        She used even her money and everything to take pihu. But she was never after his money its was simple. Always.

  33. Tehreem

    Today’s episode was lovely. Ishita got slapped. It was so pleasing. If Ishita really loves Pihu this much, why did she leave her? A mother bears any pain for her child. She should’ve ignored Ramman and raised Pihu. But, she paved way for Shagun to get into the Bhalla family and then the ungrateful Bhalla family got rid of Shagun and forced her to turn evil again. If Ruhi can live with her so called Ishima then why can’t Pihu live with Shagun. Shagun raised Pihu so well in 7 years and even Pihu wants her. Where is justice in that? Ishita gets to keep Shagun’s daughter but Shagun can’t keep Ishita’s? In the start if the show, I used to hate Shagun and I liked Ishita a lot but, with the passage of time I started to realize that Ishita always tries to be ‘mahan’ and knows only of her rights. Shagun was evil but she turned into a great person and not everyone can do that. She saved Ishita from getting raped by Ashok. She bared bullet for her, she helped her in saving Ramman, she left Manoj to raise Ishita’s daughter and now she can’t live with Pihu because Ishita only thinks of her rights. Ishita deserves what she got.

  34. shivani

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman (Karan Patel)-Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) disguises as Charlie Chaplin and Joker meeting Pihu on her birthday

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Raman and Ishita are shattered loosing Pihu.

    While Shagun is on cloud nine to defeat Ishita-Raman, Shagun stops Raman from meeting Pihu.

    Raman is sad as it’s Pihu’s birthday and Shagun stops him from meeting his daughter Pihu, Ishita makes a plan.

    Ishita-Raman’s disguised avatar

    Ishita and Raman thus enters Pihu’s birthday party in disguised avatar as Joker and Charlie Chaplin.

    Raman and Ishita happily spends time with their daughter Pihu, while Shagun is unaware about it.

  35. Raghu

    The problem was with Shagun. See Shagun almost became the next Ishitha. She could not became Ishitha. In 7 years Shagun could have married Raman.. Even though Shagun was Raman first love. Shagun always thought she won’t replace Ishitha. But when ishu came back she became insecure. She always believed pihu will accept only Ishitha as her mom. Reason for that being Shagun did not have love in her life. She became negative. She thinks she has pihu, but once pihu knows the truth pihu will disown you. All your efforts will be come vain

  36. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hey All long time since ive been on YHM page the show just lost its umph…..
    Hope all have been good…Jaz?Rithu?Shivani?VP?Shona?Khushi?

  37. shreya shetty

    I am leaving this group forever don’t care at all please diya miss just get the hell out of here and u too magic why don’t u all leave me live in peace.i shall rather leave this world duniya and go I suppose.please don’t go against me

  38. shreya shetty

    I am tensioned due to my exam problem and all of u want is to go against me??????now I am crying crying and crying a lot because of this terrible pain u all have given to me

    • magic

      O shreya am sorry but you got me and all wrong plz don’t cry i will not comment at your post again because you can’t understand me i am your true friend on behalf of this i am telling you the truth but i regret you get all the things wrong because everyone get hurt from your language plz forgive me about my comment am sorry i hope you had a good day good bye good girl

  39. shreya shetty

    people please please try to understand my condition.its because even I too am stuck in a very serious trauma.diya and parichary please why r u all against family is abusing me and here also my very own yhm friends are against me please try to recognize me properly.i am good not bad get it.and diya u get lost dear and parichary I am not ur friend if u talk to me like this get it

  40. S09

    God knows why they ended a good serial like Diya aur Bati hum when there is trash like YHM going on in star plus

  41. Parichary

    Oh no Danny!

    You did not see that.
    Nihdi beat Ruhi but Ishita save Ruhi.
    Ishita made Ruhi become like Ishita as Jhasi Ki Rani to beat Nidhi back.
    Ruhi beat Nidhi with hunter badly until Nidhi fell down.
    Ishita warn Shagun if you (Shagun) touch touch my (Ishita) daughter (Ruhi) then I will not speak but will kill you (Shagun). Shagun remain silent and think that Ishita warning are serious but goes to see Nidhi and get shocked to see Nidhi injured.
    Shagun came to know that Ishita save Ruhi from Nidhi.
    Someone phone Shagun when Shagun is with Nidhi that the person informed Shagun about Mani helping Raman. Shagun get angry and don’t want Mani to assist Raman company. Nidhi gave Shagun idea to do something and give money to Mani. It is Ashok and Nidhi money that gave to Shagun to give Mani to save the workers then goes to other place where Mani did not overhear Shagun talking to Union leader and Shagun paid union leader 50 laks in union leader account.
    Raman, Mihir, Romi and Ishita discuss what to do to save the workers and get worry. Ishita get money and jewerelly to union leader to prove the workers that union leader are fraudster and Union leader want to run away but stopped and surprised to see workers waiting. Union leader lied to workers that Ishita had blackmail him but goes vain. Ishita warned worker of what union leader want and workers get shocked and fumed and refused to continue striking and wanted to return to complete the order for Raman company.
    If you see the company name (Pihu Industries) then why Shagun want to shut down this company if she say that Pihu is her daughter. Shagun want to shut down Pihu’s business that had been running by Raman hardworking.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.