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The Episode starts with Vandu coming to meet Ishita. She says what you are doing for Amma, I can’t imagine, and the case…. Ishita sees her sonography report and hugs her happily. Raman comes and sees it. He tells his sweet memories with Adi, and how he learnt to find Adi in sonography report, I love him since he was of 150 grams. Ishita and Vandu hear him smiling. Vandu says fathers love children a lot. Ishita says yes, that’s why they fight with the world for their children. She comes to her room at night while Raman is working. Bandh gaye ye bandhan……………plays………………Raman thinks he wants to talk to her, and he is feeling bad hiding everything from her.

It rains and the drops come on Ishita’s face as she is sleeping near the window. He sees her and stands

at the window seeing the rain. He shuts the window and sits to work again. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………. Ishita thinks parents can do anything for children, but its to save Adi, but his life, if we cover his mistake, he will do many mistakes and will ask Raman later why did he not stop him before. Lessons taught in childhood make a person right. She thinks there was no one to teach Adi, and if we are quiet now, who will teach him, is it not elder’s duty to explain and stop him. Its parents’ first duty to give a child right values, what are we doing, making him hide, this is unfair.

She thinks Raman is worried for Adi, he has become bad in our eyes and saving Adi. She thinks I wish he told me this once. He puts her hand out in rain water and Raman too joins her. He asks do you like rain. She says yes, it looks like sky came down to touch us, some people don’t like it, they don’t think everything gets clean by rain. She gets philosophical. Raman says people are weak, they are not like Lord in sky. Sleep now. She thinks one day clouds will come, even if its heat, one day you have to come to me and tell everything, I will wait for that rain.

Raman thinks he will talk his heart out one day and he will wait for that rain. Shagun talks to Adi and he is annoyed with her as she scolded him badly yesterday. She gives him money to make his mood happy and asks him to give a treat to his friends in canteen, its important day today, ass this court case will be over, Raman will never let you get hurt, whatever you do, Raman keeps his promise, he loves you, don’t tell anyone about this accident. Adi thanks her and hugs.

She says I have a surprise, I will keep a party for your friends at the resort, call Papa and thank him. Adi leaves with his phone. Romi sees Sarika on the road as her scooty breaks down. He stops thinking to return her favor and give her lift. They have a talk and he offers her lift and will arrange a mechanic. Sarika asks will you get late. He says its my brother’s office, so its settled. He says hold me tight, I drive in speed. She smiles.

Mihir asks Raman to come for meeting. Raman is upset. Mihir says I m sorry, forgive me, I always supported you, but this time, in this case, I went against you, you always supported truth, but I felt you are wrong this time, but you were not, I came to know Shagun did not do that accident. He says I was wrong to doubt you, I m proud of you. Raman thinks how to tell you I m not right, I can’t fall in your eyes. He tells Mihir sometimes there are things which are above true and lies, I m glad this all ended. Mihir says sorry and hugs him.

Raman gets a call from Adi’s school. The principal asks him to come immediately. Mihir worries. Simmi meets Parmeet at the restaurant and tells Parmeet that Ishita gave pic to Raman and saved Shagun. He asks did Ishita not ask Raman who did the accident. She says no, its good the case is over. Parmeet thinks why is Ishita saving Adi, after seeing everything. Parmeet tells Simmi the real culprit is still out. The principal tells Raman whats the need for 11 year old kid to bring mobile in school, its not allowed. Raman apologizes, I promise this won’t happen again.

Adi argues with him. The principal says look at his speech, he argues with the teacher too. Adi scolded the teacher and says his dad won’t let anything happen to him, whatever he do. The principal asks will you save him whatever he does, what message are you giving him. Raman scolds Adi. He asks Adi to say sorry and Adi does not. The principal asks Raman to take responsibility of Adi, else she will rusticate him. Raman says no, I will see.

Raman scolds Adi for misbehaving with teachers, the principal will kick you out of school. Adi says why are you shouting, mum was right, you will save me from every problem, mum threw a party this weekend as the case is shut now, you also come. Adi leaves. Raman says what did I do, I did a mistake saving him, he is feeling he can do anything and Papa will save him, whats wrong with Shagun. Raman talks to Shagun and says relax, its just a phone, and teachers these days……….

He says you are spoiling him, and you are giving him party. She says don’t talk me like this, its party on Saturday, come. Raman scolds her and asks her to spare Adi, as she has already ruined him. She says Adi will be happy with this party, you should be thankful as I m letting you become a part of Adi’s life. Raman ends the call and says what did I do, I m ruining my son’s life with my hands.

Raman holds Ishita’s hand and says I should have told you, what did I do. She asks what happened. He says Adi did Amma’s accident. She says I know Raman and he looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat the! Dis lad Adi s always a troubl factor ! Ishita I hav a plan for u .. U go for a deal wid shagun ki Adi shud stay wid u for a year from now, els she ll re open d case n Adi or shagun will be jailed .. ! Problem solved ..! Heat up the iron (Adi) to mould it into the shape u desire .. End dis issue onc nd for all ya hell! I switch over to other channels wen adis topic cums up.. Yhm is too gud wid bhallas and iyers alone !!

  2. Somebody update pyaar ka dard he too.. Y s it always late ! And I hav study hours at d same tym ! Errr

  3. tia,u r right.but if she does that,how can be the story long???its becoming irritating…i love this show and dont want it to be ruined by tha witch sagun and badtameez adi…lets see….what raman and ishi will do…

    1. Thanks snigda .. Are u from blor.. Cos I had a Fren by name snigda:)

  4. I wish all this ends soon vry fast bcs it is damn boring and irritating

  5. so finally…….. all dis drama is coming to an end

  6. spoilerss

    Monday 21st July
    The bailiff gives the summon to Shagun & she is shocked.
    Shagun thinks that it is Ishita who must have put the police
    complain. Adi is taken by the Bailiff to Juvenile Court Judge’s
    chamber.Shagun follows him. Shagun calls Bhalla’s and asks
    for Raman. She then tells them that Adi has been taken by
    the cops & it is all the done by Ishita. Mrs Bhalla hears that &
    panics & they all decide to reach the judge’s chamber. Here
    when Adi & Shagun enters the Judge’s chamber, they are
    surprised to see Raman there. Now Raman tells them that it’s
    not Ishita but he who has put in the complaint against Adi.
    Shagun & Adi both are shocked to hear this. Shagun is
    absolutely shocked to see Raman there taking the blame. She
    fires him saying that why has he turned against Adi. Is it
    because of Ishita. Raman tells her that its his decision as he
    has realized that by protecting Adi he is only spoiling him
    more. Judge tells them leave the chamber as he wants to
    speak with Adi alone. Outside the chamber, Ishita is waiting
    for Raman. She is equally concerned. Just the when Mrs
    Bhalla & all reaches there. Mrs Bhalla sees Ishita there and
    starts firing her thinking that its all her doing. Raman now
    comes there and clarifies to all that it not because of she
    rather its his decision. Family is taken aback by hearing this.
    Judge calls everyone in & then he announces his verdict. He
    says that he needs to review the case in detail so Adi will be
    put in the remand room for tonight and the rest can leave.
    Tuesday 22nd July
    Adi is scared & is crying bitterly but is then taken away by the
    matron. Outside the whole family stays back as they are
    worried about Adi. Raman is feeling bad but Ishita gives him
    strength. Shagun comes back with Neil but he says that
    things have gone little complicated so he can’t really help
    right now. Shagun is also broken. Ashok call her to find out if
    she needs him there. But Shagun tells him to be home as his
    coming can only complicate things. Next day, Judge gives the
    verdict. He says that he is releasing Adi on humanitarian
    grounds but he will be shifting the case to a family court.
    Everyone is happy that Adi is released. They come out.
    Shagun sees that Ashok is there outside waiting for her.
    Ashok now comes & proposes Shagun for marriage . He gives
    her the 5carat ring. Shagun is happy & we see that Raman &
    all also see that & are shocked. Everyone is very happy that
    Adi is released. Mrs Bhalla declares that she will fast for this
    blessing. Raman is also happy & relieved. Ishita tells him that
    he should keep in touch with Adi as that will instill good
    manners in him. Seeing Ishita’s concern for Adi, Raman feels
    that he must do something special for her so he plans for
    picnic the next day. He tells Ishita about it and she is also
    very happy thinking that it’s for the entire family. Although
    Raman had only planned for two of them. Raman calls up
    Mihir and asks him to book a room in a good resort. Mihir
    teases Raman but is also happy that he is doing something
    for Ishita. Mihir tells Mihika about it and then they both also
    plan for an outing. Here Ruhi meet Shravan who is showing
    her Vandita’s sonography slides. He is excited and they start
    talking about baby. Sharvan says that it comes from
    mumma’s stomach & Ruhi says they come from hospital. Now
    they have little argument and Ruhi leaves to get clarity from
    Ishita. She asks her this question & Ishita doesn’t know what
    to answer. Now Raman comes there & Ishita shifts everything
    on his shoulder. Raman proudly takes charge without knowing
    what’s the question but when Ruhi asks him where do baby’s
    come from stomach or from hospital , he gets all
    embarrassed . Ishita is enjoying this moment.However, Raman
    somehow manages to gives an answer to Ruhi and then feels
    proud. Next morning , Raman gets up & starts getting ready
    for the picnic. He comes out & sees that Ishita is packing
    food, snacks, juices etc. He asks why so many things & very
    casually she says because it will be required & then she
    whispers that all are waiting to know about the plan so please
    tell them .Now Ishita calls everyone & Raman is zapped to see
    that everyone is dressed up for the picnic.
    Wednesday 23rd July
    The bhallas, Iyer, Vandita, Bala , Shravan everyone is ready.
    Raman now couldn’t tell them & just goes with the flow.
    Mihika gets to know and she then takes Ishita’s aside and
    shares with her that Raman had planned this picnic with her
    alone so why did she spoil that. Ishita is shocked & then feels
    bad about it. Since Mihika suggested Ishita to atleast alone
    with Raman she agrees. Ishita is feeling awkward & to break
    the silence, she keeps asking him when will they reach the
    picnic spot. Mihika though is happy & shares with Mihir that I
    hope Ishita & Raman reaches the place late so that they can
    spend some time among themselves. Ishita asks Raman if
    they are at the right direction & Raman boasts that he is
    absolutely sure since he is using the GPRS. Family reaches
    the resort & they are very happy with the place. Now its night
    time and Raman & Ishita are still looking for the place. Raman
    realizes that there are 4 locations in the name of Sultanpuri
    and therefore GPS gave them some other location. Raman is
    tired driving & all of sudden a speeding lorry makes him take a
    wrong turn & he hits a tree. They get off and starts walking.
    Ishita is also tired. In the resort, Mr Bhalla & Mr Iyer are
    easing out by making drinks for themselves. However, before
    Mrs Iyer could take a sip, Mrs Iyer comes and out of fear, he
    shifts his glass near Mr Bhalla. Now Mrs Iyer thinks , its Mr
    Bhalla who is drinking from both the glass. She shows her
    concern & says that he must control himself. Just then Mrs
    Bhalla enters and soon both the ladies have argument on
    whether the husbands are drinking or not. Mihir walk in &
    tries to calm them down by saying that it was him who was
    drinking and later he also pulls Mihir into this. In the whole
    mess Mihir drinks 2-3 pegs and gets sloshed. Mihika sees him
    all drunk & she gets angry. Raman & Ishita somehow
    manages to reach a small cottage & they request an old
    couple if they can use their telephone. They enter & now the
    old man tells them to stay back as its their 50th anniversary
    and his wife is expecting her grandson. He request Raman is
    he could just stay back so that his wife can really celebrate
    the anniversary. Ishita gets emotional & request Raman to
    agree. Raman is not left with a choice.
    Thursday 24th July
    Raman is still not very comfortable staying with the old
    couple but then its too late to explore so he gives in. Mr
    Bhalla by mistake enters Raman’s room which is decorated
    beautifully with candles, flowers, Champaign bottles. Mrs
    Bhalla sees the room & gets wild on Mr Bhalla. She tells him
    that how could he plan such a thing especially when he knew
    that she has her fasting. Mr Bhalla tries to explain but she is
    not ready to understand. Mrs Iyer, Mihika & Vandita all are
    upset with their husband because of some misunderstanding
    or the other. Simmi is also upset as she is all alone here . She
    is missing Param. Raman enters the room that the old man
    has given them to stay over for the night. The room is dark so
    Raman switches on the light. He sees that Ishita is covering
    her face & body as she has got some skin allergic reaction due
    to cake. Raman sees her hand and face & the allergy is really
    bad. Ishita is feeling embarrassed. But Raman gets some
    neem water & swabs her whole body. He takes care of Ishita
    whole night. Early morning Ishita sees that the reaction has
    gone . She looks for Raman to thank him . Raman enters
    furious and tell her that those old couple apparently were
    thieves. They have taken his wallet, car everything. He is
    firing Ishita for being nice & just then cops come in with the
    old couple & their stuff. They tell Raman that since he called
    them last night for car & described the couple, they were able
    to trace them back. Ishita is relieved and they leave for the
    resort. Here all the women are upset with the men & they are
    sitting at the distance. On one silly topic their argument
    starts. By then Raman & Ishita walks in & tries to pacify
    them. Simmi is still unhappy as she can see each one with
    their partner and she all alone. Ishita tries to make a
    conversation with her but she walks out. Now Raman & Ishita
    plan to bring the family together by making them participate
    in the upcoming cooking contest which is organized by the
    resort. They instigate each couple gaianst other and all agree
    to compete. Raman & Ishita are now looking forward to this
    competition …..

    1. Thanks now I have the time to revise for me exam s

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