Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu asking Shagun was she crying. Shagun says no, something went in my eyes. Pihu says don’t lie, you were crying. Shagun recalls Ishita and cries. She hugs Pihu and says I love you a lot and got selfish, promise me our love will always be same. Pihu promises and hugs her.

Romi is at Iyer house. Amma serves him sweets. Romi says it means Raman will be ruined again if he marries Shagun, I thought Ishita will be back in his life, its good if he goes mad, competition for me will get less. Mihika looks on. Appa says leave all this, you came for Patphere, have this sweets.

Ruhi recalls Raman’s love for Pihu and smiles. She frees her hair by removing the cap. She says till when will I hide my identity that I m not Ruhaan, I m Ruhi. She wears bangles and

applies bindi, then does all the makeup. Niddhi comes there. Ruhi gets shocked seeing her. Niddhi says Ruhaan……………… and walks to her. Ruhi gets worried and says I just….. Niddhi raises hand to slap her and gets some call. Ruhi ties her hair back and removes all jewelry and bindi. She gets in Ruhaan’s avatar again. Niddhi says Ruhi, my baby…. Come here, sit. She asks Ruhi not to be scared, I know you want to dress like a girl, at the end of the day you are a girl, so I will make you ready like Ruhi today, now no more Ruhaan, just Ruhi, because Raman is marrying Shagun, is it not a good news, that’s why you don’t need to become Ruhaan now, you can become Ruhi now, pretty girl. Ruhi cries. Niddhi says our motto was same, that Raman and Ishita don’t unite, see its happening, Raman is marrying Shagun, we will celebrate. She goes.

Ruhi cries and says I should have been happy hearing this news, but why am I not happy, I always wanted Papa and Ishita to get separated forever, why am I not happy then…..

Shagun talks to Pihu on phone and says yes, I got your fav icecream, I m reaching. She thinks to behave normal infront of Pihu. Vandhu stops her and says Raman decided to marry you. Shagun says I don’t want to talk. Vandu says I did not come to fight, I want Raman to marry you, I don’t want to see Raman and Ishita together, I want Raman to get away from Ishu’s life, its possible when he married you, Ishu has seen many problems, I really request you to marry Raman, I want to see Ishu happy. She goes. Shagun says maybe Vandu is saying right, Raman’s heart just has hatred for Ishita, he still blames Ishita for whatever happened with Ruhi, he can never forgive Ishita, they are away from each other, maybe that’s right for them.

Adi asks Mrs. Bhalla is Papa marrying Shagun mumma. She says Raman has gone mad. Shagun comes home. Adi asks Shagun why did she agree to marry Raman. He says you know Raman and Ishita love each other, how can you agree after knowing everything. She asks him to stop it, how can he talk like this, you are not too grown up to ask this, if Raman does not love Ishita anymore, whats grown in it, its 7 years, Raman is not a kid, he can take his decisions. He says I don’t believe this. She says I m doing this for everyone’s good. He asks what about Ishita’s good, who will think about her. He goes. Shagun gets sad.

Ruhi reads the ad script of Raman’s ad. The man says you are a school boy, you get cup for winning football match, you will meet your parents at home, and say the tag line of the fruit drink. Adi comes there and says I have to make Papa realize he is going mistake by marrying Shagun, he is not made for Shagun, he will realize when he meets Ishita. Adi asks the man who came to do parents’ role. He asks the actors to leave this ad and gives them double money. The actors take money and agree to leave the ad. Adi says now it will be fun….

Ruhi sees Ishita with Mani. She throws the script and shows tantrums. Mani asks whats the problem Ruhaan. Ruhi complains about the script, and asks him to change this cheap boring script. Ruhi leaves. Ishita asks how can Ruhaan behave like this. Mani asks Ishita to wait and goes to change script. Mihir calls someone and asks him to book a marriage hall, its Raman’s marriage. Mihika hears him and asks Mihir how can he do this with Ishita, when she is alive, why is everyone hurting her, you are supporting Raman, I know Shagun is your sister, you are worried for her, but Raman and Ishita love each other, Raman could have married earlier, why now, go and explain him, don’t you have anything to say. He says you changed, I did not, Raman is my brother and best friend, I do what he says. She taunts him. He leaves.

Raman hears the man saying the artists have run away, who will do shoot now. Raman says I know who can do this and goes to Ishita. Adi talks to that man. Raman blames Ishita for making her actors run away. She asks why will I do this. He says you have done this. They argue. Adi gets the man there and shows Raman and Ishita. The man stops Raman and Ishita, and says there is no use to fight, we have to solve this problem, why don’t you act in this ad. Raman asks are you mad. The man says you are handsome and look Ruhaan’s dad, please do this, you know the script well. Ishita says leave it, he can’t do anything except shouting. Raman taunts Ishita and agrees to work. He asks who will do the other character. She asks why are you looking at me. The man says Mam, you will look really good on screen, you do it. She gets shocked.

Ishita looks at Ruhaan and holds Ruhaan’s face….

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Amrin

    I am very disappointed with vandu & mihir’s behaviour………..totally.By the way, i am a silent reader,can i join with U frnds.,

  2. Sriram

    I’m glad dat at least vandu cares about ishitas happiness n self respect. I agree with her, I think adi has to concentrate on transforming cruel dad to human again instead of reuniting his ishima n Papa, writers please don’t make Raman’s character so cheap n faithless….

  3. Adithi

    Vandu is correct let that demon (raman) marry ghost(shagun)

    Ishu is so sweet and irritated of this ruhi

  4. sanju

    Oh .oo mihir is also behaving like this..i thought tht mihir dont nw tht ishu is alive.and adi is soo caring..awesome acting adi keep gng….ruhaan’s part was gud today.shagun……..i hate u…she is again becoming willian.raman shd change after this ad shooot…waiting for nxt episode

  5. Meghana

    Hlo amrin.welcome to this site. Nd todays epi was good nd vandhu was really right with her ishu cant b lyk raman giving away statements nd hurting others if raman marries shagun wat abt ishu.she nt even had pihus love. Nd raman has become jst like a buddhu hurting ishu lyk anything. Too bad raman.

  6. SIndhu

    Hello Rithu, VP, SIddhi, Resh, Anakha, Shivani and many others. I really love Adi so much. He is ever loyal to his Ishimaa. This is great. Someone has to knock some sense into Raman’s head. He is not at all what we vision him now to be. Shagun has become so selfish. She does not really like Pihu. It is Toshi who looks after Pihu as the grandmother. Ishita is so selfless and even if Raman hates her, she still thinks of uniting the Iyers and Bhallas. She is always putting others infront of her. Raman made her so angry but what Ishita has is only tears. She is extremely sad that Raman hates her so much. I just feel that Ruhi will be the one coming to stop the wedding if Adi is not able to do it. I hope Ruhi overhears Niddhi’s conversation on what actually happened before the leap and how NIddhi planned this whole move to take revenge on Raman. Once Ruhi hears this she will change her mind. I don’t know whether that will happen. I of course feel the way Raman is he does not deserve Ishita. However, I can’t help it but not able to see Raman or Ishita with another woman or man. They are just meant ot be together and let it be that way.

  7. Swetha

    I am silent reader of the comments
    I want to share something before the leap I was waiting when it is going to be 7:30
    But today I only changed the serial.
    Really fed up with cv’s. Please change the track otherwise the will loss it’s magic

  8. reshma


    @romis marriage ruhaan/ruhi gets teary eyed and says excuse something went into my eyes.. ISHITA says to RUHAAN that we both are same, I too will say the same when I get emotional seeing family and all…

    shagun said something went into my eyes…

    I was laughing out loud seriously at this point…. funny thing is “ARE SHAGUN & ISHITA SAME?” Is SHAGUN A REPLICA OF ISHITA??
    writers have gone mad……

    • Miaww

      Its ruhi and shagun who said the same dialogue afterall they are real mother daughter!! Its not ishita who said it!!!

  9. Naaz

    Hi rithushree, sorry for not giving u response. I missed today’s episode. Read only update. Episode was bad. . Its raing in chennai from 2 days. Today weather is so pleasant here. I also like to read comments of vp, mino, siddhi, sindhu, rithushree etc

  10. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Resh, Shivani, Siddhi and other YHM fans. In today’s episode Shagun is so selfish. Vandu is also becoming a bad character. She has forgotten how both Ishra helped her when she was an alcoholic. The Iyers forgot that Raman helped Bala from his wrong financial investment in Suraj’s scheme. Raman forgot how Ishita time and again helped his family from Simmi, Mihir, Rinki, Toshi, Raman’s factory, his children and saved the entire family from death. No one remembers all these anymore and no one feels gratitude. Ishita saved Shagun many times and Shagun is now thinking of herself. Such a selfish woman. Adi asked her correctly. Nobody thinks of Ishita’s happiness. Only Adi and Toshi thinks of Ishita.

    • vp

      Sindhu you have mistaken Vandu …She cant see her going thru this insult and ignoring from Raman …But Shaghun took it as if she is going to help every one by marrying Raman … if she marries or not her intention will be wrong …Adi said it well to her … but you all watch and see after the dance and Ishithas caring Raman will be wanting his Jkr … whatever he talked and done is ruthless rude characterless cheap … Ishitha is avoiding him … but he is barking on her ….. we have to watch and see … and look at Bala he wishes Ishitha back in Ramans life …

  11. tamii

    Seriously, have writers gone mad, I feel ishita doesn’t hav self respect.

    Wat is all this shit crap,
    Vandi is right, Raman character deserves shagun


    I think this ruhi still loves her ishi maa when she knows. Truth she ll beat that nidhi

  13. Sindhu

    Shagun should have told at least now that Ishita is Pihu’s mother to Pihu but she has concealed it very well. Pihu has a right to know. Shagun can never be a good mother or wife to Raman. Ruhi is really a silly fool to trust Niddhi so much. I thought she was matured but she is not. She is a spoilt brat. Ishita is selfless. She only thinks of others Raman’s welfare and to reunite Iyers and Bhallas. Always wanting to help others and that is Ishita. Anyone can see that Raman don’t have any intention to marry Shagun. It is just to spite Ishita. He should have married 5 years ago not when Ishita appear. He should first divorce Ishita before marrying Shagun if not they would arrest him for bigamy. Adi is such a boy who wants Ishra to join and he is doing everything he can.

  14. Sindhu

    I think what the producers are trying to do is to recreate the same scenes before the leap of they fighting one another. That is exactly what is happening. They will fight so much and realize they love each other. Raman does not fight with Shagun. He speaks to her very diplomatically. Not once I saw him speak romantically to her. He is very business like even when he proposed marriage to her. Shagun does not realize she is being used in this wedding arrangement.

  15. Sindhu

    Hi Naaz. your comments have been also good to read for the other episodes of YHM. Keep those comments coming. After all we only commenting on the characters and the plot. It is nice to also listen from different peoples’ angle on how they feel about a certain episode.

  16. pritam Ghosh

    im so upset really the concept of yhm has changed it should be ruhi who will re unite ishra :/ anyways this serial is becoming irritating day by dayy0

  17. zaraa ali khan

    Hi … How r u all…

    Nice episode.. But Raman is acting too much.. Shagun , ishita , nidhi, & again shagun. Stupid.!!!

  18. Lavanya

    Shagun u r really selfish… Why r u not telling pihu the truth…. Vandita u r right Raman should marry shagun so that ishita could move on… This Raman thinks he is only the one who takes right decisions……he can forget shagun who left him and ruhi when she was just 2 months but he told ruhi that shagun is her real mamma she wanted Raman and ishita to separate and too much but still he had forgetten her but Ishita who made him a kind good man from a stone heart to a smooth heart she said ed ruhi and adi she did ghost drama and Shanaya drama she helped him so many times but still he can’t forget her……. Raman u will regret for ur deed……… Adi u rock I can’t believe till now adi who hated ishita so much(but later started loving her) he now loves her so much he can speak to shagun like that just for her ishima luv u adi……… But hate u ruhi, shagun and Raman

  19. princess

    I think Ruhi ko uski asliat bta deni chahia..Nidhi se Darnell ki kya zarurat hai..Raman aur Ishita uske sath jo honge..
    Waiting for that moment jab sabko Ruhi ka sach pta chal jayega

  20. lavanyabai

    ..vandu is so caring…aboutishu..and ruhi n raman can’t they realise they love ishu…raman is showing just hatred towards her..when he saw ishu for the first time after leap…at first he was smiling. n felt happy…I think he wil change in coming episodes…but I don’t understand shagun …she is so selfish…wants to marry raman..whether he loves her or ishu…and that’s it….I ish she realises. says no…Iam loving by day..loyal to his ishimaa

  21. Samrat

    I wish this hatred betwn Raman & Ishita soon changes to cat fight so that they can dove into their mirthful memory reminiceing the past and soon get united ……& shagun hd sacrefised for pihu ok… u can’t ask for the payment of your divine love for pihu and adi….

  22. Maria Rebecca

    Actually Shagun needs family, she was wronged all these years, the kids are hers & even Pihu….she is Raman’s first wife. I think they really have to give each other a chance.
    Ishitha is happy with Mani & Aaliya…let it be….. bring ruhi back & end the show sensibly….
    Maybe Adi can marry Aaliya…

  23. shivani

    Hi vp rithu sindhu and all other fans of YHM….i dont knw wat to comment…same same situations….raman shouting at ishu…ishu cries…adi trying to mend their relation….this melodrama will continue for one month…just like their confrontation…
    today vandu did a good job…everyone who loves ishu wants the same…raman should go away from ishu’s life…he is a bad omen for her..but i cant see them pairing with someone else…raman’s character has reached at its worst …we can understand that he is angry with ishita..but this is too much…how can he marry shagun..he gave her a second chance…why not to ishita….compared to ishita, shagun sacrificed nothing ….and i never expect such a move from mihir…i thought he will make raman realize that his decision is wrong…but he is just obeying him….I don’t think this is loyalty…

  24. Anonymous

    Hello, I am a silent reader in this site. And for long time, I was becoming really frustrated with this awful soap and its audience. I dont understand, why is everybody supporting Ishita and is against Raman’s attitude? I personally feel that Raman is right snd practical. Just think, he lost his own child because of Ishita’s selfishness, because ishhita choosed her own daughter pihu instead of her adoptdd daughter Ruhi. All this while she was only acting to pretenc Ruhi’ own mom. And Shagun, I dont kmoe what’s her mistake. Is her mistake is that she carried Ishita’s baby for 9 months, or for leaving her love Manoj for bringing up Bhalla family’s children and looking after them. Why has everybody became one-sided. And this Adi, selfish beast. How can a son do like tjis with his own mom. Did he not remember, that when he hit Ishita’s mother by his car when he was teen, no matter how bad was Shagun at that time, but she took entire blam of hit n run case on herself. And what did Ishita did? She acted honest and mahan by sending Adi to jail at that teen age. Also this time, when Adi was arrested and beaten by police for Aliya’s molestation case, after knowing that he is Adi, Ishita could not blindly believe that he was innocent and support him. She was in double mind at that time too. Also, I just hate her when she looks at Ruhan talks about his pervarish. Did she ever tried to find out why he is behaving like this. It is easy for her to give lectures. Remember, Ruhan’s condition and his changed attitude is only because of her, only because she choosed her own daughter instead of ruhi. Can anybody imagine what Ruhi is going through. Her identity changed only because of Ishita. And what Ishita did? She acted of doing suicide, and in this way she escaped from Raman as she could not able to face him. And then, created another family in Australia. And now she is ready leave that family also and planning to enter in Bhalla house. And the main culprit is Ishita’s devil ammna and her good for nothing 2 sisters, who are unnecessarily fighting with mrs bhalla and is supporting her loser son Romy, who is another big loser. Of whose carelessness today all these happened? Raman did absolutely right of throwing Romy out of his house. He is not even capable of standing on his own feet till now. He is using that useless Ashok and bribing all the dealers to take revenge on raman. Such a loser. And despite of that, everybody is blindly supporting Ishita and is against raman n shagun. I just wang to request Ekta to be practical and get some sense while choosing the scripts. Indian daily soaps need to change a little bit.

    • vp

      Hi Anonymous …. one thing understood … you have not understand the storyline at all or not watched all the episodes properly … not siding anyone here … Raman Ishithas love is unconditional … their chemistry is amazing .. we all want that … Hello … if she wanted to be with her own child she did not have to commit suicide … Ishitha here in this serial is a strong woman and always fair and true . if no Ruhi no Ishima thats this story … she cud have come back to her family . cvs making Raman not worth to be a husband and for the pain that shaghun had given …. cant think of her with Raman …thats we love Raman so we fans are angry .,,every one has the freedom to write what they feel …. you said your views .. we are with ours … no need to get frustrated with audience views …

      • Anonymous

        But how can Ishita comment in Ruhi’s behaviour without knowing the truth. Every person has different background which makes them to behave them in different ways. Did ever Ishita tried to find out why ruhan is behaving like this. She thinks that she is the only person in this world who is mahan, honest and fair. She will never realise that ruhan became like this only because of her. And am totally amazed with Bhalla and Iyer families’ attitude. How can they forget Ruhi so easily. Nobody even misses her. And what anout pihu? For 7 years she knows that Shagun is her own mom. But every thing will change when Ishita will be back in Raman’s life. Ishita along with Bhalla n Iyer families will wash her mind against and Shagun will become totally isolated. So the summary ism Ishita will be with Shagun’s children and her own child and Shagun will be with a katora in her hand, begging for a family after making all these sacrifices. So its totally fair. Shagun should suffer like this. Who told her to do her prayaschit. Ab bhugto.

    • vp

      Hi Anonymous … Ishitha doesnt know Ruhaan is Ruhi and of course she can find out …Shaghun … have you watched what she had done with Adi and Ruhi …. Adi suffered in her hands and his Ishima transformed him totally … why he is against his mom marrying his Papa ? he knows the truth that Papa is nothing without Ishima … And Ruhi always was with Ishima …now Ruhi sees his Ishima has moved on his life with out her … that hurts her plus from 7 yrs she is tortured …Ishitha doesnt know … now you see there is no genuinety in Shaghuns bond with Pihu … unknowingly Pihus is getting connected to Ishitha … thats the mother child bond becoz Ishithas child iwill b always a loving girl …shaghuns is not sacrifice … she is selfish and wants security …. I feel you have not seen many episodes … Ishitha is dragged to take this step of exchange …Raman can b angry but what he spoke out is not to be forgotten …

  25. How stupid this shagun. I think she doesn’t have brain. Raman is using her for his so called ego.if he wanted to marry shagun he can marry her earleir.but now he wanted to show ishith that he moved on.i think both ishu and shagun doesn’t had self respect.

    • vp

      True … from beginning itself I had commented … if Ishitha had stayed away from Mani … and Shaghun from Raman …cud have respected more … but Ishitha said no to Mani but Shaghun thinks Raman meant it …

  26. sewwandi

    This episode is superb.We can identIfy Ruhi’s inner feelings.This is the track the telydrama should go.really I like and I feel happy.

  27. shagun is sch a pyscho…..she even doesn’t know the meaning of lv she fell 4 anyone,1st Raman den ashok…..then manoj….ne again Raman……she cheats everyone. ..,IDIOT SHAGUN

  28. Bhas

    Mani is more good and understanding to ishita than raman poor isitha sacrificing everything for raman she should marry mani and live happily

  29. Mimi

    After the shoot adi will put mushrooms in raman pasta as he is allergic to it knowing that Ishita will come to help and therefore reducing their distences. Alia will know the plan and will ishita that its just raman and adi’s plan to get close to her. Ishita will not believe her and alia takes her away. When Adi comes back raman will slap him and warn him of his actions! After 2-3 more slaps, ishita will come there to stop another slap from raman! She says no one slap my children. Raman tells her you are just their step mother. While they are fighting, Ruhaan is watching the scene secretely near the door apparently happy.

  30. princess "N" {Die hard fan of fawad khan}

    What a episode….! Raman y r u showing that u hates ishu even u loves her a lot. Ishu z very selfless lady..she z pretty loyal & kind hearted.
    Ruhi yrr realise that u loves ur ishima more than anyone….
    & Adi u rock !!
    Adi z copy of his ishima.. ,lovely & cute.

  31. jay

    I think Ishitha will tell Ruhi/Ruhan that she still feel that she is responsible for Ruhis death. So she is away from family. She cannot forget Ruhi. May be hearing this Ruhi will change.

  32. aruna

    I wasn’t thought bad of shagun because she wanted to marry Raman. Seriously if Ishita and Raman get united shagun can’t even live with bhallas as before and can’t be mother of Adi and pihu. So she took right decision to marry Raman because she sacrificed her live for them and now these people are confronting her who left her lyf for Ishitas baby as selfish. She should not remain alone . If Ishita didn’t return to India someday or the other shagun would have married Raman. I was in a dilemma supporting both Ishita and shagun. Because I even want the same old yhm with ishraa….

  33. Siva

    Writers don’t make our dear Raman as a cheap character. I am so sad in mihir’s behaviour . How Raman can think shahun in the place of his ishu? How ruhi can hate her ishimaa? today’s episode clearly gives the picture that she can’t hate her ishima and papa so she worries when hearing the news of Raman’s marriage. I am sure that ruhi can recognize the true face of nidi before raman’s marriage.she would stop that. Writers please makes the things fine. We need our old ruhi which she really love her ishima and papa.please reunite Raman and ishitha then only reveals that ruhan is Ruhi

  34. Ameena

    It’s obvious that unfortunately Raman and ishita will reunite and then they will separate because of ramans stupid anger and caring ishita will end up being hurt again and realize Raman go away until I’m with u you’ll patch up and then leave me whenever u like because u think your a great man and that your always right only if ishita leaves Raman then he will realize what importance ishita has in his life and bring her back srsly if this is marriage and love full of love triangles it is really having a bad impact on people’s lives once more ishita show your confident side to Raman show him u don’t care what he said or does cause later when Raman will decide to leave shagun because of his anger then seeing shaguns evil side he’ll come back to his senses this isn’t love it’s a joke of love and marriage

  35. Lipi

    Yes… someone has to unite raman & ishita…. nd this ruhaan aka ruhi should really get some sense…. ishita was the woman who unites her with raman…. nd nidhi is responsible for her sepration with her family can’t she see that…. well Adi doing a really grt job…. the only ray of hope…. why vandu wants raman to marry shagun… ishita nd raman should both bear sepration pain…. seeing each other and unite FINALLY… ohh missing ishra’s moments….

    • Vandu is right Raman doesn’t deserve Ishita, he always insulted her, desprespected her and never trusted her, so what can kind of or relation will they make?…I wouldn’t let my sister get back to someone like Raman who only caused her soo much pain.

      • vp

        bery true Ifka Vandu is protective of her sister but Bala knows Ishitha loves Raman and wants her to b with Raman .. Romy is right Ramans will be back to himself if only Ishitha babi with him … Mihir , I dont know he always say yes to Raman … Mihika is very sad like Adi she knows how close Ishra is .. Shaghun is insecured ….Adi adorable but Ruhan playing with her mind and brain …Her suffering we cant imagine … if cvs can take her out of that Nidhi ….. nothing but …. And I feel Romis and Mihikas marriage is for convenience … we can see no love in that …Ishitha expressions were excellent … I like Mani as a friend but he is touching Ishitha unnecessary which gives bad image to viewers …There was a unique theme in this serial … now losing it … becoming very cheap day by day … but I believe writers you can bring it back …

  36. Well said VP.. This Anonymus Seems to have got the wrong end of the stick Or watched it half way.. this person is out of context. Actually What we want is for Raman to realize that he jumps into conclusions without knowing the true acts.. that was always his case from the time he married Isitha.. How many time she bailed him out of many dangers plus bad deals. which he went & did without thinking . & What about his family & kids she saved many times without even thinking or caring abt her life.& Whose plan was this Ruhi to be given in exchange when She said she can’t.. why are all calling her selfish she was more caring for Ruhi than her own child. has everyone forgotten the cruel words that Raman used to degrade Ishu after Ruhi’s death. i wan Raman to eat & apologise for every word that came out of his foul mouth. In Front of Raman Ishu also must act as if she cares for Mani for him to feel how hurtful & painful to see them together . let him feel what Ishu felt .he deserves it, Rhui you can understand the anger as she was small & she witnessed how Ishu saved her baby . not cos she didn’t love Rhui. cos the baby was born seven months & was small. & for all the beatings she is getting from that evil woman Niddi. every time she gets bashed she curses her parents.
    now that she is big she too loves her ishima but doesn’t want to admit it. why she got jealous when she saw Mani & Ishu together. & she doesn’t want her Papa & Shagun Together either.
    Anyway we can see what will happen. Somebody should give Raman a good telling off & open his eyes & say you were the bad omen for Ishu not vice versa. Then he can think about it hard & admit his fault & Go begging behind IShu for a Change. ha ha hope it will happen so that his ego will come down .. Hi My Dear friends who ever has joined are all welcome to our family. that is from me welcome All.

    • I completely agree with and couldn’t say it better…He took advantage of her innocence and selfless Behavior. I just the writers to make ishita strong and bold for once that she can live without Raman and doesn’t need him until he respect her as equal partner and trust her.

    • vp

      Thank you Mino ….as you said from beginning we see Raman says sorry after doing all …. now Ishitha should not fall for him … I can feel she is strong now … yes ofcouse pain inside … she has high moral values …. she knows her limitations ..her stay with Bhallas is only 2 years and she became part and parcel of the family … but she always saw the true side of life … she asked Bala that surprised to know shaghun is not married to Raman for Adi and Pehu … but that say is the fact … Raman cant imagine anyone in Ishithas place … Ishitha has to find out why he is not married and why Ruhan is very rude with her …..Ishithas power of acceptance is great and i always believe one cant forget any thing but one should forgive always …. thats what Ishitha going to be … but cvs you are give very bad image to the audience …

  37. Siddhi

    Hi everyone this niddhi she is so cruel ruhi has love for her ishimaa in some corner of her heart ishu always try to find the reason behind things so she should try to find out that why ruhaan is so rude I don’t like shaguns acting as positive character when she hugs pihu n cries that feeling was not so genuine it would have been different if ishima
    Hugs ruhi adi is just wao he truely loves ishu he said right to shagun but I don’t think ishu n adi bond was that strong before leap

  38. summi

    Hello everyone I am here after a long time. I just want to say Ruhi is not a spoiled brat but she is the one who suffered most in last 7 years n I think Shagun shouldn’t marry Raman because he doesn’t love her n using her just to satisfy his ego against Ishita. Shagun where is your self respect. Raman loves Ishita alot he is shouting at Ishita soo much just to hide his feelings n pamper his ego.

  39. Adi did a g8 job today…but I was disappointed with mihir vandu’s thought….
    Eagerly waiting for ishra dance….☺

  40. Susan

    Hi everyone. I am from South Africa. I absolutely love your comments and updates. Craaaazy about Ishra. We are currently watching episode 257 on GlowTV whereas you are about at episode 790. The sad thing is that this channel will soon be closing down so no more “old” YHM. I am heartbroken about this because I will be missing about 450 episodes of Ishra. But what to do? Anyway, I have subscribed to StarPlus and can now follow the latest episodes with you guys. Waiting patiently for Ishra to unite. Just cannot see them paired with anyone else.

  41. No name. Sorry

    Yeh hai mohabbatein. Umm…. I think that its a joke. The same story getting repeated why dont we just watch the first episodes atleast it is better than these current episode

  42. Jayalakshmi Arvind

    In all this drama, I guess Shagun will again turn negative.. in few days Ramn will surely realize, Ruhi will realize, Pihu will come to know tje truth. Then what?? They will all go back to Ishita leaving Shagun. The poor lady.. She will agin turn negative..

  43. bhagya(die hard fan of ishveer)

    yes vandu is right.raman should marry shagun ,he deserves only that selfish shagun not selfless &good hearted ishu.

  44. Swetha

    Today onwards I am not going to watch this crap because in spoilers I read that Raman is going to insult ishitha more and I can’t see her I pain.

  45. Taani

    Hey Susan… y don’t u download HOTSTAR app in ur mobile so that u won’t miss 450 episodes and u can see all the upcoming episodes of YHM too dear….

  46. Sasmita

    Shagun is there not to seperate raman and ishu….Bcoz of her ishu and ravan kumar will come close and that will be possible only when ruhi realises that she still loves her ishi maa 🙂
    I am waiting eagerly to watch the day ruhi/ruhan comes back to her ishi maaa 🙂

    • vp

      Can be possible sasmitha …. cvs want to show Shaghun in positive … like a devi … to show she sacrificing …

  47. ponnu

    In the upcoming episode ruhi and ishu will share same room in flat.. Ruhi will become real ruhi (girl style) as per Nidhi’s instruction to separate ishra.. And will tell name as ruhi chopra.. Ishita will be emotional hearing that name.. She insist ruhi to stay with her and ruhi agrees .. Is it interesting ruhi and ishima in same flat ? 🙂

  48. Sne7

    I want Raman to marry Shagun, Ishita to be with Mani n Ruhi to realise Raman was responsible for her near death not Ishi maa and go back to Ishita and Mani.
    Raman Shagun Adi n Pihu shud live in India
    Mani Ishita Aaliya and Ruhi in Aus.
    And maybe Adi shud marry Aaliya n go off to Aus. :/
    Somebody end this serial. It gas complicated relationships toooo much.

  49. papama

    someone need to beat raman until he comes to his senses he will never find a woman like ishita. i hope someone finally tells the truth to raman about ruhaan that is is ruhi after all the horrible way he has treated ishita. he does not deserve her she’s too much respactable for the like of him ceo or not. his no different from ashok. he makes ashok look like an angel as compared to him. someone must find a nice woman for mani at least he deserves that, i hope he understands that ishita loves ram and cannot help herself. in this serial all we have been seeing lately is the unhappiness. this is two much painful to watch now its like watching another ram and priya who had endless problem and too little happines in bade ache lagte hain. the director must do something before things get worse for ishita and raman. im worried now that glow is ending where can i continue to watch the show now im addicted to it please help.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.