Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Ishita to make Raman eat by her hands. She says else I will also not eat. Ishita makes Raman eat unwillingly. Saari fizaon me hai…………… plays………… Raman gets a call from his friend Nikhil. His friend tells him about the valentine’s and his anniversary party. Raman says I won’t be able to come, I m busy. His friend insists and asks him to come. Mr. Bhalla asks whose call is it. Raman tells about the party and he won’t be able to come. Mr. Bhalla says there won’t be any meeting, take Ishita with you in the party. Ishita says no, I want to spend some time with Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla says Ruhi will be with us, you can give your time from tomorrow, this is final, go in the party.

Amma and Appa come. Ishita is happy

to see them. Appa says we brought Paisam for you. Mr. Bhalla says great and asks the maid to bring plates. Amma says I m very happy to see Ruhi. Amma says now we are your Nani and Nana. Ruhi says wow. Appa says we brought a surprise for Ruhi, thats MuttuSwamy, the puppy. Mrs. Bhalla says I won’t keep this at home, take it back, I m afraid. Amma says its for Ruhi. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla to love the puppy. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I love this puppy. Everyone smiles. Ishita says your Muttu is back. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Simmi and says Amma is going against me, see how I take revenge. Simmi says don’t worry, we will see her.

Nikhil calls Shagun and invites her in the party. Shagun says I won’t be able to come. Ashok says he is my ex worker. Shagun says he kept a party and invited us. Ashok says tell him that we are coming, lets have some fun, forget what happened. She asks whats in your mind. He says you will understand when you come in the party. Ishita gets ready for the party. Ruhi helps her in getting ready. Ruhi comes to Amma asking for Ishita’s big earrings. Amma gives her. Ruhi brings it to Ishita. Ishita wears it. Ruhi goes to bring the bangles. She brings it and Ishita wears it. Ruhi says you are looking very pretty. Raman comes and sees Ishita with Ruhi. He says I have to go to my bathroom to change my clothes. Ruhi says I have to go first.

Raman says I have no space in my room. Ishita asks him to stop taunting. She says change your clothes, I m going. She leaves from the room. He says strange, it looks like its her room. Simmi talks to Mrs. Bhalla and says Rinki and I are going to late night show, take care of the kids. Mrs. Bhalla says I know how to take care. Ruhi asks Ishita to put rose in her hair. Ishita asks where is the clip. Ruhi says I will bring it. Simmi asks what happened, did Raman send you here. Ishita says no, he is changing clothes. Simmi jokes. Rinki says enjoy the party. Simmi says my valentine’s is in Dubai. Simmi asks Ishita to have fun as its her first valentine or did she have any boyfriend. She asks about Prateek. She says forget it. Ruhi brings the clip. Raman gets ready and comes.

Ruhi asks Raman to put the rose in Ishita’s hair. Raman puts it. Simmi and Rinki looks on. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………… plays………………….Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla are happy. Everyone smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………. plays……………. Ishita smiles as Raman does not know to open a pin. Ruhi dances. She brings Ishita’s purse and gives it to her. Raman walks out. Ruhi says go fast, Papa went. Ishita signs bye and leaves.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. She asks where are we going, I don’t know anyone there. He says he is my college friend Nikhil, its his 12th wedding anniversary. He says don’t know how people’s marriages stay for 12 years. He says you are looking a flower vase, please don’t embarrass me and get the flower out of your hair. She says I m ok with this for Ruhi’s sake. They reach the venue. Raman scolds the driver for bringing him to the wrong place. Someone says its the same place. Raman recalls the time when he attended the party with Shagun. Ashok dances with Shagun while Raman got busy in talk.

Raman saw Ashok holding Shagun and felt odd. Ashok flirts with Shagun. Shagun says Raman is seeing, please stop it. Ashok says let him see, I will take care of him. Raman asks Shagun to come with him. He says Ashok is drunk, lets leave. He takes Shagun home with him. Ishita looks at Raman. Raman says lets go from here. Nikhil stops Raman and takes him inside. Ishita says why did he bring me here if he had to leave me alone.

Shagun asks Ashok why did you lie. Ashok says we came here to see Raman, whenever he see Ruhi, he will think about me.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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