Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita gives an emotional speech

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman waking up and saying I had my meeting… Ishita says relax, the meeting got cancelled, you are at home, you fainted because of low BP. Mrs. Bhalla says I m sorry, I didn’t believe you. Raman says don’t cry, its fine. Pihu comes and asks why is everyone here, dad are you fine. Ishita says he was tired, so he is resting. Pihu shows her trophy and says I won first prize in spelling bee competition. Everyone claps. Ishita says most Pihu is intelligent here. Everyone goes. Raman says its odd to suddenly faint. Ishita says it happens, just relax. She takes his phone and says tell me if you need something. She goes. He thinks of Ishita and gets sad. He thinks Ishita has done a lot for me, I should apologize to her.

Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita. She says

you saved Raman. Ishita says we can forget this and make a new start. Ishita hugs her. Pihu takes the phone and clicks their pic. She says wow, what a pic…. everyone smiles. Mrs. Bhalla says I wish this family stay blessed before and after the birth of the baby. Ishita says I need to say something about the baby. Roshni takes her aside. She says I understand your concern, we can talk later, the family is coming close, everything will spoil, give me a chance to win their hearts, I know this family won’t separate me fro my child. Ishita says you talk sweet, I will do as you say, take some rest. Ishita goes. Roshni says who knows if I will be there to see my baby after birth.

Mihika gets juice for Raman. Raman refuses. Shagun comes and says listen to them. He asks why are you here. She says I came to say sorry. Mrs. Bhalla says you have sent the women to protest. Shagun says I didn’t know about anything. Raman says if Shagun didn’t send them, maybe Tania went and got them. Ishita says I don’t think Tania did this planning, maybe someone else did this. Mihika asks do you remember if you had phone with you. Raman says I don’t remember anything, if I had the phone with me. Ishita says you were upset with Romi, you didn’t answer phone. Mr. Bhalla says maybe someone from home gave phone to family. Raman says who will do this. Mihika says Simmi…. Ishita says Simmi would have done this. Mrs. Bhalla says I will not leave her. Mr. Bhalla asks her not to make matters worse. Manjiri hears them.

Simmi gets angry and says who is Ishita to put blame on me, she will not find any evidence against me. Manjiri says family is together, everyone is praising Ishita, she is the one who saved Raman. She gives her money and asks her to give her all the info. Manjiri goes. Parmeet says calm down, we will just have to be careful that Tania stays quiet. Simmi says I won’t lose, I will frame Raman in this matter, that even Lord can’t save him, I have an idea, I will tell you.

Raman and Ishita get thinking. Simmi and Parmeet come to meet Tania. Tania asks why did you come. Simmi says its not yet over. The men come and say we have come to shift Romi’s belongings. Romi asks Neelu to show them his room. Raman says it means you are ready to leave the house. Mrs. Bhalla says forget everything, we will try to sort out the matter, please don’t leave us. Ishita says let him go please. Romi and mihika go to pack things. Ruhi says its wrong. Ishita says we just want Romi to stay happy, he can stay away and keep relations with us, we should give him freedom. Let him live his life.

Everyone gets sad. Romi and Mihika get their bags. Mihika says please stop Romi. They cry. Raman says Romi has decided to leave home, he has grown up, he can’t bear my scolding, some people get happy by joining relation, Romi can get happy by breaking relations. Ishita asks Romi did he pack all the things. Romi says yes. Ishita says I think you have left something behind. He says I packed everything. She says no, you forgot that the day I came into this house as a bahu, you promised me that you would never let me get upset, never let me get harmed, I still remember that beautiful feeling, you are leaving that feeling here, your brother Raman, he did a lot for you, when you were preparing your first presentation, Raman made it and made you memorize each line, and in return, you made sweet tea for him, you are leaving that sweetness here.

Ishita says you have many memories here, each and every corner will remind us about you, we used to sit here for dining, you liked my special parathas, dad used to feed you by hands with his love, you are leaving that taste here, mum was awake all night when you fell ill, mum made kada and didn’t had dinner that night, Romi is leaving her love here, you are going to have a new home, home is made of love, affection and togetherness, you are leaving everything here, what are you taking along then to make your new home. Romi gets tearful eyes.

Raman and Ishita get shocked seeing Tania’s suicide. Inspector says Tania left a letter and held Raman responsible for her suicide.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ever since the spoiler of Romi moving out had come, I was waiting for the episode as I wanted to know how Ishita would want to sugarcoat the whole thing & put the entire blame on Romi.

    She was superb at doing so along with Raman.

    But it did not evoke any emotion.

    I would say, the difference between Raman & Romi is – he felt emotional & didn’t give it back to IshRa saying what was obvious.

    Now Toshi is trying to settle! Where was she when this son of her had continuously warned her of her daughter’s plots but she chose to ignore him? When this son of her tried to start his own family, she started drama for Adi’s baby stating the obvious – Romi will never become a father to his own child & she was more interested in her KGC rather than her own son.

    Raman’s dialogue of Romi rowing up is pukeworthy. Does he expect that everyone will be like him, stuck in the same place forever & blaming everything on others. Romi didn’t have problem with his elder brother correcting his mistake or scolding or beating him. His problem has been his elder brother himself – who despite being a grownass man couldn’t handle his own family & let that effect everyone; what’s worse, blame everyone for his own misery while they were only trying to help.

    Ishita’s speech was the funniest one – reminding Romi of his promise. Lady!!! How many promises you have broken for your precious Chota Adi? Now you are reminding him of his promise. You guys will now remember him, then who stopped you from giving him his due attention in the first place????

    Loving people, sticking by their side is one thing. But a person can only endure for a certain time. The type of behavior Romi has been treated with so far, Raman wouldn’t hesitate to hurl abuse on his elder brother if he was in that same place.

    So go on The Great Bhalla Family! Like always make someone else guilty for your own deed. That’s what you can do best.

    1. You expressed everything I wanted to say! I don’t know why Romi is suddenly being made to be the bad son, bad brother, etc etc. And who is Ishita to give him lectures about love and care? And Raman being stressed about Romi is one of the dumbest reasons he could have come up with…Romi is the least of his problems…he should be more concerned about his abandoned children and wife and scheming sister instead. Ishra are nauseating. Height of stupidity.

    2. Hi Niharika … all said true … Ishithas character is beyond repair . Cvs are trying to do that … but the lectures she gave both in office and now to Romi was really boring .Now a days … dont feel any sympathy or any emotions on Ishitha ! The reason is she killed Adi ! If Cvs dont bring back Adi and if the child is not Adis .. may be yhm can revive to an extend ..
      Cvs killed Ishra … I mean Kp and Dt ..In the initial times how Ishitha corrected and united every body was amazing . Cvs first give a confrontation between Ishra before the whole family forgiving Ishitha !
      Ramans self realization of torturing Ishitha too did not give any emotion to us .
      I really feel cvs want to end yhm .. as the trp is falling down … . I used to enjoy Kp and Dts acting … that too forced like .. may be they are helpless … what cvs tell they do .
      Romi had done lot of mistakes in the begining … but now he has realized his mistake … and nothing is wrong in moving on in his life . But the way he told about Ramans character was wrong … he knows what he was upto before ..
      Its defficult to forget what one has done but forgiveness is easy . But the way cvs show it without confrontation is the mistake here .I used to love Param a classy villain now he too is boring .Cvs cud make the storyline beautiful … from many twists they made … they are adamant that they wont … Roshini is the answer for all these … Whats her motive .. i dont understand … being v sweet to every one ..
      Anyways waiting for the day its ending !One unique serial millions were enjoying and cvs cud really take away their enjoyment … I am an old lady and I know many old people were watching this and now stopped . It was a mind appealing to them but Ekta cud harm their enjoyment . Leave it . And Niharika I like ur name v much

      1. VP, I don’t have a problem with Adi’s murder. But as a whole, I can’t really stand Ishita now. It’s not just Adi, I find her advice to every one of her kids were horrible. It started from RuKhil’s track. Which mother would advice her 16years old to become MITRAMAA? There is nothing wrong if you want to be a mother. There is nothing wrong if naturally you start to love a little kid like your own. Other than YHM, have seen it in Naamkaran & Bhootu & nowhere it looked force. As both of the ladies there were matured, responsible & due to situation got attached with two helpless kid. Here Ishita had literally provoked her giving her own example, otherwise as far as I remember, Ruhi was quite confused at that time.

        Then if we talk about AdiLiya – Ishita did create a lot of problem ever since the two got married. That time Raman’s decision was right to send Roshni somewhere else but JAGATMATA had to keep her under the same roof. When Adi wanted to start his business, Ishita unnecessarily became possessive & her one misinterpretation lead to chaos.

        A simple accident by Pihu & her hiding it had led to irreversible damage.

        In every point she has failed as a mother & more importantly as a person.

        I loved the initial days when she was portrayed as a human. How she would help others but also seek help from Bala-Mihir-Romi whenever it’s needed.

        Now she considers herself to be correct all the time & take decisions that only hamper others.

        I seriously don’t want YHM to run anymore. We keep saying that this show is better. But the truth is it had gone to dogs long ago & sometimes it feels other crappy shows are showing better things than YHM.

  2. oh gawd, why doesnt ishita commit suicide. she is such a drama queen, thinks the world revolves around her.
    Good on Romi to leave, he needs to. I would do the same, crazy household.

  3. After everything she did to literally everyone around her, ishita jagatmata gyan ki devi is as usual giving lectures to romi, and practically sending him on guilt trip, while she herself has abandoned her “children”, her family innumerable times for the lamest, pettiest reasons. Again, shame on her! Yuck! Do the writers know what they are doing. Do they even see the complete lack of guilt on ishita’ part. Any mother, after having shot someone and especially her son, whether he’s guilty or not, would have to undergo years and years of therapy. But this woman: nayi, there she is, back as ever with her double standards. No matter what they try to show, ishita can never be repaired. She is beyond ruined and whenever she starts her lectures, we feel like giving her tight slaps. Amen

  4. I wonder main leads are vampires? After so many leaps they are looking the same or younger. dont know y they are dargging this serial with unnecessary plots.


  6. Y did raman and toshi Apologize, it was she who shot Adi, I even wonder how is this show running still

  7. Niharika very very true ! I really forgot all those
    Ruhis mitra maa track nd all . Agree fully . I started hating the story from Surrogacy followed by bhooth drama .. what all rubbish cvs showed for dramas sake !

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