Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amma coming to meet Mrs. Bhalla. She gets food for Mrs. Bhalla and asks what is she thinking. Mrs. Bhalla says I m missing Rinki a lot, its Navratri and Rinki used to do a lot on Navratri. She cries and says Rinki took away all the house happiness. Amma says this house needs blessings. Mrs. Bhalla says Devi Maa’s blessings are needed, but I m not strong to celebrate. Amma says we will just do puja of Devi Maa, I will place idol in my house. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Amma makes her have idlis.

Raman comes to Ishita and checks her high fever. He asks her to take rest. She says I will get freshen up and sleep again. He asks what happened to her hand. She says nothing and goes. Mihika asks Amma will we celebrate festivals. Amma says not celebrate, we will just pray

to Devi Maa, Mrs. Bhalla is sad as she can’t place idol in her home, and asks Mihika to get flowers while coming home. Mihir comes and sees Mihika upset. Mihika says Bhallas are not celebrating Navratri, so Amma thought to keep Navratri puja at our home. Mihir says Rinki used to be so excited about Navratri and Shagun won’t never want to be upset in her memories, so we will celebrate Navratri nicely.

She says you know I m always with you. He nods. She thanks and says we will celebrate Navratri for Rinki and Shagun. She goes. Simmi asks Neelu to get Mata Chunri. Ishita asks Ruhi to go and play. Ruhi says I have to make laddoos. Ishita tensely sees the place where she has seen the lady at night. Ruhi says you have fever, take rest. Mrs. Bhalla checks the fever and asks Simmi to call doctor.

The doctor checks Ishita. Ishita says she has fever since yesterday night, she has headache and body ache. The doctor says your symptoms are of dengue, you have some tests done, take bed rest, have medicines and check temperature every 4 hours. Ishita says she has to prepare for Navratri puja. Raman asks her to rest. Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi also ask her to rest. Ishita says fine. Ruhi says I will take care of Ishi Maa and hugs her.

Its night, Raman wakes up by alarm and does not see Ishita by his side. He looks for her and goes out. He says why is main door open and sees Ishita sitting in compound. He goes to her and says Ishita…. She says she has not gone, she has come back. He asks who, Ishita…. She then asks why did you get me here, what are we doing here, I have strong headache, you know I m pregnant…. He gets shocked…. She says I have body ache. He takes her home and makes her rest.

He wonders what is Ishita saying, who has come back, is this…. No….

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla and Amma do arrangements for Navratri. Ruhi recalls Navratri and takes chunri for Ishita. She ties around Ishita’s forehead and blesses her. Ishita holds her head. She asks Ruhi to go, she will come when she feels well. Ruhi goes. Ishita gets headache and removes the chunri. She gets red marks on her head and gets relieved after removing Mata’s chunri. She says where did the pain go, what type of pain was this which went in one sec, I will get mad. She goes to wash her face and sees the red marks. She gets shocked and recalls Ruhi tying the chunri to her.

Mihir gets glad seeing Abhishek and welcomes him. Abhishek says he has come to talk something imp. He tells about Shagun, and says I have checked her phone records, she was feeling lonely in her last days and she spoke to Ashok a lot, did you know about this. Mihir says Shagun broke relations with Ashok, why will she call him, you continue the investigations, I also want to know why Shagun did this. Abhishek says Ashok’s name got linked with this case now. Raman does the puja and family members also do the puja. Ishita gets restless and starts screaming. Sarika hears Ishita and goes to see her. Sarika goes there and gets puzzled seeing Ishita’s state. Ishita cries and lights blink in the room. The family does the puja. Sarika asks what happened to you. Ishita holds her hand and says stop it. She pushes Sarika and Sarika falls on the couch. Sarika tries to run and door gets locked.

Sarika is in living room at night and sees some shadow. She gets tensed and asks who is there. Ishita comes to her and says Sarika……

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. chiki

    wut type of drama is this??? i cannnot really understand!!!!! day by day it’s becoming more and more unrealistic!!!!

  2. One thing is clear tat shagun is not dead.bcoz they did nt show shagun face .if acp abhishek is helping shagun to trouble ishitha then it is so nonsense.hw can a police help to trouble some one lyk this.if it is for sarika then acp abhishek to be arested for rinky s murder crime

    • ar

      I think this would be a drama for exposing sarika…… Dont think but expecting tat it would be a drama…… Or shagun is conspirising against them with ashok…… Hope for so b/c dont want any soap like ssk

  3. Luvlin

    I think myt b dat shagun death sequence s ashok-shaguns preplanned drama . And ishita s possessed by rinkis soul

  4. diya

    todays epi was good nd intrstng . scary ending. i dnt think acp is helpng shagun to trouble ishita . its not true . #ishru scene was cute .divz did a good job today nice actng . sarika k kuch majra ( rinki’s murder) jo xpose hone wale hai. either its a trap or a ghost . but defintly no revenge track against ishita n raman . keep watchng to know more .

  5. Sowmy

    I think ashok and sarika both are responsible for Rink’s death. Guess shagun knew this..because in today’s episode ACP says during her last days she had called Ashok…y did ashok claim for tje body?? He is also confident that shagun is not is just a trap I feel..Shagun is very strong she would have commited suicide when her kids left her..

  6. Shalini

    My view is that Ishita is acting like Shagun has entered her body…Its a trap for Sarika and Rinki ..i guess..

  7. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai mohabbatein shows that Navratri celebration is being celebrated in Bhallas family.

    During Pooja ceremony Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) spirit start crying in Ishita body in impact of Pooja. Ishita catch Sarika in her room.

    A horror and thriller story is to be expected between Shagun, Ishita and Bhalla’s family. Is will now be shown that Sarika gets scare to see a shadow starts fallowing to her.

    Ishita behave wirdly with Sarika and talk to her in a mysterious way. Shagun spirit poses Ishita for a motive which is to be connected with Sarika.

    It might see that Shagun spirits reviles everyone that Sarika is the girls who murdered Rinki.

  8. Star Plus’ daily drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms) is all set to present a MAJOR twist that will leave you all shocked and surprised!

    The current track on the Star Plus show is focusing on Shagun’s pregnancy. A huge fight has ensued between Ishita and Raman over the revelation that Shagun was carrying Raman’s baby. Ishita slammed Raman for not revealing the fact that Shagun was carrying their surrogate baby. The Bhallas upon learning about the paternity of Shagun’s child, will bash her with strong words. Ishita will also give her a mouthful.Fed up with their words,she will take a nasty turn with Shagun jumping of the roof.

    As we mentioned earlier that Shagun’s Spirit will posses ishita to create havoc in the Bhalla family.Ishita does all the rituals for shagun.

    On the other hand,On learning about shagun’s death Ashok gets angry.He confesses that he loves Shagun despite of everything he done with her.He decides to take revenge from ishita for shagun’s death.

    If Spoilers are to be believed,Shagun’s suicide,Ghost and everything will be a plan of ACP Abhishek.It seems that Abhishek will take Shagun’s help to find out the real murderer of Rinky.

    May be he is doubting ishita as she is the last person to meet her or may be he is thinking anyone in the bhalla family might killed shagun.

    Will this Ghost Drama find Rinky’s Rel murderer Sarika? Will Raman and ishita able to get their child? We still need to wait for the confirmed news.Until then keep reading this space for more updates.

  9. The new track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is creating a lot of curiosity among the audience. The horror factor that they are trying to portray in the story is not being liked the viewers. According to latest gossip news, there is actually no horror track in the story line so there is nothing to worry about supernatural element in the show.

    If rumours are true, then this horror track is just a hoax and there is more to it than meets the eyes. The horror element is just to create suspense and curiosity among the viewers to increase their ratings.

  10. want our old yhm -unique good
    charming interesting rocking awesome excellent
    ishraruhadi and all old yhm .plz makers and
    ekta .its a humble request .plzzzzz….. yhm
    rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking

  11. jhanvi

    Epi was scary….., nd ishu is doing so nice……

    Everyone was there for pooja only sarika was in d house .,

    Now I m 100% sure …, it’s only a trap for sarika… BT I can’t understand what abhishek said abt Ashok….., why Shagun called Ashok again…..

  12. diya

    they will reveal the track but i dnt thnk not bfr a week or so . bcz ekta has oderd the media not to enter the the sets for four days . in char din kuch ahsa shoot hone wala hai jo yhm pahle nhi huya . really xcited for the upcoming epis . lets see wt hppns

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    • jhanvi

      Best romantic actor ( female ) ?????

      Radhika ko to new commer ka mila to best actor female kisko mila…. ????

  14. diya

    they will reveal the track but i dnt thnk it will happen bfr a week or so . bcz ekta has orderd the media not to enter the the sets for four days . in char din kuch ahsa shoot hone wala hai jo yhm pahle nhi huya . really xcited for the upcoming epis . lets see wt hppns. sayad eh trap v ho sakta h. aur kuch aur v. but sarika k upr abhi spot light hain. gonna watch sm power packed performnces by ishita . #excited . i hope trp increases this tym . #fingercrossed

  15. Cham

    The episode was too scary,and it shows the success of Ishitha(Divyanka Tripathi).Well done Ishu..!and love you sooooo much!

  16. abhi jo episodes aa rahe hai scary bhooth vooth ka sab mujhe kuch accha nahi lag raha hai .mujhe lagtha hai ki kuch zyada hi kheech rahe hai kahani ko .aur bahuth daraawna bhi hai toh .plz end this track as soon as possible.

  17. Darshika

    good episode.
    ohhhhhh myyyyyy Gooooooood……!!!
    Divyanka is fantastic……!!! Another mind blowing performance……!!! Divyanka is the best in yhm…… Today she proved it again…… She can act ANYTHING…..!!!
    Raman so handsome today…..!
    I watch this 90% ishita,raman,ruhi,adi….. Another 10% for other good characters.
    But makers….. Don’t drag this track long time.because I can’t watch her pain.
    Waiting for next…..!
    From SL

    • jhanvi

      Sarika nvr dlvr a baby., Rohit is a adopted child. Not her nd romis child…she lied to everyone. Nd Rinki came to know d truth nd was to tell everyone d reality … that’s y …….

      • Romi

        But sarika was pregnant herself too! She attended maternity exercise classes with vandu too!what happens to her own baby then?

    • jhanvi

      Ya Romi…, it’s suspense ……let’s see what happens……,

      I think so she was doing all that things to prove everyone that she was really pregnant……

  18. Cham

    but if this ghost track is a trap to catch Sarika, is Ishitha acting?I don’t think so..She getting fever and she herself get scared on seeing horrible things,and not only that ,it’s clear that Raman doesn’t know anything about such, as he too getting scared and looking after Ishitha. I don’t think that Ishitha will cheat everybody, specially Raman and if it is so, she should tell it at least to Raman.

  19. Darshika

    And I feel very strange and weird thing…..! Ishita’s behaviour,it’s because of rinki’s soul……!!!???
    Rinki wants ishita to expose about her murder……! I mean, rinki wants to expose about sarika. I don’t know….. This is my prediction….
    But I don’t understand that Shagun ashok connection.
    Really exited…..!
    Ruhi ishita scene was nice.

  20. jhanvi

    Actually it’s better to hide this from Raman…, he will learn a big lesson after dis that what can happen coz of his lie…. Nd he will understand that it’s nt good to hide everything…….

  21. Darshika

    I think that ishita also doesn’t know about her weird behaviour….. I think that she only knows about headache and fever…..! Because,when she was in outside how to come out…….
    Sometime I think, rinki’s soul really entered into ishita…..!
    Or is she acting for plan…..? I also can’t believe it.
    And what is that……??? ‘raman, you know well that i’m pregnant’ what is it…..!!!
    Now,only can do, wait and watch.

    • jhanvi

      Ya Darshika …, actually I m also confused…. BT one thing is cnfrmd that Shagun nd acp know sarika’s truth….., may be ishu also……BT y he is doing weird bhvur in front of Raman ..???? Nd even when she is alone ,,, ?????….

      BT I think she is hiding d truth from Raman , so that she can make Raman , to understand what can happen , coz of his lie…., nd it’s Good for him…..

  22. what iam saying is if shagun is not dead then where did s the jump from even ishita saw shagun jumping from the roof right so i think its not acting or a plan by acp abhishek and ishu
    yar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! icant imagine even wts going to happen

  23. ruhi ishitha always rocks in the show .i think because ekta banned media for 4 days and showing a lot of ishruh and suspense and now ishitha is acting too well and a kot of mystery ,then i am dam sure yhm’s next trp gonna atleast be in top five .but its a request to ekta and makers no leap in yhm and no ruhi adi bid audieu the show .plzzzzz…..

  24. Soniya

    Don’t tell that shagun is ALIVE..
    I don’t mind whether it is shagun’s or rinki’s soul/ghost as long is shagun is GONE from YHM

  25. Wow!!!episode goin too scary and intresting..i think its ol a drama to expose sarika..acp abhishek know all about rinky’s murder n now he goin to expose the victim with the help of ishita..n shagun’s suicide may b false and ishita and abhishek both knew it.

  26. Ishita will be behaving weird as if she
    is possesed with shagun’s spirit.Her
    main target will be sarika.In the
    coming episodes,Sarika is in living
    room at night and sees some shadow.
    She gets tensed and asks who is
    there. Ishita comes to her and says

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  28. Saumya

    May b shagun is really dead and its her soul which enters in ishita’s body again and again. Coz I don’t think that ishita apni family ke sath itna bada dhoka karegi. Especially Raman ke sath. And I think ACP abhishek bhi bhalla family ke sath itna bada drama toh nahin karega. Sarika ka is baat se relation samajh nahin aa raha. Jo bhi ho episode scary aur interesting tha. New story line achchi hai. Lekin jyada din ke Liye nahin. Bas thode time ke liye.

  29. Muni

    Writers plzzz this ghost thing is spoiling d show… Plzz don’t show all this Bullshit….it was atleast better b4 …ekta show sumthing better n a happy Raman ishita n Ruhi family

  30. Sush

    Bt 1 thing. We r hindus and according to our culture we do not celebrate ne festival fr a year when some1 dies at our home. Its bcoz to gv respect to d dead ones. That as u hav left us so in d memomry of u we r not celebrating festival. Coz we celebrate when we r happy n now we r sad as u hav left us.
    So as Rinky z dead how his husband z celebrating? N cant he get sad fr his wife for atleast 6/7 months or so?
    Do he really need to roam with mihika always and eat chat?
    This z called insensitive.
    The dead family members were once so imp fr us. N being sad fr dem fr a few months z nt wrong at all.

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