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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman asking Mama ji to sleep in the hall as he won’t be comfortable in his room. Ishita looks on and smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………. Abhishek meets Mihir and says he wanted to talk about Shagun, she lied to him, she was nervous, if he can give any clue. Mihir says I don’t know anything about my mum, Shagun talks to her, but there is something fishy, I don’t know whats going on in her mind, I will contact you whenever I know anything. Mihika comes there and water falls on her. She starts shouting.

Abhishek comes and smiles. She asks why is he staring. He says he has to see when she makes any noise. She says she does not need security, she is enough alone. She says there are problems wherever he goes. He says he came to meet Mihir,

to talk about Shagun. She asks can he help him for free, as she is responsible citizen. He says she is right, so she can keep an eye on Shagun. She says she can tell her, if he has any doubt, then it will be true, as she can fall to any level to fulfill her motive. She gets a call and leaves. Abhishek thinks about Mihir and Shagun’s words, and wants to find out her motives.

He asks the agent about Shagun’s passport. The man says it will come, one ticket is pending and the other two are confirmed. Abhishek asks the names. The senior comes and says its just one ticket, Shagun is his client and he should have warrant to get details. The man lies to him. Abhishek leaves. The senior asks the man to ask him before saying anything. The senior tells Ashok that his work is done. Ashok says good, thanks. The senior says its not any small ACP, I can’t get into to. Ashok says leave it, and thinks Abhishek can ruin the plan, he has to keep an eye on him till Shagun goes with Adi and Ruhi to Australia.

Raman orders flowers and scented candles. Mihir comes and says he has talk about something imp. Raman says I have to go home. Mihir says its about Shagun, ACP came home and said something about her. Shagun says thanks Ashok for saving me, but who the hell he is to know about me. Ashok asks her to be very alert. She says she wants to go with her kids, when Bhalla family will be busy with Simmi’s marriage. Raman says its good if Shagun is leaving for Australia. Mihir says why is she lying. Raman gets the flowers and candles.

Mihir says now I understand, why you are going home, and asks for some tips. He asks him to use south Indian background music. Raman leaves. Subbu meets his doctor and she asks how is he feeling now. He shouts no…… and extends his hand. She asks him to relax and makes him drink water. He says he can’t control his anger without medicine, when he recalls that time, he loses his senses.

She asks him not to think about his past, his anger will not go till he forgets the past, and asks him to take medicines well and do relaxation exercise. He says I can’t do that, do I deserve to get well, I can’t forget that day and my anger is justified. She says anger is not justified, face the world and tell the truth. He says he lies to world every day, but he knows the truth, how can he forget. She asks can’t he tell them the truth. He says he is marrying as they are related to that truth. He asks her not to tell anyone about the truth.

Mrs. Bhalla chooses sarees for Subbu’s mum and Sujata. Ishita gets good dressed and Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to choose sarees too. Ishita waits for Raman. Mr. Bhalla says its very hot, and Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get lassi for him. Raman comes and sees Ishita. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……………. Mrs. Bhalla says its good Raman came early, choose a saree for her. Raman says he is tired and going in room. He asks Ishita to give his file. She asks which file. He asks her to eat almonds, he messaged her. She says oh that one, you go, I will come after you. He says come soon. She says it will be many surprises today.

Raman comes to the room and sees his relatives. Raman feels like dying being frustrated. He asks did Ishita give this room to them. The man says yes she gave this, you know we are newly married. He sees the flowers and Ishita asks them to keep it, Raman got this specially for them.

The man asks his wife Simmi to get the gift which they got for Raman. Raman and Ishita argue till then. Raman gets the gift and the man says he has to talk to him. The man takes some tips from Raman, and says he got chance to have honeymoon now. Raman says anyone should get the chance and hugs him. Ishita asks whats happening. The man says I was thanking him for the room. She says he is very big hearted. The man goes. Ishita asks Raman not to be angry as they are his cousins. He gets a call from counselor about Adi’s reports. She asks can I come along. He asks her to stay at home.

Mihika comes with Mihir to his home. He goes to Rinki. She answers a call on landline, and comes to know about Shagun’s Australia trip and three tickets booked. She says is Rinki and Mihir, no, he would have told me, whats Shagun doing, I think Mihir does not know, Abhishek was right, Shagun is doing something wrong, what is she upto.

Raman meets counselor and comes to know about a patient who has anger issues. Subbu talks to this counselor.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Tch Tch………Bechara Raman……. humne socha tha……Shaadi hai to IshRa ka romantic scenes dekhne ko milenge…..but Yanha to Raman ke bane banaye mood par pani pher diya……..

  2. Mihika ko hero to takkar ka mila hai….. pehle to Mihika bolti thi & Mihir sunte rehta tha……but ab to barabari wala ACP mila hai…..

  3. Are yaar…Ishita ki Amma ka house bhi to Bhalla house jitna hi big hoga…….to IshRa waha jaa kar bhi to reh sakte hai……..

  4. Aise time par na Gues ke liye…..Hotel md room books kar dene chahiye……Humne bhi wo hi kiya tha Didi ki shaadi me……

  5. Aise time par na Guests ke liye…..Hotel me room books kar dene chahiye……Humne bhi wo hi kiya tha Didi ki shaadi me……

  6. Aise time par na Guests ke liye…..Hotel me rooms book kar dene chahiye……Humne bhi wo hi kiya tha Didi ki shaadi me……

  7. Latest Update: Divyanka confirmed in
    an interview that Ishra separation is
    not on the card n not gonna happen.. In
    fact their relationship will go in next

  8. khanikar

    ishita is a chipko bt i have no problem in being subbu coz i m really bad like him.Like him i want ishita in the clinic n i will get her drunk n u all viewers just open ur mouth n keep watching dumbos. U all losers cant get a woman n i am 75 years old n yet ishita is crazy to spend quality n enjoyable time with me.

  9. Yeah Priyaroli maine wo Interview dekha tha …..ITF ka ths….FB par video hai……Reporterne puchha ki hume information mili hai ki Novel ke hisab se IshRa separate honge…to Divyanka ne kaha…aisa nahi hai..balki ab to aap ane wale ep me dekhenge ki Ishita & Raman apna relation next step par le jayenge……

  10. Anshi 3 times type ho gaya tha……
    Dhyan se dekho….sab me ek ek word different hoga……maine erase karke retype kiya 2 times iss liye 3 times comment hua……..

  11. khanikar

    the 3 heads girl, u r interested in talking to me alone na? Come to mental asylum panjabari

  12. We don’t know the reason for
    Subbu’s vengeance against the
    Bhallas yet. Here’s why we think
    Subbu wants to create trouble for
    Raman and Ishita!
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has seen
    a sudden twist in the tale. Subbu( Amit
    Tandon) who always came across as
    this silent and calm person, was seen
    going wild and losing his cool in the
    last episode. We saw Subbu breaking
    things and yelling at someone on the
    phone, telling them that they had no
    right to threaten him with his wife
    Laxmi’s name. Sujata was seen
    asking him to calm down and take his
    medicines to control his anger. As we
    all know, Subbu is set to marry Simmi
    and enter the Bhalla family.Till now I
    thought of the same as a good thing as
    I assumed Subbu to be a harmless lad.
    But now, my opinion has changed as I
    believe, trouble is going to come
    knocking on the Bhallas’ doors very
    I, like several other viewers, do not
    know the exact reason as to why
    Subbu wishes to seek revenge from
    the Bhallas. I’m not sure whether he
    wishes to hurt Simmi or Raman-
    Ishita. Well I’m as lost as you guys
    are but here are my guesses:
    # He wishes to hurt Raman(Karan
    Patel) as his past may have something
    to do with Subbu’s wife Laxmi. Subbu
    pretended to get close to Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Simmi as he
    essentially wanted, to get close to
    # Subbu’s target may not be Raman
    but Simmi after all. We know that
    Param was a bad influence in Simmi’s
    life and may have hurt Laxmi in some
    way but might have put the blame on
    her. Subbu might be using the same
    knowledge to get back at her.
    # We know that Raman has a clean
    heart and will not intentionally hurt
    anyone. Since his association with
    Ishita, the lad has become a better
    person. However, much like Simmi,
    Raman had a negative influence in his
    life earlier and it was Shagun(Anita
    Hassanandani). She might have
    caused hurt to Subbu’s ex wife and
    pinned it on Raman which is why
    Subbu might be plotting against him.
    These are mere speculations folks.
    Just like you, we are clueless too! Can
    you guess what is Subbu’s agenda
    and the reason for it? Post your
    comments in the box below!

  13. Video: Divyanka’s IF Interview *** –> Ishra relation to go in next level ( Credit: IF ) it’s actually itvf intv…Divyanka n her
    mom present there…Rep asked DT abt
    her foot’s condition n DT said that her
    foot is recovering at a very good
    pace…may be in upcoming 3or 4 days
    she will walk without any support…n many more… Then rep asked her abt
    karan ankita wedding n asks her wat
    tips would.. she like to give Karan n
    ankita…she give some nice tips… then rep asked about ishra relation rep
    asked her that we hear separation is on
    the cards but DT said no it’s not true
    infact ishra’s relationship is now vry
    soon shifted to next level… N many
    more things are their in this interview.

    • RkbGree

      Guyz y dnt we cmplain abt des ppl… I mailed to tu admin. Its really mean how one can stoop so low and abusing . It really hurts.

  14. Angel……Yeh Raman ke Bhai ne IshRa ka room Hijack kar liya…iss liye…Raman aisa imagjne kar raha tha ki Wo Apne sar par Gun rakh kar suicide kar raha hai….sirf 4-5 sec ke liye dikhaya…….

  15. TOSHIJi

    Kanjry ki aulad kaniker yahn s dafaan ho ja yeh changi the saaf Java hai tere Maya ka kotha nahi chal phut ******

  16. Hey….abbhi to Garmi bhi bahot ho rahi hai……..& IshRa ka room bhi nahi hai to kyo na IshRa terrace par so jaye…….Jil milate taare & Chaand ki roshani me…….mai kab se aise IshRa scene ka wait kar rahi hoo…..

  17. khanikar

    my name is khanikar fool
    kh se khwabo se bhara
    n se nariyon ki priya
    k se kamdev
    r se raton ka raj
    yehi he khanika
    aap logo ko saja

  18. yeh subbu show mein wakai pagal lagtha hai.agar simmi ki shaadi na hui toh bhallas kisko blame karenge patha nahi.lekin ishitha ko blame nahi karna ne kaha uske past ko guzre kaafi waqt hua hai toh abhi kyu aaya hai yeh subbu .mujhe lagtha hai subbu ki wife laksmi mari nahi hai warna koi usse lakshmi ka naam kehke daratha kyu hai.

  19. Balaji Teleflims Popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is gearing up for a high
    voltage drama regarding Simmi’s
    marriage. Recently in Star Parivaar
    Awards the team grabbed nearly seven
    awards including Best jodi,Best
    International Jodi and many more.
    As we have seen,Ishita proposed
    raman and they are trying to spend
    some quality time together.Raman
    (Karan Patel) seems to be in a
    romantic mood and let Ishita
    (Dibyanka Tripathi) know that despite
    her being unable to bear children, they
    can give it a try. He even mentioned
    that he met a doctor during his trip to
    the US, who assured them that Ishita
    is capable of conceiving.
    However, amidst the happy moment, a
    surprising twist occurs. Subbu (Amit
    Tandon), who was initially introduced
    as Ishita’s ex-lover turned well-
    wisher, seems to have planned a plot
    against Ishita and Raman.
    Subbu is also suffering from mental
    issues after his wife and child’s death
    and he is taking treatment for this
    disease.Doctor tells him to inform this
    matter to his would be wife.Seems
    like there is a lot of drama in the
    coming episodes.
    Meanwhile,mihika who knows that
    shagun is going to Australia with three
    persons tries to figure out her
    plan.She also takes Abhishek’s help
    to solve this matter.
    Soon,it will be known that she is
    trying to take adi and ruhi with her to
    take revenge from ishita.Then
    According to the Promo,the fire
    accident will happen where the kids
    get struck and shagun leaves them all
    alone to save herself.A tlast ishita
    comes and goes to rescue her kids.
    But Will ishita and Raman able to find
    out Subbu’s hidden secret?Keep
    reading for more updates.

  20. Jahnvi

    I dun understand y dy show tat only d lead couple’s love is true nd strong!
    I still feel it friends Mihir nd mihika wer a great couple .!evn romi – sarika &subbu- simmi wer kind off cute!

  21. khanikar

    u selfish ppl get out. U all r thoo. I vomit at ishita n u all. N ishita cleand my dirty stuff

  22. #upconing track Raman put pesicide in his room so that
    his cousin leave the room. Then Ishita
    enters the room and finds the room
    stinking of insect killing medicine , she
    calls neelu , they both starts to clean
    the room , but the smell doesn’t go away , so she tells neelu to take flowers
    from down , in the mean time ishita
    decorates the table with flowers n
    scented candles which were bought by
    raman .
    Then Raj And Simran enters and happy to see the room all decorated. After a
    while Raman entered covering his
    mouth and nose thinking that the room
    will still smell,but was shock to see the
    room clean . Raj thanks him n Ishita
    says you are just going to thank him not me.. i cleaned all this , Raman gets angry.

  23. yah ur right thachu ishu gives importance to every ones but hamesha raman ko dissapoint karthi hai yar…….so sad bechara raman….

  24. Raman to put pesticide
    to make Relatives leave
    & romance Ishita in ‘Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein’ Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is currently
    witnessing the track of Subbu &
    Simmi’s marriage arrangement
    and Raman & Ishita trying to
    start they new life but don’t find time due to relatives Raj &
    Simran. Raman tries to spend time with
    Ishita but finds his relatives in
    his room who came to attend
    Simmi’s Marriage.Irked Raman
    now turns Comic and decides to
    make Raj & Simran run out of his room by putting Cockroach
    Pesticide in his room. He thinks this will force Raj to
    walk off because of its high
    odour ,Unknown to this Ishita
    enters the room to see
    arrangements but will be
    shocked to find the the pesticide around and she cleans
    up not knowing who did that. Ishita further sets the flowers
    and scented candles which
    Raman brought for them and
    arranges the room back giving
    it to Raj & Simran.Raman who
    comes happily again thinking to be with Ishita will be shocked
    to see everything clean and Raj
    thanks him for arrangements
    and Ishita claims she cleaned it
    perfectly which will irk Raman
    more. How will Ishita react when she
    knows it was Raman’s plan ? Do Keep up the space for more

  25. Hey gys kuch too acha hua kii room unke bhai ne leliya to woh log ko hall mai romance karne ka moka vapis miljaiga but mama jii ko kahin aur shift karna padega hai naa

  26. Sbs segment. .
    Wahi pesticide wala scene dikhaya. ….
    bechara raman uss ka kuch nahin hosakta. ……har bar uss ka plan flop .ho jata hai …ab ishita kya karegi. .raman ko manane k liye. ….jo hoga scene toh mast hoga. ….aaj aaye ga ye scene. …

  27. naima

    where r u from [email protected]

  28. naima

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  29. Fyn [email protected]

  30. Ishita cleans the room and decorates
    it with flowers and scented candles.
    She does all this for Raman’s cousin
    Raja and his wife Simran. Raja and
    Simran like the room a lot and get
    impressed seeing the room. Everyone
    like her efforts. Raman is stunned
    seeing the room. Raja hugs him and
    thanks for his idea. Raman gets
    frustrated to see Ishita helping out
    others in romance and not caring for
    Raman. On the other hand, Subbu’s
    new side is shown. Subbu meets a
    counselor and tells how he is
    revengeful against the Bhallas. He
    says how he lost his wife Laxmi and
    son Karthik because of Bhallas, and
    now it will be tough time for Bhallas to
    tackle the over sweet Subbu and know
    his real intentions.

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  33. *Sonia*

    No thachu I read comments dont comment much but today after reading Khanikar’s comments,I felt that we must not be quiet

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  36. Liya

    Ok.i came hr 2 ask u sth.r u vinu bro’s fb [email protected] sis

  37. nish

    I hope abt subuz revenge as mention tdy in spoiler that foolish param comes to know n realise his mistake n c that his wife and daughter is in danger. He turns positive and saves them. Hope so eisa ho.

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