Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya asking Adi to say truth, its his last chance. He asks what does she mean. She says I meant, I m still your girlfriend, not your wife, you can tell me anything you want. He says I did not hide anything from you. She says I was just joking, chill. He says I m dying to see you as my bride. She says I want to come in your house as your wife soon. Ruhi calls him out. Adi says Ruhi is calling, I will talk to you later. He ends call and says Aaliya trusts me a lot, I can’t cheat her, never, but Roshni is my wife, if I marry Aaliya, it won’t be called legal marriage, she will break, I can’t cheat her. He calls someone and says you have to do my work. He looks for Roshni. Roshni comes. He asks her to come along and not ask anything. She asks where to go. He says I m

doing it for everyone’s good, come with me. He holds her hand and pulls her. She says leave me. He says trust me, I will make everything fine, come with me. She agrees.

He gets her to family court and says I love Aaliya a lot, I can’t make my marriage with her illegal, we came here to give divorce to each other, I spoke to lawyer, I can’t lie to Aaliya and sit in mandap, I want our divorce to happen, else I can’t marry Aaliya, everyone trusts and loves me, Aaliya loves me a lot, I recall all that when she expresses her love, my marriage with Aaliya will be illegal, you start your life well, you wanted to be out of Khandpur, you study, just give me divorce. She says enough, your divorce should happen before the marriage. Lawyer says if your marriage was done forcibly, we can have annulment, its meaningless marriage, read the annulment papers. Adi asks will this happen today. Lawyer says it depends on judge’s arrival. Judge checks papers and says I can get your marriage annul today itself, sign on this. Adi and Roshni sign. Lawyer says you will get papers in two days, your marriage will get void.

Shagun gets Aaliya’s calls and says she would be needing my help. Dadi asks her to give prasad to Aaliya. Aaliya comes in her bridal dress. They get stunned. Aaliya asks don’t I look good. Dadi says you look like your mum, so beautiful. Shagun feeds her prasad. She says you are looking very pretty, when Adi sees you, he will fall in love with you again. Aaliya signs Mani not to cry. Mani wipes tears and compliments her. Aaliya thanks and hugs her.

He says you were so little when you came in my life, don’t know how time passed so soon. Dadi says when Aaliya was little kid, Aaliya used to say she will marry her Appa and not leave him. Raman calls Mani and asks if Aaliya is fine. Mani says she is fine, are you ready, we are leaving. Raman says yes, Adi’s sehra will be tied now, I hope you bought that sepcial saree for Shagun. Mani says yes, she will be wearing that for pheras, thanks for idea. Raman says see you then and ends call. Ishita asks Raman why is he not ready.

Raman asks her why did she not feel the saree he got, yellow would suit her. She says this is light one, I will wear yellow saree when Mani and Shagun do kanyadaan. Romi comes and says Adi’s pagdi is not fitting well. Adi asks Ruhi to stop it, its not fitting. She asks him to relax don’t worry. Ishita comes and says how did they made pagdi, wear it once, what will we do now. Romi calls the man and asks how did you send such a small pagdi. Raman gets his marriage pagdi and says it will fit you. Adi asks how can I wear this, why did this happen.

Ishita asks them to wait. Adi asks where are you going. Romi says wait, she will do something. Ishita asks Raman to hold the cloth and rotate it. She ties the pagdi to Adi. She compliments Adi. Ruhi says there is something missing. She gets a pearl brooch and fixes it. Raman says wow, he looks handsome. Adi says Ishita always says everything happens for good, that pagdi did not fit me, I got this priceless pagdi with Ishita, Raman and Ruhi’s love. Ishita says pagdi means pride. Mihika asks them will they not come out now. Bala makes Aaliya wear the bangles. Shagun and Shravan also make Aaliya wear bangles. Bala jokes. Ishita applies kajal to Adi to ward off bad sight. Mihika does his aarti. Mr. Bhalla ties the sehra. Mrs. Bhalla also wards off bad sight. Romi makes Adi wear shoes.

Romi asks Adi to take care of his shoes, Aaliya’s friends can steal it. Raman comes and says my eyes got fine, even if shoes are not stolen, give them shagun. Mihika says Adi should give less money. Adi says we will go, its getting late. Pammi says Adi is excited as Raman was in his marriage. Raman and Ishita say we were not excited. Shagun ties Kalirey. Bala asks Aaliya to collide Kalirey over her friend’s head, whoever will have Kalirey fallen on their head will get married first. Her friends ask her to make Kalirey fall on them. Aaliya says lets see, on whom this falls.

Aaliya says I don’t believe I m leaving from here, who will give coffee to Appa in morning. Bala says this moment is very emotional and imp for any person.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It is very difficult for Roshni to see her husband marry to someone else it was not her n adi mistake. roshni family n gagan was responsible for ruining the life of three people. If gagan want to gave punishment adi he will send him jail instead of tied them into force full marriage n now he want adi n roshni to accept the forced marriage roshni family must understand that roshni life was more imp than the dishonor of family but they don’t understand that. It was also romi mistake to hide the adi truth from family.what rever happen in adi life before n after marriage it is aliya right to know everything about it because it is about her life.don’t understand that why director put that negativity in happiness track. Negative character must be necessary in every serial but he show adi n aliya marriage without negatives nothing could happen to his serial trp

  2. As my intention.This track is good.I like to see Adi’s marriage. Otherwise serial getting boring.New track should be createdted with Raman,Ishitha,Ruhi and Pihu.lovely affection with each others should be included.Every awards should be given to Ishitha.Because she is the greatest actress that i have seen.Her emotions gains teas to our eyes.As well as Raman is the best actor and Ishtha and Raman are matching couple in the screen. i like very much them.

  3. Aliya looks a very pretty bride in a red bridal lehenga. They are showing such elaborate details and rituals for the wedding. Hopefully the wedding does not get stopped. I hope there will be a different twist and not as what we expect. It would be such a waste after all the elaborate preparations and celebrations.

    Actually all look very beautiful in their sarees even Mrs Bhalla’s sari. The man look very grand but why is Raman;s clothes are a bit dull. His blue is very dull and he does not stand out. Even Romi and Appa stand out. They should have given Raman a better colour for his skin tone. Adi himself looks great in his marriage suit. Shagun;s sari colour suits her as well as Mani’s.

    Glad that Adi took action in annulling the marriage. I hope Ishita will not reverse it after knowing the truth.

  4. Please dont make roshini negative i like her .

  5. I don’t like aliya. I feel aliya ll always interrupt in adi work with her calls n sorrows. . she is either a cry baby or she behaves herself as a goddess n expect too much.. lik as if all ppl shud keep doing something something for her

  6. Ppl in th show keep telling aliya is ishita shadow etc it is not true.. she expect all the comfort and bed of roses on her path. If she has a little problem then she start complaining etc. She can’t handle problem lik how ishita handles. She depends on others to resolve even small small problems.. lik mehendi or makeup for example. But ishita solves her problem on her own even if she is alone n all against her.. aliya shud not be compared to ishita

  7. In fact aliya is a weak woman or sensitive in other words. She is not bold.. she cribs cribs.. have got fed up of her cribbing.. she is vulnerable to even smallest problem .she can’t solve anything on her own.. she always needs a shoulder to cry or share her pain

  8. Roshini is lik ishita she tries to keep all happy n keep on solving all problems n poke her nose in everything

  9. dont understand why but Roshni how can she have any right on Adi? Adi has chosen his life partner. Just because of one ceremony people are compelled to love together. It is stupid to show such things. Adi saved Roshni. There the matter ends.Let them divorce and let Roshni be protected against the person following her. Such nonsense they show like people getting married in gaon because gaon people compel them.Don’t they have any other plot to show? This “Regional dialect” like Roshni speaks has become so repetitive. Cut it out and move on cvs.

  10. Thank god she agrees the divorce of this false marriage because most people or watcher who r team Adshit were blaming her as if she was ok with it. She should achieve her goals and leave these two immatures be wedded I mean u deserve way better. If he maybe change or be mature dan Roditya cute only reason peeps hated u together is because of this stupid force marriage but I do hope u guys end up ❤. Roditya look way better then Adilia since the FM is over and u r divorced, u can get 2 know each other better and who knows fall 4 each other anyhow I prefer u guys together. FYI all the lasses looked ?.

  11. A nice episode after a long time. Very nice and sad to see their lives are going to jeopardise in coming episodes.

  12. Nice episode after a long time.

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