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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman waking up from sleep and seeing Ishita drying her hair. He goes to hug her. He hugs her. She says you leave flirting now, I was thinking about Aaliya. He gets away and says you have no sense, when to talk and what, always Aaliya. She says Adi is leaving with Mani at his place, he is our son and we have to understand. He says Adi is my son, but I will not fulfil his illegitimate demands. She says we have to take care of him. He says I don’t want to talk. She asks how will the matter get solved then, and holds his hand.

He leaves her hand with a force and she falls down the railing. She screams and he gets shocked. He wakes up from his bad dream, and goes out to look for her. He asks Simmi about Ishita and worries. Simmi asks him not to worry. Ishita comes

from jogging with Ruhi and Aaliya. Raman asks are you mad, you should have informed me, is this your responsibility, you left phone at home. Aaliya says we went for jogging. Raman asks her not to say, she is guest, Ishita is unwell, and why did Ruhi not say. Aaliya says jogging is good as Amma has BP. Raman asks her to shut up and scolds her. He goes. Ishita asks Aaliya not to feel bad. Aaliya says its okay and goes. Ishita says what happened to him suddenly, why did he get angry.

Ishita goes to Raman. He hugs her and she senses his worry. He asks her is she mad to not inform him, he was getting wrong thoughts. He hugs her.

Dadi says how does Shagun run home. Shagun asks do you want anything. Dadi says there is nothing at home. Shagun says I will order grocery. Dadi says if its less and improper then. Adi says don’t worry, I know the shop, you can get everything and if you don’t like anything, you can change it too. Dadi says you are guy and know everything. Adi says its nothing like girl and guy’s work, I think everyone should know everything. Dadi says very good boy, I will make list, you get everything.

Vandu comes to them and says we did not tell everyone before, Bala is opening one more branch of his coaching classes, so its puja. Dadi and Ali congratulate her. Vandu asks them to come and get Pihu along. Vandu asks Mani to come, they will be glad, its not good to hold negativity. Mani says we all will sure, congratulate Bala from our side. Vandu leaves with Adi and talks to him outside. She asks are you fine, I know its tough for you. He says I m fine, don’t worry. She leaves.

Raman asks Ishita to sit and have food. He tastes food and asks Neela did you forget to make food. Ruhi says Aaliya made the food today. Raman asks Aaliya is it not enough that they kept her, why is she troubling. Ishita says you had food from wrong bowl. Raman says she is wrong to make this, you have no sense, everyone’s food got spoiled, Neelu will make it. Aaliya says stop it Raman uncle, whats your problem, you took wrong bowl, I made this food for Amma as she has BP problem, its your problem that you took food from wrong bowl, I made less spicy food for her, its your mistake and you are shouting on others, this won’t work here, this is not done. Everyone look on shocked. Aaliya goes. Everyone laugh that someone had made Raman shut up today.

Ruhi takes food for Aaliya. She asks where are you going. Aaliya says I m going, it was wrong decision to come here, I have to go. Ruhi says listen to me, if you felt bad of Papa’s words, don’t think so, he does not mean anything. Aaliya says no, I will go before he insults me and kicks me out. Raman hears them and comes. He tells Ruhi to tell Aaliya that I m sorry, I get angry and say this and that, it does not mean to leave home, explain not to waste full talktime on every missed call. He goes. Aaliya and Ruhi smile.

Ruhi says see, I told you, he is soft hearted, you will stay here. She hugs Aaliya. Adi calls Aaliya. Aaliya says I will see you, fine. Aaliya and Ruhi meet Adi. Adi says Dadi asked me to get authentic south Indian grocery, I don’t believe this, how did you make Papa quiet. Ruhi says Aaliya scolded our Papa. Adi asks what are you doing here. Ruhi says I knew you would ask me, I came here as Papa was not allowing her to come. She teases Adi and says its my time now. They joke. Adi thinks Papa is ruining my romantic life. He tells about Vandu inviting them in function, I don’t think Mani will come.

Ishita says its great news, I m proud of you. Vandu asks them to come in puja, and you both keep fast to sit in puja, its auspicious, I m advising this to all couples, tell Mihika and Romi also. Raman says fine, I will come, Ishita please follow instructions, take care of health. Ishita says yes. Raman goes.

Vandu asks Ishita did Aaliya really made Raman quiet. Ishita says yes, you should have seen Raman’s face. Vandu says I think I should make Aaliya scold Shravan. Ishita says she can easily make him go for walking/jogging. They laugh.

Pihu comes home and calls out mumma. Dadi asks her to freshen up, she will give her food. Shravan tells Ruhi and Aaliya about the games, its so much fun. Aaliya says even football, kho kho is fun. She signs Ruhi. Ruhi says yes, kho kho is my fav. Shravan says I will take its CD. Aaliya says its outdoor game, we get fit by sweating, energy level increases. Vandu looks on and says there is something in Aaliya, she scolded Raman and explaining Shravan with love. She gets snacks for them. Aaliya asks Shravan not to eat fries and have something healthy. Bala’s mum comes and asks who are you to stop him from having fries, is this way to talk, who are you to decide this. Ruhi says its not like that.

Bala’s mum says Shravan will do anything he wants. Ishita comes and hears them. Bala’s mum says I will decide about him. She asks Ishita what is her guest doing here, tell her how to stay here, teach her. Aaliya says don’t shout, Amma has BP problem. Bala’s mum says I don’t care for her BP, no one should tell anything to Shravan, else I will shout. Raman comes. Aaliya shouts on Bala’s mum and asks her not to talk if she has no knowledge, I m saying this for Shravan’s good. Raman asks Aaliya whats this way to talk, what can you do, such people understand such language. He taunts Bala’s mum. Bala’s mum gets angry and goes. Raman says she deserves this. He tells Shravan that Aaliya is right.

Pihu goes to boil milk. She goes to hold the hot bowl as milk overflows. The cloth catches fire and milk falls over her. Pihu screams and cries.

Raman says these clothes won’t be needed, as I won’t come there. Ishita says Vandu and Bala will feel bad. Raman asks her to understand, Mani will be there. Aaliya asks Raman not to worry, Mani has meeting and can’t come, Vandu wants you and Amma to sit in puja as a couple. Raman agrees.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode was kk but Aliya shouting in Raman she has no right and its complete bad manners and how can ishu who claims good upbringing allow such. It’s nice to see Raman’s care for ishu but they should not give Aliya that too much power I just don’t understand bhalla family things they are suppose to shout and stop they don’t and things they are not suppose to talk they raise big issues. Loved seeing vandu and ishu together after a long time I just love this sisters bonding. And for onces I think even bhalla mom was right let Aliya stay as a guest she is crossing boundaries.

    1. QueenB

      Hi Swara it is only because she cares as a human for what is healthy i believe
      She is not overstepping her boundaries
      and i am glad they show, that elder folks are not always right
      and when they are corrected they indeed shout on the younger ones
      and aliya did not allow it easily

      likewise, raman needs to calm his nerves
      is that the way to talk to a young lady?
      he needs to learn some manners and qualities on how to speak to people

    2. shreya shetty

      hello miss swara I think whatever u r saying is partially correct but about aaliya isn’t right at what aaliyas just 21 and yes she does have complete right on shouting over raman because he insulted her paaysam and please try watching again how she made it for everyone and especially ishu who is suffering from low bp pressure,and when that rammy guy insulted her food how she might have felt.try to think of somebody like imagine if someone prepares bad and u openly express ur opinion about that dish then I am glad sure that u ll say its worst.she is not crossing boundaries u dumbby,in fact she is trying her level best to prove that she could be approved by him for adi s engagement.dont take this serial so personally about mannerisms coz we all know how and when to behave and react get it

      1. shreya shetty

        oops swara not to be rude dear but I was very upset as u supported that silly old stupid rammy raman who scolded aaliya unescessarily like that.i mean she is a very good girl and u r saying that she is crossing boundaries how rude can u so be in talking about a young girl who tries to win everyones heart most specially raman and ishus.I guess I should ve calmed down a little bit before bluffing out,sorry dear maybe I was just a little bit too much.anyways hahahahahahhaahahah don’t take it serious be calm its just what I ve said about ur comment.i was annoyed when that rammy scolded poor aaliya over her upbringing like that

      2. Hi Shreya am not angry but just think of it why can’t Aliya speak in a more respectful manner for heavens sake Raman is her future fatherinlaw there are so many ways to explain something to someone there have been so many times times that mrs bhalla and mr bhalla have misunderstood ishu yet she has nevered raise her voice to talk to them as for boundaries Aliya doesn’t reflect how a 21 yr old girl should talk to her elders

    3. very true swara … totally agree with you …, Alia can say it nicely too …. this is not respect … coming to Ramans and insults him infront of every one at dining table .. What about Pihu ? Dt looked very pretty … Ramans care is really touching … sisters bond is too sweet .., Alia correcting Shravan is understandable … but felt her shouting like that is not justified ….totally a filler episode …Dt looked so thin in jogging suits … loved her …

    4. swara sabne or aliya ne bahut pyar se kaha tha ki apne galat bowl se khana utha liya ha, ek baar nhi 2-3 baar. par raman jub chillata hai to kaan band kr leta hia low mannerful or pitch voice sunayi nahi deti isliye use zor se chillana pada. taki uske kaan k darwaze khule or wo sun sake ki sab kya keh rhe hai. or dusri baat izzat pane k liye sabse pehli chiz hoti hia samne wale ko izzat dena, agr raman kisi ki izzat nhi kr skta to wo b samne wale ki izzat nahi pa skta.

  2. I am totally disagree with u Swara … first self respect comes …. if some one scolds u 4 no reason …. u should react 4 it …. no need to tolerate even though d person z too elder than u ….

    1. Am not talking about self respect what did Raman do to insult Aliya’s self respect?? As a child she should respect her elders that’s what I meant. Speak politely your message will still come across

      1. True swara … respecting elders first to win their hearts … its true Raman shouts for anything and everything but she is a guest .., if I was in Ramans place I will tell please be out … look at him he came and said sorry … that is Raman

  3. Dnt u understamd tht it was a plan made by ruhi and her

    1. Even then Grinny it is wrong . There are many daughter in laws are pet to father in laws … given time to understand ..,

  4. Nice episode Raman softening up to aaliya

  5. Hi…guys…m new here…can I join with u all…..

    1. of course, welcome!:)

  6. shreya shetty

    hahahahahahahhaha I tend to burst out so suddenly when I go mad friends.please don’t get uncomfy with me.thanks to sweet paricharys help and advice saalekh forever might have realized before speaking a word with friends like that,in fact with his harsh attitude towards me I think no one would ever befriend because even I too lost many people friends due to my bad alter ego personality.thank u so much for calming down saalekh in a nice manner,parichary thank u for giving out the good advice not to speak rude and be friends like a family

  7. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Siddhi, Monique, Khushi, MIno, Kiran, Az, Jaz, Bhagya, Magic and many YHM fans.

    I agree Swara that Aliya should not have raised her voice at Raman. If she is going to marry Adi in the future, Raman is going to be a future father in law. She needs to speak to Raman respectfully. She could have said firmly but in respectful manner. I am not sure what are the cvs teaching the younger generation nowadays. Adi has never raised his voice to Mani. He was still respectful to Mani when Mani was harsh with him on his first day at the house. Aliya should have been the same. I am surprised everyone is happy that Aliya told Raman off. Don’t they teach to respect your elders. How can she be a respectful bahu in the family? Look at Ishita and Mihika. They hardly raise their voices only to their spouse when there is a disagreement but to their in laws they speak politely.

    As for Pihu she is going to get into more issues being with Shagun. Actually I don’t understand why Raman can’t reopen the custody case. He has now more bearing on the case. He can mention about how Pihu got burned herself and no proper adult supervision and she got locked inside the care by Shagun. What is Raman waiting for? Of course they could do the DNA test and it will be proven the real parents. CVS need not drag all this. When some things can be logically settled and screened, they should do it quickly rather than dragging them

    1. Totally agree with you … Sindhu

    2. Well I disagree with you! What is being respectful bahu? You should bare every nonsense? Self Respect comes first!! Just because she is young or his bahu doesn’t mean she must tolerate all the carp! This proves elders are not always right!! We should respect them but it’s also imp to make them realize things when they are wrong! And someone like Raman will never understand soft things that too from Alia! So she is right away & you can see he realized it was his mistake! Can’t he listen to what others say before judging Alia?

  8. Hi all yhm fans.episode was OK. Pihu burning that’s bad.well read up that bala mom going to tell dadi of ishu and raman marriage being dissolved.then dad is going to tell them they will have to marry if they want to see Adi and aliya marriage.

  9. Now pihu Will Understand The difference Between Real & fake(shagun) love.
    It’fun to Saw Raman’s Face when Alaiya shut Him Up. Raman Will Fail Before Her Care & love For ishu & his Family. She reflect Ishu In every Situations.

  10. Epi was okay! & I’m totally fine with Alia’s shouting at Raman! Well, it’s not shouting at first place! Sometimes people don’t listen or understand things & keep on scolding others!! This is what Raman did today! And always being nice & saying things well don’t work! At times you need to give it right away! This is how it works! Raman realized his mistake! I’m glad he’s growing a softy side for her!

    Whatever happened with Pihu is terribly wrong! Poor kid! She don’t deserve this! I still feel Ishra must take a step! They should stay away I mean Ishita can live at her mom’s right? At least the little girl will meet her dad that way! Spending time with Raman makes Pihu feel he’s not changed she may infact miss him see how diff Shagun is from Raman! Don’t know what the makers are upto!!! Torturing a kid is worst they can do! Disgusting!!!

  11. I don’t agree with you on this one Swara youngsters should respect their elders but Raman only knows how to shout so in his case it was about time someone gave him a bit of his own medicine and look how he’s softening up to aaliya

  12. I hope Pihu returns to Raman and Ishita, poor kid

  13. Hi I am new here and I am a huge fan of YHM may I join u guys……todays episode was so nice loved the dining scene seeing ruhi caring for ishu…….. waiting for ishu n Raman’s remarriage and adi n aliyas engagement………may I know u all pls mingle me with u people

  14. Reply pixiedust
    I totally agree with you. Ishitha and Raman should be separated for pihu. But I have a small doubt. What abt feelings of Adi and Ruhi. Are you trying to tell they should hurt their other two children. If you could give a valid explatanation. Then I would support you.

  15. Raman and aliya’s sceen rocked today! For the first time I’ve seen Raman speechless ? Both bahu and sassur are alike ?

  16. Hi yhm fans,welcome Mahi and Allin I hop both of u be happy with yhm family because I very happy to be a part to this family.this episode is rock I hop every one be happy again in Raman family.

  17. Yhm family,Romi,Raghu,Mahi,Rajesh,Tish,Pixiedust,Gd,Super girl,Sindhu,Shreya,Pari miss and yhm fans,I tink Mani and Raman be friends now and both of then help Pihu to no about Shagun real face.

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