Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the maid apologizing to Mihika and returning her bangles. Mihika forgives her and thinks which are these bangles which Abhishek got, it looks same. Ishita talks to Raman. He says he will manage the kids and asks them to go spa. She says is there anything cooking in between Raman and Adi, they are behaving strange. Adi waits for Vinni and guides her about parking. Appa scolds the guard about the theft at home. He tells Romi that Abhishek has caught the thief in house.

Mihika comes and Romi asks her. She sends Appa saying food is ready. She tells Romi that ACP is fraud, he bought new bangles for me, new pen for Appa. Romi says oh. She says he becomes oversmart, he doesnot know this will not work with me. Romi says I think I have to meet ACP. Romi comes home. Adi

asks Romi to set the table as Ishi Maa. Raman and Romi manage Ananya. Vinni comes and Adi greets her. He asks her not to get tensed, its just dad and uncle at home. Raman asks them to do project and asks Neelu to make snacks for them. Raman says Adi is ahead of me.

Ishita calls home and asks Neelu to give snacks to Adi, and Ananya. Neelu says she has done all the work. Adi talks to Vinni and Ishita hears it. She asks whats Adi doing. Neelu says Adi is doing his project. Ishita asks with whom. The lady asks Ishita to shut her phone, she is next to go for the massage. Ishita says fine, and asks Neelu to ask Adi to practice guitar. Adi asks Neelu did she tell Ishita that Vinni came. She says no. Ishita cancels her appointment and asks the lady to give the keys to her mum in law.

Mihika meets Abhishek and asks about her bangles. She shows 5 plus 5 bangles and asks how did this happen. She says who made him ACP, he can’t even say sorry, she got the sorry note. He says why will I say sorry, which note. She shows the note and smiles. He says I did not send this, its kids’ handwriting. He says she got the kid’s note and thinks I wrote it.

He leaves and she says he is right. She recalls Adi and Ishita comes. Mihika shows the note and Ishita reads the apology letter. Mihika says Adi has written it for someone. Ishita says she is in hurry, she will meet later. Adi and Vinni have a talk and she runs with the book. He runs after her and Ishita comes home. Vinni bumps into her and Ishita says Vinni……. You here? She asks Adi what is Vinni doing here, does her dad know this, he will get angry, did you inform me Adi that she is coming.

Raman says relax and explains her. They have an argument over Adi and Vinni. She gets annoyed and leaves. Romi comes to meet Abhishek and asks him is he making bangles these days and teases him. Abhishek says I was just… Romi says you don’t know to get a girl, I m master in making girls fall for me, I will make your confidence boost up, don’t be shy, you are ACP.

Mihika talks to Simmi and says she is glad seeing her like this, like she handled the things. Simmi says she has no option, Ishita and Raman got form for entrepreneurship, I m trying for it, they want me to forget everything, but its not easy to forget memories. Mihika asks her to make her new life and leave the past baggage. Simmi says its not easy. Mihika says yes I know, but trust me, it was not easy for me, I tried and I feel light now as if a burden is gone from the heart.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita why did she come back. Ishita says Adi’s friend came here, so I thought Raman will not be able to manage, so I came. Mrs. Bhalla blesses her. Raman looks at Ishita and smiles. Ashok talks to investor about business and says he will complete with Raman. The investor asks is he sure. Ashok says Raman was my ex employee, I will work hard and get everything back whatever I lost. The investor does the deal with him. Abhishek thanks Romi for the advice. Romi says welcome and asks him to sit and see his practical.

Romi goes to the girl. Abhishek says he will get me in trouble, I will be first police office to be caught in eve teasing. Romi tries hard and lies to her that my friend has cancer and wants to meet his Bhabhi before dying, please just for 2mins. The girl agrees and Romi holds her hand, saying his friend has cancer. He makes the girl talk to Abhishek and smiles. Abhishek thinks Romi is great. Ishita reads news of teenage kids committing suicide and says she is worried for Adi, she has to manage him.

Ishita sees the video and hear them talking about the science project. Neelu brings the snacks. Raman is at office and thinks of going home as there is no work. He says he will have dinner with Ishita, as they could not go for lunch. Adi and Vinni have a casual talk.

She says she has joined his school and will study in his class. Ishita gets Raman’s call and asks what happened. She says she will talk later and ends call. He says she is strange, fine I will go home and personally give the surprise. Ishita comes to Adi and says where did they go. They come out from behind the bed. Ishita asks them to have the snacks and leaves. Adi and Vinni think why was Ishita saying so, and they look for the camera. Vinni sees it hidden and shows Adi. He gets shocked. Vinni argues with Adi and says does anyone spy on their kids like this. Adi says listen to me, its not like that. Mrs. Bhalla asks where are they going, she is making pakodas for them. Vinni says no thanks and leaves.

Adi asks where is Ishi Maa. Mrs. Bhalla says she went to Iyer house. Adi goes. Raman buys Gajra and smiles. He is on the way home. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………….

Raman and Ishita argue over Adi and he says Adi is not her son. She gets angry and says fine, he is your son, why am I needed her then. Raman asks her to go. Mrs. Bhalla looks on worried.

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  1. Bakwaas precap…..aaj na muje Raman ke bare me itna bura bolne ka mann ho raha hai… mai kya bolu…..
    How dare he ………again he said out to Ishita………
    Kya problem hai yaar……apne bete ko nahi samjata……jab kuch bada kand karega….tab samaj me aayega…..

  2. Prakesh uzbek

    Fantastic pre-cap leading onto sharam and ishbu, cant w8 for leap! Adi and vinni are great, and it is good that ruhi is gone . hopefully it stays like this

  3. Again fight b/w ishra…becouse of adi.
    Actually….inhe ladne k liye bahaney ki
    bhi zaroorat ni hoti. Acording to sbs …
    Ishita ne adi k room me cctv camera
    install karwaya n raman ko ye bura
    lga…n usney ishita ko ghar sse jaaney
    ko keh diya.

  4. Last tome jab Ishita ghar chhod kar gai thi tab waapas aane ke baad Confedsion episode aaya…..ab phir jab jaa kar wapas aayegi tab consummate ka episode aayega…

  5. Kiya purohit

    finally…..subbu n simmi’s chaptr is cloz….ISHRA r luking so nyc…fighting ech odr

  6. arey yaar raman ko kya hua.again he did a same mistake.really sry and feeling bad to say about u raman per how dare u raman.always u doing hurt ishu and us too

  7. Nice episode.

    oho. .ramannnn…..phir se ishita ko ghar se Jane k liye kaha. …..aur kaha li Adi uss ka beta hai. ….ye raman Gusse Mein pata nahin kya kya bol deta hai. …..bechari ghar chod kar. .chali jaye gi…

  8. The story of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”
    may be heading towards a forward
    leap, and what remains uncertain is
    whether actress Divyanka Tripathi
    continues to be a part of the show.
    The actress might bid adieu to the TV
    show as her character Ishita will be
    shown suffering from cancer and the
    serial will take a plunge towards
    future on that note, leaving her track’s
    future in suspense, read a statement.
    In the Star Plus show, Divyanka plays
    role of a South Indian girl, named
    Ishita, married to a Punjabi man
    Raman Bhalla (played by Karan Patel)
    for his daughter Ruhi.

  9. Dekha nshin par padh kar hi laga. …itna bura laga. ..raman ..hamesha yagi karta hai. ….ghar se Jane k liye ke diya yaar. …sahi nahin kiya raman ne. …

  10. abhikesh aur mikha ka scene acha tha.iam really didnt accepted tha acp bought the bangle and pen by his money.omg so sweet of acp.acha hai

  11. writrs fogt 1 thng…. Raman is de Hero of diz drama ! not de villain….
    hez displayd like a negtv role now a days…
    bt y??? …
    oh wtevr.. dnt make ishra seprt

  12. Yeah ruhi wapas aao. .
    waise Ruhanika ne Wednesday se start kar diya shot. ..kal nahin toh Monday ruhi ko dikhaye ga. …

  13. Ruhanika Dhawan aka Ruhi from Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein, who had been
    missing from the shoot for a while,
    resumed shoot on Wednesday. She
    was in Dubai for a family vacation
    with her parents.
    Cute little actress Ruhanika Dhawan
    has a huge fan following. With her
    cute innocent smile, this seven year
    old kid has won the hearts of millions.
    Well, on screen she plays a character
    which reflects her little mature side
    but in real life she is totally opposite.
    This little princess of TV was in Dubai
    recently for her vacation. Apart from
    roaming in Dubai, her main purpose
    was to interact with her fans who keep
    sending her messages on a daily
    basis. As promised to her fans, she
    met them all at the Dubai mall. She
    was mesmerized with the crowd
    which had come to get a glimpse of
    this youngest actor on TV.
    She was showered with personalised
    gifts by all her fans. Having spent an
    entire evening with them, she said,
    “Dubai was amazing. I didn’t know I
    had fans internationally. I had carried
    one bag with me but returned with
    two. The other one filled by soo many
    gifts and toys.”
    This professional young actor, who
    manages school and work with ace,
    says “I can’t wait for my school to
    start. I’ll meet all my friends after so
    long. I’m also excited to meet Ishima
    (Divyanka Tripathi) after sooo many
    Ruhi had a surprise welcome on the
    sets. Divyanka Tripathi said, “These
    past few days were very boring
    without Ruhi. The set looked so dull
    and all of us here were just waiting for
    her to come back.”
    As the show is getting ready for a
    leap,we have to see whether Ruhanika
    bids adieu to the show or will she be
    part of it after leap.To know more
    keep reading for more updates.

  14. harisha

    yar priya i agree with u raman ko esa nahi karna chahiye tha….i agree ishu worries for adi par yar uska bhi galthi hai ki ishu ko adi ka room me camera nahi lagana chahiye tha……usko adi ko samjaana chahiye tha ya phir raman se baath karke koi haal nikaal dena chahiye tha feeling sad for both ishra…….

    • shalini

      Now I understood y ishu kept spy cam on adi room. She is worried after reading teenage kids suiciding’s news. So she want to keep an eye on Adi. Ishu is right 🙂 but Raman 😡 👿 True like someone said he is hero but creatives showing him as a villian. Really bad

  15. jab adi newspaper mein sucide ki news pad raha tha tab raman ne adi ko bahut data aur adi ko lekar bahut overprotective ho gaya. toh ab jab ishitha adi ki fikar kar rahi hai tab raman ko problem hai.pehle adi aur ab raman bhi ishitha ko insult kar raha hai.

  16. Kaweesha Nethmi

    Good epi bt bad precap. Raman again n again doing same mistake. I wish for no leap and seperation. Anee plz no tuberculosis for ishita. L hate ADI’s behaviour. A fan from sri Lanka.

  17. tamanna

    Raman doesn’t have control on his tongue ! He must not forget that its bcoz of ishita that adi is back with them. Hey raman remember ??? When adi didn’t even give a shit as to how you were craving for him…alas people forget others favours on them…aggghh arrogant raman ! & this time its pretty serious, ishita shouldn’t forgive raman easily…arrey ishita ka maayka samne hai iska matlab ye thodi ki har ladai par use ghar se nikal do…:-P got damn raman she’s your wife & not a show piece for heaven’s sake ! Control your emotions ! You are not a teenager…

    • Prakesh uzbek

      calm down he is not a real character and go get a life please, and make ur own mohabbatein instead of summarsing yeh hai mohabbatein, u must have lots of freee time.

  18. arshi

    Ye raman gussa hokar kuch bhi bholengae kya?apanae apko samachtha kya hai? Vo ek bar bhi nahi socha ishu nae apanae jan kathrae main dalkar sdi ko bachaya. Raman isae kisae bol sakthae.usko samachna chahiyae tha ishu ka fikkr.makers plz dyan rakana raman k script par.its very bad.

  19. k guys gud nyt waise precap was horrible aur muje bilkul bhi maan nahi hai aaj kal show dhekne ke aur precap dhek ne ke baad tho bilkul bhi nahi patha nahi ye makers ko khab akaal ayega raman ki script achese likhne ke liye

  20. neha

    Jab tak show me leap nhi aata me tab tak ye show dekhungi leap k baad nhi kyuki divyanka tripathi ye show quit kr rhi hai and she is one of my favourite actress… I like karan also but I want to see divyanka karan together onscreen… They look good together..

  21. Yhm

    The leap which is going to take place is disappointing. Fans want to see Ishitha been in Raman and the children’s life NOT Shagun. How will little Ruhi live with such a wicked mother? Should this take place the show will have it’s natural death.

  22. ishita & Raman's big fan ??

    A very good morning to all YHMians??
    I hope ekta will have some pitty on us and take back her decision on leaps?

  23. Since yesterday fans of
    Divyanka Tripathi have been a
    worried after news reports
    suggested that their favorite
    heroine of Star Plus show Ye Hai
    Mohabbatein, might not be part
    of the show post leap which is
    on the anvil.
    We are happy to announce that
    Divyanka will continue to remain
    a part of this hit Balaji Telefilm
    show and this was exclusively
    confirmed to TellyTadka by a
    highly placed source.
    If set tales are to be believed
    Raman (Karan Patel) and his ex
    wife Shagun (Anita
    Hassanandani) will be together
    post leap and Ishita might be
    seen with Dr. Subramanium
    (Amit Tandon) before her death .
    Another source added that a final
    decision on the leap has not yet
    been taken. It will depend on
    this month’s ratings.
    When we spoke to Divyanka she
    said, “No one has spoken about
    the leap to me, so I am not in a
    position to comment .”

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