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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun thinking whom to call. She says she will celebrate diwali again and order some sweets. Abhishek comes and says he came to give her company on diwali, as she is alone. They wish happy diwali to each other. He gives the sweets and gift. She likes the saree and asks did Ishita send all this. He asks how did she know this. She says Ishita can do all this. He says right, she bought these things, but I got it, I m hungry, get something. She asks what shall I order, Chinese?

Bhallas have dinner happily. Mr. Bhalla asks for Simmi. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi said she started some project with her friend. Ishita thinks Simmi has gone to meet Ashok. Mihir talks to her and Raman tells her to answer Mihir. Mihir asks what did Raman gift you on diwali. She says Raman

gave me this lovely necklace, and jewelry, she gave me everything what I asked. Mihir says romance has to be learnt by Raman. Simmi comes and Ishita and Prateek look at her.

Ishita holds Raman’s hand and says you gave her a lot, and what about me, everyone know you love her a lot. They all look on shocked. Ishita acts like Shagun and ask for some special gift on diwali. Raman asks Ishita to behave herself. Ishita says its so boring diwali, you all are eating veg food. We will have card party,she will order chicken. She asks them to wish her. Raman asks her to behave herself and not come close. Ishita wishes happy diwali to Mrs. Bhalla, Sarika, and others. She hugs Mihir and says beard is looking nice on you. She goes to wish Simmi and hugs her. She smells men’s perfume from her and asks her is there anyone new in your life. She says I know its very unlikely, who will like you, but did you go to meet anyone. Simmi says what nonsense, nothing like that.

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Raman flirts with Shagun* to test Ishita for her lie-plannings

Ishita says its diwali and you left home and went to meet someone, we want to know who is that special. Simmi says I went for my project. Ishita says shut up, you can fool Bhallas, not me, you went to meet my boyfriend, Ashok Khanna. They all get shocked. Ishita asks her why did she go and meet Ashok. Simmi asks what is she saying. Ishita says you can fool Ishita, not me, I m Shagun, tell me why did you meet my BF.

Simmi asks why are they seeing at her, Ishita is lying. Ishita asks why are you sweating, whats going on between you and Ashok. She shouts and shakes Simmi. Simmi says she won’t tell her. Ishita says you know what I can do. Simmi says I m not afraid of you. Ishita starts throwing things and says she will not leave Simmi. Raman asks Prateek to stop Ishita. Prateek comes in between and stops Ishita, asking her to calm down. Ishita asks him to stay away from her, and holds her head. She gets dizzy.

Raman holds her. They take her to room. Mrs. Bhalla says I was afraid for this, but Simmi. Raman makes Ishita rest and recalls the normal time. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………plays……………. She gets up and asks what happened. He asks her to rest, she fainted, she did not take medicine. She asks did I do anything. He says nothing. She takes medicines and feels sad seeing him worried. He goes and she spits the tablet. She says it got tough to make Simmi say truth, she will not tell, its good family knows this now and will make Simmi answer, how will I know whats happening. Prateek calls Ishita and keeps phone in his pocket.

Ishita hears everyone asking Simmi about Ashok. Simmi says its her life, she will do anything, but she did not meet Raman’s enemy, they are believing a woman whose state is not good. She goes. Mr. Bhalla asks Raman about Ishita. Raman says she is fine. He asks Prateek about Ishita, and feels they will call doctor. Prateek says no, attack was for short time, she is getting well. Mihir asks Raman to calm down, and takes him. Prateek worries. Amma cries and says Shagun’s spirit has caught Ishita. Ishita feels sad hearing her family’s sorrow. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays……….. She cries.

Raman is worried and cries. Mihir asks is he hiding his tears. Raman says Ishita’s state is not getting well. Mihir says whatever he has seen, he has a doubt, Ishita is acting to be possessed.

Raman asks what is he saying, I know its not Ishita’s nature, she will not harm Amma, she is really possessed. Mihir says its not confirmed that Ishita has thrown stone, did she hurt anyone, did anyone get serious injury. I noticed her when she did with Simmi, she has hit Simmi with plastic flowers, she has thrown pillows, its harmless, she threw vase, not did not injure anyone, she is violent and loud, but did not hurt anyone. Raman gets thinking.

Raman tells Prateek that Ishita is acting, as she did not hurt anyone. Abhishek asks Ishita to hurt anyone. Ishita says how can I hurt anyone. Shagun says others will doubt then. Amma meets some tantric and asks him to make Ishita fine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. deenama jeevetham….

    1. Kada enni rojulu saga teestharo Devudaaa…

    2. super like

  2. Thank you amena for fast update..Pls stop dragging a lot..

  3. Thnks for speed upload

  4. Omg raman and mihir came to about ishita’s acting….
    Wating for tomorrow……

  5. episode was good .mihir ko shak ho gaya.patha nahi aage kya hoga.

  6. Hahahahaha lol wat will happen wen da bhallazz will cum to knw da truth dat shagun iz alive ishita iz nt possessd wid shagunzz spirit

  7. Yeh Hai Mohabbtein : OMG Ishita try To Kill Simmi ! Read More >>

  8. # SaasBahuAurSuspenseSegment and # E24Segment # SBSuspense :
    Raman acts in front of Ishita that he misses Shagun as Ishita acted like she is possessed….

  9. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman doubts on Ishita as she is pretending of becoming Shagun.
    Raman makes a plan knowing the truth and he calls Ishita as Shagun. Raman also gets romantic with Ishita believing her as Shgaun. Ishita gets angry on Raman for calling her as Shagun and blames him for having love for Shagun in his hearts. Later, Ishita realizes Raman is just doing drama to find her reality so she takes Shagun avatar and gets romantic with Raman.
    Raman is completely confused seeing Ishita’s changing behavior.
    Will Raman find out Ishita and Shagun’s reality?

  10. Last week, it was finally revealed on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein that Shagun is alive, Ishita was never ‘possessed’ by evil spirits and that the two ladies were together in this plan. But if you think that the ghost drama is over post this revelation, you haven’t been watching TV soaps long enough!
    According to reports, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will act as ‘possessed’ by Shagun’s ghost once again, in an attempt to get Simmi to reveal her secret. And this time she will succeed in exposing her in front of the entire family.
    Earlier, we saw Simmi lying to her family to meet Ashok. Sensing something fishy, Ishita asked Prateek to follow Simmi. In the upcoming episode, Prateek will find Simmi and Ashok together and send their picture to Ishita. He will also call her to inform her of the same.
    This latest development will sow the seeds of suspicion in Ishita’s mind. She, along with Shagun, Abhishek and Prateek, will devise a plan to find out Simmi’s secret. According the the plan, ishita will act as ‘possessed’ once again and confront Simmi.
    The drama will unfold on the day of the Shanti puja organised by the Bhalla family. Ishita’s mother-in-law, Mrs Bhalla will organise a Shanti puja to rid the house of Shagun’s spirit. Ishita will act as ‘possessed’ once again leaving Raman and Mrs Bhalla shell shocked.
    When Simmi returns home, Ishita will confront her, forcing her to reveal the secret she’s been hiding. Ishita, Shagun, Abhishek and Prateek think that Simmi and Ashok are planning to kill Raman, which is not true. Though Simmi is regularly in touch with Ashok about something, it is not to plan Raman’s murder. in the upcoming episodes, a shocking truth about Simmi and Ashok will be revealed.

  11. Raman wants to see whether Ishita is lying to him about getting possessed by spirit. Ishita is tested by Raman to
    know if she is really captured by the spirit. Raman checks her behavior and talks to her. He talks to her
    romantically, when she acts like Shagun. He hugs her and asks her to sit and drink with him. Raman got to know
    that Shagun and Ishita are doing something and lying to family. She gets into Shagun’s role and he flirts with her to
    see her response. He hugs her and observes her behavior. She stays in her character for some time and then falls
    in his trap when he offers her wine and non-veg food. He asks her to have butter chicken. She avoids the drink and
    he insists as its normal thing for Shagun. She takes a sip and coughs. Raman goes to get water for her. She throws
    the drink from the window and he catches her.
    She worries that Raman is doubting her and thinks how will she manage now. He asks her to tell him why is she
    doing this. He calls her Shagun and Ishita, a two in one person. He confronts her and she says she is just his Ishita.
    He asks about doing Shagun’s role and she tells him she has no idea what he is saying. Raman gets thinking to find
    the reason of Ishita’s strange plan. What will be Raman’s reaction knowing the masterplan to save his life? Keep

  12. Mihir doubt’s on ishitha..
    Y did not mihika invite abhishek for diwali??

  13. wt nonsense are these drama makers upto… too much is too bad.. I dono wts Der in dis to drag so much

  14. Ritushree from where do you get so many information about YHM?

    Please tell me.

    1. exactly you give lots info r they your predicts or real one which r waiting to happen

  15. oh god! lots of fake drama..ekta plz show something nice na…its getting worse day by day

  16. This serial is now taking kumkum bhagya track…. Truth never comes out… Its getting boring now

  17. I think upcoming episodes r intresting but really dragging pllzz reveal the truth soon but I think it will be intresting to see Raman n ishita like this

  18. wow mihir doubting ishitha!!!!!!!!!!
    i can’t wait till tomorrow episode the serial is interesting after the possessing thingy ended(when the fans got to know that shaun is alive and ishitha is not possessed

  19. a good episode indeed . felling bad fr for raman …who will ishita hurt now ?? i hope no one xcpt simmi . wt is this lady upto ?

  20. I think ishita know simmi is working for ashok n raman will find out true ashok

  21. Unbearable the serial is moving to ……

  22. iss serial k bare meim bohut sare news aye jo fake ay … but no body disclose the secret of simmi .. useless sites

  23. good epi.
    I think that simmi has some business problem with ashok. And may be she tries to solve it alone.

  24. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is leading in the
    Ratings with it’s Ghost and Suspense
    Drama.Ishita and shagun are playing
    a Drama to find out the secret agent of
    Ashok in the Bhalla Family.
    There is news that Toshiji aka
    Shahnaz Rizwan who plays mother
    Raman Onscreen,is trying to Quit the
    Well, She is one of the most
    entertaining characters of Show, but
    lately, things haven’t been going her
    way because of which she has been
    thinking of bowing out of the Serial.
    Talking to The Asian Age, a source
    revealed how the Pakistani actress
    doesn’t have much role to play in the
    show adding that she’s often made to
    wait for her shot.
    “She moved all the way from London
    to India for this show. But she was
    recently heard complaining about how
    she has barely anything to do in the
    show these days. The show is aired
    seven days a week, so she is called
    on sets and made to wait hours on end
    to shoot just one scene featuring her.
    The actress is contemplating quitting
    and returning to her home in
    LondonShe moved all the way from
    London to India for this show. But she
    was recently heard complaining about
    how she has barely anything to do in
    the show these days. The show is
    aired seven days a week, so she is
    called on sets and made to wait hours
    on end to shoot just one scene
    featuring her. The actress is
    contemplating quitting and returning to
    her home in London”
    Yet,Things are not confirmed,this
    piece of information can be termed as
    To know more keep reading for more

  25. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Raman fids out
    that a tantric can only
    remove Shagun’s spirit
    from Ishita’s body.
    Tantric comes to Bhalla
    house with his menwhere
    his men ties Ishita’s
    hands and feet.
    Tantric starts chanting
    some mantras to remove
    Shagun’s spirit while
    Ishita keeps pleading to
    Raman free her.
    Raman does not do
    anything and Ishita
    threatens tantric to leave
    her but he starts torture
    Ishita by beating her with
    fur broom.
    Mihika enters to the
    house and shocked to see
    the entire drama and tries
    to stop tantric but she is
    failed to this.
    Mihika calls Prateek and
    then both make Ishita free
    from tantric clutches.
    How will Ishita react to
    know Raman calls the

  26. has jhanvi left this site.

    1. Hey rithu I m here…
      How r u dear….?????

  27. OK epi….. BT now it’s dragging Nd lil boring …….still cconfused bout simmi….. Y she is doing this..????….. Sure she is nt real culprit… Make it fast yar……

    Tmr Raman will try to find out is ishu lying or not…..??? Waiting for that…..

  28. Seriously now this serial is going out off track draging n draging ..
    Why ekta all serials are draging
    Kukum bhagya.. Yhm.. Meri ashiqui tumse hi
    All serials were good in first bt now its draging too much

  29. This track should end soon…

  30. Nd ya guys I read smwr that simmi started a business Nd it has a big loss Nd Ashok was also involved in that bt simmi ddnt know this before.. So may be she is trying to deal with that loss….. Nd that’s y she is meeting him…….Nd she ddnt tell bout this business Nd loss to anyone from d family so she is not telling d truth…..!!!!!!

    I hope this news will come true coz I don’t want to see simmi as real culprit….!!!!!!!!!!

  31. sbs aur sbb mein dikhaaya ki ek tantrik aa kar ishitha ko jhaadoo se maartha hai aur ishitha ko hath pair se baandhtha hai .ishitha madad ke liye raman se maangthi hai lekin raman khade hokar dekhtha rehtha hai .phir pratek aakar ishitha ki rassi kholtha hai aur ishitha uss tantrik ki jhaadoo se dhulayi karthi hai. phir chaakoo lekar romi ke gali mein rakh dethi hai aur possesed jaise behave karthi hai.

  32. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and her detective instincts have always been helpful for her family in Star Plus’ Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms).
    This time the lady sensed that someone from the Bhalla family is helping Ashok (Sangram Singh) to kill Raman (Karan
    And guess what, she would finally get to know who the real culprit behind all the troubles is. This would also conclude the
    ghost track in the show. Ishita, Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) and Prateek (Darshan Pandya) will
    learn that Simmi (Shireen Mirza) is helping Ashok in his plan.
    Shared a source, “Santoshi (Shehnaz Rizwan) will keep a Shanti Puja at her home and plan to get Shagun’s ghost out of her
    family. However, Ishita would once again act as Shagun, and confront Simmi of being the real culprit.”
    Sources also reveal that Simmi is hiding a big secret from the Bhalla family, which would get revealed in the coming days.
    And as per the speculations, Sarika (Sarika Dhillon) would indeed confess her crime and accept being the killer.
    Simmi or Sarika – who is the real culprit? How will Ishita solve the crisis?
    We called Shireen but she remained unavailable for comment.
    Stay hooked to for more news and updates!

  33. i really dont want toshiji to quit yhm. i love her antiques .. specially her fight with mrs iyer . very funny .yes she may feel dissapointd cz she dnt hv much to do i n this current track . oh god !! ma’m plz thnk over ur decision once again. nothng is confirmd yet. i hv ekta kapoor do smthng cz ekta is really by shehnaz’s actng skills. i am nt a big fan of romi . if sm1 else also steps in his charectr i hv no such problm. but i dnt thnk he will do total justice to the charecter of raj in darmiyaan. vibhab was a better option. but ekta plz end this track soon ..nd treat ur actors well whthr they r supportng or main. i hope this news about her quitng is just a speculation.

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