Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita crying and thinking of the court decision. She stops Mani and asks why did you do this to me, you are my friend, or were you my friend, I never expected this from you, you did not support truth. Mani says I m supporting truth, the way you are doing, you think Adi is innocent and I think Shagun is good for Pihu, when Aaliya was attacked, did you think I maybe right, you brainwashed Aaliy and she does not want to punish Adi, when you did not think for my child, I had to think, I know we have to support loved ones, I m supporting my wife, Pihu believes Shagun is her mum, I m glad to teach you this lesson of life. He leaves. Ishita cries. Raman and Ruhi hold her.

Everyone cry. Shagun is takig Pihu. Ruhi stops Pihu. Pihu says I m going with mumma. Ruhi says

I will tell you truth, Shagun is not your real mum. Shagun asks Ruhi to stop it, and takes Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says Shagun took Pihu, Ishita could not fight, I asked her to fight like tigress for children, what happened to my tigress, she broke down. Mr. Bhalla says your tigress will not lose, our other tigress is with her, Ruhi will make her win the war. Raman hugs Ruhi and Ishita, and they all cry.

Ruhi asks Shagun to send Pihu with them, Pihu will need her stuff. Shagun says no need, Pihu does not need any old thing, I will take her to shopping. Ruhi asks Mani to let them take Pihu once, she will meet everyone. Mani agrees and says Pihu will meet them, afterall its her house. Ruhi thanks her. Mr. Bhalla gets call and says yes, we are getting Pihu home.

Adi and Mihika cry. Mihir calls Mihika and says I m stuck at office because of meeting with Singhal, I can’t manage Shagun, take care of Raman and Ishita. Mihika asks him not to worry. Amma and Appa come. Amma cries and says how will Ishu face this, when is Pihu coming. Neelu says I prepared welcome plate for Pihu, do her aarti, I had mannat and now its fulfilled, Pihu will not go anywhere now. Raman, Ishita, Ruhi, Mr and Mrs. Bhalla get Pihu. Adi hugs Pihu and cries. Neelu asks Mihika to do Pihu’s aarti. Shagun asks Pihu to get her stuff, Mani is waiting, come soon, we will shop for things you need. Ruhi says I can’t see Pihu leaving and leaves.

Neelu requests Shagun not to take Pihu. She asks Ishita to make everything fine, as she always does, you taught Raman to live and smile again, you gave love to Ruhi, stop Pihu from going, do some miracle, I know I m maid of this house, but I know house will shatter after Pihu goes. Adi helps Pihu in packing. Raman goes to Pihu and gives her diary, saying he has written her diet and schedule in it, call me daily, I should know what my princess does. She says fine. He says I did your school project, give this to your teacher, and forgive me if I did anything wrong. Adi and Ishita cry. Adi thinks Raman knows so much about Pihu, he loves Pihu a lot, we did not get such love in childhood. Raman tells Pihu that he loves her a lot.

Pihu says I love you too, we can stay as before, ask Ishita aunty to leave. Shagun says leave it, we all know your Papa can leave you, but not Ishita, come lets go. Ishita and Raman cry. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Pihu and cries. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call you when I watch the tv serial. She asks Pihu to have her fav dish. Shagun says enough, I got Pihu here to make you all meet her, we have to leave now, Mani is waiting downstairs. Shagun takes Pihu. Everyone cry. Aaliya comes there and sees everyone crying. She calls out Ishita. Raman and Ishita get shocked seeing her.

Raman scolds Aaliya and says you and your Appa ruined everything, snatched my daughter, why did you come to make us realize we lost. Adi says its not Aaliya’s fault, she came here to meet me, Mani did everything. Raman says you are not a father and won’t understand. Ishita hugs Aaliya. Adi asks Ishita not to worry, I m with Aaliya, Papa needs you, go. Aaliya says I did not know all this, sorry. Ishita goes to Raman. Aaliya apologizes to Adi. Adi says Papa was angry so he shouted on me, you go home now. Aaliya agrees.

Shagun shows Pihu’s room. Pihu likes the room a lot. Shagun says I did not decorate the room, we will go on shopping tomorrow and buy whatever you want, we will spend time together. Pihu says okay. Shagun asks are you happy. Pihu says yes, I m very happy. Shagun asks her to thank Mani, he supported us, and I want you to call Mani as Papa. Pihu says no, I can’t call him Papa, I have my Papa. Mani says Pihu is right Shagun, even Aaliya does not call you Amma, its enough that you guys are happy here.

Ishita does not find Raman in their room and says I know where is he. She goes to Pihu’s room and sees Raman crying. Raman sees his and Pihu’s pic. He cries and tells Ishita that he is madly missing Pihu, he had just lived for Pihu for 7 years, he had no other reason, he was all alone when Ishita left him, Pihu used to come from school and hug me, I could not become a responsible father and she is gone, I wanted to give you biggest happiness and we lost Pihu because of my carelessness. Ishita says you did everything you could do. Adi sees them and cries. Ishita says everything has a reason behind, stop crying.

Ishita says we can get Pihu back, don’t lose hope. Adi gets a small teddy. Raman promises Ishita that he will get Pihu back. He apologizes. She says you have spent much time with her, I m hurt seeing you like this. Raman says this is Pihu’s toy. Ishita takes the teddy and cries. Raman hugs Adi and they cry. Ishita says I did not even play with her, I could not hug her once, I took her in lap when she is a baby, and now she is gone, I could not hold her with love. Adi hugs Ishita and says enough, you will get Pihu back, I m sure. Raman sees pic and cries.

Pihu talks to Mrs. Bhalla and Shagun removes the line. Shagun asks what happened. Pihu says Dadi was talking about serial and disconnected call. Shagun says what can we do, people change, I will watch your fav serial. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Monique_D

    Hey All long time since ive been on YHM page the show just lost its umph…..
    Hope all have been good…Jaz?Rithu?Shivani?VP?Shona?Khushi?

  2. shreya shetty

    I am leaving this group forever don’t care at all please diya miss just get the hell out of here and u too magic why don’t u all leave me live in peace.i shall rather leave this world duniya and go I suppose.please don’t go against me

  3. shreya shetty

    I am tensioned due to my exam problem and all of u want is to go against me??????now I am crying crying and crying a lot because of this terrible pain u all have given to me

    1. O shreya am sorry but you got me and all wrong plz don’t cry i will not comment at your post again because you can’t understand me i am your true friend on behalf of this i am telling you the truth but i regret you get all the things wrong because everyone get hurt from your language plz forgive me about my comment am sorry i hope you had a good day good bye good girl

  4. shreya shetty

    people please please try to understand my condition.its because even I too am stuck in a very serious trauma.diya and parichary please why r u all against family is abusing me and here also my very own yhm friends are against me please try to recognize me properly.i am good not bad get it.and diya u get lost dear and parichary I am not ur friend if u talk to me like this get it

    1. Excuse me Shreya! I am not speaking to you! get it!

  5. God knows why they ended a good serial like Diya aur Bati hum when there is trash like YHM going on in star plus

  6. Oh no Danny!

    You did not see that.
    Nihdi beat Ruhi but Ishita save Ruhi.
    Ishita made Ruhi become like Ishita as Jhasi Ki Rani to beat Nidhi back.
    Ruhi beat Nidhi with hunter badly until Nidhi fell down.
    Ishita warn Shagun if you (Shagun) touch touch my (Ishita) daughter (Ruhi) then I will not speak but will kill you (Shagun). Shagun remain silent and think that Ishita warning are serious but goes to see Nidhi and get shocked to see Nidhi injured.
    Shagun came to know that Ishita save Ruhi from Nidhi.
    Someone phone Shagun when Shagun is with Nidhi that the person informed Shagun about Mani helping Raman. Shagun get angry and don’t want Mani to assist Raman company. Nidhi gave Shagun idea to do something and give money to Mani. It is Ashok and Nidhi money that gave to Shagun to give Mani to save the workers then goes to other place where Mani did not overhear Shagun talking to Union leader and Shagun paid union leader 50 laks in union leader account.
    Raman, Mihir, Romi and Ishita discuss what to do to save the workers and get worry. Ishita get money and jewerelly to union leader to prove the workers that union leader are fraudster and Union leader want to run away but stopped and surprised to see workers waiting. Union leader lied to workers that Ishita had blackmail him but goes vain. Ishita warned worker of what union leader want and workers get shocked and fumed and refused to continue striking and wanted to return to complete the order for Raman company.
    If you see the company name (Pihu Industries) then why Shagun want to shut down this company if she say that Pihu is her daughter. Shagun want to shut down Pihu’s business that had been running by Raman hardworking.

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