Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shagun waking up Adi. Adi sees her face first. He says my birthday will be best, you are very lucky for me. She says I m with you. Adi says love you mumma. She says happy birthday. Ashok acts sweet. Shagun says see how we celebrate your birthday today. Adi says thanks, you are the best. Ishita sees many dishes made and packs tiffin silently. Rinki says can I help you. Ishita says no, I was packing my tiffin. She gets someone’s call and says I m coming. Raman says its my Adi’s birthday today. Mihir calls him and asks are you fine. Raman is annoyed and says I can’t forget this date. He says its Adi’s birthday today. Mihir says its your important meeting today.

Raman thinks about Adi. He says I will talk to you later and cries. He says Adi,

Papa can’t even wish you. Papa loves you. Ashok says Adi is 11 years now, the party should be great. Shagun does the arrangements. Shagun says I made your fav breakfast, pan cakes. She says I invited all your friends.

Adi says I have to call someone personally inviting him. Ashok says my idea is working, today’s party will be great. Amma says I m worried Vandu, something bad is going to happen today. Vandu says maybe Ishita and Raman had a fight. Amma says why is she not saying us, this is not normal. Vandu says don’t think too much, when she comes here, I will talk to her. Shravan and Ruhi have a fight. Amma and Vandu stop them. Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla come to support Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi to beat him. Mr. Bhalla asks her to say sorry. Ruhi says sorry.

Vandu asks Shravan to say sorry. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Shravan. Mr. Bhalla asks the maid to take Ruhi inside. He talks to Mrs. Bhalla and says Ruhi was talking like you, she is learning from you. She says then want, get beaten and come home. He says Shravan is her brother. She will say you taught her to fight, we have to teach her whats good. She says fine. Mihika comes home talking on phone. Rumi looks at her. He asks why are you worried. She says new job and so many problems. He says congrats. She tells him about holi event and I m in trouble.

Rumi laughs and thinks this is a good chance to become her hero. He says don’t worry, I will help you. Mihika says thanks, you are so sweet. He says lets go now, hold me tight. They leave on the bike. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ruhi and Shravan to have halwa. Amma says we are best friends. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I made veg food today for all of you. She says its Adi’s birthday today. The maid says Ishita took some food. Mrs. Bhalla asks why so much. Shravan ends the fight with Ruhi. Amma says bye to Ruhi and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla is shocked knowing Ishita took chicken also. Raman sees Adi’s pic. Adi calls him. Raman is happy.

Adi asks did I disturb you. Raman asks how are you. Adi says I m fine. Raman says I was missing you and wishes him happy birthday. Adi says did you remember, I thought you forgot. Raman says how can I, you are my first child. Adi invites him in his birthday party. Raman is happy. Adi says I want to celebrate with everyone and your new wife too. Raman cries happily and says if you want so, we all will come. Raman promises he will bring everyone, and thanks him for inviting him. Adi says see you at sharp 7 and ends the call. Raman says Adi wants me to be with him in his birthday party.

Ashok hears the talk and asks Adi whats up. Adi says everything is set. Ashok says I will be giving you surprise. Adi says I will look forward. Ashok says go for shopping with your mum. Adi leaves. Ashok says Raman will get a big surprise today. Raman says today I will give you everything which no other child will have. Raman asks all his office staff and asks them to buy best gifts and video games for Adi.

Mrs. Bhalla looks at some kids playing and misses Adi. Dolly comes to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman calls her and tells her that Adi called and he asked all of us to come in his birthday party. Mrs. Bhalla gets happy. Raman says maybe Adi understood me. She says he is your blood, our Adi wants to meet us, I m very happy. He says be ready till 6 pm, I will come. She says I can’t come with this fracture. He says fine and ends the call.

Raman calls Ishita and asks her to get ready for the party. He says Adi invited us and we have to go, don’t be late. He asks where are you. She says I m in clinic, I have imp surgery, don’t wait for me, I can be late. She ends the call. Raman gets angry. She says I have important thing than this. She looks at the tiffin.

Raman asks Ishita where was she whole day. Amma says bank people called, they said you took some loan. Raman hears this.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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  1. I think ishitha is helping simmi.

    1. Yh I think she is

  2. kutte ki duum hamesha teri ki teri rehti hain.ashok is a dog and shagun is a big fool.ashok kabhi shagun se saadi nehi karega…hate them…

  3. i knw why if my assumtion is right ishitha is going to meet the raman’s sister who is supposed to be at dubai but she is at delhi it silf

  4. adi is shown too much try to b as a child , party meh packa hoga tho hi maza aayega, when is ishita nd raman going to bloom in the love. waiting for them,

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