Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suraj leaving angrily. Romi thanks the kinners. They say we should thank you for asking help from us. Mihika says even then, thank from our heart. Mihika hugs Romi. The kinners bless their pairing. Romi and Mihika smile. Ishita asks Shagun to rest and have the juice. Shagun asks are you guys staying in this room. Ishita says yes, and asks about her reports. Shagun says everything is fine. Ishita asks cravings. Shagun says sitaphal icecream. Ishita says I like it a lot, what else. Shagun smiles and says sometimes baby kicks. Ishita says wow, do you feel it, will I feel the kick if I touch now. Shagun says I think so.

Ishita tries feeling the baby kick by keeping her hand on Shagun’s tummy. Shagun says maybe he is resting now. Raman and Manoj come. Ishita asks

Raman to try. Raman feels the kick and says I m his father, he just kicked. Ishita asks really. Raman asks did you not feel. She says you are lucky. Raman says you will also feel, give some time. Mihir comes and tells Raman that I will leave now, I have work. He asks Shagun to take rest, I will come to meet you tomorrow. Ishita asks him to try and feel baby kick too. Mihir smiles and goes. Raman finds Ishita upset.

Mihika and Romi come laughing and show Suraj’s video to Mihir. Mihir asks how did you do this. Mihika says Romi did this. She says Mihir will never do this, he would have gone to police station and file report, he can’t do all this. Mihir smiles and says well done.

Romi comes to Raman and says I was finding my phone charger, what are you doing here in living room. Raman says Ishita was upset as she did not feel baby kick, this is the problem, I don’t know what to do to cheer her. Romi says no one can surpass you in romance, you can cheer her in 2mins. Raman says right and goes to Ishita. Raman cracks some jokes. She says its not fair that baby did not kick for me. He says yes, but how will baby know who is touching him. She asks am I not special for baby. He says take his class when he comes, for now, you are special for me. He asks her to come with him, they are going out. He insists and takes her.

Mihika feels she told a lot to Mihir, he maybe feeling bad. She calls Mihir. He asks how is Vandu. She says Vandu is fine, I felt you felt bad that I joked about you infront of Romi. He says I m boring, I did not feel bad. She says I like you as you are, you know Romi is hurt, he felt he is worthless and he does not do anything good, so I wanted him to feel good, don’t think I compared him with you, don’t feel bad. He says I will never mind whatever you say, you are my best friend, I m grateful. They smile.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. Ishita asks why did baby not kick on my touch. He says don’t get senti, every baby kicks father, you will be happy one, baby will trouble me. She says I m jealous. She asks him to see infront. Raman hits a lady and they get shocked. He says sorry and they try to stop the lady. The lady covering her face with a shawl runs away. Raman says car was going slow, she came infront of a sudden. She says I think I know her, Chadda’s wife Pallavi. He says see the time, what will she do here. She asks him to call Chadda and ask him. Raman recalls Chadda’s words and says no, Chadda is different, what shall I ask him, where is your wife, no way, come. Ishita feels that lady was Pallavi. They leave.

Its morning, Mihika and Romi work in office. Romi finds Mihika tensed and pacifies her. She says I get nervous before every presentation. He says I m sure you will do well. She thanks him. Mihir comes and says clients have come, we should get this contract.

Raman comes to have breakfast and gives the papers, asking Ishita to sign it and drop at Chadda’s place. Ishita says I still feel its Pallavi. He says just sign and drop papers, leave all that. Mrs. Bhalla says I need Ishita at home, I invited Shagun for lunch. Raman says anyone can manage lunch, I have meeting and goes.

Mihika gives the presentation. Client says it was good, the brand tag line is not catchy. Mihir says we will find a great tag line, give us a day, then we will sign the contract. Romi says I have a good tag line in mind. Mihir says we will discuss later. Romi says hear me once. Mihika says lets hear him once. Romi says the tag line, and Mihika says this can be our tagline. The clients the tag line and congrats Raman for a talented team. Raman says I did not know his talent, thanks to Mihika who got Romi. Mihika says trust is big thing, trust gives strength to person to make him progress. Raman gets the contract. Mihir looks at Mihika and Romi.

Ishita gives documents to Chadda. Chadda says documents are fine. He asks Ishita to have tea, Pallavi makes good tea. Ishita talks to Pallavi and sees the mark on her hand. She asks Pallavi about it, did you get hurt. Pallavi says no. Ishita says I was asking because such marks can easily go, my mum has home remedies. Pallavi says its birth mark. Chadda says the same, and stares at Pallavi. Pallavi says I have some work and goes. Chadda says I will get files checked and call you, I have to leave for court now. Ishita thanks him and leaves.

Ishita tells Shagun about efficient lawyer Chaddha. She says I feel weird meeting Chadda and his wife Pallavi, there is something wrong.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode is ok. Precap is ok. But why don’t ishitha feel the baby’s kick. Poor ishu.

  2. I am feeling so bad for ishita why ekt,cv’s not understanding ishita is herione not shagun in my house nobody watching this serial because of shagun seriously surrogace drama will continue it will goes to bottom 10

  3. Yes Poor Ishu, She always gets a bad deal & doesn’t even deserve all this by putting her down. the writers should have given her a bad character . As she is the bad one for everything. why is that? she has to go all out to save the family & never have peace or a good word. even the baby she doesn’t feel the kick. why are the writers giving Ishu a hard time. are they preparing Shagun to take her place HOPE NOT??? we want ISRa To the end of the story.
    Suraj Really got what he deserved. i was clapping away.. ha ha . very good what goes around comes around.he deserves this & More for putting & making an issue from a small incident to gain his revenge.. Raman gave him what he deserves. & Rami & Mehika too. Me Think That Cahdda is a violent wife Beater & a Abuser. The wife is scared she is like a rat when he is around. he pretends to be in Love with her in front of the people. Anyway who will be her lover who gave her this child? though she looks innocent she is one tuff lady.
    So We Have to wait & See. Pls don’t make Ishu a murderer.She Doesn’t Deserve her good name to be blackened.

  4. I hope Shagun quickly gives birth and gives it to Ishita. I don’t know what else Sarika is going to do but the new about Ishita holding the blo*dy knife, will it happen before she even gets the baby from Shagun….I only hope they do show the scenes of Ishita and Raman holding their baby. I wonder what happened to Ruhi. Isn’t she back from her holiday? I hope we can see Ruhi soon as I am really missing that little girl.

  5. Please change the track soonnn yaat

  6. guys i have posted a humour just for fun pls read that and say how is it
    here is the link and pls mention in that link that r u a ishra fan pls

    first part

    second part

  7. I feel very bad for ishita why writters cannot give the baby by her own preganancy also as per the spoiler they will going to show ishita is a murderer may be ishita in jail for long and ishra’s seperation may be happen means what is the use of this baby if she even cannot see the baby
    why the writters want to give too much sad things to a good human what ekta want to tell the world dont be good be always a bad guy

  8. i really enjoyed this episode,and Raman was toooooo handsome.

  9. episode was ok.precap was also ok .mujhe lagtha hai kuch episodes se mihir ko mihika aur romi ko dekhkar jealous aur bura lag raha hai . aur acp gaayab hai.

  10. Ohh no.. I need to see YHM from the beginning on star Utsav… But my condition …

    See.. When I started seeing YHM.. I was in hostel.. No TV.. Only once in a month.. I can watch it in my home.. That too i ll get episodes like court scene, shagun scene.. Etc.. I ll be reading updates only in hstl n ll convey it to my frns..
    Now I can watch TV.. But star plus n star utsav is not coming in my TV now..

    Only hotstar is helping me.. N tellyupdates…
    But I saw ishra confession in my home only.. Thank god..
    Me n my sister are the big ishra fans..
    Now I gonna miss it in Utsav too..

  11. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Mrs Chaddha
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    Ishita tells Raman that
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    but Raman does not allow
    Both Raman and Ishita
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    Ishita takes Aftab and
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    Aftab and Tushaar dance
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    Ishita and Shagun also
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    Later, Bhalla and Iyyer
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    Post party, Raman and
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    Stay tuned for further
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  12. hey guys nivedha darshika jhanvi vp misty faya fathi sabrin natasha siddhi ude diya( both the diyas) nimrit ramchin natasha naina anakha parvathi and all yhm friends.

  13. if ishitha kills aahok then i am not gonna enjoy more and what will that lawyer of ishitha tell raman . anyways that will be a worst track.

  14. ekta is a copy cat .if she shows ishitha as murderer then it is same as sns where the lead kills someone and ekta wants to copy i think .so horrible to even think of such tracks . the leads of the show should be inspirational good and convey some social message through serials not like abolishing laws . why they bring such scripts and twists which is worst , non- entertaining and brings low trp to them . if they lack creativeness they should atleast show ishruh scenes or the old yhm they should skip on to atleast the old yhm was not high voltage drama .it was simple and unique and good.

  15. we dont want ishraruhadi seperation .plz makers . kyu sirf yhm par backwaaz dikhaane ke liye uske peeche pade rehthe ho . agar seperation hoga toh saarh hi fans ka yhm se seperation hoga aur baad mein barbaadi hoga.

  16. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not leaving a
    single stone unturned to gain the
    audience.They are going to add some
    Drama filled with Fun,Romance and
    Recently, the team of Kya Kool Hain
    Hum 3, was seen promoting the movie
    on ‘Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi’, ‘Yeh
    Kahan Aa Gaye Hum’ and ‘Naagin’.
    Continuing the promotions, the cast
    will be appearing Balaji’s another
    popular ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’.
    The show happens to be one of the
    most popular soaps on television in
    the current times. The protagonists of
    the movie, Tusshar Kapoor and Aftab
    Shivdasani are set to appear on the
    The promotion sequence is going to
    happen at a party where Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman (Karan
    Patel) are present and the entry of
    Tusshar and Aftab is sure to bring in a
    lot of fun and merrymaking. This party
    is also speculated to develop an
    interesting plot in the story.
    According to a source,”Soon it will be
    revealed that Pallavi being the mother
    of Rohit.Ishita finds out that she is the
    same person who came infront of their
    car. Ishita decides to find the secret
    behind Pallavi’s Silence.”
    As reported earlier,Ishita will murder
    someone and it will be none other
    than Ashok Khanna.Actress Pavitra
    will enter the show as a high profile
    advocate, Nidhi Chabra, who will put
    up a brash condition in front of Raman,
    fulfilling to which, she would take up
    the case.”
    Did Somone trapped ishita? Why will
    ishita kill Ashok? Stay Tuned for more
    updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  17. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabatein is all set
    to introduce some new twists and
    turns in the upcoming track.Till now
    Ishita played like a ghost and now she
    will become a murderer.
    Recently,We have seen Vandita
    getting stuck in a problem when her
    student tries to do suicide.Suraj takes
    this as a chance and instigates
    students against Vandita. Ishita and
    Bala try to stop them bt their efforts go
    in vain.
    Soon Shagun and Raman will handle
    the situation and Raman beats Suraj
    In the coming episodes,Suraj will be
    very angry on Raman’s family.He
    decides to play his another game,but
    this time it will be a BIG
    DHAMAKA.His target will be ISHITA.
    Well, according to reports ‘innocent’
    Ishita will turn murderer in the
    upcoming episode of the show.A
    promo has been shot by the makers in
    which Ishita is seen holding a knife
    and screaming loudly.
    However, it is not yet revealed that
    why and for whom Ishita took such
    deadly step. Meanwhile Raman(Karan
    Patel) will be seen approaching a
    lawyer to handle Ishita’s case.She
    will reject Raman’s plea to handle
    Ishita’s case without hearing
    Actress Paitra who was last seen in
    ‘Geet’ will be portraying the role of
    lawyer Nidhi Chhabra who loves
    power, paisa and fame.
    Whom ishita will kill or is it a trap by
    Ashok and Suraj? Will Raman able to
    save Ishita? Will Suraj able to destroy
    Vandita’s life?
    Keep reading for next update.

  18. i think ishitha wont kill anyone .it may just a trap by ashok and suraj to take revenge . ashok might have not died . i think its all a trap and it may be revealed after soi many drama of court and after many months.

  19. After exploring a supernatural track,
    daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    back to a tried-and-tested formula–
    the murder mystery.
    In the ongoing track, Ishita and Raman
    Bhalla have landed themselves in a
    spot of trouble over their search for
    Rohit’s parents. Ishita has been
    getting threat calls to drop the search.
    Even before the viewers could get a
    grip of this mystery, the producers are
    ready to introduce another one.
    In the upcoming track, Ishita will be
    shown getting arrested for murder and
    Raman will be seen hiring a lawyer to
    bail her out. Whom did Ishita murder
    and why? These details have been
    kept under wraps.
    Divyanka Tripathi, who plays the role
    of Ishita, recently shot for the promo of
    this track. She was seen shooting with
    dishevelled hair, holding a knife in her
    bloodied hand, horror writ large
    across her face.
    In another development, Pavitra Punia
    of Honge Judha Na Hum fame, has
    been roped in to play Ishita’s lawyer
    Nidhi Chhabra, who also happens to be
    Raman’s childhood friend.
    Divyanka shot for the promo the day
    she returned to work after her
    engagement to Vivek Dahiya.
    Divyanka got engaged to Vivek, who
    plays the role of ACP Abhishek on Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein, in a private
    ceremony on January 16.
    Meanwhile, Bollywood actors Tusshar
    Kapoor and Aftab Shivdasani will be
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    actors posed for a picture with the
    cast of the show after the shoot.

  20. I love raman and ishitha abbishak u are hand same mihir pls remove the dhadi shagun am ur fan

  21. I am just loving RoMihika scenes. Romi and Mihika are like the only reason why I watch this show. They are both entertaining, and funny, and just meant for each other. They handle each other very well, and understand each other’s feelings, and they already have TRUST for each other, which is necessary in a relationship.

  22. I think chadda n palavi us hiding something else from them

  23. no offence to shagun or surrogacy .but today i really really felt bad fr ishita. evn raman cldnt cheer her up enough . i just hope th cvz starts givvng importance to her feelomgs also as she is the lead nt shagun nd make her prgnnt .

  24. Wen r they gng to party

  25. Rinky is murdered …….. Shaghuns fake death and the ghost drama for three months …… Viewers not able to accept it …. But in the serial …. They ended it with no emotions ….. Leave it …. Sarikas twist is not reached anywhere …. Vandanas … Came ….. Now Ishitha to
    Murder someone …. It’s going to be a trap again …. Ektha madam you are playing with our emotions …. Ishitha is the lead role ….. Ishitha is here only to suffer ….she is denied of small small happiness …please don’t do that …. Many times the fans are requested not to change that unique story line …. Very sad indeed ….. After engagement our angel coming back to the set to shoot this murdering …. Shaghun is given importance …. I hope she is not going to stay in Bhallas house till delivery . Very upset with the whole twist

  26. We do not want Raman & Shagun story. Shagun has become good after doing unforgivable things in past. Balls family is going extreme now. Are makers going to bring her in? How can Raman touches Shagun for whatever reason. If any other lady is the surrogate mother will Raman do such things

    1. Superb point Devika.. I don’t know what they are trying to show

  27. Totally agree with you Devika …what was Shaghun doing in the past can’t be forgotten …. Forgiving if someone turns good and positive … We should … But can’t forget 2015 new year etc etc she was very cruel and rude . Any person if they regret one can forgive. But can never forget . Too extreme now Bhallas and Ishitha from very lovable character coming to a ghost and murderer . Fans love her a lot , though it is a serial unknowingly going in our mind why she is doing like this . This is only becoz of her involvement in the character . And this shows catching is Raman and Ishitha . The depth of their love without expecting anything for themselves is awesome . Please keep them like that ….it’s mind blowing watching …creators . Please understand

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