Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla seeing Amma annoyed and thinking to do something. She starts saying benefits in staying in this locality. Ishita and Raman smile. Mrs. Bhalala asks Neelu to get sweetdish. She apologizes to Amma and asks her not to leave this place. Amma says I m not going anywhere, I can’t go away from you, I can’t be annoyed with you for long time. Mrs. Bhalla thanks and hugs her. She asks what was that lady saying. Ishita says I think that lady was mistaken and its good you both ended annoyance, I don’t think Vandu can do wrong with any kid, her heart is so good, she can taught kids all these years, how can she do this, maybe else would have done this. Romi says Sarika would have done this, Sarika has sent Ruhi there at police station, and that incident happened.

Mrs. Bhalla gets angry and asks Neelu to call Sarika. Neelu says but Sarika is not at home.

Police comes there. Inspector says we have come to take Ishita back to jail. Raman says she still has time, you can’t take her. Inspector says we know that acting. Sarika comes there and smiles. She says I told the truth to police, how you used Ruhi to get Ishita out of jail, he made Ruhi ill and got Ishita here. Raman gets angry. She says you can see inspector they won’t do party if her daughter was really ill. Ruhi and Adi hug Ishita and cry. They all cry. The kids ask Raman to stop Ishita. Ishita is taken away. Sarika smiles seeing all of them upset and crying. Raman calls Niddhi and says they took Ishita way.

Court case starts. Niddhi tells the judge that this is unfair with my client, Ishita got 24 hours time as her daughter was ill, but she was taken back to jail, how will this affect the kids. Suyyash says I can prove Raman and Ishita used the kids to get special permission, I want to call Vandu in witness box. Vandu gets tensed. Suyyash asks Vandu how did Ruhi reach hospital. Vandu cries and says I was boiling milk for Shagun and added sugar in it. He says but we know the girl’s name is Ruhi. She says I did not know how Ruhi got that milk. He says fine, did you give the milk to Ruhi. Vandu says no, I just added sugar. He says it means you added poison. Vandu says no. Niddhi objects that he is pressuring Vandu. He asks who gave milk to Ruhi. She cries and says not me. Suyyash says we want to know. Bala says stop it, can’t you see my wife is getting affected, Vandu no need to answer. Judge asks Bala to sit. Niddhi tells Suyyash that Vandu is scared. Judge asks Suyyash to let witness go. Judge asks Vandu to go. Vandu says I did not do anything and Bala takes her outside. Ishita cries.

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YHM shocking alert

Niddhi tells judge that Suyyash could not say the murder motive, why did Ishita kill Amar, there was no intention, Ishita killed him in self defence. Suyyash asks why did she not inform police, Abhishek is her friend, why did she take law in her hands. Niddhi laughs and says when person is in danger, will she call police and make Amar wait for a min till she calls police there, she would react as per her common sense. The people laugh. Suyyash says fine, did she call police after killing Amar, she burnt the body. Niddhi says no, Ishita did not burn the body, Pallavi did this, Ishita is here as she has saved Pallavi, Pallavi scared Ishita of Amar’s family.

Suyyash says we have witnesses that Ishita bought the petrol and drove her car, its planned murder. Ishita recalls how Pallavi lied to her.

Niddhi reminds Suyyash that Pallavi was with Ishita, why did Pallavi go in the car together, they met in café next day, Pallavi is involved in this, she burnt the body to clear the evidence. Suyyash says rubbish, Ishita threatened Pallavi, Pallavi was in shock and Ishita used her, I want to call ACP Abhishek in witness box,

He asks Abhishek about Bhalla family, and Ishita. Abhishek says I know them, Ishita is a nice lady. Suyyash says fine, why did you arrest Ishita then. Abhishek says we got evidence against her, the petrol can had her fingerprints, an old man on crime scene told us about seeing her car, I know her personally, but I did my duty. Ishita cries. Suyyash says Ishita had a motive, this is a revenge, Ishita was angry on Amar and killed him. The real reason is Pallavi’s illegitimate son Rohit, she has hidden this from Amar, and Ishita wanted to adopt Rohit, knowing Romi can’t become a father, she wanted Pallavi’s consent letter so that Pallavi can’t claim Rohit, we know Ishita can’t become a mother, she becomes obsessive about kids, and tells the news how she drove the bus and fought with Kaali to save Ruhi, this is her obsession, and her obsession for Rohit made her mad knowing Amar is ready to accept Rohit, she did not wish to part with Rohit.

Suyyash says its planned murder, she should be strictly punished, she should be hanged. Raman and everyone cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. […] post Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update appeared first on Telly […]

  2. […] post Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update appeared first on Telly […]

  3. riubbish rubbish rubbish all people in yhm are useless and mean i hate you yhm

  4. What a crap is this??Ishita is sentenced to death and inorder to save her Raman decides to fake a murder.He stops the police can on the way and done a fake murder and this ishita is saved and comes back….

    What rubbish???

    What is this??what will happen afterwards???Raman go to jail and no-one will know that ishita is alive…No way

    If Ishita is saved by raman without disclosing his identity infront of police,then it’s ok but I don’t find any logic in Raman going jail

  5. This serial is becoming meaningless day by day… The bad rules over the good for very long period where as the good ppl have very less period to fun and enjoyment. We want to see the good wins over the bad very soon.
    Its like boring to see sarika and ashok winning for long.

    1. true sam i too tell the same from when …..

  6. it would be great if this serial ends on a good note instead of dragging it with bad story and earning hatred..

  7. If raman goes to jail and no one knows ishitha is alive, then what will happend to adi ru and to-be-born child? This writters are really…..unbeleivable…..!

  8. Hopeless serial

  9. episode was bad .preacp was worst .all because of sarika .

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    1. Thanks ritu….

  11. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu priya bhagi and all yhm friends.

    1. Hello dr

  12. The upcoming episode
    will show that Raman and
    Ishita’s life will take new
    There Vandita is going
    through depression and is
    struggling hard with
    Ishita soon finds that her
    sister Vandita is in
    problem and wants her
    But her imprisonment
    doesn’t allow her to do
    so, Ishita asks Raman to
    keep eye on Vandu.
    Raman being a good
    husband follows Ishita’s
    Raman finds that Vandu is
    going through tough times
    and is going into
    Raman asks Ishita to
    suggest him how to help
    Vandu goes to attempt
    suicide, Raman and Ishita
    reache to save Vandu.
    Ishita falls from cliff
    saving her sister Vandita.
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  13. Raman adorns jewellery on Ishita, and
    hugs her. He fills her maang while a
    romantic song plays. Their happiness
    have returned and they got a chance to
    get romantic again. Their love is
    strengthen with the love. Ishita hugs
    him. Sarika is keeping evil eye on
    them and is again conspiring against
    her. Simmi comes to meet Ishita and
    greets her happily. The family is about
    to celebrate for Ishita’s return, but
    Police comes and arrests Ishita again
    shocking the kids and family. Kids
    hug Ishita and cries. All the Bhalla
    and Iyer family are confused and think
    what compelled Police to arrest her
    again. There was a sad moment
    follows after Ishita is taken away by
    Police. Ishita too gets teary eyes.
    All the family members come to meet
    Ishita in jail. They cry and hug Ishita.
    Mrs. Bhalla and others cry badly.
    Ishita asks them not to cry. The lady
    constables take her away from there.
    Ishita will get hang till death sentence
    for Mr. Chadda’s murder. All the
    Bhalla’s and Iyer’s are crying. It was
    an emotional moment when Raman
    and Ishita meet before the latter is
    taken in jeep. Mrs. Bhalla is very
    much shocked and shaken. Ruhi cries
    seeing her mum taken by Police.
    Ishita is proved wrong in the court
    room and held responsible for
    Chadda’s death. Everyone protest
    over the court decision.
    Raman plans to mock Ishita’s death
    and stops the police van on the way,
    when she is taking by the police.
    Raman attempts to get Ishita freed,
    and hence plans a fake death scene to
    get his ladylove back. Ishita does not
    get hurt in the process and he assures
    she stays safe. Ishita will be saved
    from the sentence and will return
    home in the upcoming track.

  14. Hi rithu how are you doing ? the episode wasn’t ok I hate that wretch pallavi and suyyash and sarika they are too much the epis is obout person there are some villains who can never ever change

  15. Star Plus show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is set to take drastic
    turn with Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi)
    facing death penalty and Raman
    (Karan Patel ) devising plan to save
    Ishita from it.
    The upcoming story line of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is going to show
    Ishita getting death penalty for Mr.
    Chaddha’s murder.
    Raman will be restless thinking
    about plan to get Ishita out of this
    condition and away from the eyes
    of the law.
    In the upcoming episode Raman
    will get Ishita out of the jail using
    a trick.
    Raman will then take Ishita to
    unknown remote place and will
    push her off the cliff.
    Apparently Raman wants Ishita to
    die in fake manner so that her
    death penalty nullifies.
    Raman has plan of bringing Ishita
    back in light of society after the
    whole matter settles down.
    However, Ishita’s sister, Vandita
    will see Raman pushing Ishita off
    the cliff in drunkard state.
    Let’s see if Raman gets
    successful in his plan to save

  16. All these serial are the same create new events to make it longer without really have a meaning. It’s out of subjects like. writing essay are better to read than to watch these series. Thanks for improving and not to drag stories

    1. Are you a keralite????

  17. Pearley hobaichan

    I agree with Maya well said

  18. i hv always defended yhm .but now it seems useless .since the trp is nt increasing nd it fell by slight 0.1 point frm last week .makers shld stop this track asap . why cnt u ppl show sm good romance nd happiness . i hope raman’s plan works.btw , who will rescue ishita after she falls from cliff?

    1. obviously it will be acp abhishek… I think ekta & CVS don’t have brain.. mixing all the tracks and bringing such a crap for viewers….

  19. Why isn’t sarika ever brought to court? Where is the forensic report? Still no evidence of it. Why doesn’t nidhi change tactic and call pallavi to give evidence? I’m sure truth will out of how and why ishita killed Amar. I thought nidhi was a big well known lawyer who always wins. Why hasn’t she gone to accident scene?

  20. Why is sns the first it should be yhm I think people stopped watching yhm ekta mam please it’s a request please this stop this murder cases plzzzzzzz

  21. Todays episode is bad. Writers of YHM is using laws as per their mood plz don’t make of laws. Its unbelievable that ACP can be with out uniform even in court,being a IPS officer n wearing a uniform is a feeling of pride. So for me not wearing uniform means he is not a honest officer n ACP Abhishek is proving himself a dishonest n useless by not doing proper investigation of this case. Hope Raman will save by he himself not going behind the bars. How can Nidhi Chabra loose this case. I don’t think Romi is real killer.Romi is the one came to conclusion that Sarika poisoned the milk. Hope Shagun will come in front for Ishita’s help through ngo.

    1. i totally agree with you summi .you said totally right.

    2. totally agree summi …..

  22. Hi YHM friends do you agree me.

  23. I think Raman and acp will fake ishita death ?

    1. ya .even i think so .raman and acp may plan to save ishitha . i agree with you.

  24. I agree with u fathi …till now proper and complete news have not come out. … Why raman pushed her? Ishita is in jail how she will reach there ?how will Save her after she Falls off the Cliff ? Nidhi dont loose so it may be her plan or something else

  25. hey guys good afternoon.

  26. sbs aur sbb mein dikhaaya ki ishitha ko phasi hothi hai lekin ishitha marthi nahi hai . phasi mein woh niche gir jaathi hai aur kisi jail ke surang se bahar nikal jaathi hai aur raman usse bhagakar le jaatha hai aur cliff se usse dhakka detha hai .bhalla family mein log ro rahe hai aur rinki ke photo ke neeche ishitha ke photo par haar chadaaya hai aur acp ishitha ke jail se gayab hone ke baare mein poochne bhalla house aatha hai aur usse raman par shak hotha hai .tabhi niddhi aakar acp pe chillathi hai ki uski laaparwaayi ki wajah se ishitha gayab hai.

  27. Makers of mega hit show ‘ Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ never miss a single
    second to shock its viewers. With
    each passing day, YHM makers are
    ready with new twist and turn.
    Ishita will be declared guilty of
    advocate Chaddha’s murder and will
    be given the death sentence. Pallavi,
    whom Ishita was trying to save when
    Chaddha got killed accidentally, will
    change her statement in the court as
    a result of which Ishita will be
    declared guilty.
    Raman, who has been running from
    pillar to post to get Ishita freed, will
    go to meet her in jail for the final
    time and the two will share an
    emotional moment.
    In the coming episodes,Raman
    brings ishita from the jail and takes
    her to cliff.Ishita will be worried and
    asks Raman not to break rules.
    The shocking twist is Raman will
    push ishita from the cliff stating that
    he cannot see her dying.
    It is unlikely that Divyanka’s
    character will come to an end as she
    plays the protagonist on the show.
    But will Raman be able to save her?
    Well, it seems like loving husband
    Raman (Karan Patel) will go to any
    extent and prove his wife innocent.
    Stay tuned for more updates of yeh
    hai mohabbatein.

  28. In a yet another shocking twist on
    Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,
    Raman (Karan Patel) will push
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) off the
    cliff. But why would Raman want to
    kill her?

  29. Oh no! Will this be the end of Is-hita’s
    character on the show?
    Fans get set for a shocking twist on
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Yes, we are
    aware of the turmoil Raman (Karan
    Patel) and Is-hita (Divyanka Tripathi)
    are facing in their lives. She was back
    from jail for a couple of days before
    Sarika (Sarika Dhillon) decided to ruin
    her happiness once again. Reports are
    that Is-hita will be handed over a
    death penalty much to the shock of the
    Bhalla and Iyer families. Everyone will
    be distraught about this.
    What will follow will be even more
    shocking. There was buzz that Raman
    will shoot Is-hita to save her from the
    death penalty but now there seems to
    be some change. Reports are he will
    take her to a secluded spot and throw
    her off a cliff. Is-hita will be shocked
    as she never expected Raman to kill
    her like this. However, this is the
    method through which he plans to
    save her from the death penalty.
    There is buzz that post pushing Is-hita
    off the cliff, Raman will shoot himself
    and the show will go into a leap. Then,
    we will see Is-hita married to ACP
    Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) on the show.
    We wonder what will happen to
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani)
    considering that she is pregnant with
    the surrogate baby. Rumours of
    Divyanka being paired with her real
    life beau have been doing the rounds
    since a long time.

  30. we dont want leap and seprration
    we dont want leap and seperation
    we dont want leap and seperation
    we dont want leap and seperation
    we dont want leap and seperation
    in yhm .plz makers ekta or cvs . dont spoil yhm and we want our old yhm and plz stop this moderation.

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    Raman-Ishita (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein)
    With ‘mohabbat’ being the centre of attention between the two, we feel Raman and Ishita would suit the part to the T. Also similar to Raj and Simran, the couple’s journey also moves from hatred to love.
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  32. from now onwards we will say long back/once upon a time in YHM there was hatred,relations,friendship,love and many more… but now YHM is only a crap that brings stupidity at peaks..
    stupids list..
    No:5 – lead actors
    No:4 – directors
    No:3 – star plus
    No:2 – ekta & CVS
    No:1 – we, the viewers..

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