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Both Bhalla and Iyer familes have gathered together and are waiting for Raman. Simmi is feeling guilty and wonders how to tell the truth and face everyone. Raman comes. Mrs. Bhalla starts questioning and asks what Shagun said. Mr. Bhalla tells her to calm down. Raman asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she just doesn’t stop crying. Raman goes to see her.

Ishita is still sitting in dark. Raman comes to her and touches her shoulder. She gets scared and says don’t touch me. Raman says, it’s me. He sits besides her. She tries to avoid him. He asks her to calm down and side-hugs her. Ishita says she spoiled Raman’s name. He says he is proud of her and tells her not to think about cheap guys. Ishita keeps crying saying she got dirty. Raman tells her, you’re

a strong woman. You’re my madrashan sherni. You took care of this house. Mistake is ours that we are too good for them. I promise whoever has done this will get punished and also the person who sent you wrong message, but for that, you will have to become my strength like always. He wipes her tears. She says, Raman.. He says, sshh.. do you want to do something for me? close your eyes and lie down. Ishita says, I am very lucky. If it was some other woman in my situation, then all would be blaming her. You’re not blaming me. He makes her sleep and covers her with blanket. He then blames himself in his mind that Ishita is facing all this because of him and cries. He couldn’t meet expectations in this relationship.

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Next day, Shagun asks Mihika how’s Ishita. Mihika says how she can be. Shagun says Adi is also very disturbed.. don’t know what Raman said to him. I hope he doesn’t send him to some facility or separate him from me. Mihika tells her not to cry and consoles her. She says I know jiju very well, he won’t do anything like this and akka (Ishita) won’t give such harsh punishment to Adi. Mihir tells Shagun that Mihika is right. He says he has office work and also marriage prep to do and leaves. Mihika sees a file in Shagun’s hand and Shagun Bhalla is written on it. Shagun says Raman did some investments on Adi’s name and now she wants to give all that to Ashok and do more investments and secure Adi’s future. Mihika asks can only money secure a kid’s future? Adi needs a mother and a father who teach him difference between right and wrong. Jiju will fulfill his responsibility.. only if you and Ashok give him good upbringing, then he will become secure himself. Shagun says she has full faith in Ashok. Mihika thinks what Shagun is doing.. she’s giving Adi’s future to someone who has no interest.

Ishita is still sad. Raman sends Ruhi to her with breakfast and he hides. Ruhi gives a rose to her saying it’s a special mother’s day and gives a few life lessons. Raman thinks what she is saying.. and then says anyway she’s growing up now. Ruhi manages to cheer Ishita up and tells her to drink tea and then eat breakfast with everyone. Ishita says, okay you’re my mumma now and hugs her. Raman says, good.. I will tell others to maintain Ishita’s mood like this. He leaves.

He comes to other family members and say not to remind Ishita of that topic. Mr. Bhalla also tells everyone to behave normally with her. Ishita comes outside and goes in kitchen beside Simmi. Simmi is not feeling good because of guilt. Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla starts talking to Ishita about different topics. Ishita drops a bowl. She says sorry to Simmi. Simmi starts shouting in frustration and asks Ishita why she’s saying sorry, it’s not her mistake. All are confused. Simmi says it’s all her fault. Raman tells Simmi why she’s shouting, it’s just a bowl. Simmi says no, Adi has no fault in whatever happened yesterday. Adi didn’t do anything. It’s all done by my husband, Param. He provoked Adi. He’s a kid, he didn’t even know anything. Raman gets angry. Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi they all warned her before, but she didn’t listen to anyone. Raman says this time no one will stop me. Ishita says, please no. Raman shouts and says what do you want me to do then. Ishita tells him, you’re in too much anger right now. Please think about what you’re going to do because it will have direct effect on your sister and niece. You will go and beat him up. Will he change? No. He will come back for revenge. He will make Adi do bigger crime, we don’t want that. Please think about what you’re going to do. We have to end crime, not encourage people like Param. Raman calms down. Simmi folds hands and apologises to Ishita. She runs to outside. Mr. Bhalla tells Raman that Ishtia is right. Raman goes to talk to Simmi.

Mrs. Iyer and Vandu are outside. They see simmi running out. Vandu follows her. Mrs. Iyer asks Raman if anything wrong. She tells him to let Vandu talk to her. Simmi shares her guilt with Vandu and other hand Raman tells Mrs. Iyer about everything. Mrs. Iyer tells him Ishita is right, you will have to handle this with calm mind. Simmi tells Vandu she always blamed Ishita, never saw within her. It was her husband’s fault. She didn’t listen to anyone and always took Param’s side. She couldn’t see his real face and she deserves this. Vandu says all try to hide their husbands mistake because love is that kind of thing, but look at you.. at least you’re able to face this truth. Late, but you know his truth now. You can make decision with open eyes now, for yourself and Ananya. She hugs her.

Raman tells Amma he understands her and he also knows Ishita is right, but how he can keep calm after all this. Amma says, you care a lot for Ishita, right? But Simmi knows the truth now. Ishita always wanted her to find out Param’s face. Now simmi can move on in her life. We women give our entire life to one man. We get used to living for husband and family.. we make adjustments. After all the adjustments, we deserve happiness right? But if there are tears in husband wife relationship, then it’s better to end it. Marriage is very pavitra relationship, to keep it alive, women make many sacrifices. But there’s a limit to everything. Raman gets emotional. Vandu comes there with Simmi. Simmi goes inside. Vandu tells Raman not to worry, Simmi is understanding, her eyes are opened now, she won’t cry.

Ishita serves breakfast to Bhallas. Simmi comes to her and again apologises. She says, I made a huge mistake. I trusted someone who was not worth it. You all tried to make me understand so much, but I couldn’t see anything. I learned now that person can’t take care of me or my daughter. He is not capable for anything. Ishita calms Simmi down and says first time I am feeling that even bad thing, it’s happening for good. At least your eyes are opened now. That man is destroying your life. It’s okay. Simmi says you should be hating me, but you got a big heart.. you’re very nice. Ishita says, all this is filmy talks.. but in real, it’s hard to hate.. and easy to love. You are part of my family.. if I start hating family members, then whom will I love? Both hug. Raman feels good seeing this.

Precap: Mani tells Ishita if Raman has to choose between you and Adi tomorrow, then he will choose Adi. You took care of his entire family, but what did you get in return? I am sorry, but this marriage was a deal, and a bad deal for you. Raman is standing there with flowers and he hears it. Ishita tells Mani, this is not a deal.. this is a marriage and my husband cares a lot for me. Raman’s eyes become teary.

Update Credit to: Rahi

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  1. So sad prayosha read 16th nov comments fast just for u…all have posted…Welcome

  2. Who is mani to decide what kinda of husband is raman?? Its ishitha’s decision !! Doesn’t mani get that raman loves ishitha ? He must be ishitha’s best friend but it doesnt give him the right to interfere in their family problems .. N people please if u don’t like dramas why do u read the updates ? There are people who like this show ….
    N why is shagun coming back to bhalla house ??? Doesn’t she have anywhere else to go??
    What’s happening with mihika is due to her own fault ! She tried to be the heroine but saving shagun but instaed she got trapped

  3. Please we want to see ishra expressing their love for each other not this shagun n mihika parts yaar!! Ektha ma’am please ita good to have twists n turns but this is too much

  4. Ektha ma’am please don’t drag yhm like pavithra rishta or kasutii zindaga ki cuz tprs will drop if this story keeps on dragging for another 3 or 4 years!! We love ishra ♡♡♡

  5. Kp yeh to bahut purana video hai. Net par aise kai videos hote hai jisme galat date likhi hoti hai. Is video ki bhi galat date hai.

    1. tats y i asked..thanks fr clearin t up..

  6. Are yaar muje to ab pata chala ke Raman ko separtion ka Idea Mani ki baton se bahi par Amma ki baton se aaya hoga.

  7. Prayosha! Yhm serial ka story likha chuka hai joo ki kabhi badal nahi sakti…
    bhale ekta Kapoor ka yhm serial band kyo na ho jaye…..
    hame aisa lakta hai – Ishita ka saadi Mani sath to hoge magar Raman bhula na payegi….
    itna to mujhe pata hai mohabbatein serial ka end Raman Ishita ki romance ke sath hoga (love confess…..)
    magar fan’s itna wait nahi karega….
    finally fan’s are leave this show….

    1. Wrong sentence – Ishita Raman ko bhula na payegi

  8. God!!!!!! I watch this for entertainment!! So if u can give your opinion so can I!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ye to muje bhi pata hai ke end me to happy ending hi hogi. Par muje ye baad samaj me nahi aati ki itani serials banane ke baad bhi Ekta Fans ki whishes ko ignore kyo karti hai.
    Ekta ki har serial jitni high TRP ke saath suru hoti hai us se bhi jyada low TRP ke saath bandh ho jati hai.
    Yar Ekta fans ko satisfied rakho koi to hamari wishes Ekta tak pahuchao

    1. Kyoki fan’s ka comments uske paass pahuch hi nahi pataa….

      1. Sab ki battein nahi pahuchti hogi par kuch battein to Ekta mam tak jarur pahuchti hogi . Dekhte nahi ho Roj SBS par YHM ka 1 scene to dikhte hi hai aur uske saath Ishita ka interview bhi hota hai. To reporter fans ki wishes ke bare me kich to bate hi honge na….

  10. Ye Mani pehle bhi IshRa ke bich aa gaya tha aur tab se hi IshRa ke bich confusion suru hui thi. Ye Mani ab fir IshRa ke bich aa raha hai ye kyo unki personal life me interfier karta rehta hai . Wp sabke liye Raman ko kyon blame kar rha hai. Ishita ne jab shaadi ki to wo Raman ke life ki complications ke bare me janti thi jab use koi problem nahi hai to ye Mani ko kya problem hai……. Stay away from their life
    Hame to laga tha ki tum dono ko milane ke liye aae ho par ab jab dono milna chahte hai to tum dono ko alag kar rahe ho….

    1. You might not know that I am from England! Will you mind translating it for me! Or you don’t know how to type English! Haha

      1. Chumaa chumma chaar din huaaa hai dushre pe haha karti ho….

  11. have everyone read telly reveiws where ashok will mary mihika and also force her. what bakwaaz and all they are showing yaar. why are they people revolving or repeating the same mms drama with some alterations. almost many are ishra fans and you people are seperating ishra. i thought mani will bring ishra close but he is the main cause for their seperation. raman is just like adi .he gets easily moved by somebodys words. mihika is really brainless.she should have told the truth to mihir and ishitha. every serial brings twists for trp but yhm is stepping for low trp. i dont know why? plz ekta maam its a humble request dont seperate ishra.

  12. All Ishra fans plz quit this show. Mihir will be alone now and so will be Raman. Agar Mani ko milna tha to pehlehi mila dete. Why after 1 year when both r loving each other. Isse to ek hi baath confirm hoti hai ki Ishra r not made for each other. Agar hote to yun alag nahi hote. Mani recently said that Ishita isvery lucky to get Raman as her husband. Y is he saying all bull shit now. If u take Narayan/Lakshmi, Mahadev/Parvathi – their lives also went through a lot and took so many births and all they met their sole mate and did not marry anyone else. Ishra were also like that. But EKTA, u r disgusting

    1. Kuch na kr paooge bhai….u have only one solution – leave this show

  13. this yhm people why are trying to judaa ishra. they are the popular jodi of indian telivision.they have not yet confessed ki shuru ho gaya drama.mani ishitha and raman shagun what kind of jodis. the worst is mihika and ashok’ s . it looks like grandfather and daughter. always when something good is gonna happen some or the other obstacle comes. the name is yeh hai mohobbatein but there is no mohobbatein…why?

  14. ekta maam is really appionting the veiwers. when many people have decided to leave seeing yhm then i am daam sure that gradually the trp goes down. plz ekta maam . how many requests shall we send? plz…….

  15. ekta maam is really dis appionting the veiwers. when many people have decided to leave seeing yhm then i am daam sure that gradually the trp goes down. plz ekta maam . how many requests shall we send? plz…….

  16. worst drama ever. no one is gonna see ashok mihika drama (wedding) . what about ishitha and mihir. what the hell yaar. bakwaaz pe bakwaaaz dikha rahe hai. mani is getting really irritated nowadays.

    1. Agree for u…..

  17. yeh hai bakwaas drama. poora 1 saal de diya humne isi ummeed mein ki humein ek extra ordinary love story dekhne ko milegi. Ishita Mani se shaadi karne ke baad plz do not try to unite with raman once again. we do not want her back in raman’s life. raman akela hi accha hai apni phool jaisi beti Ruhi ke saath. Raman, EKTA ne tumhari kismat mein bas rona hi likha hai. rote raho.

    1. I m so sad for u …..u wasted your time……..plz cool

  18. im grt fan of yhm. i watch serial at 7.30pm,11.00pm,6.30 am,9.30am ,1.00pm and 5.30pm.wat after reading the spoiler view i want to stop watchng dis serial becoz i get hurt if ishra will get departd.plz ekta plz change the script if not ur ratng goes down plzzzzz its request frm all fans.i never treat it as serial i think its really happening.seriously when one epi is misunderstdngs btwn ishra i didnt like to see.den hw can u bring such a big twist. plzzz for fans sake change d script.ur fans are ur support nd strength den hw can u loose ur strength wantedly.hw ever atleast in the endng of yhm ishra will be one bt we dont want dat plzzzz

  19. u knw ur serial is dubd in telugu also.i do watch it also bt if this twist happens den u will get negative ratngs.will be top from bottom in our ratngs.ek mutti aasman serial in zee tv also did the same drama by separtng loved ones den no one say dat serial or update soooooo better if u remember it nd take it as a lesson

  20. Ekta is brainless person. She thinks peaople are emotional fool but we r nt. Yhm rating will go so down that they will have to close it. We will se grown up chilren of ishra and then thei grand childrens after some years like evey ektas serial

  21. Ektha don’t you have brains??? Don’t do anything which lowers the ratings !!! Why are you trying to do the same thing in all your serials??? Try out something new !! But before that make ishra confess their love for each other !!!! Ektha have you ever watched American tv serials??? They have twists n turns but not stupid ones like these…. please give ishra fans something really good

  22. bledy mani y u always try to enter in b/w raman nd ishu bec of ur dirty words raman decides to divorce and i think he came to say i love u to ishu bt u ur such a stupid ur a frnd na tho frnd ki limits me raho i hate u mani such a stupid u r

  23. Me too…

  24. I agree with bhagi…….mani wats hell is dis if ur a true friend then u shud ask way ishu wants in her life,,,rather then spoiling her life,,,,just Mind ur business nd be I, ur limits..,.,.,u dnt hav any right to interfere in ur frnd personal life……..

  25. Thank u rahi…..

  26. Ektha please throw mani out of the show as soon as possible

  27. I hope that ektha reads these !! If not how will she know what people think about the track in yhm

  28. Fguhdfhcx

  29. Hell.. I’m feeling bad after listing to new spoiler.. Y I wasted my time in this serial till now.. its just not a spoiler.. thing can’t be worst more than this in the show..

  30. Atlast simmi undrstood she was wrng n ishita was correct

  31. yesterday’s epi was simply outstanding. I mean, I was extremely happy to see Raman’s love for Ishita. How much he loves her, how much he cares for her. Easily the best person on this planet till date. Shayad hi kisi ne kisi se itni mohabbat ki hai jitni Raman Ishita se karta hai. Woh Ishita ki khushi ke liye apne aap se hi lad sakta hai ar poori duniya se bhi lad sakt hai akeyla hi. Love u Raman.

  32. Update today’s episode fast.. Eargerly waiting.. Please update fast.. any one please

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