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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi pacifying Aaliya. He says we all are with you, mom will be fine. She says stop it Adi, you don’t care for her, you are using her to get your dad out of jail, you maybe disappointed that she lost memory, how will you free your dad now, stop this drama. He says she is my mum too. She says you stop this pretension, you are selfish. He shouts yes, I m selfish, I want to know what mom has seen, I want Papa to get freed, it does not mean I don’t care for him. Aaliya asks him to stop it. Bala comes and asks them to stop it, Raman is in jail, Shagun is inside in that state, we lost Mani, if you really care, then keep the differences aside and think how to handle Shagun, can I rely on you two. They nod. He says come we will go to doctor and talk. Doctor says Shagun’s

scans have come, she lost her memory, she got partial amnesia, she has forgotten her immediate past, she remembers things happened 10-15 years before, she said her husband is Raman and she is staying with Ashok, you said her husband is Mani.

Adi says Papa was her husband 12 years ago. She says she has forgotten things, she can regain memory in a month or a year, don’t let her take stress, else it can be dangerous for her. Bala asks what shall we do. Doctor says show her that things are same, if she gains strength to understand situation, we can know what she has forgotten, get the people she is naming. He says Raman is in lockup, how is this possible, he is prime suspect in Mani’s murder. She says get him here, he has to make Shagun recall things. Adi asks can you give a letter about Shagun’s medical state to get Raman’s bail. Doctor agrees. Aaliya asks will she get fine. Doctor says I can’t say anything, you should just hope and pray that everything gets fine.

Bala says please make the papers ready. He tells Adi that he will call Kiran, she was trying to arrange a lawyer. Kiran packs Shitija’s clothes and asks Amma about her. Appa says take these snacks for kids. Kiran gets Bala’s call. Amma asks Appa why is he sending kids with Kiran. She managed once, but how will she managed everyday. He says don’t worry, give her a chance, I hope she will manage everything. She says she got a call from office, see. Bala asks Kiran about the lawyer. She says don’t worry, I know Mr. Kumar, I m sending him to you, you mail me the documents, please take care, I worry for you, you don’t take tension of kids, I will manage. Bala thanks her. Amma says I will meet Mrs. Bhalla and goes. Appa asks was it Bala’s call, is everything fine. She says Shagun is not fine. Shagun asks nurse where is Ashok. Nurse says but your husband is… Shagun says I know he is not my husband, just call him, I don’t know how I came here. Nurse says I don’t have his number. She says he will be so worried, where is my phone, someone give my phone.

Aaliya asks is she okay. Nurse says she was saying about Ashok. Aaliya goes to her. Shagun asks where did nurse go. Aaliya says don’t panic, we informed Ashok, he will be coming. Shagun says he will be so worried, when he comes here, see how he gets hospital on his head, thanks I think he will come, you came in morning also and called me mum. Aaliya says its my mistake, my mum is in other ward, I saw you alone and came to meet. Shagun says you scared me, my daughter is of 8 years, my son is in boarding.

Adi worries for Shagun. He says this happened because of me. Bala hugs him. Nikhil comes and asks Aaliya about Shagun. He gives her coffee. Aaliya asks Bala when can we take mum home. Bala says she won’t go to Mani’s house, we will take her to Bhalla house for her improvement, send her daily use things there, I know she used to live with Ashok 15 years ago, but we have to convince her to stay in Bhalla house. She says I will inform everyone and get her things. She goes with Nikhil. Bala says Ishu will go police station, our lawyer went to court. Adi says I hope Raman gets bail.

Ishita says Shagun has partial amnesia. Inspector says I saw this in films and laughs. She asks do you think this is a joke, this is real life, Shagun has lost her memory of 12-15 years, she is not able to identify anyone, she does not remember Mani’s death, she just remembers Raman, who was her husband before, doctor said her memory can come if we support her, just Raman can take care of her, she is our Samdhan, I m explaining you as I want you to give him 30 days bail, we want to reach real culprit, else I will get Raman back.

He says its big risk. She says I just want 30 days, if Raman comes out of jail, we can prove something, I will prove his innocence, Shagun’s memory will come back and then we can know what happened that day. He says sorry, I can’t do this. Lawyer gets bail papers and gives her. She asks inspector to give bail now, judge has given the bail on medical grounds. She thinks we won this war, and now we have to prepare for another war.

After 12 days, Mihika asks Ishita not to worry, she will talk to everyone. She says Ishita is getting Raman, finally after 12 days, Raman will be coming back, Shagun is getting discharged from hospital, she will be coming here. Mrs. Bhalla says she will be coming here, that’s the problem. Mihika says Ishita, Ruhi and Adi will shift to Amma’s house, Shagun should feel we are neighbors, Shagun can come anytime, we have to change things, if murderer is not caught. Raman can’t come home. Amma says Ishu took this step so that Raman gets free.

Mihika says Ishita said all her things, photos should be removed, Adi and Ruhi’s things should not be here, Pihu is Ruhi for her, she spoke to Pihu, we will tell Shagun that we shifted home, we have to make house like old one, we don’t have much time. They remove new pics and fix old pics. Ruhi packs her bags. Mihika fixes Raman and Shagun’s pic. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….. Raman holds Ishita’s hand and says Shagun knows old house, do you want me to go to that old phase where I just got hurt. She says Shagun’s state is fragile, you have to do this, she just remembers she married you, its imp that she regains memory, only then you will be proved innocent.

Raman asks Shagun about her injury. She says you maybe happy, you would be upset that I m still alive, don’t know how did this happen, I don’t remember anything, luckily these two got me here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohk…..adi was in boarding…..i forgot that……

    Amma should give a chance to kiran……i seriously wish kiran does not turn negative…..i am loving her……but this is ekta kapoor…..we loved sarika she turned negative…..we love shagun….she is partially negative…..we loved couples like mihir-mihika abhishek-mihika romi-sarika manoj-shagun mani-shagun rinki-mihir……but all were ruined…….

  2. Josephine Sangeeta Nair

    Ekta, what the hell you doing to this YHM serial. I think you should just end it right here. Kill everyone and end the serial. What is this with you giving Shagun priority over everyone and always punishing Ishita.
    I hope people stop watching this serial and the TRP drops.

    1. very true Josephine as it is they are killing us showing this rubbish … mani died very soon romi i heard … if Shaghun was killed it was better … kill every one and kill us also or save us by not watching Yhm

  3. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Magic, Mino, Parichary, Bhagya, Missy, Ravi, khushi, Shreya, Susan and many more YHM fans…

    Now for 18 days we will have drama only of Shagun, Raman and Pihu. No Ishra. As VP said, Shagun will be given now more importance. I have stopped watching YHm for the past two days and usually I will not as I am a an addict of YHM. The fact that I can stop watching for these two episodes already shows that my interest now is dying off and I think the whole plot is further going down the drain. Can’t the cvs think of anything else than the amnesia… Ridiculous!!! There is definitely other ways of showing Raman innocent. Ishita and her ideas of trying to do good to Shagun is at the expanse of her own married life.

    So VP Aunt, I will not be commenting for a while until I see that there is anything interesting in YHM. I will just be resigned to the fact of reading the telly updates. It is better than watching YHM and just read all your comments. Many of you give better suggestions to the story line than the cvs.

    1. Hi Sindhu. Thank goodness my addiction is over. Only reading comments now. The sad fact is that ever since DT got married Cvs have been trying everything to keep Ishra separated. And here we go again! The Ishra spark that we got so used to in old YHM is loooong gone and I have no hope of it returning. So don’t hold your breath for an improvement in story line. They will probably take another 10 year leap after which Ishra will play the same roles as Mr and Mrs Bhalla and Iyer.

    2. Hi Sindhu … I only hope this CVs know what they are doing . KP and Dt should stop acting … becoz of them only people like me cant stop watching … Shivani Susan Khushi and all moved away from commenting also .
      Just think of Raman … to act as husband … shaghun looked v beautiful today … she may regain her memory and will be happy to stay as Ramans wife … than anything and move on being fake . But our Ishitha or Ruhi will find out . Shameless brainless cvs …stooping so down .

    3. Hi Sindhu and all YHM fans
      I have stopped watching since few days back – I just read updates when I have time
      This new storyline is not for me – too sick
      It’s been hard (the addiction is real) but I am bearing up. The same thing happened with SNS they came up with some stupid story lines and I quit them and never look back so same for YHM. VP Mam, I agree with you – because of our love of Divyanka and Karen has kept us with this show but I am quitting and will wait for them to take up new opportunities.
      Ekta mam does this all the time starts a show nicely but mess up her shows along the way – stupid

  4. Hi friends… Bakwaas episode…. Shagun 12 years before… When Raman married ishu.. Ruhi was 6 years old…. Shagun remember Raman as husband and Ruhi of 8 years…. Total bakwaas…. Shagun left Raman when Ruhi was 6 months…in 6 years when did Raman gave divorce to Raman??? May be just before ishra marriage…aliya is more comfortable with Nikhil than ADI…. Precap was good…Shagun hates Raman… For next 30 days Shagun ka drama … For one month track fixed…till end Shagun won’t remember anything… Ashok manipulate Shagun and try to separate and destroy bhallas… At the end Raman gets arrested and court drama…good thing is we will get more ishra scenes with old looks…also Shagun may get interested in Raman again at the end and blackmail ishu to get Raman out…. Just waiting to see how pihu reacts to the situation… By precap we may not get sharam romance… That’s great thing….

  5. OMG! What da hell is happening? R dey going to shift to da old house? dat means da house in Mayurr vihar or sm plz lyk dt? I cnt remember! Gosh! This yhm is driving me crazy nw! Its so hard to watch! Ishu, ruhi n adi leaving da house? N dt is also 4 shagun? Wht could be more worst than dt? Totally disgusting! Ughhh!!!!!
    N pihu being ruhi! Oh god dt poor kid! Wht kinda thngs dt she as to go through 4 her age! Too much I think! I mean I couldnt even think of acting lyk dt if dis was happened with me during dis age of mine! Pathetic! These cvs hv nothng to in da absence of divyanka!
    Deres one thng as well! I mean mihika also hs to shift along with ishu, doesnt she? Shagun ddnt knw abt any of Iyyer family members back den?
    Wht um gonna say is dis serial is getting unbearable day by day! Unbearable, Frustrating n Disgusting! Go ahead Ekta mam! The trp will rise frm day by day u knoh! ??

  6. KP is going in leave… A trip to London… After 4 days…. So after some episodes , CVS show Raman run away from Shagun for some business trip… So more it will be Ishita and Shagun scenes….

  7. Sorry Raman is on bail… So can’t go out of city…. We will get less Raman scenes..

  8. I think shagun kill manny n then jump n pretending she lost her memory so she is the culprit

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Yesterday I was reading comments and some people were saying shagun was faking her memory loss and I was wondering really. Okay, if shagun is faking her memory loss then it’s fine because ishita faked her seperation from Raman. Raman and ishita fooled everyone, family, friends even enemies that they were separated for one year and some days. I know you will say that they did it for good reasons and that is to get pihu and that is the same thing shagun is doing. She is doing it for good reasons and that is to take revenge on ishita for removing her from her place after the seven years leap. Ishita promised shagun that she did not come to take her place that she will leave after they get ruhi back. But what happened; after everything was over ishita decided not to leave rather she wants shagun to leave under the false pretense of giving her to Mani as a thank you gift or reward.
    Ishita faked her separation so shagun can fake her memory loss.

    1. Hi Azuka …. one year seperation time … what Ishra did was wrong … totally agree with you . You have not seen my comments that time … Such a huge step of seperating themselves for the sake of Pihu was not acceptable at all . According to me they did not have gone thru that drama of lying to Bhallas where they are always ready to accept anything even if Ishra had told them . whom can we blame ? cvs rt ? Then the defference in roles … people welcome positive vibes where as shaghun brings negative … having married to Mani she got carried away by Vidhyut and agreed to marry him , was ready to give Pihu to Raman for her own values . So many mistakes Ishitha is doing … shaghun is faking for sure … if not even if she gains memory she will fake to be with Raman and kids . I am fed up of this serial Azuka no fun in arguing also .. we fans are fools … I feel I am jobless too .. is it worth spending this much time for this rubbish now ?

      1. azuka nkwonta

        Whether shagun is faking or not none did I accept, but one thing is for sure they are trying to prolong yhm to last for another one year. Shagun is not the murderer the murderer is somebody she knew. And Adi have not told us why he was making those confessions he made the day Mani was murdered. Shagun and vidyut; ishita would have done anything just to get pihu back just like she is doing now to free Raman. Shagun’s actions might look bad to you and ishita’s actions good but these two women are similar. The worst thing shagun would do was to be together with cheap Raman and his cheap wife and cheap children. The longer the serial, the more you pay to watch and the more money for them.

  10. azuka nkwonta

    People don’t believe that ishita does wrong. Whenever ishita does wrong they will blame CVs but what is the fault of CVs what they are showing you is ishita’s character just like they show you other actors characters. The truth is that ishita is not perfect, she is also bad. She has her moments of goodness and her moments of badness, she is not all good and all perfect as people make her to be. She did not cry for Mani and did not even visit aaliyah you should take it as part of her behaviour, you condemn others why not condemn her.

  11. Pranav

    After sns ends the sunshine group will be shifted to this forum im a sunshine member and i used to be a silent reader in this forum

  12. Pranav

    Why did they have to make nidhi die and can someone tell me what happend to mihir?

  13. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) suffers with memory loss in which she has forgotten her marriage with Mani and other changes.

    Ishita manages to take doctor help to bail out Raman in which she gets 30 days to bring Shagun’s memory back so that they can prove Raman in innocence in Mani’s murder case.

    Family removes all Ishita’s stuff along with Ruhi and Adi just to prove Shagun that everything is like before.

    Raman feels bad seeing Ishita going and Ishita tells Raman that they will have to do it for him.

    Raman does not want to go back in his past where he faced lots of pain only because of Shagun.

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) insists Raman (Karan Patel) helps Shagun bringing her memory back

    Apart from this, Bala and Adi bring Shagun to Bhalla house and Raman pretends about being good with her.

    Shagun shouts at Raman for his ignorance and waits for Ashok as she was stayed with him 1 years ago.

    Will Raman able to handle Shagun?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates

  14. Comment edited.

    Msg from Team: Kindly do not copy paste news/spoiler articles. 1 or 2 is okay SOMETIMES. 5-10 daily is too much especially when they all more or less say same thing.

    1. I didn’t understand why my comments got edited because I post only comments relating to shows and I have been posting from since this show started .Though those comments have same meaning but still it just adds on to no.of comments .But still if it’s a rule of this site then I won’t post comments about updates of serial.sorry for posting soo many comments .I won’t repeat it.

      1. Very good understanding Rithu .. May be their site getting storage problems . They have mentioned the reason …

  15. What about newspaper date?? Will they manage to change this also…?? If she wants to meet adi..Then?? If she contact in boarding then?? Pihu can act as ruhi in home…But what about her school name?? Friends??..etc
    What about if she get a call from any social friend…Etc…?? Stupid…
    Why adi n ruhi hide truth??

    1. azuka nkwonta

      All these questions are left for the producers. I was thinking about them too but I said I will not give myself a headache over this.

  16. azuka nkwonta

    I have realised that ishita is using aalyah to get the best mom trophy. She uses aaliyah to increase her ego as a good mom but all these while aaliyah has been siding her instead of siding with shagun, yet not even a hug or a condolence to aaliyah from ishita over the death of Mani. This is because ishita is more Interested in Raman and the bhallas house than anything from outside and you think ishita is not a selfish person.

  17. Charu Prakash

    Yes Dia!So far this Kiran is a loveable character .She brings the much needed sophistication to the character.Thanks for your positive reply Vp ma’am.I am just expressing my views.According to me acting must be spontaneous and natural.Can’t tolerate overacting.Being a protagonist Anita’s character doesn’t have much scope for emoting.Still can’t deny her stellar performances whenever she was given a chance.Azuka you are right.People doesn’t want to accept Shagun as a human being.whenever cvs try to portray her humane,they’ll cry nepotism.In the beginning most of the characters did get their share of screen space.The moment cvs start chanting Ishita ‘Mahan’ the soul of yhm is lost.Even Raman got sidelined.You can’t deny Shagun’s charm.Remember mihika’s stupid acts when she was trying to be a saviour,again a hopeless Iyer bimari.Her confrontations with Ashok is always better than Ishita’s dialoguebazi which only aggravates his vengeance.Only Shagun can make Ashok helpless.In the present scenario if Raman shows an iota of concern over Shagun’s condition,I can start loving him again.That’s simply humane!!!!

  18. Hi to all yhm fan’s and especially yhm regular I am back. To all those who have watched yhm from beginning the major reason for yhm success kp, DT, Anita and ruhanika. Since the Australian trip the story has been bad when I saw this promo I watched yesterday’s episode for the first time since both the leap started I think yhm charm might come back. It means I expect Shagun to turn full fledged negative, ishra romance, and my only concern is Whether pihu can pull of Ruhi i would prefer thiis track to the tracks they have showed


    New drama

  20. Isaaq

    Hi I’m a silent reader. I’ve been reading Azuka comments for a very long time.

    Shagun is both good and evil. She left Ruhi when she was 6 months old. She didn’t care about her children. She was evil then and Ishita wasn’t there in her life.

    Then Ishita got Ruhi and Shagun got jealous? It was Shagun fault that she never cared about Ruhi. Shagun has always blamed Ishita for snatching everything from her but it’s all Shagun fault.

    Then after 7 year leap, Shagun didn’t care about Mani or Raman at all. She just wanted a rich handsome man. Do you ever see her caring about Pihu now? She wanted Pihu to hurt Ishita.

    However Shagun character has changed a bit because she is lonely and I understand her insecurities. Ishita has taken away her children and her ex husband. She’s not evil in some extent. She’s broken. I think Ishita should of at least tried to persuade Adi and Ruhi to spend more time with Shagun

    1. Ishita did not take Raman from Shagun. Shagun left Raman because he was not rich. She also left her 6 month old daughter with Raman because she would not be able to take a baby along while touring everywhere with Ashok. She took Adi but put him in boarding school. Her own children left her because she was playing the exchange game with them.

    2. azuka nkwonta

      I want ishita to give back shagun’s children to her. I actually want a complete give back not half give back. Another thing there is that ishita has brain washed them not to love their mother through manipulations, so if they go back they won’t love her. Now the processes of this is what they should start acting in yhm. I have also thought if shagun is not loving then how did aaliyah came to loving her. The processes of shagun and her children reconciling should start in yhm. Ishita cannot keep those children to herself, and I have seen ishita’s selfishness in many ways.

  21. evanisha pathaw

    bhakwas serial just cant get what is inside Ekta’s mind

  22. Ha ha ha Vinu I agree with you they can change situations according to shagun only inside their house only right, what about other things, whole world changed in 15 years, what stupid story they are showing

  23. azuka nkwonta

    I want to digress from the story we have now to something else because the present story line is actually being in coma. I want to talk about adi’s independent business. Shagun suggested that adi should start an independent business and the whole bhallas think that shagun is trying to break their family and Raman thinks that adi will be more successful doing business under him. If Raman’s ideas are much better than shagun’s idea then why did he not do business under his father and remain under him and why did he leave Ashok and started his own business. When shagun left him Raman realised that poverty is not the best way so he left his boss and started his own business but when shagun was advising him he did not listen to her. Raman did not tell adi the whole truth, he knew that independent business is good , he also knew that it can be successful as well but he does not want to lose his son in his business, Raman was more like a selfish father than a true father. The whole of the bhallas family are selfish and self centred people including ishita. Doing an independent business is not a bad thing and does not break family. Since Romi went under Raman nobody hears about him anymore whether Romi is going up or going down nobody knows anymore.

    The truth is that the bhallas always want everything to walk, sleep, talk and live around Raman and ishita without the two of them there will be no bhallas.

    1. About business matter raman told adi that he can choose whatever he wants….he did not force adi like ishita……though ishita was being a jerk here

      And raman did not work under his father as mr. bhalla was not a businessman?????

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