Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Taneja exposed as Mani’s murderer

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Raman climbing the pyramid. Pihu and Riya ask the auto driver to drop them to locality. The man says I have to go, call someone else and go. He drops them and goes. Pihu says we should not ask directions from strangers, they can misguide us and kidnap. Nikhil saves them from getting hit by a car. He asks who is this girl. Pihu says she is my friend Riya. He asks where is Ruhi, how could you come here without any family members. Riya says scold me, not her. He says sorry, I m just worried. Pihu says we have to go to locality to meet someone. He takes them to drop.

Raman and Ishita reach the top and try to break handi. Amma asks Kiran why did you come here. Kiran says I was worried for Ishita and Raman. Amma says its my Vandu’s saree, why did you

wear this. Kiran says no, its Ishita’s saree. Ishita sees them and thinks what are they taking. Raman asks Ishita to break matki fast. The killer aims at Ishita.

Ishita breaks the matki. Raman asks Adi to take the pendrive. Killer shoots Ishita. She gets shot at her arm. Raman gets shocked and holds her. The pyramid breaks and they all fall down. They all get shocked and ask what happened to Ishita. Killer says I have done my work, keep my money ready.

Raman takes Ishita to the car and they leave for hospital. Killer sees this and gets angry. He says evidence…..and sees everyone. Nikhil gets kids there. A lady says a woman is shot here, take kids away. Nikhil says we have to leave and come later, get in the air. Simmi sees Pihu and says who is this man taking Pihu. She stops Nikhil. Ruhi sees them and comes. Simmi asks Nikhil are you stealing kids. Ruhi says he is Aaliya’s friend, Nikhil. Simmi apologizes. Nikhil says its okay. Simmi says we have to leave. Ruhi says no, I will do work for which I came here. Nikhil says I will stay with Ruhi. Bhuvan gets the pendrive. Watchman’s wife identifies him. Ruhi and Nikhil see him. Lady stops Ruhi. Nikhil stops and beats up Bhuvan.

Ruhi asks Nikhil to take pendrive from his hand. Nikhil takes the pendrive and passes to Ruhi. Bala and Raman are on the way taking Ishita to hospital. Bala says hospital is half an hour away. The car breaks down. Raman asks what happened, I will check the car. Bala tries taking lift. Taneja comes there. Raman says my wife is shot, please help us. Taneja says sure, get her.

Nikhil and people get Bhuvan to police station. Ruhi says he has tried to kill my mum. Nikhil says find out who paid him money to kill Ishita. Inspector asks Nikhil and Ruhi to come with them. At home, Shagun and Mihika worry knowing Ishita got shot. Mr. Bhalla says we will go hospital when Raman informs us. They all cry. Shagun cries and says it happened because of me. Aaliya says no, everyone needs you, be strong, don’t blame yourself. Nikhil and Ruhi give the pendrive and see the footage of murder night. Ruhi sees the murderer and says how can this happen. Nikhil and inspector ask do you know him.

Raman and Bala thank Taneja and ask him to drive faster. Bala says we are just 15 mins away. Taneja’s car breaks down. Raman and Bala ask what happened. Taneja says I got this servicing today, we have to check. Ruhi says I have to call Raman and Ishita. Raman says I will get water, check the car. He goes. Bala asks Ishita not to worry. Bala gets Ruhi’s call. Ruhi asks why is Papa not answering my call. Bala says we are on the way to hospital, car broke down, we got lift. Ruhi says we got to know about the murderer, I have to talk to Papa. He asks who is in it, did you see. She says yes, we have seen real murderer, its Taneja. Bala asks Adi’s partner Taneja? Taneja hits Bala on his head. Bala falls down and says Taneja….

Ruhi asks Bala is he fine. Ruhi tells Nikhil that Bala was talking to him, something is wrong. Raman comes to Bala and asks what happened, where is car and Ishita, Taneja….. Ruhi hears Raman and cries saying Taneja kidnapped Ishita. Bala says Taneja is the murderer, Ruhi has seen footage and told me just now. Ruhi asks inspector what’s Taneja’s full name. Inspector says Rupesh Taneja. Ruhi thinks so Mani was saying Ru… to Adi. Raman asks Ruhi to make police trace Taneja, Ishita is with him. Ishita looks for Raman and Bala.

Aaliya asks Taneja killed Mani and kidnapped Ishita? Ruhi says yes, don’t know where he took Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tvfan1


    WHAT IS this..
    this show was based on it has turned to kidnapping and killing!!

    I AM FED UP!

  2. Finally,murderer is exposed

    1. Nazi

      yh finally
      i wouldn’t have thought it could have been taneja

  3. YHM has lost its real charm…now I just watch to pass time. Watching old YHM on Glowtv
    the show was at the at its best.

    Even DT and KP seem to have lost that real acting skills. She doesnt even display any of a marriage symbols and yet she and Raman married twice. LOL wat a sham.

  4. Pranav

    Who is taneja?

    1. Taneja is Adi s business partner. He used to invest money in Ramans company bt later he hd sm misunderstandings with Raman n turned negative! Dt is y he s trying to trap Raman by murdering mani!!
      Hope this helped!!

  5. Dia

    Finally……nikhil is not the killer…….but again this kidnapping drama….maybe priya is related to taneja…….n priya is riya’s mum……i don’t think its kiran cz she used to pick up pihu shitija n ananys so riya may have seen her n reacted…..

  6. Whatever the serial is I love watching it..
    My fav Jashsi ki Rani and Ravan Kumar..
    The both deal very nicely in every situation.. Have learnt a lot from these things about family children friends

  7. In the upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Mani’s murder truth will finally get unfold.

    As per the current track Taneja kidnaps Ishita to hide Murderer’s name.

    Ishita is the only one who knows that murderer’s name, this is Mani’s Murderer’s thinking but in actual Ishita is unaware of murderer.

    But in the upcoming episode Taneja will reveal his truth before Raman and Ishita.

    Rupesh Taneja being Riya’s father

    Ahead the murderer aka Taneja will tell truth as how he killed Mani.

    Furthermore it is expected that Taneja is Riya’s real father and Mani’s was having affair with the mystery lady aka Priya the same lady who met Mani last.

    The mystery lady aka Priya is no doubt Riya’s mother and it is expected that Taneja was furious of Mani and his wife’s affair that’s why he killed Mani.

    Well it would be very exciting to watch upcoming truth revelation.

    Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

  8. Please please please…. back this show to the track as a romantic show….

  9. azuka nkwonta

    The question am asking is how did watchman Banwari get the footage of the murder? He was suppose to be a watchman for the building and not for mani’s house. If there were security cameras in mani’s house how come aalliyah and the police never got it and also in all the investigations the police have been doing there was no mention of camera footage of mani’s house that night. How come we did not here anything about camera footage until now? How did watchman Banwari have the footage, was he part of the planning.

    1. Shreya shetty

      Maybe during the time of mani s murder,there was somebody who has been recording the footage secretly about the real fact of the killer and probably downloaded it and gave it to the security banwari secretly so that he shall keep his mouth
      Who knows? I think what u said about banwari could be possibly correct Azuka
      It’s seems quite mysterious to figure out how did he get the pen drive and hid it from everyone although he knew the evidence

  10. please do something and revive this show. Ishra are such brilliant actors. They are the main characters of yhm. Dont show them in poor light. We want them united romantic caring and loving

  11. Shreya shetty

    Guys I am sorry that I won’t be here for long coz I have exams tommorow
    So I need all of ur support in me to help me accomplish my achievement
    I pray that all the fans out here shall never fidget or cause any sort of destruction around here.
    Everyone would be friendly towards each other and act practically when it comes to contradiciting views posted by the opposers
    I don’t mind about that but let me remind that there shall be peace and charm in this fan site page after I leave
    And especially Azuka I am really happy that I am getting a chance to stay away from u and clear my mind about ur doubts
    U are always free to say whatever u wish and Charu Aunty,I never opposed about ur comments here only just once or twice perhaps
    But I truly appreciate the way u express ur irritation towards this dragging characters and the serial that too in a constructive and maturally manner,I am beginning to learn some good things from u??
    Any ways gotta go I have to study well and secure the future that lies within me

    1. Best of luck shreya!! Do ur exams well!! Concentrate on ur studies buddy! Um sure u ll get over with flying colours!! Do ur best!!! Anyways gonna mz ur comments a lot!!! ???

    2. Hi Shreya ! Study well and achieve your goal . The beauty of this site too is gone. No thrill in commenting like before . A serial where only love and caring for the family is totally turned to rubbish . They say Naya Soch … This is Naya soch ! All the characters are involved in Manis case and finally Mani is alive . And dragging like hell . As Romeo commented initially the show was conveying good messages . Ishra was together to take care of everything .. however even if their chemistry is so amazing and the viewers are always to watch Ishra romance … the show always showed them sacrificing their physical intimacy for anything and everything . Their love , understanding , friendship and all much ahead of anything in their life . Now they are just acting for the sake of completing their job or commitment . They are also human beings if the trp is gone down drastically its only the storyline . Irresponsible is not the word to say about Cvs .. just to give space for AH they twist it accordingly from surrogacy tracks butchering Ishra and now Mani .. its soo sad to see the storyline is ruined to the core .

  12. Charu prakash

    Hi Shreya,All the very best!!!Study well!!Keep calm and give your best!!

  13. Charu prakash

    Azuka,I don’t think they do have a prewritten storyboard.There are umpteen missing links.Most of the logical reasoning is left to us.Yet another half baked scheme of Ishita.What are they trying to convey?Seems like,they are trying to portray Ishita foolish!Vp ma’am please come out of this fixation ,’AH getting more screen space’.Shugun started off as a vital part in this drama.This is the story of custody battle.Shagun’s dilemmas play an important role in the story.You can’t compromise this into a mere mills&boon flick or a Wonder Woman story.Any way Wonder Woman angle is driving fans away,we know for sure.

  14. what happends to this YHM, I am fan of sri lanka.I really love yhm and this is my most favourite drama and it has been bonded with our souls.But these serials are soo boring.I often watch old episodes and enjoy them.I love them forever.My sisters three years old baby also watch yhm and he love Ishima and raman and Ruhi.Plese create lovely episode as past

  15. prolonging the drama unnecesarily….bored with this manis murder track …dont want to watch the serial ..soooooo boring …pls change the track

  16. azuka nkwonta

    I have to say to all my fellow commenters who did not understand the main plot of yhm or what the serial is based on . Yhm is based on custody. It is not based on love or hate or even murder. It is not a love drama. If you are in doubt check yeh hai mohabbatein on wikipedia.
    You don’t have to worry charu because you cannot cure vp’s hate for shagun. We all know that shagun plays a very important role in yhm right from the on set , there ia no doubt about that but the problem is that we the viewers did not recognise her , most of us fixed our eye so much on ishita that we did not recognise the importance of other characters or the roles they play. I bet you that many viewers like and talk about raman just because of ishita. I have noticed that they can’t talk about raman or his roles without adding ishita.

    1. Yeah Azuka I went through da wikipedia after reading ur comment! Bt I still hv a question! Plz dnt thnk dt um attacking! Bt the if this story is based on custody cases why did they name the serial as Yeh hai mohabbatein? I dnt understand hindi bcz um nt an indian, bt I knw dt means this is love!
      Maybe ekta kapoor has thought of changing the custody based novel into a serial which is based on love! And later she has lost her storyline! Cnt we thnk lyk dt??

  17. azuka nkwonta

    The main plot of this drama have not been lost it is still very much there. We still have custody battles and issues coming up at some points. Shagun just adopted aaliyah and gave adoption papers for adi to ishita, so we are still in custody. Don’t forget that shagun’s children are still with ishita and ruhi is legally ishita’s daughter, nothing have changed so far based on the main story. Ishita and raman’s love story is not the base of yhm, it is part of the first plot but not the main plot. The main story is custody. Ishita and raman can develop their love story in the serial but it’s not the main story.

  18. Hi Azuka … I dont like Shaghun like characters ! Characterless woman and full of negativity and insecurity ! I blame cvs only for showing this rubbish . These actors do their part ! Started with custody …. now also its a battle of custody .. ?I dont understand . Ishitha too is not digestable now . And how can somebody change others views … I hate character Shaghun based on her role . From begining the story thoughbased on custody … but the impact given to the audience was Ishrarus love and bondness . And def the acting power of Raman and Ishitha ! Shaghun is sooo good in negative role and zero in positive role … If a woman is more for her own self security and fame than her own children … I cant admire that . When Ashok ditched Shaghun she understood the value of Ramans love … From where to where this story is moved and all these twists butchering other characters is def to give more screen space to AH ! I am not in the world of mills and boon story or a wonder woman story … If shaghun is framed characterless to the extreme .. Ishitha too framed as wonder woman or jagatmata to its extreme . Thats all . Its my opinion only .. I dont like negative vibes … its simple as that ! Its not liking or hating the charactors ….They are given the roles , they are doing their job . We are all commenting here , but nobody used to bash on others . I try my best not to comment ….And Ruhi and Ishimas story is what audience enjoyed ! It was Ruhi and Ishima in the begining !

  19. azuka nkwonta

    Ekta kapoor adopted yhm from the novel custody by manju kapur and gave it her own interpretation that is what i think. When yhm first began it was not called yeh hai mohabbatein, it’s first name was Tera mora Rishta purana and later they changed it to yeh hai mohabbatein. I don’t know why it is called yeh hai mohabbatein. In my own guess i can say maybe to show how love can surpass any situation, it is just a guess. The main story of yhm is on custody.

    1. Thats true Azuka ! Truly started based on the novel Custody by Manju kapoor … but the serial is not the same .

  20. Charu prakash

    Yes Azuka,Vp’s hatred for Shagun is deep rooted.First of all,let me thank Shreya Shetty for taking me in the right sense.We are from two different generations.Still she tried to consider me as a friend.Vp,I don’t think we do have a big age difference.Please don’t think I’m bashing you.You said ‘I don’t like negative vibes’.Then why you are so adamant in proving Shagun characterless to the extreme?Why don’t you consider her as a fellow human being who did some mistakes in past and the one trying to change herself.Why can’t you forgive her?It would have been more easy to get rid of negative vibes emanating from her by giving her some acknowledgement.That’s what she ask from other characters who tried to judge her in the surrogacy track.She tried her level best to pay back her debt to Ishita.That’s not cv’s nepotism for AH.That was the turning point in the show.And again calling someone characterless,the world is changing.Nowadays even sl*t shaming or body shaming is equally offensive as poor shaming!And again,this is my personal opinion Shagun is never portrayed as characterless in this serial.She is always trying to come out of an unhappy marriage.That too with no attempt at concealment.Even Ishita tried to run away from Raman.How can we blame only Shagun.Ishita too had a live in relationship with Mani even after knowing his feelings towards her.Wasn’t that characterless?Wasn’t she cheating Mani?Again Shagun is really good as positive character.In emotional scenes she is living upto her characterisation.It’s really easy to do hamming there.But to bring control and subtlety to the acting and giving the much needed sophistication to the character is very difficult.Shagun gives justice to that portrayal.She is the unavoidable part of the show.

  21. Charu prakash

    Mr.Ravi,Here the love is not confined to Ishita Raman or Ruhi.Show portrays the love of each and every character.And the selfish part of that love,which is custody of our loved ones!!!And their struggles to keep them with themselves.

    1. Hehe!! No need to use Mr. Um just 19 yrs old!! U cn use my name directly! Anyways thanx 4 da explanations!!!

  22. Where are the sunshine!??

    1. Yeah I also mz da sunshine group members comments! Nw I only see Dia n Pranv !! Where r da others! I mean sid, nand n many were dere be4!! Cm on nw plz dnt feel bad with us! We enjoy ur comments! Anyways its nice to hv a group in our site! So plz forget da past sites incidents n keep on commenting! Dnt feel bad! We want u all back! KEEP CALM N ? YHM!!! ??

  23. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  24. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is up for most interesting twist.

    Mani’s murder mystery will get resolved soon, Taneja had kidnapped Ishita and threatens to kill her while Raman is restless.

    Raman couldn’t reach Taneja while here comes Param who will for change turns helpful for Raman this time.

    Param will turn positive and will save Ishita from Taneja’s clutches and not only this he will unveil Mani being alive.

    Ishita saved by Param, Mani returns back alive

    Taneja and Ashok was together in their mission to kill Mani and trap Raman in thus case as they are against Raman over business rivalry.

    Param will turn savior and will save Ishita and Mani both, Simmi, Raman and Bhalla family will be happy seeing Ishita safe.

    Mani’s fake murder mystery will also get solved, stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    1. But param did kidnap Mani na?

  25. Good Luck on your exams Sherya do not worry everyone will behave like family here i too miss the sunshine i never meant any harm to anyone of them comment you guys

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