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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir hugging Raman. Raman asks what did I do, leave me. Mihir says you do everything and did not let anyone know, I got a big project, I had meeting with Malhotra and he gave it to me. Raman thinks of Malhotra’s words and Mihir thanks him for recommending him. He says I will work really hard, I have to leave for Bangalore and you know a lot about this project, I will be constantly in touch. Ishita says I m proud of you and hugs him. Mihir shares happiness with Bhallas. Raman thinks Malhotra did this to take revenge on him, and he knows I can’t go against Mihir, if this is good for him, I won’t come in his way.

Mrs. Bhalla says Pammi is calling me, the guy has to go back to Canada, talk to Rinki. Ishita says yes, don’t worry, I will talk. Raman thinks

about Mr. Bhalla’s words and how he lost the big project. He thinks whom to talk, what to say. Ishita talks to Rinki. She says about her and Raman, they don’t have same choices and they respect their choices. Rinki says I also want that, that people go ahead in careers after marriage. Ishita says who said you can’t get this, Amma was after my marriage when my study ended, then I became a dentist and I was a happy person, whats the need to marry and that too Raavan Kumar, rude man, I was wondering why, but when I met Ruhi, I felt she is my need.

She says we feel bored at one point, we want a reason to live, its Ruhi for me, I did not know when marriage became a relation, we put life in it by our trust, care, love and understanding, love can be in moment, but to run a relation years’ perseverance is needed, it grows slowly like a tree. She says she was happy when she married Raman. She asks her to just meet the guy once and tell your career plans, if they agree with respect, then Balle Balle else Tata bye bye.

Rinki says you are so understanding, and hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla anxiously waits and asks Ishita what happened. Rinki comes out and nods. They all hug her. Rinki says I will not leave studies and career. Ishita says yes, we will tell them. Mrs. Bhalla says you did the magic and hugs Ishita. She says she will show the diamond set as they will be busy tomorrow and takes Rinki.

Shagun loses in game and her friends say she lost the magic touch, she was with Raman, he was nobody, then she was with Ashok, who was somebody and now she is with her ex, Ashok is with his hot wife Mihika. She says men want young girls and its so sad, I heard even your ex kicked you out. Shagun says that’s not true, I m allergic to paint, its getting renovated and I m staying somewhere else. They taunt her for staying at Ishita’s parents’ house and taunts her. Shagun scolds them and leaves annoyed.

Ishita and Raman have a talk. He says about his friend’s problem with the boss, someone did office politics and he lost the project to his junior, and when you are told the company is not his, then what should he do. She says leave it Raman. He says its not about me. She says resign Raman. I know you are saying your issues, your boss will not value me, leave the job. He says I have many responsibilities. She says you are best CEO, you will get many jobs, your salary was so good, we will have some savings and even I m earning, we will manage well. She says if you are not happy working there, then don’t work. He thanks her. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………..

Shagun comes home and is frustrated. Adi comes to her and she reacts angrily as he asks for his fees. He says he has to deposit tomorrow. She gets Shefali’s call and says send the sarees, I will pay till tomorrow. She asks him to ask money from Raman. He says he gave you the fees cheque already. She asks will he argue with her. He says no mum, sorry, I will ask Papa. Adi comes out of Iyer house and cries. Ishita sees him leaving.

Romi sees Adi sad and sits with him to talk. He asks is he worried, what is the matter, did anyone say anything. He asks will he hide from his Chachu, he knows him well, as its like him. he says we have big family, but we don’t have anyone. He says you used to see cartoons when you were small, and sit in my lap, will you do same now. He shows video in phone and tickles him.

Mr. Bhalla and Ishita see this. He says I did not wish anyone to talk to Romi. She says he will good with Adi, lets give him a chance, he is regretting.

Ishita says he will get the job soon. Raman says if I lose job and don’t get it, it can be big problem, there are many responsibilities.

Update Credit to: Amena

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