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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying I m thinking of Adi, I feel he is annoyed with me, he was feeling strange today, he ends discussion when I m around as if I will steal his ideas, my son got away from me. She says you should talk to him. He says he will not answer, I told him to come home early, its Papa’s birthday, he did not come, leave it. He will be busy in work, don’t disturb him. She calls Adi. He does not answer her calls. She keeps trying. Raman says leave it, don’t call, all arrangements are done right. She says I will just go market and come, we will talk to Adi at night. She goes.

Taneja comes to Adi. He introduces the investor Mr. Roy. Adi thanks Roy for financially supporting them. Taneja says we can launch bigger and better product than your Papa. Ishita comes and

asks Adi why does he not call back. Adi says I m in imp meeting. Roy asks are you Ishita Bhalla. Adi says yes, she is my mom. Roy says you accused my daughter of drugs and got her arrested. She asks are you Shrishti’s dad. He says yes, you did drama and got her arrested, its good Aaliya’s mum got her bailed out, if you want to do business with me, ask this woman to leave. She asks who are you to tell me, why is he getting personal things in business. Adi asks her to leave. She says open eyes Adi, he said I m wrong and his daughter is right, who deals with drugs, he has no moral ethics, do you think you are doing right. Roy says Taneja got me here, Adi has to decide now. She asks is he doing a favor on you. Roy says she is saying as if Adi is a school boy. She says my son is imp for me as your daughter is imp for you. Roy says okay, lets go. Adi stops him and asks Ishita to leave. Roy says my daughter told me she is your stepmom, why do you let her interfere. Adi says I think we should discuss business. Ishita hears this and cries. She says such a big thing, Adi did not say anything. She goes.

Adi says I will clear one thing, business is imp for me, but not more than my mum. Ishita cries and recalls Adi. Tere dil ka…..plays…. Adi says whatever Ishita did for me, my own mum did not do that, you have no right to call her stepmum, I will not bear anything wrong against her, keep that in mind.

Ruhi shows the photos, they will put that on photo cake. Raman says very nice, all photos are good. Raman hears door bell and says maybe its Ishita. Ruhi says its Aaliya. Aaliya and Ruhi tell Mihika about another cake for Mr. Bhalla to cut at 12. Raman asks Neelu for Ishita. Ruhi says she has come. Raman goes to Ishita. He asks where were you, what happened. She cries. He hugs her. He says what happened, talk to me.

Appa calls out Amma. He shows the surprise to Amma, Roshni and Bala. He says its a birthday gift for Mr. Bhalla. They like the photo collage. Appa says these are our old memories, from Ishu’s marriage to Adi’s marriage. Amma says superb, I will show this to Ishu. Appa says no, its a surprise for Mr. Bhalla. Amma says he went for movie. Roshni says I will come along.

Raman says how can Adi hear everything well, he has to answer today. Aaliya says maybe Adi answered the man after Ishita left. Raman asks what do you mean, Ishita is lying. Raman asks him not to drag the matter. He says I can’t hear anything against you, Aaliya won’t say in between. Adi comes and asks how are you talking to Aaliya like this, she is my wife, you always shout on her. Raman says when someone misbehaved with my wife, who is your mum too, how did you hear that, did you get sold to them. Adi says I have told him what I had to, why are you double faced, when there is any problem, you call Ishi maa stepmum, today you are not able to hear this. Amma and Roshni look on. Amma asks what are you saying Adi. Adi says people changed. Raman scolds him.

Adi says I did not know Taneja will get Roy to office, I met him for the first time, if he is agreeing to my terms, what’s the problem. Raman says problem is this business is not yours, you are given this in charity, you are just managing it. Adi says I don’t want charity, I will start my own business, I m capable, I don’t need your business. Ishita asks Adi is he mad, is he talking of leaving Raman. Adi says you told incomplete matter, so this happened, if you heard everything, this would have not happened. Raman shouts enough. Aaliya says enough, like you can’t hear against Ishita, I can’t hear against Adi. They go. Raman asks Ishita not to cry for Adi.

Ruhi cries. Roshni asks her what happened. Ruhi says don’t know why is Adi fighting with Papa, for whom, we had no wrong intention. Roshni says two utensils clash, every house has fights, see the time, its going to be 12, you and Aaliya planned a lot for Mr. Bhalla, sometimes fight is good, anger comes out by it. Ruhi asks will everything get fine. Roshni says yes, they can’t be angry for long. Ruhi says we should cancel the cake cutting. Roshni says we can bring everyone together, I will get the cake. She asks Ruhi to get her smile. Ruhi smiles.

Aaliya says I m feeling bad to talk to Raman rudely, don’t tell anyone that I called you. Shagun says relax, I came out of my room, you did not do wrong, you are doing right to support your husband, I will talk to Ishita. Aaliya says no, she should not feel I m complaining you. Shagun says fine, I did not get party invite. Aaliya says Ishita has sent it, I will check, don’t worry.

Raman says I thought I m Adi’s friend, I m wrong, they don’t regard us parents. Ishita says its high time we leave them to themselves, we can’t give them directions. He says it means we don’t stop them from doing mistakes. Ruhi comes there. She asks them to come for cake cutting. Raman says you go, Papa will understand there is something. Ruhi asks him to come, forget it. Ishita says call Aaliya and Adi too. Raman says no, Adi may misbehave, he will come on own if he wants, no need to give invitation.

Mr. Bhalla cuts the cake. Everyone clap. Adi and Aaliya come. Adi says family did not find necessary to call us, happy birthday. Raman goes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So much stupidity with so much drama. God just kill all these freaking bhallas and iyers for once and fir all????? Congrats cvs for your greaaaaaat achievement ????????

  2. Guys I have a doubt
    To vote divek only one call is possible with one phone number r we can give our votes daily with the same phone number
    Pls clear my doubt

  3. Adi adi adi!! U hv becm such a freak!! Hw dare u di this? And this tym Aaliya too!! OMG!! I think adi n aaliya will leave da house! Nw aaliya will find out dt shagun’s invitation card has teared by smone, n 4 dt also ishu will get blamed! And Shagun will also start taunting da bhallas saying dt she realy do care 4 her kids blah blah blah!!! Sick of this shaguns drama!! Just as I commented be4 dey hv spoiled da happy tymes! Well done makers!! I must say dt u guys r really gd at spoilng gd n happy tymes! I mean each n everytym when ishra try to forget everything n romance with each other dere cmes hurdle after hurdles in dere lives! Sick of watching these stupid dramas! I really thought dt dis tym da happy tymes will stay more longer among da family bt ughhh!! DISGUSTING!!! ??

  4. Why Ishita does so much drama? She is a step mom and she has to accept that, who said that step moms are always bad.

  5. Ishitha , if waited she could have heard what Adi said . But she was shattered when Adi did not defend his mother when the invester startef . Plus Adi should not have entertained him at all knowing he is srishtis father . Ishitha broke down infront of Raman , Nice to see Ramans concern … but unnecessary the talk went in wrong direction . If Raman his papas business is not there , Adi is not there .whats wrong with Alia to call nd tell Shaghun , i felt she is cool but no , she will be highly influenced by Shaghun . Shaghun gives a lecture to Alia to support her husband . What was she as a wife to Raman . Its better to set up a parlour for her or saree shops with or without blouses . How can children be like this I wonder . Parents are living Gid ! If the parents are not there children are not there . Hope cvs will bring Adi back to his positive nature . Having Alia taken so much for Mr Bhallas burthday , not calling them to cut the cake was wrong . Anyways I can always blame cvs ….

    1. From the words u have used itself…it is evident wat kind of a mother in law u will be…u will always want ur son to support u i guess…wat wrong did alia do…there is nothing wrong in standing by her husband ok…from ur words we can find out that u will always want ur son to be behind u and not support his wife

  6. I meant Parents are living God !

  7. azuka nkwonta

    Well well well! Fight in bhallas house that is just great. This is all Raman’s fault supported by ishita.
    Ishita is a stepmother I don’t know why she is feeling bad, she should be proud of it. Being a stepmother is not a bad thing why is she feeling down. Adi handled everything well at the office. There is no way to start shouting at Roy like Raman. Adi controlled the situation very well.
    Raman was the reason why Romi left the house before and now he is creating a situation that can make Adi to leave the house. Raman should learn how to keep peace in the house and not scatter it. Even ishita is even getting tired of keeping peace in the house . If you watch very well ishita no longer controls situations like she use to do. Aaliyah should support adi, it’s good even ishita supports Raman these days without even putting her children first.

  8. Akiatta

    Good Episode. Was pissed initially at Adi but, I am glad Raman and Ishita decided to let Adi learn from his mistakes.
    I don’t know why people are feeling this as the show being ruined. Frankly, this is very natural. It’s very common that children after marriage make the wrong decisions sometimes and parents struggle to deal with it. And YHM taking up this story and showing how to deal with this kind of situations that happen to pretty much all families.
    I feel so bad for Ishu and Raman. So sad. Adi and Aliya talking back to the two without sensing what grave mistake they are make. First time in like an year I cried while watching YHM. Cried to see Ishima broken. Cried again seeing Raman shattered with seeing Ishita insulted. Cried one more time when Adi blamed Ishita and Raman for the problems.
    Karan and Divyanka are acting perfectly. They have literally grown into the role so much. Especially that one moment when Ishu broke down in the door of Adi’s office.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Other actors are acting very good as well , do not make one or two characters look as if they hold the core of acting more than others. Ishita and Raman should learn more especially Raman because he is the main bringer of this problem. I solidly believe that adi is more matured than Raman and if ishita believes in her son she would have known that he will defend her but this shows that even ishita have lost the use of her mind.
    Take for instance when she was replacing aaliyah’s choice of clothes for adi with her own choice behind aaliyah’s back, the old ishita that I know when adi was still younger would not have taught of this; she was a very different person without a mind of controlling people. Ishita should learn how to balance the issue of stepmom and real mom; Raman use to call her that, when he will tell her ruhi is not your blood, what does that mean does that not mean ruhi is not your daughter you are a stepmom and somebody is crying for Raman, Raman is a fool.

    This two parents are the cause of the problems and yet they don’t have a mind of solving it. Other characters should get more involved in yhm because these two characters ishita and Raman are bringing nothing anymore instead they are causing problems. If ishita cannot think better then how can Raman think better when he is very immature. I do not want to waste my time hopelessly waiting for ishita and Raman to come and act a romantic scene before I can watch yhm it’s all nonsense and childish.

    Parents get wrong they expect children to correct mistake what an arrant nonsense. Ishita should learn to balance stepmom and real mom it’s not a humiliation.I see stepmothers everyday. They can even proudly tell you how they became stepmom to the children they are stepmother to without feeling humiliation. This is just stupid of her not to know how to manage this issue.

    1. Yes Anukha … whole yhm actors are excellent . No doubt about it . But if Raman and Ishitha is not there , no yhm .
      The show is going on only becoz of them .
      Romance or no Romance , they are fantastic to any roles they are given .Step mothers are there many …. but here the show is love and care given my stepmom .
      I too agree Ishitha over reacted … without knowing what Adi talked . Even behind Alia giving the suit is wrong . Its very defficult for mothers to accept that their sons ownage which mother had moved to his wife . But lately she understood . Here she knows her husband very well , she decided to be the moral supporter to his son . But as Akiatta said in business families all these happen . Shaghun tried to win Aalia and Adi and she is happy about it . But for sure it will be for Adis ruin . Any mom will support drug trading person to invest on Adis business . That is Shaghun !

  10. azuka nkwonta

    By now Raman should have been balancing his will properly by getting his son more and more involved into his business and to be a strong support behind him but instead he wants to be a competitor with him which does not make sense at all. He should let down his ego and become a matured father and ishita should learn how to think better instead of giving him a stupid idea.

  11. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  12. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) gets heartbroken when Mr Roy calls Ishita as step mother in front of Adi (Abhishek Verma).

    Ishita thinks that Adi doe s not say single world to Mr Roy and leaves from there while Adi warns MR Roy not to say anything about Ishima as she is everything for him.

    Ishita tells Raman about the all incidents to Raman which makes him angry while Aaliya tries to interfere but Raman shouts at her.

    Adi gets angry on Raman for behaving rudely with Aaliya and accuses Ishita for telling wrong to Raman which makes Raman angry more.

    Aaliya asks Raman not to say anything to Adi and takes Adi with her while Ishita asks Raman to let their kids to do whatever they want.

    Furthermore, Raman refuses Ruhi inviting Ad-Aaliya celebrating Mr Bhalla’s birthday while Adi and Aaliya taunt as family does not want to involve them in function.

    Shagun gets successful separating Aaliya and Ishita

    Shagun is ready to create misunderstanding between Ishita and Aaliya for not getting invitation of birthday party.

    Ishita is unaware about Mrs Bhalla does not send invitation card to Shagun but Aaliya think sthat Ishita-Raman did purposely.

    Will Ishita get successful stopping upcoming separation drama?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  13. Star Plus’ most watched and popular daily soap casting Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan Patel) going to take interesting twist amid Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) and Adi (Abhishek Verma)’s relation.

    As per track, Raman got stuck in drug case because of Aaliya.

    Raman is not ready to forgive Aaliya for her this huge mistake.

    Aaliya finally manages to save Raman and seeks Raman’s apology.

    Further, Raman burst out at Aaliya again and Shagun comes and see all.

    Shagun gets angry seeing how Raman is treating Aaliya and decides to take her away.

    Shagun takes advantage of this situation and propose that Adi and Aaliya, should stay away from Bhalla family.

    Ishita, Raman, Mrs Bhalla are stunned hearin this.

    Shagun is not ready to leave Aaliya with Bhallas.

    Will Shagun succeed to separate Adi-Aaliya from Bhallas?

    Stay tuned here for more exciting updates and upcoming news.

  14. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It seems that Aditya (Abhishek Verma) will accuse Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) of creating rift between Raman (Karan Patel) and him.

    Adi will cross all his limits when he will accuse Ishita to be a selfish and mean lady.

    On the other hand Raman will throw Adi out of his house for speaking badly about his wife.

    However Aaliya (Krishna Mukherjee) will support her husband.

    Will Adi be able to realise his mistake or not?

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Keep watching this site for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  15. ADI…what do u think u r smarter than u r dad…..why are you doing this……u must sit cool and explain her every thing what u had said that man after she left,she will understand u and feel proud,she is u r mom adi…u are taking dicisions in anger which can be so tough to u……,

  16. I really dnt knw wht is wrong with this Adi! I mean he keeps on saying dt ishimaa is my lucky charm, im succesfull just bcz of her blah blah… Bt nw wht is he doing? I really cnt aprove his behaviour towards his parents! After all dey r his parents, who had sacrificed a lot to make him wht he is today.. Soo its cmpletly wrong! And da next thing is Aaliya… I dnt agree dt she should always support her husband only, I mean if she is a matured girl she shouldnt hv imformed her inlaws matters to her mom.. actually shagun is her stepmom, Atleast ishu has raised Aaliya frm her childhood, bt wht has shagun done 4 her to be called as aaliyas mom! Just bcz of shs has legally adopted her?? Np I really really dnt think so, if uthink so den I must say dt dey dnt knw da meaning of da word MOM, AMMA!!! Its a word with full of love n affection! And its nt to be used 4 da people who use dere so called lovely children for theirown well being!! Lyk shagun used Ruhi in Ashoks company product promos just to earn money 4 her, instead of finding a job she tried to make Ruhi work n earn 4 her!!! Blah! I cn keep saying more n more bt dts no use! All I hv to say is THIS SHAGUN IS DISGUSTING!!!! #IHATESHAGUN!!!

    1. I agree with your comment…Ravi. 🙂

  17. Anyways thnx 4 da updates,!

  18. azuka nkwonta

    Some people are very sentimental when they talk thereby making them to lose what to say. If you say that shagun is aaliyah’s stepmom which I know its true then ishita is aaliyah’s stepmom too because none of these women gave birth to her they are both stepmoms aaliyah only wants to call them mom, which I know most children in this situation calls them mom while some don’t.

    Aaliyah have not done anything wrong if she does I will say it. Everything is still Raman and ishita’s fault. I never said that Raman and ishita are not important but they are not the only good actors in this serial, you will not notice it because they don’t give other actors much roles. Look at mihinka, I realise how talented mihinka is when she went to khandpur on a disguise with bala but afterwards look at the roles they keep giving her, roles that don’t bring out her talent sometimes she is not even seen at all what I mean is that she will just be in physical appearance and nothing more. Look at Romi, he is angry and that is why we don’t see him lately. He is not happy with the roles they give him and where is mirhi and simmi, something is making these actors not to be available lately it might not be unconnected with the roles they give them.

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