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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Ishita to allow her to meet Suhail once. Ishita says fine, but I will come along. Ruhi says no, he will get upset. Aaliya says I will go with Ruhi, I will take care of her. Ishita agrees and says fine, you can go with Aaliya, come back soon, and Raman should not know this. Ruhi promises and hugs her. She cries.

She asks Aaliya to take care of Ruhi. Aaliya and Ruhi come to Suhail’s house. Aaliya says I m sure he is fine, come. Ruhi says I hope he does not hate me. Aaliya asks her to come. She asks her not to get nervous and go upstairs, I will be here. Ruhi goes and sees a girl taking care of Suhail. She gets shocked. She drops her phone. Suhail sees Ruhi at the door. Ruhi says sorry, and rushes. Suhail stops her and asks what happened, why are

you going without meeting me. Ruhi says sorry, I should have not disturbed you. The girl says don’t go, you did not disturb us, I was just leaving, be with my brother. Ruhi asks brother? The girl says I m Kirti, he is my cousin, don’t know who were the goons who have beaten him, there is no one to take care of him, so I came, just give him company, I have to go, I have urgent work. She hugs Suhail and goes. Ruhi sees Suhail.

Suhail signs what. Ruhi smilees. Aaliya says I think you should rest. He asks them to sit. Ishita irons clothes and is worried for Ruhi. She says I did not tell Raman about Ruhi. She thinks to call Ruhi, but it will not be good. Simmi gets late and waits for taxi. Gaurav comes and greets him. He offers lift. She says its okay, I will get a cab. He says I will drop you.

Ruhi takes care of Suhail. Chahe tum kuch na kaho……plays………… He asks her to pass phone. She gives him. He moves her hair off the face. She smiles. Aaliya calls her out and comes there. She says Ishita asked me to get you home on time. Suhail asks Ruhi to go, else Raman will get angry. Ruhi says if you need anything, I m just a call away, you take medicines on time. Suhail smiles.

Gaurav stops the car at signal and asks Simmi did you get angry on me, why did you not reply to my messages. She says nothing like that., He says when we met that day, I enjoyed a lot, I thought we can become friends. She says yes, but we are poles apart, it will be tough to become friends, there are issues at home so I did not reply your messages. He says we both are lonely, and I think this loneliness binds us. She asks him to stop car, she has to get down there. He stops the car. She thanks him and goes.

Ishita says I m glad knowing Suhail is fine. Ruhi says yes, but he is weak. Ishita says he will be fine, have this halwa. Ruhi says you know after so much happened, Raman and Romi have beaten him, he did not get angry and did not say anything, he was asking me to go home early, he is so good, he stays alone, I m his only friend. Ishita asks do you want to tell me. Ruhi asks what. Ishita says about Suhail, I can see you are concerned for him, but are you both friends or more than that. Ruhi says no, we are just friends, I m sure, why are you asking this.

Ishita says I m your mum, I can see you like him. Ruhi says yes, I like him, as he is very good, he talks to me well, I like his qualities, he is managing big company alone, we are friends, we trust each other. Ishita says you are a professional, everyone treats you like a kid here and he treats you like professional, you share things with me, I will know whats going on in your life, you can tell me anything, you know I will never judge you, have halwa, mummy ji saved this for you, finish it out soon. She goes. Ruhi feels sorry and says I can’t tell you Ishi Maa what I feel for Suhail, as I don’t know my feelings. She thinks of Suhail. Pehla nasha…..plays………..

Simmi is on work call and comes home. She sees Ananya talking to someone and says I told her not to talk to strangers. She goes and sees Gaurav. Gaurav asks Simmi is she your….. Ananya says he is my friend, Gaurav uncle, he saved me, we were playing cricket, I was catching ball and did not see car, it was Gaurav’s car. Simmi says I told you not to play outside gate. Ananya says sorry. Gaurav says relax, Ananya promised me that she will never be irresponsible. He sends Ananya. He asks Simmi to relax, Ananya is fine now. Simmi says you did big favor by saving her, she is my life. He says I would save any kid, now Ananya is also common between us. He goes. She smiles.

Raman comes home and asks where is everyone. Ishita says elders went out, Simmi is in room. He asks and others. She says you are asking about Ruhi. He says no, I got icecream for everyone. She says Ruhi is in her room, you can talk to her, you got one box of icecream for everyone, its Ruhi’s fav icecream. He says shopkeeper gave it by mistake. She asks him to feed it to everyone. Ruhi comes and asks Neelu for magazine. She sees Raman and asks Ishita. Raman sees magazine and throws. Ruhi and Raman do not talk. Ishita sees them and says nothing can happen of them, I have to do something, what to do. She gets an idea and smiles.

Raman coughs by eating spicy food. Ruhi makes him drink water. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla smile. Ruhi feeds him icecream.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tvfan1

    can i join your guys little group chat if u don’t mind?

    1. Of course you can join. Welcome!!!☺☺☺

      1. Tvfan1

        thank you so much.

  2. This is ridiculous. Earlier they showed that Ruhi and Shravan were of same age. And now poor Shravu is studying in school and lives in the company of Ananya and pihu while Ruhi is out crushing on guys way older than her.
    why don’t they consider the age factor?
    And Ruhi never goes to school and focuses more on being a professional.

    1. Hi nisha di hahaha you are right about ruhi and sharvan and even i have doubt that ruhi passed 5th standard or not

    2. Nisha whom to tell ? Cvs are really stuck .
      Such a beautiful story totally lost its charm and uniqueness .Ruhis infatuation is understandable … but the way cvs show is too much as if Ruhi and Sohail are the lead roles . Ishitha and Raman , they have no time for themselves .. their chemistry is gone … dressing sense both KP and Dt is not looking good . We get an impression , just for the sake of acting … they act .such a brilliant actors too is damaged by the cvs .

      1. To be honest, Suhail’s character is little fishy. He is there to hurt the Bhallas. No new character has ever remained good. At one point even Mani became negative.
        And yes. RUhi behaves as if she has grown too old. The way she talks to her father. I mean Raman is no breeze of cool air but even when she knows she is guilty about Suhail she behaves as if her father is wrong. She will pay heavily. I hope they don’t do anything too bad to Ruhi.
        and true.. the dressing sense for VP and DT has changed for bad…i hate their looks now. Earlier ishita looked so pretty.

      2. Khushiarvind

        Very true nisha, madhu nd vp…
        They r completly out of track…
        From that bus nd crocodile and long leap the show had lost its charm… Writers r in no mood to be bck to their senses..
        They r portraying ruhi as an adult than a teenager.. The way she behaves and talks to elders is not al all right .. What happnd to ishitha’s parvarish…
        Yhe cvs had ruined the story to the core..
        Ramans arrogance also unbearable.. Father of a boy of marriageable age nd still showing no maturity.. I wonder what his kids learn frm him? He himself is a wrong influvencr to his children

    3. Khushiarvind

      Hi nisha,
      Forgot to introduce myself… Not sure if u knw
      Khushi.. Cuming bck aftr a break so u may nt be familiar with me…
      Nice to meet u nisha

  3. Tvfan1

    today’s episode was ok. i don’t know why but i don’t like this gaurav. i loved ishraru’s scene. eagearly waiting for tomorrows episode 2. but as you know i love the AdiYa couple the most. sad to see no scenes of them. all in all i would rate this episode 7/10.. how about you?

    1. Hi tvfan sorry but i would give 4/10 rating for today epi

      1. Tvfan1

        no need to say’s your opinion. but yeh hai mohhabatein is losing it’s charm by day and day..shows like udaan, yrkkh and stuff like that will go to the top. i totally agree with VP.

    2. Khushiarvind

      Hi tvfan…
      Evn i dnt like gauravs character.. Gettng a neg vibe frm him.. Thnk he is yet anothet villian.. If he is positive then its gud that simmi will get a gud life partner.. Bt as per the well knwn habit of writers they will be soon turning him negative..

      1. Tvfan1

        Yep so true

  4. Hi Riya .. I am happy that you are back. I was missing you..
    Hi magic , shreya, Tia, sindhu, parichay, vp, rithushree, sindhu, shivani, mino, marin, hrisita,saba, Susan, reshmi, TVfan1, leelee, bhagya, priyamvadha, priya, rahul, madhu and all yhm fans…
    Episode was very good. Ruhi Ishu bonding was not quite good though. Aliya is responsible. It’s good. Adi must be proud to have a fiance like her. Aliya cares about ruhi too. So aliya suites adi perfectly.Ruhi has realy fallen for suhail… Who is Gaurav? Why does he like Simmi? May be it is also another big problem. Tomorrow’s episode will also be good I think.

    1. Hi priya di how are you? I hope yo didn’t angry with me

    2. Tvfan1

      exactly priya. if DT and KP are not interested in YHM any more they should quit. and let the others carry on ?( ex: adi and aliya) i mean adi and aliya hav a really good chemistry too. just don’t understand YHM now. Even i have that feeling of gaurav. i mean a stranger is going after simmi. i don’t know..let’s just wait and see.

      P.S. i don’t mean to hurt anyone. i’m sorry if i did

  5. It’s totally bakwass….they now don’t know who is lead also….main lead get only 2 mins….where ishra…these makers really become mad they making us also mad….upcoming worst no hopes…mms drama and all….am going to stop watching it…it’s the best thing to enjoy new year….whole 2016 only negativity and no story to ishra….

  6. Oh My what’s going on???? i am away busy & They are bashing each other.. i read yesterdays updates more the comments. Yes guys the KP & DT ‘s acting as a couple has really died. Actually completely gone.. I suppose they are not interested about YHM at all now. They both got what they wanted in life . Both found partners for Life , Fame, Fans, Awards Popularity etc. So i think now they must be thinking enough is enough & we are left high & dry. added to that the CV’s have Messed up the whole Love Story.. A story that has only one Family in the whole Series who are In & Out of Jail For doing no wrong . All The Wicked culprits are enjoying away free of any Charges , Accusations & are given every privilege under the sun.
    What happened after the seven years Messed up the whole apple cart. The things that are happening to this family a fly can’t pass their house they are accused of a crime. what sort of a story did the CV’s Wanted to Portray. I wonder. More trouble no happy family life at all for the Bhallas. after Ruhi looks like Simmi is going to have trouble. why Only this Family what about Shagun all the dirty deeds she did ? Ashok etc..They are doing all the wicked things & getting away happily. Anyway the Spirit & the Excitement of the show is all gone .. now they are doing it for the sake of showing something to the viewers. What Can we say?? NOTHING….
    Hi To All VP, Sindhu, Shivani, Rithu, Jaz, Super girl, Baghya, Magic, Khushi, Monique, Kiran Shreya Priya…& All the YHM Family Luv To all Have fun & God Bless. Hope i did not hurt anyone…

    1. Well said Mino…

      1. Hi shivani di how are you? You don’t believe me i am so happy even after read your name

    2. very true Mino .

      1. Hi vp you are my grand mother if magic is your boy than am your little girl pls only once comment at my post pls only once

    3. You nailed it! Acting just for the sake of acting. Raman and Ishita has now taken over the role of their parents in YHM. CVs considers them too old for anything else. As VP mentioned in a previous comment I also was hoping for an IshRa miracle pregnancy track but that’s not going to happen. Then I have to remind myself. Calm down this is fiction. Anyway. Lets see what sufferings the CVs have in store for the Bhallas tomorrow.

    4. I totally agree with your comment mino . actually ishra’s dressing sense is soo horrible also . nowadays i dont like to see the episodes.its become too boring and the show has become a crap .I can’t believe the old yhm which used to make us wait for each of its episodes and now like this a huge crap.

    5. Khushiarvind

      Hi mino,
      Hw ru doing?
      Agree with you word by word..
      Show had long lost its charm nw a complete waste if time..
      Starting frm that bus bomb incident, miscarriage, surrogacy, crocodile nd ghost dramas nd finally the leap nailed the downfall of the show..
      Its heart breaking to see my fav show in such a disastrous state..
      Shiw is full of villians.. Each nd evry one in the world revelaed to be the villians nd plotting against bhallas.. I wonder if this suhail nd gaurav will also end up as villians..
      In the end ishitha will remain as a the single innocent soul nd the while world will ne against her

  7. Hi shivani sindhu magic rithu vp priya riya tia shreya and all the yhm fans i am back busy with study

    Hi leelee di you are right i am little girl 13 year old studying in 9th standard and i was doing all that for fun but di that big mistake was not mine bcz i didn’t even know the meaning of that word so that was someone else pls forgive me

    rithu di am sorry but that was not me

    hi priya di how are you?

    1. Hi madhu, I am fine. But what is the meaning of ‘di’ ? . I don’t know hindi.

      1. Haha that means sister

    2. You can call me rithu only madhu.hi and how are you? You are 9th standard now .wow!!!you know when yhm started and I started to see yhm then I was also in 9th standard.

      1. Ok rithu and fine and thank you i am very happy because you reply me thats why i irritate magic bcz i want reply at my post by good commenter like you rithu and magic bhagya shivani sindhu mino vp shreya bcz when i started commenting you all were nice and good people

  8. Epi was not good i don’t like ruhi and sohail combination pls cvs do something and change the track

  9. Guys I just feel that YHM has lost all of its charm, funniness and that special chemistry
    between Ishra. Seems like DT and KP are no longer interested in YHM. and the CV’s gosh each episode gets worse than the one before. After 7 year leap..serial lost all touch.

    If Dt and KP spouses dnt agree with their roles…then they should quit the serial. A little bit too much fame too quick…now their hearts are not in their acting.
    Cv’s it is a story about a custody…but yoh it is gone far beyond that. Getting extremely boring.

    DT please start using some marriage symbols. You looked gorgous with them in the old YHM.

  10. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Susan, Jay and many YHM fans.
    Well said Mino. Yo are right there. Since they have gotten many many awards, I think KP and DT are not really interested in doing YHM anymore. In fact they should just show positive vibes and finish the YHM in wonderful note. I will be happy just watching the old YHM on hotstar. It is sad. I like YHM because of Dt and KP as well as our Ruhanika. Of all the serials, KP and DT have got such great chemistry and it is unbeatable. Pity that cvs do not know how to capitalize on that chemistry. I can tell you for sure if ever YHM comes to an end and KP acts with another female lead star as well as Dt acts with either Vivek or another male lead star, I don’t think it will have its run like YHM. fans just love to see KP and DT together. I don’t think I can accept seeing DT being paired off with another male lead. A bit difficult to digest. Vivek is happy with his show and he should just remain there instead of making appearances in YHM set. DT is not possessive if Vivek acts close with his female co star so why should he be possessive. Hope cvs try to show more of IShra scenes if not this show will just end up in the drain. Sorry if some do not agree but I just think YHM means it is Raman and Ishita, They are the highlight and without them there is no story.

    1. Hi sindhu di i totaly agree with you on that point that yhm means ishra scene nothing else

      where is bhagya magic and vp pls comment

    2. 100% correct. What is interesting though is that after KP got married there was no change in IshRa chemistry. But I feel that after DT’s marriage everything changed. Chemistry gone. Maybe it is more difficult for female actresses to maintain the “chemistry” once they are married for real. As far as future shows are concerned I would also not like them being paired with other actors. Unfortunately KP and DT did too good a job in making IshRa believable. Maybe that is why they are not ending YHM. They know this!

    3. Totally agree with you Sindhu ….

    4. Khushiarvind

      Well said sindhu…
      Dt nd kp are busy in their own world.. Evn in their combination scenes that natural essence is missing.. That emotionaal attachment bet them nd familiy members too has gonr somewhere.. Everyone is somehow managing their roles..

  11. I think Ruhi like him more than she knows

  12. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  13. In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Raman and Ishita in the daily soap.

    It so happened that Raman and Ishita are out on Christmas and so are Aadi, Romi and Aaliya.

    At night when Aadi and Romi come to keep Mihika and Aaliya home the girls are completely drunk.

    Raman and Ishita are totally surprised to watch Aaliya and Mihika drunk and totally high on alcohol.
    Raman scold Aadi and Romi for getting drunk

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Raman and Aadi in the ongoing serial.

    Raman scold Aadi and Romi for loosing self and getting high along with the girls.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Raman take action against the boys of the house?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story line.

  14. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Mr Bhalla will meet with a deadly accident with no family member around him.

    However the young handsome lad Suhail (Gaurav Wadhwa) will witness the entire accident and will hence get Mr. Bhalla to his house safely.

    Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) and the entire family will be shocked to see Mr. Bhalla in such a poor state and will once again thank Suhail for helping them out in their times of need.

    On the other hand soon Ruhi sees Simmi with Gaurav, and gets shocked.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  15. Married or not KP and DT are highly professional actors .To some extend cvs to b blamed .. they have twisted the serial focussing on Ruhi … very rarely we get to view a good episode . I was just looking at Sohails house …. they say business loss … even Ashoks they live in that luxury . all these tracks I feel to bring Shaghun positive again . Yhm such a charming story is totally damaged . quite unbelievable and unrealistic .We fans are addicted to Divan . if cvs bring Ruhis this scene only they can twist Shaghun positive .Sohail and Gaurav are not at all good in acting .. as Aditi and Simmi too are good artist .Not at all complementing each other .

    1. Old episodes I could watch over and over again. Luckily we are now watching the old episodes of YHM. Round about episode 230 now. So enjoying very much. Still a long way to go before losing it’s charm. With new YMH I don’t really care if I miss an episode. Old one I am glued to Tv. Fortunately we are also now watching Ipkknd which also is turning out to be very enjoyable. Love Arnav and Kushi.

  16. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  17. Hi Sindhu,riya,rithu,priya,madhu,shivani,magic,ridika,saba,mino,vp,nisha and all yhm fans……….

    Yhm is loosing its charm..Yrkkh is better than this..

  18. You are right Marin.Yhm is becoming boring day by day…

  19. Really I don’t like these epoisode. not interesting.Please change the track. After the Australian tour I hope nice episides Ishima with her Ruhi and Pihu.

  20. ishra will organise Christmas party for ruhi..and both of them trying hard to cheer up ruhi’s mood…after all this drama they will fail…but sohail a dance with ruhi will cheer up her…after all this ishra going to realise only sohail can make ruhi happy…what’s makers want to show…really this serial lost everything…main lead r busy with their personal life….I wish before 2017 yhm should drop top ten serials in trp chart…it’s the best gift to our makers and leads from our side for their so called entertaining…both kp and dt don’t deserve fans love…

  21. You are absolutely right Ishan

  22. Hi Can I join u guys??

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