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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita planning to get green sarees for everyone for the Ganesh utsav function at Pammi’s place, so that they can have color coordination. She calls Rinki to tell her and Rinki does not answer call. Simmi thinks to tell Ishita about Rinki. Ishita gets a call from clinic and asks Simmi to tell Mrs. Bhalla about it. She leaves. Shagun gets unwell in the cold storage. Raman asks her to calm down, he is there with her and covers her with his jacket. Ashok and Suraj look at the live video.

Ashok says Shagun why did you do this, you got against me and now I had to do this, what will Ishita think when she knows you and Raman were locked in same room. Raman too feels cold. Shagun says I will die, I can’t take it. Raman shouts on her. Ashok says Suraj, this drama

is more interesting than tv serial. Suraj says if anything happens to Shagun, you will get jail. Ashok says relax, everything is under control, I will get temp lowered more. He calls the man and asks him to make temp more low.

Raman asks Shagun not to close eyes. He starts keeping her active and warms her hands, talking about Adi and Ruhi. He asks are you okay, keep eyes open. She says thanks to Ishita, the kids were well. He says yes, but she lost her baby because of me. She says no, its not your mistake. He asks is anyone there to help.

Ishita comes to meet Rinki and sees someone leaving. She asks did anyone come. Rinki says no, you know I stay alone. Ishita sees the food plates and asks did Mihir come. Rinki says no, you would have known. Ishita sees wine bottle and asks who was drinking. Rinki says I was drinking. Ishita says its alright, but in daytime, and two glasses. Rinki says I was missing Mihir, so I made two glasses. Ishita saks why is she feeling lonely, you can come over and stay with us. She asks her to come in evening, they have to go at Pammi’s place.

She sees glasses and asks why is lipstick mark not on one glass. Rinki asks why is she checking so much. Ishita says I feel you are hiding anything. Rinki says I feel you should be in limit. Ishita says I m in limit, so I m asking politely, if it was Raman, he would have pulled your ears, I m explaining you are someone’s wife, you should know your limits, I can just show right way, I m always there for you, I got this green saree, come at Pammi’s place for Ganesh utsav, green is dress code, come there. Rinki hopes Ishita does not tell Raman.

Raman asks Shagun to open her eyes and sees her falling numb. She faints. He holds her close. Ashok says film climax just started. A man informs ACP Abhishek is coming. Abhishek gets inside the cabin. Ashok gets tensed and asks how can I help you. Abhishek says I got info about illegal activities here. Ashok shuts the laptop screen and says I don’t know anything. Abhishek asks about child labor. Ashok says that factory is not on my name. Abhishek says fine, I would like to check it right now. He leaves. Ashok and Suraj worry. Raman opens his shirt buttons and covers Shagun close. Ashok asks Abhishek why is he wasting time.

Abhishek asks for the keys, else he will break the door. Ashok gives the keys. The senior calls Abhishek and asks him to reach police station soon, a minister is coming. Abhishek says fine. He tells Ashok he will see him later and goes. Ashok says plan worked else.. Suraj says he made commissioner call Abhishek. Ashok says thanks. Suraj says get Raman and Shagun out of here fast. Ashok says wait, lets see the video first.

Raman sees Shagun is losing breath and gives her CPR. Suraj says Raman is giving her CPR, if she dies, you will be arrested, stop it now. Ashok says I can see love, just see. Manoj comes to meet Ashok and asks where is Shagun, she has asked this address, tell me where is she. Ashok says she is not here, you are highly mistaken. Manoj says I will call police. Ashok says fine, get lost. Manoj says I will inform police and leaves. Suraj says if police comes and finds Raman and Shagun, it will be big problem, increase temp and get them out. Ashok says fine, I will get this footage. He gets the footage and says this is very imp, we will leave now.

Ishita talks to the kid and checks by pacifying words. She talks to the lady about the kid. Raman says there is someone and checks the door. He says the door opened and takes Shagun by lifting her. Suraj asks what does Ashok want to do with the CD. Ashok says we will send this to Ishita, we know its CPR, but Ishita will see it as kiss. Suraj says Ishita trusts Raman a lot, Raman will tell the truth and she will agree. Ashok says Ishita will not understand seeing her husband with his ex, this CD will bring a storm in Raman’s life, no one will believe Raman, not family, not police, no one, because everyone will get Ishita’s dead body till then. Suraj asks dead body? Ashok says yes.

Ashok says he has planned Ishita’s murder and this CD will make this a foolproof plan. Suraj says you have gone mad, we are businessmen, not criminals. Ashok says Ishita has troubled us a lot, this plan will ruin Ishita, Raman and Shagun. Suraj says this is not right. Ashok gets the call and says he will send details and payment, and that woman’s name is Ishita Bhalla. He says Raman your story is over.

Raman comes to see kids and sees a green dupatta with blood on it, and Ishita written with blood on the paper. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. BollywoodLife informed its viewers that Ashok is all
    set to seek his revenge from Raman(Karan Patel)
    and Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi). In the last episode, he
    locked Raman and Shagun(Anita Hassanandani) in a
    cold cell and raised the temperature. Despite several
    attempts, the two could not escape and it’s yet to be
    seen how Raman and Shagun will get out. Till that
    happens, Ashok will whip out his phone and record
    the two, locked inside the cell. He will make it look
    like an MMS and show the same to Ishita! Will she
    realize that this is one of Ashok’s game plans or will
    she be dumb enough to fall for his trick? Stay tuned
    to watch!

  2. raman ka character pura ganda kar diye kitna garv se bolti thi mai ki raman is hero total hero but now he became zero bas rota rahta h aur emotion me aake sab gadbad kar deta h kal raman hero style me wo darwaja tod sakta tha lekin nai use shagun ko bachane k liye cheap harkat karna tha na mujhe bahut bura lag raha h ki mai raman k bare me ye sab bol rahi hu lekin kal k epi me jo hua wo kuch jada hi tha raman ab hero nhi raha emotional fool ban gaya h bas ishita ko takleef de sakta h bada aya bhagwan se uski khushiyo ke liye ladne wala khud hi uske liye musibate paida kar raha hai

  3. kal ka episode dekh kar hi lag raha tha ki ye body heat wala scene ayega jis baat ka darr tha wahi hua ab surrogacy ka darr h ab lag raha h ki wo bhi hokar hi rahega hamari puri mahnat pani me jane wali h ab ekta ise apne har show ki tarah barbad karne wali h gayi bhaish pani me sab khatam ho gaya ab feeling soo irritating …..

    1. I totally agree with you Tahira … According to me Raman was always weak person , and I really don’t think he loves Ishitha . His anger , immature actions and if compare to Ashok , Raman is a big Zero . Look at the life style Ashok is having and our hero Raman .now having close with Shaghun , she will be trying to get back him and the kids for which she will plan for the surrogancy . Quite unbelievable . Def ishra is nice to watch that too when they are in angry mood or happy mood . Never Thot this will take a turn like this . Shaghun is nice only to win them back ….Not worth to watch .

  4. why all ekta’s serials spoil our hindu rituals first they got engaged with mihir and mihika
    and broke them next rinki and mihir now also creating some problem with their relation
    why they showed all the girls are bad first they showed shagun as negative okay its for
    story only then unnecessarily shown Mrs Tondon as negative now rinki
    Raman and shagun was together not good at the same time just raman what ever done with shagun is a treatment not romance may be someother was there he just do it for their live sake
    Ms. Sana sagun has changed a good human after ishita came to raman’s life only. Otherwise she won’t be good wife or mother why you dont want happy life to ishita
    is she does not deserve it i think in your point of view only bad people enjoy all the happiness not good people.

  5. Please, gayes, did you know any information about next week episodes please put this for updates.

    I specialy tell Indian viewers.

  6. you are apcelutely right tahira .raman is not fit to be called a hero at all.agar hero hotha tho darwaaza todne ki koshish kartha naa ki yeh sab backwaaz irritating kartha .bewakoof aadmi .ishitha ko khushiyan dena chahtha hai phir bhi ishitha ko bina bathay surrogacy opt karke shagun se surrogacy karwaake ishitha ko zindagi bhar ki khushiyan cheen raha hai .pagal aadmi .jab ishitha surrogacy ke khilaf hai aur surrogacy nahi chahthi toh aise kaise kar saktha hai raman. never imagined that raman ka yeh style dekhna padega show mein.

  7. ab toh aisa lagtha hai yeh ekta madam ne toh serial ramam aur shagun ko milaane ke liye kiya hai aur ishitha toh koi aur hai. ekta serials jitnii bhi hit ho lekin aakhir mein main story ko chod ke kahi aur chale jaathe hai aur serial ko barbaad karke chodthe hai .

  8. Yeh Hai Mohabbtein : Who Is Behind
    Ishita’s Kindnap ?

  9. #Yeh #Hai #Mohabbtein #Star #plus #Ishita #Rama
    Balaji Telefilms Divyanka Tripathi And Karan Patel S
    last week.Seems like Bomb blast drama is liked by t
    Till Now We seen In Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbtein ,I
    realize his mistake.Raman(Karan Patel) apologizes t
    Raman discovers Manoj’s true for shagun & follow h
    plan.He lowers the temperature & makes them stuck
    In the Future Episode episode’s,Ashok tries to show
    unknown who will help Raman and shagun to get out
    May be Manoj or Abhishek reach the place for Rescu
    It is also heard that Ishita will get kidnapped by some
    finds her car on the road.
    Now,The suspense is did anyone kidnapped her or sh
    misunderstanding between the couple.
    On the other Side, ishita& Raman will also wish the
    To know more keep reading for the More updates

  10. Kaweesha Nethmi

    I’m shocked yaaaar…. What will happen… Want Ishra together…

  11. plz makers raman ka character ganda math banayiye. waise bhi yhm ka trp kuch bada khas nahi hai .

  12. plz yhm rockz like before.we dont want to see yhm like this.

  13. From 27 September,2015 # YHM will
    telecast 7 days a week ..
    # NowSundayalso

  14. New promo # Divan #IshRa says #yhm 7
    days a week from sept 27,2015
    # sm

  15. Yhm now 7 days a week promo
    # sm

  16. patha nahi ishitha kaise kidnap ho gayi aur raman ko patha thak nahi chala ho aisa kaise ho saktha hai aur precap mein raman bachon ko dhoond raha tha toh.

  17. Thanks for information rithushree.
    Ya guys…… Still I can’t forget that scene. Why do this makers do such stupid things…..? I told this,they are ruining raman character…..everyone blame on him…. I’m very sad……
    I think,cvs don’t care about yhm’s loyal fans…..
    Oh god….. They want us to get heart attack or get coma…….
    And marriage life is not a joke. Why are you playing with it……?what do they want to tell us….?
    Look cvs,because of you,some peoples are enjoying by seeing sharam together. Someone’s husband get close with another woman. Seriously,it’s very bad.
    And hasn’t that factory a fire alarm……?And no network coverage…..??? In that city…..? I can’t believe it. Cvs want to make this scene,that’s it……!
    Please No more shagun raman…….we can’t watch it.

  18. ye episod bilkul bakwaas tha.Raman kyo bhul jata h ke bo married h .jab dekho shagun ke piche gumta h. Raman emostionl fool h. Jane anjane me ishita ko hurt kar deta.h.

  19. plz maker don’t take surrogacy track in yhm.

  20. jab yhm sunday ko bhi aa raha hai jo hum sab miss karthe the hamesha sunday pe lekin yhm dekhne laayak toh hona chahiye .ekta madam ko kya kayi serials banaathi hai aur agar baki sare serials hit hue aur yhm ka hall behaal kardiya roh unko koi farak nahi padtha hoga .unko toh sirf apni dosti nibhaani hai harr haal mein . aur waise bhi yhm koi competition de hi nahi rahi hai trp mein aur agar trp mein hai bhi toh fans ki wajah se jo yeh sab backwaaz worst tracks ko dekhkar bhi hope kar rahe hai ki kuch accha hoga ya sirf ishitha yani divyanka ke liye aur raman ke liye dekh rahe honge .aur agar ishra hi nahi hai roh show kahi ka nahi rahega aur ab toh ishruh scenes bhi nahi hai . sunday toh starplus walon ne trp ke liye rakha hai .

  21. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Pammi aunty celebrates Ganesha Utsav at her house where she invites the entire Bhalla and Iyyer family.

    Everyone reaches there in green attire and happily perform the aarti of Lord Ganesh while Raman looks tensed.

    Raman gets restless not seeing Ishita in the pooja. Ishita gets a phone call of emergency in clinic and goes to attend the patient. Raman gets an intuition of Ishita’s life in danger and gets worried seeing Ishita is talking time to return home.

    As soon as Ishita returns to home, Raman hug Ishita tightly which makes Ishita and everyone surprised.

    Will Raman and Ishita’s life go on happy way or storm enters in their life again?

  22. storm yani toofan ya aafath toh shagun hai jise khud raman ne invite kiya hai .horrible jodi sharam . raman ko sharam aana chahiye yeh sab karthe hue .

  23. yeh makers hamesha worst tracks par hi kyu chipke rehthe hai patha nahi jabki saare fans surrogacy track ke against hai aur protest bhi kar rahe hai aur trp bhi kam aa rahi hai aur serial bhi fans ko dekhna hai toh phir bhi serial ka satyaanash karne par thule hai.atleast fans par thodi meherbaani karthe aur yeh track naa lathe kyunki aakhir mein dekhna toh hum veiwers ko hai na.

  24. yhm ek aisa serial hai jiska remake kahi languages pe hua hai toh sab log lagtha hai aise ghatia tracks hi dekhenge India mein. yhm ka uniqueness toh maano kahi kho gaya hi gaya ho .

  25. arey ab toh regretful jaise soch aa rahe hai dimaag .iss serial ko maine apne holidays mein harr awards ke liye yhm ko vote kiya sirf aaj iss show ka barbaadi dekne ke liye kya kyunki yeh serial toh dekhne laayak hai hi nahi hai ab .agar shagun raman ko hi milaana tha toh pehle hi karthe kyunki raman ke serial mein present harkathe toh bilkul horrible hai .ishitha ki permission ke bagair surrogacy karne nikla woh bhi shagun ke through aur hamesha ruhi air adi ko shagun ke bacche samjha ,bhale hi qoh shagun ke ho lekin ishitha ne unko sambhala .lekin raman toh pagal ho gaya hai na iss liye ishitha ko kehtha rehtha hai hamara tumhara baccha and all.jaise ki adi aur ruhi uske kuch nahi ho .lekin jo bhi kar raha ho phir se shagun se aur phir se shagun aa gayi kahaani mein beech .

  26. raman aur shagun toh uss room mein bewakoofon ki tarah baithe the .agar agar koi nahi aatha ya darwaaza nahi khultha toh kya zindagi bhar ussi kamre mein band rehthe kya .room hai toh kuch sound karthe ki kisi ko bahar patha chaltha ya darwaaza todne ki koshish karthe ya kuch toh karthe apne bachao mein lekin yeh log buss apne aap mein hi busy the .iss serial mein shaadi ko pehle hi mazak banaake rakh diya hai .ishitha sirf zindagi bhar understand kare aur raman jo chahe woh kare . sabhi jodis ko thod diya .pehle mihir mihika .shagun ashok and ishra ka iraada hai kya .

  27. what all they are showing in yhm is utter nonsense and totally not worth to watch.

    1. Rithushree whatever you have commented fully agree with you .

  28. hey guys any news on sbb or sbs or sbas about yhm and ishitha ‘s kidnapping plz post it .

  29. guys….. Tomorrow, there’s a live tweter chat with divyanka. I think that everyone know about this. 22th of september 2pm. Don’t miss it.
    And while showing your love for her, don’t forget ask about yhm,surrogacy…….
    I’m sooooooooo exited.

  30. Absolutely right rithushree agree with ur all comments

  31. The good news for Yeh
    Hai Mohabbaten fans is
    that they can see their
    favorite stars on the
    whole week.
    Star Plus decided to
    telecast Yeh Hai
    Mohababtein in all seven
    days for the viewers.
    Raman and Ishita’s
    sweet-bitter fights and
    their emotional drama
    will now entertain fans on
    every day.
    The latest promo of Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein shows
    that it will telecast now 7
    days of week from 27th
    September on Star Plus.
    The current track of Yeh
    Hai Mohaabtein is
    showing Ashok’s plan to
    kill Ishita and also
    surrogacy drama.
    Soon Raman and Ishita’s
    life will take a big change
    in their life.

  32. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s latest spoilers say Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi ) is safe and unharmed, for now, on the show.
    Raman ( Karan Patel ) gets a note and a piece of clothing
    covered in blood hinting his wife, Ishita, is in danger and
    she might be hurt. But, it turns out, she is safe and
    sound attending Pammi Auntie’s Ganesh Pooja festivities.
    After getting trapped in a cold storage room, Raman and
    Shagun manage to get out of it safe. Thanks to Raman, he
    manages to keep Shagun as warm as possible and even
    conducting CPR on her when her heart stops beating.
    Ashok, records the entire scenario and decides to take
    advantage of it later.
    The actual reason why Ashok would have planned the
    scenario would not be to make Ishita doubt Raman but to
    get Raman get convicted for Ishita’s murder. Ashok plans
    to murder Ishita and use the video as evidence against
    Raman, stating his affair with his ex-wife compelled him
    to kill his current wife.
    Meanwhile, Raman receives clothes covered with blood
    and a note with Ishita’s name written in blood on it. He
    assumes Ishita is in danger and panics. But the latest
    spoilers of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein says Raman will find
    Ishita safe and unharmed in Pammi auntie’s Ganesh
    Pooja celebrations.
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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoiler
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s latest spoiler say Ishita is safe
    and unharmed and the bloodied note and clothes that
    Raman received is a fake. Also, Raman hides the
    incident with Shagun in the cold storage unit.

  33. Since the day YHM has started, it has become our one chamber of heart. But we are really disappointed with the
    upcoming tracks like surrogacy?? What is the need? If Ishita is infertile then miracle should be shown as it’s a
    fiction show. When they can show any impossible track, why can’t they show any good prosperous track like Ishita
    getting pregnant… or else Raman and Ishita can adopt a child ….but surrogacy isn’t needed just to satisfy that that
    would be Ishra child genetically. Ishita will not be able to feel the baby development emotions and would just have
    genes related with the baby.
    Upcoming tracks showing Shagun and Raman are bad. Ashok playing cheap tricks to kill Ishita drives another
    unwanted track. Raman and Shagun are getting closer by ending all old enmity and bad past. I mean what they want
    to show Raman having a wife is still stuck with ex wife, does that mean Raman is ready to forget everything? Ekta is
    making show improper, not aesthetic… its better to end this track in YHM.
    TR would like to thank Aliyaa for her input.
    Disclaimer: The opinions expressed within this article solely reflect the views of the author. TellyReviews does not assume
    any liability for the same.

  34. # youtube Raman worried for Ishita during
    Ganpati | from the sets of Yeh Hai
    # sm

  35. and tats how # YHMians party..!! http:// …..
    # Saloni

  36. hello..frnds. sbs me aj yhm ka ishita ka kidnapping twist reveal kiya tha ..ishita bilkul safe hi nd iske saath hi ek aur twist ata hi jisme simmi hospital me hogi nd rinki ka murder ho jayega.pta nhi yr ye sab kya dikha rhe hi.uper se yeh bhi btaya tha ki rinki ke show chodne ki waja se murder track ko dekhiya jayega..waise ab star plus sare shows sunday ko telecast sirf apni trp ke liye kr rha hi bcoz colors nd zee tv’s kkb is giving tough competition..go to hell..yhm be itna bakwas track dekhane se trp aur kam hogi

  37. Only three words irritating and unbelievable and utter nonsense

  38. Star PlusYeh Hai Mohabbateinis day-to-day grabbing a lot of attention with its intriguing storyline and amazing twist and turns. Well, nowthe show is ready with another high voltage drama in the coming episodes.In the Coming episode’s of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman takes shagun to the hospital and saves her.Manoj takes care of her.On the day of Ganapati Pooja, Raman finds ishita’s saree with blood stains and a paper withishita’s name written on it with Blood.This scares Raman and his intuition says that ishita is in danger.As we know,Ashok is trying to kill ishita with a full proof plan to blame Raman for her death.He hires some goons to execute his plan.On the other hand,Simmi is having a doubt on Rinki that she is hiding something from mihir and family.Simmi decides to find the truth.Raman will be worried for ishita and hugs her when she comes from Clinic to Ganapati Pooja in Pammi aunty’s house.Somehow ,Raman findsthat his sister Simmi missing from the house.According to spoilers, Simmi will get kidnapped instead of ishita and later she lands in hospital with injuries.Wait ,there is another twist in the story.Rinky will be murdered in the show.Isn’t that shocking news?Too much trouble for Raman and ishita it seems.But Who and Why anyone kill Rinky? Is Ashok behind this or is it due to Rinky’s boyfriend?

  39. upcoming episode me suraj khanna positive role mein najar aayega. Kyunki wo ashok ki tarah kamina nahi hai. Wo kisi ko marna nahi chahta. Aane wale episode me suraj hi help karega or mihir ka role negative ho jayega.

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