Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarika being shocked seeing Ishita’s strange state. Sarika runs out and shouts Romi. She asks Romi to come fast and see Ishita. Sarika shouts and asks them to stop puja. Mrs. Bhalla says whats this, don’t you know aarti can’t be stopped like this. Sarika says something happened to Ishita, please come. Amma asks Vandu to complete aarti and stay with kids, she will see Ishita. They all rush to see Ishita. Sarika says I won’t come. Raman goes to room and they all come there. They all see Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Sarika to come and say what she has seen. She shows Sarika to see. Sarika cries and is shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks why did she stop aarti. Sarika sees Ishita sleeping and looking normal. Raman sits by her side. Sarika says I have seen Ishita shouting

and she was talking in some other voice. Mrs. Bhalla says I think she has gone mad, Sarika is calling Ishita mad and then will call me mad too. Ishita wakes up and sees the family. Sarika recalls what she has seen and cries.

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Its night, Sarika is unable to sleep and gets up. She looks for her phone to see class timings. She says she has kept phone on charging in hall and goes there. She takes her phone and sees some shadow. She asks who is there. Ishita says Sarika…. Sarika turns and sees Ishita. Ishita asks what is she seeing there. Sarika says I have seen some shadow. Ishita says there is no one, its night, go and sleep. Sarika asks are you fine. Ishita says what will happen to me, I m absolutely fine. Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla says Amma has sent bhog. She asks Ishita why did she start working. Ishita says I was bored. Abhishek comes to meet them. He says he came to talk about Shagun, they have checked email and phone records, there is nothing to doubt on anyone.

Mihir says but you said about Ashok’s name. Abhishek says yes, but Ashok said she spoke to him about bank matter, we have shut this case, its just suicide case, come to police station for paper work. Mihir says I know everyone left them, but you all are my family, I want to see you all happy, I will meet you in office. Abhishek and Mihir leave. Mihika meets them outside. Abhishek asks her about movie. Mihir asks Mihika why did she not tell him, and asks her to take leave. Mihika says meeting is there. Mihir says I will handle it, have fun go. He leaves. Mihika says he does not care. Abhishek says I m sorry, this plan flopped, he did not feel jealous, you got leave, we will go for movie and lunch. She says no, I will help Amma at home. He feels his plan is not working.

Ishita talks on phone about her appointments. Raman cancels her appointments. He asks her to spend time with him. She smiles. She asks about Manoj, they can meet him. He says not a bad idea, and shows her a gift. She smiles seeing the elegant chain pendant. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………He makes her wear it and says they will spend life with love. They smile.

Raman and Ishita meet Manoj. Raman asks do you really want to leave Delhi. Manoj says I can’t stay here, I resigned from job, I can’t believe Shagun left, I still think she will come from that door and talk to me. Manoj says Shagun was giving this relation a chance on your saying. Ishita looks towards that door and goes to see. She sees Shagun’s room. Someone comes to her. She screams and asks Raman to open the door. Raman and Manoj hear her and rush to open the door. The door gets locked. Manoj gets duplicate keys to open the door. They go inside and see…..

Raman and Manoj see her fine, holding some clothes. Raman asks her is she fine, she was shouting. She says I m fine, what happened. Raman tells Manoj that Ishita is behaving strange, maybe she got shock of Shagun’s death, he wants to get her consulted. Ishita gets Shagun’s clothes in a bag. Raman asks whats this. She says its Shagun’s belongings, I m taking home, I felt its imp for Shagun, we will keep it. Manoj says Raman, let her take it if she wants. Raman sees her hand bleeding and sees the blood drops on the floor linking to the room. Raman and Manoj get shocked. She gets shocked too.

She says maybe she got hurt while packing bag. Raman asks her to sit. Manoj does the aid of her wound and she stares at him. She looks towards the room and smiles. Manoj looks at her staring at the room door and smiling. He feels weird.

Ishita tells Raman that she was waiting for him. He asks this nightie. She says come on Raman, you used to tell me your dreams complete seeing me in this nightie. She gets closer to him. He says Ishita….. and pushes her away. She falls and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. bhagi

    wt the hell is going on yar ektha u totally become mad u r mad yar ye kya bakwaas drama dhika rahe hai pehle jab ishra ka scene aaya tho i was so happy i thought bhagvaan ithni dinom baad ek tho acha scene aaya par precap its such a crap i can even imagine starplus will entertain this type of horrible drama its just disguistng ektha apni dhimaak theek karaavo

  2. bhagi

    raman ki rinki ki sarika ki sab ki characters tho pehle hi barbaad kar diya aur aab ishu ki character ko bhi barbaadh karne ka iraadha hai kya…..go to hell ektha kapoor maine pehli baar esa insaan ko dheka ki jo khudh apni hi pairoom par jaan bhooch kar khulaadi maar rahe ho ur the first one…….

    • jhanvi

      Hiiii bhagi r u ???? Nd ya I m sure after some days they will end this track….. I think it’s only a trap for sarika ….nd after some days ( I think 1 week ) everything will be fine…. It’s nt a real horror track…… I think nd hope soooo….

    • jhanvi

      Ya precap me lag hi nahi raha ki ishu hai…., lagta hai ye Shagun hi hai…aur Raman kitna darr gaya ….!!!!!

      Lekin ha ek chiz hai ishra separation se to achha hai yar…… Nd Divyanka is doing really nice as a ghost of Shagun…!!!

  3. Wowwwwwwwwww!!!!! Nice epis 4 today i like it…….divyanka you rockzzzzzz. Nice precap raman she is not ishita she is shagun……..i know who killed rinki.she is sarika……..

    • jhanvi

      Hey mizum ….hiiii… are u yar….???? Is everything OK…???? I hope ys……. I was really missing u soo much…. I m glad that u came again …..

  4. Ishita ki evil smile 🙁
    precap interesting hai. ..ab toh raman ko samjhna chahiye. ….k ishita k sath kya horaha hai. …

    waise hey guys sab kaise ho 🙂 . …tum Sab ko yaad toh hona main ….

  5. §áŕà

    omg omg omg wats gng on? really thrilling luvd d track.. & plz i dun want abhishek to b negativ plz plz plz dun mk him negativ ?

  6. diya

    haven’t seen the episodes . but itsounds inrerestng . kuch ishra moment to hai. but y did raman pushed ishita in the precape ? cause its shagun’s nightie? aree he to dnt know smthng is wrong wid ishita . biwi khud se pas ah rahi h . embrace her . dnt push her ok ravan kumar!! i thnk raman understood smthng is wrong thats y he did that . dekh te hai. nyway i lovng this track. entartainng nd much more btr thn the surrogacy track.

  7. Darshika

    very niceeeeee…….! Divyanka’s new hair style is so beautiful…… And dressing manner is also so beautiful……
    By the way, I’m going to watch this again at 11.00pm.
    From SL

    • Cham

      The episode was scary as yesterday.The image of Shagun shown through the tile where the blood drops were fallen, was really scary! The track is interesting but please don’t drag it for a long time.
      From SL

  8. jhanvi

    Ishita is really aswome….!!!!!! Today hr performance was also very nice… She is fabulous…..!!!!!

  9. soni

    Plz don’t spoil sarika character phir romi ki bhi dusri shaadi …… is serial mai har character 2-2 lover or 2-2shaadi ho chuki hai marriage is not a joke……. ekta kapoor k har serial character ki 2-3shaadi ho jati haa or sarika k character spoil hone k baad phir se romi ki bhi dusri shaadi …….. ekta k har serial mai

  10. soni

    Plz don’t spoil sarika character phir romi ki bhi dusri shaadi …… is serial mai har character 2-2 lover or 2-2shaadi ho chuki hai marriage is not a joke……. ekta kapoor k har serial character ki 2-3shaadi ho jati haa or sarika k character spoil hone k baad phir se romi ki bhi dusri shaadi …….. ekta k har serial mai divorce lo or shaadi kar its completely unrealistic

    • Medha

      Yepp. Moreover Sarika under shock informed everybody about Ishita’s state and Mrs Bhalla spoke so rudely with her….

      • Sush

        Yah i agree with u. N how can d chars r getting anothr partner so easily who r accepting dem? N dat too soon aftr d divorce 😛 in real its so difficult to find anothr bf/gf aftr brkup. N anothr wife/hus dhundna toh…… god too difficult

    • Sush

      Its a bettr track comparing to the gossip regarding separation of raman n ishita. Something dey hav to show na.. so its good. Bt yah dey should nt drag it more dan 3/4 weeks.
      Actually i like every kind of tracks bt if dey would nt drag it more dan 3/4 weeks at max

  11. Sush

    Bt 1 thing. We r hindus and according to our culture we do not celebrate ne festival fr a year when some1 dies at our home. Its bcoz to gv respect to d dead ones. That as u hav left us so in d memomry of u we r not celebrating festival. Coz we celebrate when we r happy n now we r sad as u hav left us.
    So as Rinky z dead how his husband z celebrating? N cant he get sad fr his wife for atleast 6/7 months or so?
    Do he really need to roam with mihika always and eat chat?
    This z called insensitive.
    The dead family members were once so imp fr us. N being sad fr dem fr a few months z nt wrong at all.

    • hehe

      in yestrdy’s epi it was clearly xplned in mihir n meher’s discussion dat meher says rinki used to luv dis festivl n make lot of hungama so v must clbrte it for her..

      • Sush

        I celebrate diwali with a lot of excitement so if i ll die now n as diwali z aftr 20/25 days so my parents ll forget our culture n say lets celebrate diwali as our daughtr used to celebrate with hungama? Its just fr a yr. Next yr he can celebrate. M nt saying if some1 dies we ll nt smile or do nethng. Bt atleast we should gv respect to our culture n tradition. And its nt a prob to follow our traditions may b most of dose r insense bt if its nt harming ne1 then wts wrong in following dat?
        Serial n movies r fr our entrtainment bt most of d people get involved to dese personally. So its d responsibility of cvs to gv social msgs through serials and also to gv respect to our culture and tradition.

    • just they are doing pooja for matha rani only because two horrible deaths are in the house
      to they need some peace not with a happy mood that also they are not keeping the ideal of god in bhalla’s house only in iyer’s
      Both are doing pooja just for peace only not for happiness this was state by Mrs.Iyer to

      • hehe

        oh cummon “sush”? sum1 is showing it n ppl vil jus follow that??!! so funny!! dey hv deir own feelings.. right?!! it is just a show.. wat exactly parvathi ji said is true…

  12. jabse yeh track aaya hai mujhe zyaada accha nahi lag raha hai kyunki yeh aab bahuth daraawna hai .lekin kafi logon ko interesting lag raha hai toh mujhe lagtha hai agli trp zaroor bhadegi .

  13. diya

    today’s episode was mind blowiiiiing i loveeddd it . totally . bohot din baad actually yeh show dekhne mein maza aa raha hai. actually sirf ishra happy lovey duby romance hota to thora boring lagta sayed . enjoying the suspence . but i hope ye paranormal track zada din tak na chale fir ye show
    fir se boring nd stupid ban jayega . though paranormal k for mein utna nhi hun but enjoyng it . aaj ishra ka scene was too gud . dil var aya itne din baad un dono ko eksath dekh k. felt sorry for manoj . poor guy. sarika bohot darr gayi thi. *bechari* :p.
    mujhe v lag raha ye sab sarika ko darrane k liye ho raha h . khas kr attack sarika par hi zada ho raha hai. but i dnt thnk this is totally plnd. kuch to atma k chakkar hai yaar. dn y is ishita behaving like this infront of raman nd manoj. those creepy xpressions . lovelyyy actng by divyanka.
    nd precape ishita to puri shagun k style mein baat kr rahi thi nd she was tellng those things shagun usd to tell raman. sayad is liye hi raman ne dar k ishita k hata diya .
    nyway . i hope trps bar jay nd iss serial mn ye track zada na khinch k jaldi sab solve ho jay nd ye log kuch aur happy nd interstng twist dikhaye . nd ovio a realistic one.

  14. V P

    Divyanka looks gorgeous . Hairstyle is very good . Acted so well can’t express in words . Ishra moments are what the viewers are enjoying , so very glad to see them together . The surrogacy is forgotten so fast due to the impact of ghost . How well Divyanka acted , her expressions , smile and all amazing . But the fact is that , if Shaghuns twin sister is coming to take revenge …. Where this unique story is leading to …. Not understanding . But unlike before interested to watch Yhm .

    • diya

      no twin sister is coming . it has been confirmed by the same site who have earlier said twin sister is comng . nowadays makers r only concentrating on the current suspense nd ghost track. twin sister drama is not going to happen. its a fake report.

  15. Darshika

    really what’s going on…..!!!
    Is this Shagun really die or not….? I think yes, did anyone notice ishita’s short hair style ??? It’s SAME TO SHAGUN’S……!(watch old episodes)
    And does ishita work for a plan or not…..? Sometimes I feel yes, sometimes I feel no.
    And sarika was acting nicely. But sad,because makers are going to make her as negative…… Makers always separate all the couples….. I hate this.
    And my goooood precap…..!!!
    I feel, it’s totally Shagun…… It’s shagun’s night dress…… And most important thing is this……. “COME ON RAMAN” Ishita never speaks such manner……!
    Suddenly I reminded SHAGUN. Because she always speak like that, ”come on raman.come on ashok” really scared…..!
    Everything’re complicated…..So confused and so weird……!!!

    • jhanvi

      Ya Darshika she behaved like Shagun …, that’s y Raman was scared…..actually u r totally correct that it’s so confusing….. All d things sometimes it looks that she is acting BT sometimes I feel no….

      God knows what will happen…….

  16. Jennifer?

    This sarika….???
    Bcuz of her Ishra r suffering….
    Writers plz expose dis sarika asap……??
    YHM rocksss

    • jhanvi

      Hi prayosha ….ofcrse yar….how can we forget u ….Do U remember us nd YHM ?????.

      Miss u a lot yar…

  17. Sneh

    Wtf is going on?! Yhm’s gonna be damaged soon. N why does ishita have shagun’s haircut in d precap?!

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