Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi saying Aaliya is a nice girl, I was just thinking about Aaliya, I felt does I deserve her love or not. She says you will match up to her, are you sure this was the thing, I felt its something much, you were not normal yesterday. He says I was scared thinking will I keep her happy, I slept in your lap and then everything got fine, see everything is happy. She asks him not to get scared, Aaliya is good for you, marriage is not a scary thing, life will get beautiful, you both love each other, nothing will change, you don’t drink much like Raman. He agrees. She says that’s like my boy, come. She goes.

Dadi says Aaliya went to Adi’s house, how did you let her go, you should have gone with her. Shagun says its mother’s day, she said she wanted to surprise Ishita.

Dadi says oh, its okay, Ishita raised her, she should wish Ishita. Dadi asks her to come with her to temple. Shagun says I called beautiful. Dadi says you should be in abhishek, its more imp. Shagun says I will change appointment. Dadi asks her to keep phone at home and come. Shagun leaves her phone.

Ishita offers help to Raman. He puts eye drops in his eyes. They argue. She gets a call. Dr Batra says I have a good news, my new clinic inauguration is happening today Arjun and Shraddha are coming, they are coming to promote their move, I know its your son’s marriage, but can you come.

Ishita says I had to see Arjun Kapoor, but I can’t come, I m elder bahu and have many responsibilities, we can’t run away. Dr. Batra says we will be glad if you come. Raman taunts her that her age is of Gandhari and she dreams of Arjun. Aaliya calls Raman. He asks why are you crying. Aaliya says my make up artist did not turn up, Arjun and Shraddha are coming to promote movie, my makeup artist is hired by them, I have no one, please do something. He asks her to take Ishita’s help. Ishita asks what do I know, I m useless. She asks Aaliya to take Raman’s help. Aaliya asks them not to fight. Ishita says if I help, I will be taunted, you give a chance to Raman, he will help. Raman asks why, did Ishita get any other world to help, she will help. Aaliya says I don’t need any help and ends call.

Ishita talks to Mihika about Aaliya’s problem. Mihika says Shagun booked best makeup artist, how will we arrange someone good now. Ishita says makeup artist went to do makeup to Shraddha, she will be coming at Dr. Batra’s clinic, I will explain Shraddha about Aaliya’s marriage, I can try and get makeup artist, don’t tell this to Raman.

Raman says how can I refuse to Aaliya, Ishita has to listen to me, I can’t let Aaliya down, I have to get makeup artist for Aaliya. Ishita is on the way and says I will get makeup artist for you, just stop crying. I will manage Shraddha Kapoor, you will get your makeup artist. Aaliya thanks her.

Ishita reaches clinic and meets Dr. Batra. Ishita says I need your help, can I talk to Shraddha, its urgent. Raman also comes there. Dr. Batra thanks him for coming and asks him to join for inauguration. Ishita thinks Raman should not know I came for Aaliya’s work. Raman thinks I know why she came here. He asks why did you come. She sees Arjun Kapoor and greets her. She says you have appointment with me, come with me. Raman says she is mad. Ishita checks Arjun’s teeth. Raman looks on. Ishita says we have to do your smile correction. Arjun says but I did not smile. She says there is much yellowing, we will do some teeth whitening. Raman murmurs and goes.

Ishita apologizes to Arjun. She says Raman, my husband was here. He asks why did you behave such. She says my bahu has a problem, instead of helping me, my husband calls me useless, I did not wish Raman to know that I came here to take Shraddha’s help. Arjun asks why does all relations have complications, Shraddha plays Riya’s character in film, she is confused whether she loves me or not, my character Madhav loves her a lot, he wants to find her but does not know where to find her. She says husbands create complications, I always understand him to create balance. He taunts Raman. She asks him not to say bad to her husband, he is not cheap. He says he loves but does not express right. She says yes, he does not understand.

Raman goes to meet Shraddha. She asks who are you. She calls security. He says I m Raman Bhalla, I m a businessman, please, listen I have some imp work, its my son’s marriage today. She asks what are you doing here, sorry I can’t come in your son’s marriage. He says I know it well, you came for film promotion, my would be bahu was getting makeup done by your artist, I came here to take her. Shraddha apologizes and asks her to take Kajal, I will manage, you will become good Sasur. He asks will you tell this to my wife, she calls me Raavan Kumar, I did this for her, I can’t see her in stress. She says I think you are a very good husband. He asks her to meet Ishita. Ishita talks to Arjun. Raman gets Shraddha there.

Arjun says she was saying about breaking my teeth. Raman introduces himself and says Ishita is half doctor. Ishita says I took full degree. Arjun asks Shraddha to see their nok jhok, Ishita loves Raman a lot, when I said bad about him, she asks how can I say this. Shraddha says your husband loves you, he came to find makeup artist for bahu, so that you don’t get stressed. Ishita smiles. She says we still go on dates, I told him we will see your move. Shraddha says I hope you like it. Arjun tells about the movie. Raman jokes on Ishita. Ishita calls him Raavan kumar. Arjun and Shraddha leave. Raman and Ishita apologize to each other. They hug. Raman says this is called love. She says you are the best. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays…..

Aaliya says we will marry in few hours, if you have any secret, you can tell me, I can give you a chance. Adi says you are saying as if you are asking my last wish. He asks Roshni to study IAS, but give him divorce.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, magic, Bhagya, Khushi, Parichary……..

    Today’s episode is so delightful to watch. There was definitely more screen space for Ishra. Their nok jhok was there today. Both love each other deeply. Ishita is so good in her acting skills. Look at how she complicated Arjun until he got so confused. Lovely episode…. It is such a waste they have such an episode after the Star Paarivar awards. If these kind nok jhok has come earlier at least Ishra could have won.

    In the precap, Adi should have told at least Aliya what happened. But I didn’t like Roshni in the precap. I am not sure whether she would just agree to divorce Adi and follow her dream. According to spoilers, it says Ishita will make sure Roshni and Adi unite. If Roshni says that she herself does not like Adi and she wants to pursue her dream, then why she relents when Ishita tells her she has to be with Adi since they are married. Won’t it be better if Roshni tells IShita she is not interested at all and wants a divorce. Looks like Roshni would not want a divorce. Now i can understand why Aliya turns a vamp. Aliya treated her so well and to think she is going to snatch Adi from her is unbelievable for AAliya. Aliya’s anger on Roshni is justified.

  2. I also just want to mention that Raman’s acting is superb. Amazing…

  3. Yes Sindhu ! After a long time such a cute Ishra scenes ! Superb it was .. relaxing . The thing is that we can watch divan for hours … matured acting both of them . Not at all fair they did not get award National they were not even nominated … if nominated surely they wud have got .. and internation … to vote for them their site was not opening . Award is over but they are the best . As you have said I too wish Roshini asks divorce … but cvs wont do that . I shitha may stop Adi Alias wedding … Shaghun is waiting to insult Ishitha !

  4. Lovely episode.

  5. shagun angry is also valid. every time if all praises ishita, for example shagun is doing mom’s duty to make her daughter happy and all. ishita always she interupts in the middle, any one will get angry.

  6. Episode is superb….not seen Raman n Ishita embrassed each other like that after Ishita got married in real life???. Understand shagun wants to do mum duty but her mum duty is very ??? n thats is not good. Poor Mani have to bear all the burden.?

  7. Sorrryyyy … l mean to say embrace each other ???

  8. azuka nkwonta

    I sincerely don’t know if roshni will give Adi divorce, I don’t trust that girl, I always believe that roshni has a mission and a purpose for letting herself being forced to marry. Though Raman has registered her to study IAS but will she take that and give Adi divorce? I don’t know, she might want more. She has seen things she has not seen before: She has seen wealth, family unity and love been shared among family members. To me I see roshni like a gold digger, this is how I have always viewed roshni from the very beginning and she is yet to prove me wrong.
    I feel sorry for Adi she might not want to give him a divorce. Only aaliyah can save Adi from this mess but is Adi ready to tell her? We are yet to see.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    What if roshni goes to ishita and tells ishita the truth after Adi asked her for a divorce. Though roshni might look innocent, pretty all but I don’t like her for the bhallas. I think they should fix her to another family,; maybe to mirhi she will probably look better with mirhi than aaliyah; aaliyah looked too young for mirhi but roshni will do.
    By the way where is mirhi? No. One has seen mirhi for a very long time and I like mirhi so much. After the seven years leap ekta kapoor and the rest of them did not want to talk much about mirhi anymore. Mirhi is a soul and a gentleman they should bring him back

  10. azuka nkwonta

    If there is any of your favorite character or characters that you are no longer seeing in yhm I think we should do a campaign for them.

    We should take our campaign to ekta kapoor’s sites: Her Instagram page, twitter, facebook and her website and ask her to return those characters to yhm.

    1. Mihir!!

  11. simmi’s track was going good. stopped it abruptly

  12. Very nice episode. After long time we were happy and our mind made fresh.

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