Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman taking Ishita’s belongings outside house. He says this woman is dead for me, I hate her name and everything. He burns Ishita’s belongings. Ishita looks on sadly. Shagun comes home and asks Raman whats all this. She gets shocked seeing Ishita there. Raman proposes Shagun. Raman tells Shagun that I regret Ishita did not die, but she stays alive or dies, I don’t care, Shagun you came on right time, Maa always wanted Shagun and me to get married. He turns to Shagun and asks will you marry me… They all get shocked seeing Raman proposing Shagun.

Raman says Shagun you are staying here since 7 years and taking care of children, we will give a chance to each other once again, we will fix date soon, those who are invited, just they should come. Ishita cries

and goes to Iyer house. Raman holds Shagun’s hand and takes her to Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman gets mad in anger, he says what he wants, I have to do something. Ishita cries and recalls her family memories. Amma comes and says I did not see this, and removes the garland from Ishita’s pic. She says that day when I saw you, I decorated your room the same way as you like, come I will show you. She asks her not to feel bad of Bhallas, they have no culture and values, we will not keep relation with them.

Ishita cries and says I won’t stay here. Amma asks why. Vandu says you got your bag, you came to stay. Ishita says yes, but I did not come to stay. Amma says you came to stay at Bhalla house, even this is your house, we want you to stay here, why are you punishing your Amma? Ishita says my life has become a punishment, what will I punish you. Amma says we all love you a lot, come back. Ishita says if you all love me, why did you have enmity with those whom I love, there is no relation with them from your side, even you are wrong Amma, if I stay here, I can’t change anything.

Amma says so you are feeling bad for them, that family is right and I m wrong. Amma cries and says you don’t value us. Appa consoles Amma. Ishita asks Amma what is she saying, if I did not love you, why would I come here, you used to be good with Bhallas, I don’t want to see these fights now. Amma argues. Ishita says I m leaving.

Raman argues with Mrs. Bhalla and asks why is she feeling bad when he said he will marry Shagun. Shagun hears them. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun herself does not want to marry you, why will I feel bad. Shagun goes and washes face. She recalls Raman’s proposal and says why did I get glad when Raman said he will marry me and held my hand, why did I feel good, I want this family, and Raman…. But Ishita has come. Why did I not say anything when Raman proposed me infront of Ishita…… she cries.

Raman calls Mihir and says I m marrying Shagun, don’t worry about Ruhaan’s shoot, I will manage, do arrangements for my wedding, it should be simple, there should be no one whose face I hate. Mihir wonders why is Raman marrying Shagun, whats happening. Bala goes to Ishita and gives her a kerchief. He asks what are you thinking. She says I met everyone after long time, I m hurt as Amma shouted on me. He asks is this the only reason, or because Raman wants to marry Shagun. She asks why are you thinking this, why will I cry for this. He says eyes shows emotions, you are crying because of Raman’s behavior, you can’t hide your love, we are your family, you can share your problem, we will find its solution.

Ishita tells Bala that this should have happened before, Raman should have married Shagun long ago, why did he not marry, Shagun has sacrificed a lot and gave her 7 years, who waits for someone in today’s world, I was assumed dead, so this is happening right, I did not come for this, I came to unite two families, and tells how she misses everyone, its her duty to end this enmity, who got created because of her. He says you have to stay here for this then. She says I m thinking to stay as PG in this building, if I stay in anyone’s house, they will think I changed party, its complicated, I will talk in society office, see my luggage, what you are thinking is wrong. She goes. Bala says you felt bad as you love Raman, you feel Shagun has right on him now, I really wish you come back in Raman’s life while uniting both families.

Adi asks Shagun how can she agree to marry Raman after knowing everything. She asks whats wrong if Raman wants to marry me. She says I m doing this for everyone’s good. He asks what about Ishita, who will think for her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sharmi

    Raman kuch bhi kar deta hai gusse mein.had hai yaar.he don’t even knw why ishu left.

  2. lavanyabai

    worse episode ever….hate u raman n shagun…may be he will change in upcoming episodes..

  3. su

    This Raman idiot is turning to beast day by day, just kick him out of ishitas life, he doesn’t deserve ishita forever..

  4. reshma

    New love triangle to begin in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein :
    Raman gets itching by mushroom allergy and is troubled. He gets irritated and angry on Adi and Ishita. Raman does not know why is it itching. Ishita says you have eaten mushrooms, its allergic reaction. She treats him with ice and tries to take care of him. Aaliya comes and asks Ishita to just stop it, Raman and Adi are planning this to come close to you, Adi knows Raman has mushroom allergy and got mushrooms food parcel for Raman. Aaliya says Adi has done all this and Raman is involved.
    Raman gets angry on Adi. Raman has slapped Adi in anger. Ishita defends Adi. Raman tells Ishita that she is a big cheater, if Adi supports her, then he will also die for him as Ishita died for him. Adi accepts that he has done all this to bring Ishita back in Raman’s life. He tells Raman that Ishita still loves him and Raman is doing mistake to marry Shagun. Raman blames Ishita for teaching this to Adi and using children. Ishita says I love my children. Raman says she has always broke her trust and shouts on her.

  5. Ishra

    Adi is the best
    Raman and Ishita to have a romantic dance at Ruhaan’s shoot because of Adi.

  6. su

    This Raman is turning to beast day by day, just kick him out of ishitas life, he doesn’t deserve ishita anymore..

  7. Adithi

    raman…..idiot,idiot,idiot,idiot shagun demon demon demon want raman to dieeeeeeeee…..
    adi is so good and ishu she have all rights to slap raman and take pihu

  8. Starbucks

    Oh please now every epi sucks why couldn’t shagun just say NO and its great that Aliya or mani was not seen inter epi if not the bad epi could have become the worst epi???

  9. AS

    Adi, Mihir plz do something. What’s this stupid decision of Raman about marrying Shagun ???????

  10. SIndhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Resh, Shivani, Siddhi and many other YHM fans. Oh my goodness what a disturbing episode. I don’t blame the actors as they are executing what they should be acting. It is all the cvs who have destroyed all their beautiful characters. Raman has just decided in the fit of anger. He is obviuosly very angry because he feels she was alive and never once come into his life. We should never forget that he was actually was very happy when he saw Ishita alive the very first time at the police station. All this got to do with ego and pride. I am not sure but I think Ruhi might stop the wedding realizing Shagun is remarrying Raman. Raman has no love for Shagun at all. He is marrying her to spite Ishita. Shagun is made a scapegoat but that silly woman does not even realize that. She is only happy that she can enter Bhallas’ house. Shagun has turned negative once again.

  11. Super girl

    Hi . I stay in South Africa .I wanted to post sumthing today as I’m a lover of this soapies soo soo heartbroken as ishita is just a wonderful person. How can anyone do this to such a kind hearted person. I just feel like crying. Love always triumphs over hatred and I feel that ishra will come together. Adi bhalla u rock.????

  12. Ameena

    emotion episode anyway I wish something like ishita is about to marry mani and then I want to see ramans face he’ll know what ishitas going through when he announced his and shaguns marriage shagun is turning negative slowly

    • Adithi

      S.ameena ur correct while raman comes to know that ruhi is alive he will think of going to ishu in that time he will get to know that ishu is gng to marry mani raman shocked…. And he will realize his mistake

  13. SIndhu

    Shagun was first negative then she turned positive and now she is becoming negative. A person who from bad becomes good will not turn bad again. That person already knows what it means to be evil and negative so he or she will not become bad again. It only exclusively happens in YHM. I really hope Adi does something to stop the wedding. Raman’s anger though is justified I think he is overdoing it too much. I just want Ishita to take Pihu and Adi with her. Live separately away from Mani and Aliya and start a new life. She can support PIhu as she is a qualified dentist. Raman can live with Shagun and she can give birth to the next child and look after it. Hopefully Subbu enters Ishita’s life and woos her again. I am sorry guys but I just feel at this rate the writers are doing this mess. Instead of making sure Ishra will unite and create opportunities, they make Raman the bad guy. I really think Ashok is better off here. He only liked Shagun then Mihika but when both did not work he is not seen with other women. Raman just spoilt his image. This YHM is going down the drain if producers don’t do something about it. I think since Ishra have gotten the jodi awards and YHM waon many awards, the producers now can separate them as long as they want to develop spice in YHM.

  14. vidya

    finally what i expected is happening……..ishita being a doctor,good citizen,good daughter raman does’t deserve her….end this serial by making mani,ishita,pihu,aliya ek family,and raman,shagun,adi,ruhi ek family…….what the hell if 1st wife leaves marry sm1 n if she too leaves bring back 1st one thn 2nd one yeh mohabbat nahi hai zaroorat kehte hai

  15. That ill tempered Raman Deserves Shagun.. He Doesn’t deserve Ishitha. Thank God She stand up for Ardi When he raises his hand to Ardi. Ishitha should be given a gold medal for marrying Raman . who thinks no end of himself just cos he is a CEO. His Ego IS way to HIGH. that Ego Has to come down only IShitha can do it. She should not go back to him till he apologises to Ishitha on bended knees.
    Gosh This is going from Bad to Worse. How Shagun Changed i can’t believe it.. She is a sheep in wolf clothing. Oh Don’t feel like watching so disgusting when u think of the start of the show u feel so sad how this came down so low..

    • I completely agree with you, he did the same things many times and Ishita went back to him easily but this time. she needs to stand up for her self, and slap the Sh….t out of him and show him, that she doesn’t need a husband like that to be happy…for once I hope the writers give Ishita role that is strong, independent and brave women who doesn’t settle for less.

  16. shivani

    This is ramans main problem… acting without thinking….he himself made his life a mess….and i hate ishitas caring attitude towards that shameless raman…..she should divorce him before he asked for it…subbu has to re enter this show…if ishu marries mani, then the value of friendship get subbu is the right person…if adi really loves his ishima, he shouldn’t bring her in ramans life…he is a bad omen for ishita…its ishita who suffered a lot after married raman…but that idiotic raman said, she is a bad luck for him…stupid….i hate that fool more and more after today’s episode…

  17. roshni

    Raman is abnoxious arrogant egoistic idiot…he doesn’t deserve Ishita…she is too good for him..i really loved watching yhm not anymore the storyline is far fetched and boring…

  18. What’s wrong with this shagun
    Why she is expecting which never happens
    Why she left manoj he is very nice guy
    This shagun cheated him
    What was need to come again in Raman life again
    I liked Adi character he is very nice
    Hope ki ye track end soon
    Eagerly waiting to see ruhi truth

  19. Raman is not a kid, who needs decision from others, he is grown up man, if he wants to marry Shagun let him. Ishita deserve way better than this rude, obnoxious man, he doesn’t respect or trust her and if there is no respect or trust in relation then the relation is worthless. I thought this show was suppose to give good values to its viewers but it seems like they are showing, women been mentally abused, insulted again and again. I don’t know anything about Indian Culture but I am sure no Culture will put Thier Women throu such hardship in the name of relationship. I am not only talking the Main characters but the people who want this couple together. This Raman guy proved many times that he is not the right man for Ishita, n I don’t care about if he angry or not, everyone gets angry on their partner but they don’t insult them and mentally abuse them. To be a real man you need to control your anger and know what to say and not to say when you anger.

    • Yeah well said ishu feeling very bad
      He is insulting again and again
      If ishu is not speaking it doesn’t mean that
      He shd insult
      He is behaving like ishu is his enemy
      I don’t like to see this Raman is talking ishu like that

  20. Ishrakalove

    Am I the only one who wants Raman to marry Shagun guys Raman does not deserve ishita it’s time for him to get the taste of his own medicine let him know what he is missing and know how to value it if everything goes gis way then he hasn’t learnt any lesson at all I want him to miss ishu all his life and regret that woman was selfless and now he should know what I means by marrying the selfish one ishita deserves better and I think mani is great forget Ravan kumar and his family for once think about yourself dats not hard just leave with mani and Aliya and Ofcourse adi the episode today was hurtful and irrating now am sure trp is gonna drop and they are gonna give us more Ishra scenes now all I need is mani ishu scenes dat are gonna make angry young more angry man

  21. Pata nahi kya karne wala Raman
    He is in much anger
    But what ishu did she want to save her children
    But why Raman talking nonsense after that incident so she committed suicide
    I don’t understand what ishu did
    How many times she saved her children
    Raman can never understood now
    Simply dragging the show
    I am sure Raman will never marry shagun

  22. Srilaxmi

    Hello Sindhi.. Ashok is not seeing with any womes?.. In sday episode he is with nidhi… Have a look… Cheap character Ashok is..

  23. Eera

    Ahhhh this is the limit… .. ……. Very irritating episode… .. Ekta don’t drag this any more….. ….

  24. From 2days episode is not good
    Please Change the track.
    End soon we can’t tolerate more
    Nonsense shagun character shd end
    No use in serial simply
    Waste character in the show see her hairstyle is she kid to cut her hair like that
    Hate to see shagun

  25. Ishu is very good kind hearted person
    Now it’s time,ruhi shd know about Raman ishu ,why they separated and
    Ishu committed suicide bczz when ruhi died
    Now it’s time

  26. Mani will understand ishu
    But Raman is not understanding ishu
    How can he insult ishu like that
    Better now ishu should leave the Australia
    You do whatever you want Raman
    Ishu shd leave India

  27. I will not suggest ishu to marry someone
    Bczz she have her own feelings
    Raman you do anything we will see how you marry shagun
    How she will tolerate your anger
    She is not like ishu
    She will give one tight slap to Raman
    She is selfish woman I have never seen

  28. vp

    Hi all …. very emotional episode …. I dont understand what cvs are upto …. we are all sure Raman was very happy at the first sight of seeing her alive …. def Ishitha is his love … but cvs are making him characterless and shameless ….We can view their intimacy on the next Ishra scene … both of them madly love each other …. Ramans way is not the answer for this ….he has the right to b angry with her …. but here it shows so cheaply … the wholw world is watching this … millions are attached to this serial ….its a shame fir Indian culture and marriage …And there is truth in what Ishitha says …. shaghun having stayed for seven years …. should have become his wife … other wise why to stay in the house ….but when Ishitha is not wanting to come back to Ramans life why should she stay in the same society as PG … whats she going to benefit by uniting them ? Being Mata devi is not required in this situation … loved Adi when he said … who is there for Ishima ? who is thinking about her ? Anyway Bala as usual very genuine … their discussion was good … the Ishra dance will bring them back together to their memories ….wait and see … Mino I am fully ok … Hi Rithu … shivani .. Sindhu …

  29. Siva

    Please don’t allow Raman to marry shahun .it is really horrible .adi please reunite ishitha and raman

  30. vp

    She is not staying with Amma becoz she knows mummiji too loves her a lot and she doesnt want to hurt their feelings …

    • Yes I agree and its common sense. She is being fair. She is trying to do this not for herself but for the happiness of her both children and families. She is selfless.

  31. F. s. niza

    For a long journey don’t make a such a good things to bad it maybe reason for fall of a YHM good family Tele..if u make a marriage is a fun with marry again divorce again marry…again divo.
    …n relationship is going to be a joke of a society…
    So u r a good team give good n valuable,meaningful thoughts for the society n young generation that is the best thing media can give…i think n my thoughts

  32. Astha Chawta

    Please director sir can you make Pihu or Ruhi/Ruhaan make Raman and Ishita reunite????

  33. sanju

    Oh nooo y is raman dng this with ishu…hw can he marry shagun.soo sad for ishu.hate raman and shagun..shagun is soo cheap…she is becoming willian again.adi is soo caring and only he is the the 1 trying to reunite ishra…worst episode..shagun shd hv said noo to raman…and shagun shd stay in tht society only..hope shagun and raman’s marriage breaks…..and I know adi will nt let the mrge happen…luv u adi…and plz end this track sooon.ruhi’s hatred for ishimaa doesnt suits her and its nt gud to see her like tht change her…..
    Nw there r 4 willians in the show ashok,niddhi,ruhaan and worst shagun also…
    Hate them.raman is soo cruel and y he hates ishu soo much I dont was raman’s mistake 1st to gv ruhi to niddhi….i think adi and aliya will help reunite ishra……
    Waiting for tmrw episode.

  34. Worst episode…Raman has gone mad….Adi mihir nd Mrs. Bhalla shuld do sumthing…..plz don’t let Raman marry shagun…


    Guys, what are even thinking why shouldn’t raman marry shagun
    She sacrificed her life for children only and she is good from heart she wanted ishu to come back that’s why she stayed in Australia this many days

  36. shivani

    One more dance sequence of ishra…..just to satisfy the viewers….but ekta is not realizing that viewers will not get satisfaction until ishra reunites….

  37. sewwandi

    Ruhi should understand the Isimas dedication for she forget past is impossible.Ruhi is Ishima’s every thing.As viwers we want to see their affection,Nobody can hate such kind lovely mother.

  38. princess

    What the hell is going on in this serial..and how can Ruhi hate her Ishima…kitna pyar tha dono me..kya yeah hai mohabatain??aur muje lagta tha ki Shagun man jayegi..aur wo man bhi gai..muje aisa lag rha hai jab Ruhi ka sach samne ajayega tab Raman Ishu ko firse pyar krne lagega..Shagun ye sab dekh nai payegi aur firse negative role hoga

    • I think Shagun is in shock herself. She has been portrayed as a woman of high society not a gharelu one. Otherwise she would have tried to keep both family United and she would have bring some sense and cheer up Raman upto now just like Ishita. But no she is concerned with her ownself. Have she been shown anywhere cooking and looking after the children. She wants to be secured.

      • vp

        Yes she is self centred . Shaghun wants her luxurious life … blindly believing Raman who said it to make Ishitha jealous . Raman is made characterless by cvs no doubt about it . one cant compare Shaghun and Ishitha … Mani proposed to Ishu she said no becoz she loves only one Raman … what shaghun ….Ashok Manoj …. now Raman again only for her security … Cvs have succeeded bringing shaghun to positive by surrogancy track … where now some viewers feels for her … I never liked negative or positive but negative her acting was brilliant … positive transformation totally failed …

  39. soniya

    hey pata hai adi he ek plan banaya hai usne Raman ke liye pasta banaya jisme usne mushrooms bhi dala yeh jaaante huye bhi ki use mushroom SE allergy fir kya Raman use khayega use allergy hogi Ishita uska dekhbhal karegi jab ishra ko pata chalega to dono adi ko datenge Raman Ishita pe chilayega and dobara adi ka plan fail ruhi/ruhaan khush

  40. anuja


    Same story in yrkkh and yhm. Both daughter’s are away from family. And their parents s relationship is been spoiled. Ruhi is unaware of trick which is been played by nidhi. And naira was not mature to understand mother’s intention. Ruhi and naira both hates their mother alot. God knows fr wt they hates so much. Reaallly need improvement… in ruhi and naira….

    Writers plz change the strory line it’s not that interesting to watch. Better spread sm positivity by showing good moments.

  41. shish

    Is this Indian culture…Raman shouts all the time like a bull. What a marriage, disgusting

  42. Hi rithu,shivani,megha,sanju,anika, and all yhm. Fans the upcoming epis will be adi plans something he mixes mushroom in raman ‘s pasta. Therecore he knows that raman is allergic to mushroom. Ishita comes and take care of him. But raman will insult her like always befakuf raman. When raman wi gotta know that ruhi is alive. I hope that ishu is ready to marry mani. Then raman will understand living without ishita is punishment bye!!!

  43. uaha..

    How cheap and mean Raman is…his anger is NOT justified …stupid man think before you speak.Now wants to marry shagun what for..if she has given 7 yrs that is nothing compared to ishita’s love for Ruhi and Adi..remember shagun ran from the fire and it was Ishita saved the children and in turn lost her own child..So i ask what about this sacrifice …forgotten so soon Raman and Shagun..memory loss is both need a tight slap.Raman change your all punjabi men a BAD name..Writer change your script..or loose the janta vote..

  44. Vsd

    The name of show is yeh hai mohabbatein – mohabbatein has love understanding and trust but this show lacks all this and had only anger misunderstanding hatred!!! Raman loves ishita but where the hell he understands her!! He was the one who planned to exchange ruhi for pihu so when nidhi cheated he should have atleast given a ear to listen to ishita and understand her.. Ideally raman is responsible for ruhis loss and not ishita.. Bullshit raman is!! He cant love anyone to understand that person and trust.. How can ishita do wrong to her own child.. He should atleast think once.. Senseless storyline.. Makers r fools

  45. Vsd

    Now even more crap is shown… Marriage is joke in ekta kapoor serials.. Ten marriages can happen within same four people!!! No value for realtions!! Today marriage tomorrow divorce then again marriage… These values they r teaching society.. Bullshit.. Kids r shown more matured n sensible!!! Parents have lost their minds.. Adi is more matured than raman!! Raman is brainless..

    • Kal

      True.. Ur comment reminds me of Kasauti Zinfagi Ki. How many times Anurag Basu got married while he was in love with Prerna. They hate each other until they die. But after that they finally got together.. What a crap

  46. Tinku

    What’s happening? Why Raman is shown as characterless person. How can Ekta do this. We has respect for the moral values of Raman, but now hate u Ekta…
    U have made shagun positive but y again a twist in her character, How can she think to unite with Raman.

    Plz make the show as an inspiration to moral values and relationships.

  47. ss

    Shagun is ever ready to accept a marriage proposal, by whoever it is.. What a deman for Shagun . Everyone loves to propose her.

    Ruhi always hate Ishita more than her papa, Even in the past episodes she used to behave like this for Raman’s stupid decisions. True she had to undergo a lots of sufferings for her age, and the jealousy towards pihu and anger towards Ishita is understandable but she should think why Ishita went for a suicide attemt, Though Ruhi was brought up by Ishita with good human values, she has her attitutes like his beloved papa. She trust nidhi more than Ishita!

    Pihu is so sweet sometimes i don’t like when she acts like a drama queen.. I love Ruhanika very much, she is the best in YHM so sorry if i hurt others feeling .. it is my openion.

    If raman get married to Shagun, I really wish Ishita to get married to Mani. Mani is more sensible and gentleman type comparing to Raman. Let Raman suffer with Shagun.

    Because for sure Shagun will change to negative either if she get married to Raman ot not. If she married she will become arrogant, if not she will become revengeful.

  48. Super girl

    Ekta I’m sorry to say this but if u don’t reunite raman and ishita soon your serial will be a flop. And viewers are tired of seen stupid scene’s where raman is always hurting ishita and marrying someone else. So disgusting.

  49. Sasmita

    Raman and Isita are made for each other….So dont worry guys they have to reunite for the shake of there children and family…

  50. Kal

    This story is not connected to the past sometimes. For eg: Ruhaan knows ishitha and Raman seperated and also she didnt want to meet them each other in Aus. How come Ruhaan gets to know that they both are seperated and Raman doesnt know that Ishitha is alive? Ruhaan told Niddhi that Ishitha is alive. How come they both know that Ishitha had committed suicide. If Ruhaan knew ishitha’s suicide attempt, he should have sympathies for ishitha obviously. And also i dont understand how ishitha lives 7 years without seeing Pihu. It showes she loves and cares all the children in the world. Even she came back to Iyyer’s house to solve their enimity. She doesnt show that much interested towards Pihu. Storyline is very week after the leap i guess

  51. reader

    hey guys i have 2 pics of ishu Raman which u should definitely see but how to post it here pleas tell m if any one known

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