Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma, Simmi, Mrs. Bhalla and Shagun meeting Shanaya. Shagun says Ishita is still between us, and tells her about the baby. Ishita says I m not attached to children. Shagun says once baby happens, things will change, and makes her feel the baby kick. Amma asks Shanaya to come in godh bharai function. Ishita says I will see, its tough. They all insist her to come. Shagun hugs Ishita and says we are with you always. She sees Niddhi there and starts scolding her. She says Ruhi gets hurt seeing you, its not right, don’t remind her of Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says we were making Niddhi our bahu for Raman’s sake and you came. Simmi says you are not Ishita, and just look like her. They ask Niddhi how did she come here. Niddhi says I have seen Raman’s car here. Mrs. Bhalla says

we came by his car. Niddhi thinks they feel I can’t see their drama, I know they want to make me leave from Raman’s life. They all go out and discuss about Shanaya. Mrs. Bhalla says I have seen Ishita’s love for her baby in her eyes. Amma says yes, I know she is Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she will come in godh bharai. Shagun says our plan started and they smile.

Niddhi says I came here to see Raman, his phone was not connecting, I thought he is here for business meet, sorry, I will leave. Ishita thinks I know your plan and why you came here. Niddhi shows her passport and the lady says you can’t travel, three pages are torn, you have apply for new passport. Niddhi comes home and is angry. She asks how dare they tear my passport. Sarika checks it and asks who did this. Niddhi says maybe anyone here. Sarika says Shanaya could do this too, she will move you off her way. Niddhi says no, she knows Raman loves me and we are marrying. Sarika asks her not to believe Raman and Shanaya blindly, Raman maybe seeing Ishita in Shanaya, I m just warning, you think, understand and do the right thing. She goes. Niddhi also fears about Raman and Shanaya’s affair and thinks to find out.

Raman takes tiffin to Ishita and says Shagun gave it for Shanaya. She says even I think she is doubting on me, Shagun invited me and said few things like she knows I m Ishita. He says you know our family women are very clever, we have to be careful. She says Amma was showing so much love, she held my hand and was seeing with love, it was tough for me to act, mummy ji was blessing me, when Shagun hugged me, I felt I m at my home, I m missing them a lot, they came to invite me in our baby’s godhbharai, I m missing all this so much, I should not go. He asks why, you just go. She says it won’t be good for our plan. He asks her to behave normal, its their baby’s godh bharai. She says yes, its tough to behave like its someone else’s baby. He says you come, I will manage everything. He jokes about the third baby, who will be half Madrasi. She hugs him and they smile.

Bala asks Suraj why are you doing this. Suraj asks what did I do. Bala says I know this well that you played a role to get a job for Vandu, don’t spoil our life, Vandu went through so much, we are ordinary people, we have been destroyed, not anymore please… Suraj says I m ashamed for what I did, I just wanted to help. Bala says we don’t want to keep relation with you, spare me please…. He leaves.

Mrs Bhalla and Simmi talk about arrangements, while Shagun talks to Manoj on phone. Amma tells Shagun about their customs, and asks her to wear gajra. She says I will feel my Ishu wore all this, I kept this thinking one day…. Shagun says I will wear all this. They see Niddhi. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma not to get senti. Mrs. Bhalla asks Niddhi to sit with her. She says I thought till when will we fight when Raman accepted you, you are my bahu. Niddhi asks really. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, its Shagun’s godh bharai, you take the charge, the baby will be yours too. Niddhi says what nonsense, its not my baby. Shagun says its Raman’s baby, one who takes Ishita’s place will manage baby, my figure got spoiled, I have to marry Manoj, I can’t deal with this anymore. Mrs. Bhalla asks Niddhi to make snacks for guests. Niddhi says we will order. Mrs. Bhalla says no, bahu does this work, we have to introduce you to our relatives, Neelu will help you. Niddhi says 50 samosas. Amma says no, 2 samosas per person, so 100 samosas. Shagun asks for onion bhajiya. Niddhi goes. They laugh by troubling Niddhi. Sarika looks on.

Niddhi asks Neelu for help. Neelu makes excuse and leaves. Sarika tells Niddhi that I have bear all that, its new way to trouble you, enjoy.

Neelu gives instructions to Niddhi and Niddhi asks her to leave. Neelu shows attitude and orders more things. Niddhi gets angry and says they made me servant. Raman looks on and says mummy did great. He asks Niddhi did she make all this alone. Niddhi says yes, mummy ji accepted me as bahu, so I m making all this. She says pakodas burnt somewhat, try and see. Raman says no need, we will order food. She says no, its abshagun. He says but if anyone’s stomach gets upset… fine I will help you. She kneads flour and asks him for water. He puts oil intentionally and she tells him that its oil. He says sorry, what about this mint. She says its for mint chutney with pakodas. He puts it in frying pan. She asks him to just leave. He says tell me if you want help. She thinks how to manage all this alone.

Ashok comes to meet Shanaya. He compliments her and asks is she ready to come with him. She asks did I tell you I m going out with you, I m going at Raman Bhalla’s house for ladies function. He says come on, that godh bharai function is boring, you should go to pubs. She thinks to take Ashok with her to confuse Niddhi.

Mrs. Bhalla says we know you are our Ishita. Shagun says this is your baby. Ishita says I m Shanaya. Ruhi holds her hand and cries saying I know you are my Ishi Maa.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Siddhi

    Hi every one nice episode shagun me kaha baby k ane me abhi three .months hain n according to leap news niddhi will kidnap ishra new born baby to kya ye niddhi wala drama itna lamba jaye ga ya leap k news fake hai

  2. SIndhu

    Great episode!!! It is so nice while all these scenes last. I hope we really have more of Ishra scenes. Oh please Ekta let Ishita hold her newborn baby together with Raman and enjoy the family moment. Don’t separate the family. The episodes from now are really cute to watch and it is very pleasant to hear Raman saying Madrasan all the time. This is their affectionate way of calling ans Ishita calling him Ravan Kumar.

  3. Drama is very intresting from day to day. In this story line we don’t want any any sarrows or leap happens. Pls cvs dont make ishra families seperate and if u dont have any story pls end with the happy ending. Pls pls we dont want any leap.

  4. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu, Diya and all the YHM fans out there. Rithu and Diya I checked with my friend’s sister regarding what I mentioned about the location shoot in Australia and she told me that they received the request in February. She does not know any other detail. They only mentioned in the email that they wanted possible location shoot in Australia. It is also not immediate. It might take place in the mid year. Whether they will really shoot YHM in Australia or not is wait to be seen. She told me she is not sure whether the producers really going to shoot there but they only wanted location shoots ttinformation. I definitely hope there is NO LEAP or SEPARATION. I think maybe they might use the location shoot for Niddhi and grown up Ruhi who is Aditiya Bachia. It says Niddhi will run away with Ruhi. Then of course the new born baby will be our very own Ruhi and that could be the 8 or 10 year leap. I think maybe Ishita will go in search of her grown up ruhi in Australia. I don’t know whether this would be the story but if this is story line at least it won’t be so bad because Raman, Ishita and our very own cute Ruhi will be still together.

    • diya

      oh if that is the case thn leave it … if it was in feb ..nd nothng happend till now . . thn the idea is scrapped off!!! i pray thr is no leap nd separation ahead!!

  5. tasiya

    Could not watch the match cause of INDvsPAK so read the update was too quick… Thanks Amena for quick update… Epi was very good

  6. Amna

    Hey I love this show can u please fix this website so i can see all yhm episodes please don’t do leap keep Raman and ishita togather please and newborn baby with them bring ado back into story please please please… And love u ruhi ???

  7. No I am sorry I said like this ishra are. best they are doing this for nidhia truth to be out. Sorry for writing like this yhm is best a happy and prosperous holi.

  8. V P

    Episode was nice and the only reason is Ishrs . both Raman and Ishitha so lovable and acting so well . Ishitha really controls her emotions so well .her face is so cute and expressions are so beautiful . no leap nor Ishra seperation please . May b Nidhi will run away with Ruhi and Ishitha will go to find her …. That way twisting can be acceptable rather than the surrogate child is kidnapped and Raman exchanges Ruhi …which will be titally another drama to play with yhm fans emotions . Goodness in Both Ishitha and Raman in this serial is amazing . Love this serial and its really defferent from all other serials

  9. Siddhi

    I really don’t like this leap idea even though ruhi will be in the show after leap but she will be as ishra surrogate baby not as ruhi I love ruhi as ruhi not as ishras surrograte baby

  10. Siddhi

    Guys I read on fb that leap is postponed due to high rating of show n channel does not want to take any risk

  11. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam and all yhm

  12. agar yhm mein leap hua toh koi bhi yhm ko nahi dekhega .I think ekta hamesha yhm ko sns se copy karne ki koshish kar rahi hai .leap bhi 10 years aur post leap story bhi waise hi jaise sns mein tha ki ruhi ishitha se nafrath karegi . old yhm mein sirf normal problems se deal kartha tha jo reality se juda tha .aur uss ghost track se yhm mein yeh log sab unreal dikhaa rahe hai aur story bhi backwaaz hotha jaa raha hai .

  13. The long pending leap of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” finally seem to be happening sometime soon. The show will take ten years leap and Ruhi and Adi will grow up. So here we bring you the exclusive story pre and post leap as per sources from the set.
    Nidhi will get to know the reality of Shanaya and she will try to kill her.Raman will make video of this and blackmail Nidhi and ask her to give the chip which can prove Ishita’s innocence.
    Nidhi will run away with Ishita’s new born child and she will ask Raman to bring Ruhi if he wants to get his newborn baby. Ishita will not agree to it but Raman will take Ruhi to exchange her for his small baby. Leap will happen post this. Ruhi will hold Ishita responsible for this and this which will leave Ishita shattered.
    Ishita will go far away from Raman and Bhalla family. Shagun will stay in Bhalla house and take care of Raman-Ishita’s baby. Ruhi will consider Nidhi as her mom. Adi will try to bring Raman and Ishita together.
    The source adds that “The channel and production house is planning to take the show either to London or Australia. Most likely post leap Ishita will be seen there.”

    • diya

      i trust the charectrs more thn the spoilers . i don’t raman will do ny thng like that . ndwt will nidhi do with ruhi??. i thnk this a fake one…. this kind of similar spoilers also came in the September

  14. yeh log ishitha ke character ko kyu kharaab kar rahe hai . bhale hi show ishruh se shuru hua toh lekin baad mein ishruh bhi ishadi ban gaya tha . kabhi bhi ishitha ne ruhi se badkar kuch aur dekha hi nahi hai . show mein adi missing hai .ishitha jab jail mein thi tab jallad ko request karne ka idea adi ne diya tha. adi ne bhi ishitha ke liye fast rakha aur jab ishitha nahi thi tab ruhi ko sambhaala . lekin ishitha hamesha ruhi kehthi hai lekin kabhi bhi woh adi ke baare mein nahi poochthi ya phir woh kabhi bhi adi ko lekar zyaada emotional hothi hai . ab family reunion mein bhi adi nahi hai aur ishitha phir se adi ko bhool jaayegi.

  15. summi

    Wow episode started with a loving note . Bhalla family invited Shanaya for god bharai function,Shagun make Shanaya aka Ishita to feel her baby , but change her tone after seeing Nidhi n blamed Shanaya for Ruhi’s condition. Bhalla’s n Iyyar’s are ready to give Nidhi touch time n make her to work in Kitchen Raman spoiled everything intentionally n enjoyed Nidhi’s condition. Bala’s part was very touching his talk with Suraj shows his love for Vandu. Lol when travel agent informs about passport. On the whole entertaining episode,looking forward for tomorrows episode.

  16. Shyaren

    Wow.. waitin’ for next episode.. Ishita has to confess.. for Ruhi.. her baby.. her family..

  17. Popular Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is soon to take major
    leap of 10 years and will bring out
    shocking changes then plot and the
    relationship equations amid Raman
    (Karan Patel) , Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) and grown up Ruhi.
    As per the sources, the upcoming
    story of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    revealed and it is full of unexpected
    Apparently, Nidhi will come to know
    Shanaya and Raman’s truth and Nidhi
    will try to kill Shanaya.
    Raman will record Nidhi’s attempt and
    will blackmail her to handover the
    Instead, Nidhi will kidnap Raman-
    Ishita’s new born baby and will
    demand to exchange it with Ruhi.
    Ishita will try to stop Raman but
    Raman will exchange Ruhi for newborn
    baby and the show will take leap.
    The grown up Ruhi will be seen dead
    against Ishita and will consider Nidhi
    her mother.
    Ishita will blame herself for Ruhi’s
    fate and will separate from Raman.
    Well, too many twists will again make
    viewers glued to the show for sure.

  18. Leap ka idea bakwass hai yaar ye galat hai ye toh sans ko copy karne jaisa hi hai. Can’t these cvs think something new and creative????

  19. summi

    Why Ekta Kapoor always wants to show problems specially for leading lady. Can’t she show Raman n Ishita leaving happily with their three kids. Upbringing of three solving their problems, small fights between siblings will definitely keep the audience glued to show.

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