Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mrs. Bhalla supports Ruhi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla saying Ruhi won’t go anywhere, I have to do her marriage arrangements, I will get her married to Nikhil. Raman asks what are you saying. Mrs. Bhalla says I decided this, you and Ishita won’t say in between. Shagun says its about Ruhi’s life, you are taking a wrong decision, let her go if she wants, she is emotionally blackmailing. She asks Ruhi to get out. Mrs. Bhalla says we will decide about her, who are you, I don’t understand why do you come here always. Shagun says fine, Nikhil will ruin her life, remember this. She goes.

Nikhil talks to Ruhi on call. Parmeet says food is ready, congrats, now Mrs. Bhalla also agreed. Parmeet says Ruhi said Puhi has told Riya about our marriage, whats the need to involve kids. Parmeet says now Riya’s

emotions are also involved, Ishita will think ten times now, they can force Ruhi to change decision, leave it, we will have a drink, you are marrying Ruhi. Nikhil says I don’t want Riya to get involved in this. Parmeet thinks he is my biggest weapon to ruin Ishita and Raman, he can flop my plan. Ishita says Riya believes Ruhi is her mum, her emotions are also involved now. Raman asks what, a 20 year old girl is mum to ten year old kid. She says I know it doesn’t sound right, atleast Ruhi changed decision. He says mummy is supporting her. Ishita says Ruhi won’t take rash decision, she can run away from home and marry. He asks shall we just stand and see. She says I will talk to mummy ji, I know its not fine. He says I hope she listens to you. Neelu says Bala came to talk.

Bala says Amma is not fine, I asked her to come back, she is saying she will do puja and come, who will take care of her, else I would have gone. Romi says Mihika will decide, she will go Chennai, I will drop her. Ishita says it will be good. Ishita asks Raman to maintain peace and have patience, their love can make Ruhi change her decision.

Romi comes to his room and gets relaxed. Adi comes. Romi asks what happened, did you not sleep. Adi says something happened. Romi says you are taking work tension again. Adi says you will tell me truth, its not about work, its about you, how can you do this, did you not think of Mihika. Romi asks what did I do. Adi says you have an affair with Pooja right. Romi gets shocked. Adi says you are hiding this. Romi asks did you go mad. Adi says Papa and Ishita thought its me, but I m not, I lied to them that you were with me. Romi asks who told him. Adi asks where is the bracelet which Dadi gave. Romi says that doesn’t prove anything. He shows his bracelet. Adi says you didn’t wear this, so I thought…. Romi says I love my wife a lot, I was having rashes, so I didn’t wear this, its enough now, go and sleep.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla talks to everyone. Ishita asks her not to worry. Mrs. Bhalla says I showed Ruhi that I m with her, I didn’t say anything to Simmi, try to change Ruhi’s heart, is this her age to marry. Ishita says I will try. Mr. Bhalla gets crackers.

Raman says I ordered sweets. Aaliya says I will send sweets for mum and dad, they won’t come. Ishita asks why, they will come, I will invite them. Ruhi likes decorations. Aaliya says kids and I did this, glad you liked it. Ruhi says I was going to gift Riya, I will come in some time. Ishita asks shall I come along to gift Riya, I had to talk to Pooja as well. Ruhi agrees.

Pooja asks her BF to come home, else she will come to his office. She says I love you, miss you, come please. Ishita and Ruhi come there. Ruhi says we got diwali gifts for Riya. Pooja says she is inside. Ruhi goes. Ishita says I have to talk to you, Shagun has seen a gold bracelet here, which is of someone from our family, she has seen our family car too, I want to know with whom you have an affair, mummy ji made that bracelet for our family members. Pooja asks what nonsense, can’t I make this bracelet for me. She shows the bracelet. She says sorry, this bracelet is not from your family. Ruhi asks can I take Riya in a diwali event, I will drop her. Pooja says okay, take care. Ishita thanks her. They leave.

Raman shouts on call. He gets angry. Pihu comes and says I love you. She hugs him. He asks her what happened. She says this is diwali gift from my side. He sees a cheque. She says its from Pihu bank, I have written much love from my side, I know you are worried for Ruhi, I heard Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla talking, we have to keep Ruhi happy. Raman says yes, but she has to go one day, even you will go. Pihu says no, I will take care of you and Ishimaa when you get old. He gets emotional.

Riya asks Ruhi to call Nikhil. Ruhi calls Nikhil and says Riya is with me, she is missing you. Riya tells Nikhil that she will give him a gift when she meets him, she loves him a lot. Ishita recalls Ruhi. She thinks Riyta is young to understand this. Nikhil cries and says I love you too. He ends call and says I should also get a gift for Riya.

Adi says I have to tell something, I spoke to Romi, he has his bracelet. Ishita says Pooja has the bracelet with her. Raman says thank God its not Romi. Adi says we will talk to Ruhi after diwali. Raman agrees. Ishita asks him to come for Dhanteras. Pooja decorates the house. Her BF comes. She says I have send Riya with Ruhi, they will come late. Nikhil comes there and hears Pooja laughing. He sees Pooja hugging someone. Pooja says I love you. Romi’s face is seen in the mirror.

Ishita says I know you are getting angry seeing Nikhil, we have to win Ruhi’s trust. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman not to take tension.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Poor Mihika…
    This is not Mihika deserved…
    Total story is spoiled… 🙁 Lost the old charm…

  2. Why is Romi cheating on Mihika not happy!!

  3. Oh boy! They did that too! Nw wht? Maybe in smdays there will be another girl in ramans life too!! Bcz this is yeh hai mohabbatein!
    Anyways loved to watch Mrs. Bhallas reply for shagun! I ve been waiting n waiting to see this reply cmng frm any bhalla family member! Shagun is just lyk raman! Always starts yelling n blaming at ishu 4 everything!
    Bt I must say its enough dt raman is dere to yell n all! Shaguns services r nt needed 4 bhallas at all! Um really glad dt finally smone has plucked up da courage to say dt on her face!

  4. Romi was, is and always be a cheater…so angry right now

  5. very glad that shagun got a good answer from toshiji. Let ishra handle ruhi. Shagun herself has set all the bad examples for her own children. She has lived with two men without marriage. I fail to understand why does raman always contact shagun knowing fully well she s a wicked woman. The harm she has done to ishu, she should be in jail. or punished. She ruined raman s life.

  6. Romi is playing a big game for the family’s sake. This might be to make Nikil jealous or This will make things difficult for Nikil to take Riya’s custody I think. Nikil will try to patch up with Puja or give up Ruhi for Riya’s sake , Always , he keep saying his daughter is more important than their love. Earlier He even compromised to Ruhi and he was almost going to leave the place for Riya’s sake because Puja threatened him. They all will land up With a big drama which will lead Ruhi to give up Nikil’s relationship. How will a serial like YHM will lead to things that audience won’t like. Romi’s drama will finally lead an adamant Ruhi to finally give up Nikil like Suhail and will cry out on her Ishima’s shoulders!!! This is what I guess let’s see.

    1. Yes Siva .. I too think this is Romis game ! But the consequences will be very hard for him even if he wants to save Ruhi ! However bad he was , he has a good heart ! He really loves his family . Lets wait and see !
      Yes Deepa and Ravi .. Mrs Bhalla kept Shaghun in her place . How can Shaghun preach ? What she was doing ? What all she did to ruin Ishras life after taking from Raman . If her love to Raman was true .. why did she leave him . She doesnt love anyone other than herself .
      Mihika doesnt deserve this . If cvs cud make it twist like Romi had discussed with Mihika with this plot , will make better ! Otherwise we are going to view super melodrama .
      No house like Bhallas like will be in this world !

  7. Chalo ab confirm hogaya ruhi 20 years ki hai aur riya 10 years ki, tho nikhil kitne saal ka hoga 35 – 40. Aur iskotho acting bhi nai aathi, koi expressions bhi nai hai proper

  8. love ishra

  9. Aarohi_

    Lost the charm

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