Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with jailer giving list of prisoners who are getting shifted. She asks the prisoners not to act smart and sit in van silently. Another jailer says stop, there is another prisoner, Niddhi Chabbra. Ishita waits for Raman. Adi and Aaliya look on. Raman is on the way following Mani, and feels sorry to not meet Ishita. Adi and Aaliya sit at the table behind and see Ishita. Aaliya asks did you say this restaurant name to Raman. Adi says yes.

Constable asks Niddhi to come, you have to be shifted to other jail. Niddhi calls Mani and says you have to wait away from jail, did you get ambulance. Mani says yes. She says I m getting shifted, I will run away, you have to pick me, reach on time, I m leaving. Raman says where is Mani going. He calls Abhishek. Abhishek says I will

talk to inspector again. He gets shocked and tells Raman that its Niddhi’s plan, some prisoners are getting shifted. Niddhi’s name is added in last minute, maybe she bribed someone, follow Mani, I m reaching. Raman says don’t worry, we are on highay, come soon. His phone gets dead. He looks for charger and then see a truck coming his way. He takes car aside and misses the ambulance.

Ishita says I m waiting madly, his phone is unreachable. She starts leaving. Pammi comes with friends and greets Ishita. Pammi asks are you celebrating anniversary with Raman, you are romantic, where is he, I know he did amazing arrangements, he is hero, he learnt Tamil for Ishita, where is my hero. Ishita says he is on the way. Pammi says fine, till when we will talk. Pammi and her friends join Ishita. Ishita thinks will Raman come or not. She wishes Raman comes. Adi calls Raman and says its not connecting. Aaliya says I m feeling bad for Ishita, she got hurt. Adi says I know what to do, I can’t let her get embarrassed, come with me.

Niddhi asks constable for time. Constable jokes on her and tells time. Raman looks for ambulance. Niddhi acts of stomach ache and asks them to open handcuffs. Constable asks the man to stop van. Niddhi acts to vomit and goes away from the van. She smiles. The van blasts. Mani comes there and gets shocked seeing the van on fire. He says Niddhi was inside this, what happened.

Niddhi holds him. He gets shocked and says so this was your plan. He asks did you get that ambulance. He shouts yes. She says don’t shout, come. She says if I have to get saved from police, I have to proof I m dead, I m alive, this is someone’s body, now help me. Mani says no. She says you are honest man, but don’t forget your family is in my hands. They put a woman’s body in the burning van. Niddhi says now I m dead in world’s sight forever, come fast. Mani gets in shock.

Pammi says you did this romantic setup, where is he. Ishita says his phone is not connecting. Pammi says I will call. Adi and Aaliya come to them. Adi says Raman is busy, he can’t come. Pammi asks why did he lie then. Adi says he did not lie, we lied to Ishita and used Papa’s name so that Ishita comes here, we both wanted to spend time with Ishita, we knew Ishita will miss Papa. Ishita thanks Adi for the good plan. Pammi says such a sweet son, you love Ishita a lot, happy valentines to all of you. Police reaches the spot. Raman also comes and asks constable. Constable says police van caught fire, move back. Raman says Niddhi, ambulance, I have to find Mani.

Mani cries and asks how can you do this, those people died. Niddhi asks what shall I do, I m rich and bribed the police staff, I got a bomb and left under seat before leaving van, Raman and Ishita forgot I m Niddhi who fail situations. Mani argues with her. She says you are also guilty now. He stops the ambulance and says I can’t support you. She says just shut up, if you say anyone that I did this blast, then I will sink taking you along, its time to complete the second part of this plan. Ruhi comes and wishes Ishita. Pammi says Ishita you are so lucky to get such loving children, I m very happy, I will not come in between, you all love Ishita like this always. She hugs Ishita and goes. Adi apologizes to Ishita.

Ishita says you lied to Pammi, Raman was going to come right. Adi says yes, but. Ishita says but you said about this plan, it can’t happen that you guys make plan and make me wait, I know you all, you lied in front of Pammi to save me from embarrassment, I understand, I m hurt Raman did not call to inform that he is not coming, he takes me for granted, you guys enjoy, order some food, I will leave. She goes. Adi gets angry. Aaliya stops him.

Raman comes to police station and says I got to know Abhishek went out, I want to know about the accident. Inspector gives him prisoners list, and says prisoners and others in van died. Raman says Niddhi died, I can’t believe this.

Ishita walks on the road and cries. Na jaane kyu…. plays…….Raman sees Mani crying and hitting the steering. Mani shouts why did I get stuck in Niddhi’s plan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi Sindhu, VP mam, shivani, Bhagya ,rithushree, Priya, mino, Susan, Shreya, reshmi, magic and all the yhm fans….

    Oh god! What a wrenching episode! Everytime misunderstandings occur between ishra. Are they not allowed to spend time together? It’s valentine’s day… And no valentines for ishra. Precap is the worst… I can’t see Ishita in pain. This nidhi is one irritating character. How come the villains easily blackmail the good ones, and not getting caught red handed? The good ones are cheated… That’s what reel and real are. I know it’s just a serial but this track is just intolerable. Now nidhi will escape and create more havoc in Ishita and ramans lives.. She is very very clever in her ideas.. think she reads books about clever ideas. Nidhi will lose again… She will not have any hope after her failure. Thanks to the so called CVS for making this show hell…

  2. Hi! YHM fans. This is Sindhu from hyderabad. I am a big fan of this show. But day by day this show was losing its magic which was there in its earlier episodes.

  3. @Priyamvadha – I agree. Also can the writers show inmates with cell phones? Think niddhi might do something bad for ishra anniversary. Just hope ishra can help mani and fail niddhi plans.

  4. Khushiarvind

    Disgusting… Loss of words to sescribe this crap…
    Showing as if nidhi is the most influvential nd ofcourse the genious person nd raman who is a ceo nd manages such a big company is a fool..
    Always evil prevails… Blackmailing… Blame games.. Cheap plottings.. When will this come to an end?
    Doesnt feel lyk watching the show..
    Now this ishra seperation sequence will be draggged to more than a month

  5. Hi all yhm fans…Rithu,Sindhu,priya,tia,shivani,magic and all others.Many fans has stopped commenting here.yhm has already lost many viewers..even i also doesn’t watch yhm now a has become a worst show..

  6. Raman looks so weird…and nothing like a girl!..its just height of stupidity, raman does not look good as gulabo . it is disgusting.raman can be easily identified by ishita in this look..hope they end this stupid drama soon .i think they can find a track better than this.And what to say about words to describe about this stupidity !!

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