Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman talking to Mihir. Raman asks why will Ishita do this drama. Mihir says she is really acting and we have to find the reason behind it. Vandu cries and tells Bala that she is worried for Ishita. Bala says she will be fine, she is getting fine as attack came after long time, don’t cry, smile, its festive day and jokes to make her smile. He likes the necklace and says it does not look its imitation diamond. Vandu says Dinesh won’t make necklace of real diamonds in 30000rs, everyone was praising it. Bala says I m glad seeing you happy, don’t worry for Ishita, Raman is there for her. They hug.

Prateek asks Raman why did he feel Ishita is acting. Raman tells what Ishita said, Ishita got violent but did not attack anyone. Prateek says I have felt she has

spirit on her, why will she act and tells Raman and Mihir that she is really possessed. Raman says you both have logic. Mihir says we have to find why is she doing this, she will not do this without any reason, there has to be some reason. Raman says I have to find out, everyone is worried for her. Prateek says fine, we will do something, you take rest, we will talk in morning, don’t tell this to Ishita, she may get attack again. Raman agrees and leaves with Mihir.

Prateek worries as Raman got this doubt, till they don’t catch Ashok’s culprit, they have to do this acting. Sarika tells Romi that no one loves her, does he think she is responsible for this. Romi gives her diwali gift. He asks her to see. She sees the earrings. He says I can’t give costly gifts like Raman, I got as much as I can buy, I promise I will get better gift next time. She says its beautiful. He asks is she happy. She says yes and hugs him crying.

Raman thinks and says why will Ishita do this acting. He sees Ishita sleeping and thinks to find out. Its morning, Ishita gets Prateek’s call. Prateek says be ready, we have to meet. She asks why. He says I can’t say now, where is Raman. She says he is sleeping. He asks her to come out, he will meet her.

Amma tells Appa and Bhallas that they need to get tantrik to make Ishita fine. Mr. Bhalla says tantrik can’t do anything. Amma says she heard they solve black magic and spirit problem, I did not believe this before, but now I will call. Prateek comes and asks tantrik? Appa says she wants to say we should take any tantrik help. Prateek says tantrik can’t be trusted, problems can increase. Mrs. Bhalla and Appa agrees with Prateek. Prateek says I m also worried for Ishita, I came to tell you about my friend, he is doctor and did research in these things, I think he can help us, I wanted to take Ishita to him for checkup. Mrs. Bhalla says sure, I will come along. Prateek says sorry, my friend said Ishita has to come alone. Mr. Bhalla agrees to send Ishita.

Ishita comes there in living room. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to meet Prateek’s friend, he is a doctor. Ishita agrees to meet. Simmi comes out of her room and is leaving. Sarika asks Ishita will she have tea, Ishita signs no. Ashok gets a call from Bhalla informer and asks whats happening there, what do you mean that you are scared, manage there, do my work. Suraj comes and asks Ashok what is it. Ashok lies about old pending project. Ashok thinks Raman got saved by big stone, I have to meet my informer.

Abhishek tells Ishita we have to do something concrete. She asks what will we do. Abhishek says Mihir felt you are acting. Prateek says yes, your mum told about getting tantrik, we have to convince her. Abhishek asks her to do something bad, did she harm any family member. She says no. He says as you are Ishita, we forgot you have Shagun’s angry soul, to prove this you have to hurt any family member, a small injury. She says I can’t hurt family member, sorry. Abhishek says how to know who is supporting Ashok, Simmi or anyone else, our efforts will go waste. Shagun also convinces her. Ishita asks who. Abhishek says anyone, this is necessary.

Amma goes to meet some tantrik. She tells about Ishita and asks him to help her daughter. He says calm down, no need to say, I m seeing your daughter in trouble, I will help you, I will surely come there, but ghost will not run so easily. Much money will be needed to do maha yagya and puja. Amma says I will do everything, make my Ishita fine. He says you go now, I will come your home tomorrow. She leaves. He says he got another fool. He says this time, I will not make mistake to show we are fraud. He asks his assistant to do as he says.

Mihir and Raman have a talk in office about Ishita’s drama. Raman says Ishita and Shagun have different things between them, if she is really Shagun, she will know what Shagun and I knew.

Ishita asks Raman to have butter chicken. Raman looks at her and leaves. Shagun talks to Ishita and asks why did she not ask her, Raman did not like butter chicken cooked by her, and asked mummy ji to make it always. Ishita asks what will we do now.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. did bhagi leave the site .all left who were before .almost all .thachu ramchin prayosha priyaroli mizun unique angel etc. they all atleast commented one comment for an episode any they all did not come from months .

    • hiiiii rithu how r u yar i know am nt commenting now a days actually i dont know how to react to the story i dnt even feel that am reading yhm mai show dhekna tho kab ka chod diya aaj kal sirf updates pad rahi hu bas

  2. I don’t think simmi is the culprit it might be neelu or romi himself… can we also doubt aadi in this matter… The twist in the tale is intresting… but don’t know how it will affect ishra life… I WISH THERE WONT BE ANY SAD LEAP as it happened in saaathiya… where gohem got separated for 18 years first leap 8 years second leap 10 years

  3. Shanike mallawaarachchi

    I think now raman and ishitha’s bond is getting soo weak .because they are hiding everything from each others. Before sarogacy and now ramans evil .But before ishitha scolded raman and said that don’t hiding anything and shair with her .but now what is she doing .writer always try to realise ishra bond is more powerful than the others.but at this time he/she failed from it.
    Atleast ishitha can tell those things to raman with a promise about not tell to anyother. This is the clear weak point of drama.please consider about this.

  4. marium

    How can rinki be the culprit Monika She is dead duh.
    Ithink sarika simmi or Romi. Adi can’t be it because he loves his ishi ma

  5. simmi wont be the culprit i think .otherwise why do they show sarika always scared ,tensed or teary eyed whenever ishitha acts as possessed .but simmi might be having a big reason to behave strangely .maybe some mystery that may bring a huge twist in the show.

  6. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    climbing in the TRP chart after it’s
    Ghost Drama and it seems that
    writers are not leving a single stone
    unturned with their never ending
    twists and turns.
    In the coming episodes, Raman
    decides to find out whether ishita is
    possessed or she is acting.He talks
    with shagun’s bhoot which confuses
    She understands that Raman is trying
    to test her and starts behaving like
    shagun.She serves Butter Chicken like
    Shagun.But later she finds out that
    Raman doesnot like Butter Chicken
    cooked by shagun.
    After that,Raman serves her a cup of
    Alcohol and offers her. Ishita will be
    trapped and she drinks so that raman
    believes her.
    This is not the end to this Drama.
    According to a source,”Amma will
    bring a Tantrick to free ishita from
    Shagun’s Ghost.Ishita will not leave
    this chance easily instead she
    behaves as if she is effected by the
    ghost.She begs help Raman.Later As
    per ishita’s plan she beats the Tantrik
    and tries to show her anger on bhalla
    She holds Romi showing everyone
    that she wants to harm him.But then
    she tells everyone that she will harm
    their Favorite ishita and slits her
    This leads to a shocking to everyone
    where Mihika and Appa blame Amma
    for this situation.
    What will be ishita’s next plan? Keep
    reading for more updates.

  7. diya

    Nice epi. Uff amma kya idea h?? Ekdam ghatiyaa ….
    Precape is scary . I thnk raman ko biswas ho gya cz its a natak . ….
    I hope gets to know the real reason behind it also soon…
    Guys have u noticed onethng??
    asoke said that i hv to meet my khabri now
    .it means he hvnt met his khabri yet . But that day only he met simmi…..well it may be hint for us that simmi is not his khabri but some1 else is that . Nice twists nd turns ..nd really waitng for the tantric wala epi…. i want see ishu in that jhansi ki rani.. while beating that dhongi ….

  8. prs

    n one more thing…. that day when
    ishita revealed the truth about their plan n was out of bhalla house with shagun.. that day ashok called the khabari and asked whether ishita came back home or not.. and simmi was not at home.. as she said that she went to attend a party.. so how would see inform ashok.. so I think its someone else from bhalla house…

  9. Sarah khan

    I don’t think rinki is the khabri. .. bcoz she’s death.. If she’s alive. .She is not in the house
    .. so she cannot give information about ishita n all..
    simmi is also not the culprit. . I think she’s trying to find the truth..
    The culprit is sarika / romi/ neelu

    let’s wait n watch guys

  10. jhanvi

    Nice epi….. Interesting…….!!!!!!!!

    Ya guys I too agree it can’t be simmi….., smone else Nd ya Adi is also nt helping Ashok… He can’t do this……m sure…..
    Simmi is meeting Ashok for business pro….

    Now Raman has doubted ishu Nd ishu is asked to harm anyone from d family….. Nd Amma will bring that tantrik ( dhongi baba )….

    Now what will happen next..??? How Raman will find d truth ..??? Or ishu will cnvnc him that she is really pssd…… Nd whom ishu will harm frm d family ????. Tmr ishu will ask Raman to have butter chicken.. Oh no she don’t know that he dsnt like it made by Shagun…… Will Raman get to know d truth…???? Nd ya ishu will beat that dhongi baba with jhadoo…… Ha ha ha….

  11. jhanvi

    Nd ya after this too much drama Ashok must be in jail Nd so he can NVR come back to trbl ishra….. Nd if after this too much drama if that BL***y Ashok Khanna will nt get punished Nd will be free frm this trap…., Nd if anything will happen to our ishra or their relations coz of this drama dfntly I will kill d writers…..!!!!!!

    Nd ofcrse that person who is helping Ashok also shld get a strong lesson……. Nd if nt dfntly I will murder duffer writers Nd Ekta…..

    Pls don’t do anything wrong with our ishra …….

  12. jhanvi

    Waiting for today’s epi…..

    Nd yeah rithu I m also missing all of them so much…..y they left d site at least they can come at least once in a day….
    Really missing u guys ( all YHM frnds , who has left d site, mizum , prayu, tahira, ramchin Nd bhagi…)

  13. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    good epi.
    Guys…… Ishita will be hurt by HERSELF…..!!!!! Ya….. You’ve heard right. First she tries to harm romi…… But she don’t like to harm her family,so she will be cut her wrist by herself……!!!!!! OMG,yes……. Then she faints. This will happen in that veneration. Ishita’ll behave like violent shagun again and she’ll scream that this is a fake exorcist….!(I don’t know that how does she find it)
    And yes, 100% sure,culprit isn’t simmi. Yesterday proved it. (because of ashok). Simmi has some business problem. May be she has lost a big amount.
    Culprit is sarika or rinki. Rinki is not at home. But she can tell someone like watchman, “keep your eye on balha family”
    And now, raman is in correct track.
    IshRa’s COLD WAR started…… Who will win……?!
    And hope that Suraj won’t disturb wandu and bala. ( If that scene end like ‘English Vinglish’ film, It’ll be very nice and sweet….!!!)
    From SL

  14. Darshika

    But I must tell this. Cvs’re doing a big mistake. Still doing it…….. Why don’t they check ashok’s telephone bills……??? ACP can do this.
    Actually no need of a drama, if acp check it. Plz Cvs think about it………… You can’t fool us……. If you want to success ishita’s drama/plan…… Plz kindly consider about this matter……. Don’t make SPACES in your script……. Coz we can understand it.

  15. jhanvi

    Hey rithu , I can’t find that link dear…..!!!!
    Can u share it ….??? Or anyone else…???? Plsssss……

  16. chinna

    I think simmi tries to kill mihika as a revenge for rinki’s murder. ….ishita’s acting is superrrrr. …love uuu Raman

  17. jhanvi

    Guys pls pls pls vote for ishra for best lead actress Nd actor ……Nd ya dnt forget to vote for our little Angel Ruhi for best child actor….!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Shyam

    Hai guys,
    Did suraj change ? I mean he is gifting necklace all.Is it a trap or he fell in love.more confusing .

  19. sanjana

    i dont think that sarika is the culprit i think its neelu.
    what the heck suraj trying to do. is he in love with vandu?
    ewe! yuck!

  20. Star

    Thank u Darshika for updating us about what’s happening in the upcoming episodes..Waiting for that tantric episode …

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