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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi calling his GF Sanchi. She says I can’t meet you. He says I have to meet you, I m coming. She says its very late. He says you have to meet me and ends call. Mihika hears him and acts like sleeping. He sees Mihika asleep and leaves. Ishita explains method maths to Raman. He says its difficult for kids, Pihu has unit tests, its pressure on kids. She asks on kids or for yourself. He says I learnt easily, I will teach Pihu now, but kids should play, how do they learn. She says kids are very smart.

He asks did you fill form. She says yes, check it once. He checks and says your marital status single. She says its single, if couple stay separated for 7 years, they are legally separated, its like that, even Mrs. Bhalla said this. He says you want me to take 7

rounds with you again, you will never be single till I m alive, once I die… she stops him from saying. She says don’t say this. He says we have specialty to die and get alive, we love each other a lot, and says sweet lines. She says my hero, what a dialogue, I like it, I wish I made video of Ravan kumar’s new avatar.

Adi goes to office and sees Aaliya. He shows the presentation and asks her to say how is it, why is she yawning, did she go for concert. She says no, I was listening Lata and Kishore’s songs. He says I know they are big singers. She says you don’t know they are very big singers. He says everyone know it, my friend challenged me that I can’t listen to old songs, I feel I m losing, what shall I do. He says I can help you, I have Dadu’s playlist in my laptop, you check that for details. She thanks him and kisses on his cheek. He smiles. She asks what happened. He says you kissed me. She says so, I should not have? He says you are a girl. She laughs and says you want a guy to kiss you, wait I will call a guy. He says you got mad, stop, go and get laptop, I will transfer data. She teases him and goes. He smiles and says a guy and girl are never friends, they are more than friends. He holds his cheek.

Raman looks for his shirt and throws the clothes. Ishita comes and says why are you raiding. He asks for blue shirt. She gives him and asks why are you irritated. He says I have many work, why are you laughing. She says you look cute, think what all women manage, why are you asking for suits. They sweetly argue. He asks her to get ready fast, she has to go for admission too. She says I will find suit. He asks her to find her brain too.

The client likes the presentation. Mihir thanks him and says I did not make this, let me introduce two rising stars Adi and Aaliya. The man says we will sign contract today. Mihir asks his staff guy to prepare contract. They all leave. Adi and Aaliya get happy. Aaliya praises Adi. Adi forwards his cheek to her. She smiles. Mihir asks what happened to your cheek Adi. Aaliya says how can I kiss you Adi, I m a girl. Mihir asks kiss? Its between you both, I don’t understand your generation talk, carry on, real work will begin now, get back to work soon. He leaves. Adi says I will remove suit. Aaliya says keep wearing it. Adi says you like it, its Papa’s suit, its old fashioned. She says its good, anyways old is in. she goes. Adi thinks to borrow more suits from Papa, and this suit is mine now.

Mihika thinks what happened to Romi. Sanchi meets her and says this is my fav coffee shop, what are you doing here, is everything fine. Mihika says yes, sit. Sanchi asks whats wrong, I felt so I asked, I feel some connection with you, you look genuine to me. Mihika says I feel same about you. Sanchi says I m stranger for you, you can share things with strangers, its good as strangers don’t judge you. Mihika cries and says I have been always strong and faced problems, this time I don’t know what to do, my marriage is in problem, I feel my husband has an affair. Sanchi asks what, how can he do this, I feel if relationship is not working, its better to end. Mihika says no, I don’t want to break marriage, running away from problems is not a solution. Sanchi asks is bearing problems worth it. Mihika says I love him and can bear pain. Sanchi asks her to fight for her relation, let me help if you need help. Mihika says you said right, sharing sorrow with stranger lightens heart, thanks. Sanchi says I m younger to you, but I understand, you can share anything with me.

The lady asks Raman does he want his daughter’s admission done, why did he not get her along. Raman says no, I want to get Ishita’s admission done. Ishita says yes, explain him about this. The lady says there is no age to learn, you can join online course, you can pay fees and your classes will start, we will send modules by email, you have to come to attend weekend class, rest you can study at home. Raman and Ishita thank her. Ishita says I m feeling scared, not by this role reversal, we are doing this for Pihu, I m scared thinking will Pihu accept me. He asks her not to think this, and they leave.

Aaliya goes to meet Mihir. He asks her to come. She says I liked Lata and Kishore’s songs. He asks which song did you hear. She says Tere bina and Chandan ka badan… he says Mukesh, his voice is magical, I m sure you did not listen Lata and Mukesh’s duets. She says I tried, but I slept. He laughs and says you are so cute. She smiles. She asks him to keep laughing, he looks good. He says I will keep laughing, if you do such things. They laugh.

Shagun meets lawyer. Lawyer says I can’t believe Bhalla family did such mistake and did not know, you have trumpcard and can use it till Pihu gets to this position, Raman is taking care of Pihu and she is happy, in that case we will have problem. Ashok asks for solution. Lawyer says there is one way, if they say you don’t have right on Pihu, you can use these papers, Bhallas should not know about these papers. Shagun thanks her. Ashok tells Shagun that it won’t be right to use papers now. She asks if I lose Pihu. He asks her to send children and know whats going on there. She says they love Ishita. He asks her to cry, and someone of Ruhi, Adi and Pihu will melt, try once. She nods.

Raman asks is everything done. She says homework is not done. Raman says its again method maths. She says I will explain you, you explain Pihu. He says its good you are here to explain me, I will read your business management details and explain you. She smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episodes are not at all interesting….you said right VP….ishras chemistry isn’t working after the leap…they were looked perfect before the leap…but now ,the spark is not there…i dont think we can see their awesome chemistry again

  2. yes Shivani … we are not able to enjoy it … thats it … not focusing on Ruhis studies ….Alias scenes are unwanted … infact if Shaghun is not turned negative … there is nothing … Not showing much of Raman spending time with Pihu , trying to make her understand about Ishitha …simply rolling on without any serious moves … we fans wanted Ishra scenes , now showing meaningless Ishra scenes … Let Raman apologise … then let them revolve on the past … Khushiaravinds ff is really nice … Cvs are really stuck .. dont know how to change the track .. Parents doing for children superb … but no reality …no naturality … Totally yhm lost that charm and I too think whether it will b back … but one thing after 7 years the distance and if marriage is not valid … this move is ok … we will wait and see … Hi to all .. Missing Sindhu …

    1. Khushiarvind

      Ys vp, shivani.. Ishra charming chemistry is missing.. Story nt realistic at all.. Juz dragging nd dragging with unnecessary stuffs. … They t nt tellng truth to pihu nd dnt try to bond with her. Just indulging to unnecessary things. Shaguns part luks gud..
      Thank you vp… Nice to hear that you lykd it

  3. What papers does shagun have? Hope ishita finds out about them or pihu finds out that ishita is her real mom.

  4. Hi All YHM Fans. I am Sick of this roller coaster Serial as it is going back to the repeat of the same story.. I am sick & Tired of Ashok & Shagun… They Have nothing better to do than Interfere in the Bhalla family. Leave Shagun aside look at jobless Ashok, has he not got any work to do as an MP. poking his nose into Raman’s Family. Pls stop this revenge now these to are trying to get a life that they lost. but this Shagun is going bonkers..
    ok she must be missing Pihu.. after she gave seven yrs of her life. but she is using her for her benefit & Trying ti Kill IShu went over the limit. those days i was so mad in watching this serial did not want to miss any kept watching the the same thing about countless times. as it was such a catching story. but now i miss so many episodes. the Cv’s really messed up the story after the Leap. As VP mentioned Fan Fiction they write better stories.. Anyway we have no choice. hope they won’t break what ever the unity Raman & Ishu has now. & Go back to the same repeats. They should get rid of Ashok or get him the same medicine he is dishing out to others. they say what goes around comes back..let him feel how bad to be on the receiving end .hope Sahgun will stop her nonsense & Start a good life with Mani. & Hope Aliya IS not coupled with Mihir & it make me sick to see her acting so dumb.. Sorry if trod on any fans toes.

    1. Though I love this serial… Ur points r right too tuffy … but the show has to go on.. Especially when it is ekta’s!!!????

    2. Sorry sorry…. Mino!!! ????

  5. Yes I am totally agreeing even if there it’s not like before

  6. Omg today’s epi is soooo good…. Adi alia and ishra… but OMG alia likes mihir!!!!?????? Omg like, alia is supposed to call him “mihir maamu” but no……. ekta is spoiling Adi -alia chemistry…??????

    Also I hope that idiot pihu doesn’t come in-between ishra moments… Otherwise…?????

    Something should happen so that Shaun ashok and nidhi all die without those “papers” of bhalla familybeing exposed…. But wow the actors are doing a good job…I like them for that?

  7. Also not many comments here right now…?

  8. Hi guys I completely agree with u VP n shivani something is mossing between ishra now a days last weak trp giri to unho nay ishra scenes add krrr diya n Raman started supporting ishita they are showing unnecessary ishra scenes n aliya n mihir nonsence I think mihir Bhi aliya ko like karta Thai poor adi guys is weak yhm ki trip 2.6 n 5 no par Thai 1 say 5 prr n VP is right why ruhi is not going to school ishita ko niii ruhi ko studies ki need hai this ishita study track is unnecessary mihir hai na business sambhalnay k liye ishita k kya need aur kya dentist it nay free I don’t think k dentist k pass itna spare time hota hai ashoke ishita k insult karta hai k oartay sirf ghar k kaam krr saktiii hain and kitty parties ishita is a doctor aur doctor bananay k liye kitniii parhai karniii parhtiii it is difficult from MBA but is show ko dekh k lagta k dentist ka to koi standard hi niiii hai

  9. Aliya n shogun will be nand n bhabhi n aliya n adi will be mami bhanja disgusting serial start howa tha to mihika n mihir k pyariii siii love story n then romi bech may aya then jab shagun aur ashoke k shaadi honay wali thi prr ashoke aur mihika k ho giii phir divorce hoya n laga k chalo shayad ab mihika aur mihir ki shaadi ho jae prrr phir mihir aur rinki ki shaadi ho giii pr phir rinki k death ho giii phir laga shayad ab mihika aur mihir ki shadi ho jaye par phir acp a gaya phir laga k ab mihika k shaadi acp say ho gii par hoi kis say romi say n now these misunderstandings mihika nay pehlay mihir say pyar kiya phir acp say aur phir romi say basically what kind of love is this

  10. Very true Siddhi … Mihir Mihika jodi was the best … it was very genuine ..

  11. I just don’t want to see any custody case

  12. I think they are planning to make mihir also negative. .. So only ishita doing MBA..also they may bring a track ishra s marriage to make it legal.. Now currently everything related to pihu is in shaguns favour.. But by the time shagun files custody case … Pihu may start to love ishita…

  13. Boring episode and boring precap . Only dragging.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya(both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu Natasha siddhi jaz aditya jeni super girl Shona az Monique d aparna priya bhagi mansi Sarita sara prisha simran mansi bhagya disha juhi siddhi az Pihu ananthi and all yhm friends.

  14. Ruhi is sitting al home and her mother ishitha is going to school.have the cvs gone mad to show all these . those who need to study they are at home enjoying and though it is fiction but still it should be logical and look realistic. I agree totally with you vp.

  15. According to the reports, TV actor Karan Patel has not been paid since nine months.

    A source from the sets of Ekta Kapoor’s popular daily soap told that the production team has not even renewed the contract of some of the actors of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, neither they gave lead actor Karan Patel’s salary since nine months.

    If rumours are to be believed this is the biggest reason behind rumours of Karan walking out of the show were doing round.

  16. Purna

    Actually ekta’s age old habit of copying movies to serial is what going on here……………I think she is trying to relate with the movie ” Ki and Ka”………where Raman will be seen managing pihu..,cooking,…homeworks….etc and Ishita wil be managing business ……….

    Even before ekta had started horror track…….when the movie “Alone ” was released ………..It can’t always be a coincidence when such movies are released and a similar track is seen in serials also…………..

  17. Hi all yhm fans. I also want to know what shagun got against the bhalla, what’s in those papers????

  18. I am getting this uneasy feeling again. I just hope that Ishita’s business studies is not a double edged sword in the CVs hands. Especially with Raman saying that till he is alive Ishita will never be alone. Ishita was upset hearing that. Please CVs don’t let anything happen to Raman.

  19. Adityakiran

    Hi JAZ Kushi Mino Monique Megha SHIVANI Shona Shreya SARITHA Sindhu Siddhi Rithu VP Lekha Nish Radhika Super GIRL Sakshi Disha Ramchin AZ Naaz Ahliya I NANDU LAYA BHAGYA And ALL The Members of The GROUP.

    Mino LAYA if You Are Not Having Fun OR Fedup of YHM
    Then Jump to ISHQBAAZ

    1. Thx Dear. This will be my first & the Last As i can’t understand the language. & My Watching these serials were spoilt for good after YHM. Sorry dear to hurt ur feelings. I am not Indian so it is difficult to follow. cos of the updates it was easy. thx again for ur kind thought.. Luv Take Care..

    2. Hii adi l am good how are you

    3. Also watch bhabhiji ghar pe hai

  20. Adityakiran

    Ekta Kapoor toh Sabse BADI RAANDI Hai.
    Doesn’t Make Any Sense

  21. What is the new drama shagun going to do with ashok? Is she mad. What are the papers shagun have,today’s episode is so nice.pihu should know her real mum is ishita.i love u ishita.pihu should turn positive . I love u pihu, ruhi, Raman. Rome should end the affair with that new girl,poor mihika.

    1. ye pihu k custody k pprs hinge. jisme isne dhoke se ye sign kraya hoga k surrogate hone k bawajud pihu PR usi ka haq hoga.

  22. Why is Aliyah always dressing irresponsibly even to an official meeting? It doesn’t make sense atall

    1. Exactly she has gone to a office when men are all in formal she was only wearing denim shorts. I was alramed

    2. very true …. I too felt the same Ayoola …

  23. I was comparing kunkum baygya with YHM. Kunmum Bagya was forcussing only on abi and prahya love where as YHm forcusing on mihir adhi aliya shagun mihika romi and only three minor events were given on ishita and raman and that also lacking of any chemistry. They do not behave as they have love at all.

  24. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita have exchanged their work for Pihu.

    Raman has turned house wife and doing all works of a woman while Ishita handles Raman’s business and she also joins college for MBA.

    Both Raman and Ishita want to become perfect n their field so that would keep Pihu together.

    Raman decides to make cookies for family and he starts cooking it with help of net.

    Ishita comes to help Raman seeing him struggling but he scolds her and sends him out.

    Raman is happy thinking everything is perfect cooked but he gets shocked seeing it got burnt.
    Ishta then tells Raman that he mixed two recipes together which makes Raman sad.

    Ishita tells Raman to take her help then cook and Raman asks her to just read method and he will cook.

    Ruhi and Mihir come there and then Mihir take Ishita with him for some business work and Ruhi helps Raman in cooking.

    Apart from this, Raman tells Ishita that she should concentrate in business and also takes care of her heath.

    Raman informs Ishita about where he keeps money and important papers.

    Will Raman and Ishita get successful filling each other responsibilities?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  25. Yhm is become a blunder now . Soo much of dragging and I think shagun is planning for pihu’s custody. Horrible woman .

  26. O my word Rithushree’s update is making me more nervous. Why is Raman saying all this to Ishita. Take care of your health, important papers, concentrating on business. This is sounding a lot like the time he decided to leave everyone to go to Singapore. Add that with the rumors that KP has not been paid since 9 months and contact issues of cast. It makes me feel that something horrible is going to happen to Raman. Worried worried worried for YHM!

  27. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) gives her saving to Raman (Karan Patel) paying money to people in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    Happy time is going on between in Bhalla family when Raman and Ishita changed their responsibilities for Pihu in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.

    Raman uses efforts to handle all responsibilities of house so that Ishita would take care of office.

    Raman and Ishita give tips to each other to take care of their responsibilities.

    Some people come to take money of their works and Simmi decide sto call Ishita but Rman tell sher that he will pay from now.

    They tell Raman about how much they want and Raman tells them that there is no money at house so they can come tomorrow.

    However, Ishta gives her saving to Raman and Raman paid money to them.

    Apart from this, Adi encourages Ishita for her first day of business while Ishita feels nervous and Simmi gives blessing to Ishta from Santoshi’s side.

    Raman supports Ishita in business

    Ishita takes blessing from Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyyer and the also touch Raman feet.

    But Raman holds her and both laugh seeing Ishita while they also share a cute hug.

  28. Hi to,all yhm fans l just irritated by that aliya and mihir pair thank u giving ishra moments

  29. aajiya s hairstyle and dress is horrible. Please change it.

  30. I’m really sad about that mihir goes with aliya and adi stayed single so sad

  31. I am sick and tired on the same old story of shagun turning back to evil…….. and this ashok should get married and go away from bhalla family

  32. Ashok shuld go away and enjoy his life
    shagun had to give pihu back to ishita and tell her the truth who is her mother

  33. Before leap… in one epi it was shown that ishu is nt good at maths so raman used to teach maths to ruhi… n now it is reversed.. do they think we r suffering frm memory loss pblm…! Wat the hell

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