Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi trying to open Raman’s phone by entering passcode. She tries many passwords and even her name. It does not open. She enters Shanaya and phone gets unlocked. She gets angry and says Raman can’t cheat me, I will do such acting that Raman will think I don’t know anything, I have to catch Raman red handed, how can he cheat me so easily, I will trap him in legal case that he can’t come out of it all his life. She goes and keeps his phone back. She leaves. Raman smiles and calls Ishita. He says plan is working.

Its morning, Ashok comes to meet Shanaya. Servant stops him. Ishita hears him and worries. Ashok says I have to surprise her, go and make coffee. She thinks how to change her getup, and looks for the wig. Ashok walks to her room. She goes to bathroom

and he enters the room. He asks where are you. She asks who’s that, Ashok? He says I will wait for you. She asks why did you come in my room, respect my privacy. He apologizes and says such little things happen in husband and wife. She says you have less chances, we did not get marriage, leave. He asks her to forgive her. She says done, leave now. He asks her to show her beautiful face first, so that he can start the day. She pins her hair. She wears the wig and applies lenses. One of the lenses gets stuck in sink and drains. She gets worried and thinks how to go out without lenses.

Raman gets ready and sings song Sapne me milti hai. Niddhi thinks I will see how you meet her. Raman says I have imp meeting with Shanaya, can you pack tiffin. She says I have head ache. He says take rest, I will ask Shanaya to cook something. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman to have breakfast. She serves food with love and says you are my son. She fees him. He sees Niddhi and says if you think I will get away from Niddhi, you are wrong. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, I lost, its your house, I will be here for your love. Niddhi thinks there is something fishy. Shagun comes and sits to have parathas. Raman says I have work. Shagun asks her to take parathas for Shanaya, it will go magic for your meeting, she is NRI girl, she will be impressed by homemade parathas, take it. He takes tiffin and leaves.

Ishita wears shades and comes out. She asks don’t you have manners to come at this time. He says so sorry, I came to apologize. She says I got dark circles and tried getting rid of, but it did not go, so shades…. He says I like your look, I like your actual eyes, brown.. natural beauty, we are going to get married, I will see you in all avatars, why to get shy, whats so funny. She says Raman’s message is funny. He says you like Raman’s jokes. She says I laugh on you a lot, funny was that video, slap one, I had fun. He says I m ready to become joke for you. She talks to Raman on phone and makes Ashok jealous. Ashok takes away her phone. She says Raman is just a friend, give me my space. Ashok leaves.

Shagun tells Amma, Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi that she has found everything about Raichand and his daughter Shanaya, Raichand and Raman know each other, Raman helped him in business, Shanaya went to Newyork when Ishita came here as Shanaya, I think Raman and Ishita are doing some drama. Simmi asks why did Raman do this. Shagun says so make Niddhi sure that this is real, Ishita can do anything for her family, this is their plan, I m sure. Shagun says we have to make sure that Ishita accepts it, we will invite Ishita tomorrow in godh bharai function, I m sure there will be some solution. They get glad. Amma says we have to be careful, else their plan will fail.

Appa says I knew one day truth will come out, Vandu is proved innocent. Vandu says I can’t believe this. The lady says all charges are removed, that student is caught, our college realized they did wrong to fire you from principal’s job, they want you back. Vandu says I m so happy and thanks the lady. She hugs Appa. The lady says I hope you make a new start. Vandu gives the good news to Bala and hugs him. They smile. Bala thinks how did college change decision, did Suraj take the case back, is he planning any game again.

Raman packs his bag. She says are you going somewhere. He says yes. She says thank God, I will also come along, I will pack my bag. He says I m going for conference, with Shanaya. She argues and says I will come along, you finish meetings and I will do shopping. He says you have work too. She says I don’t care, I will come along, as you feel right. He goes. She gets angry and says I have to warn Shanaya, because Raman is just mine. Raman hears this and smiles. Ishita sees family members at her home and thinks did they know I m Ishita.

Sarika tells Niddhi that Raman might be seeing Ishita in Shanaya, I m just warning you, think and do the right thing. Niddhi says I have to find out whether Raman and Shanaya have an affair.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi rithu….frm wer u get all this gossips yar cut copy paste ha

    1. hey tansuri.I search in many websites and copy and paste.

  2. Sarika n niddhi can go to hell

  3. god …am again worried now after reading sindhu’s comnts … one news says leap is not gonna happen nd another says its gonna happen with separation …. which one to blv? nd why separation? can’t ekta see that its ishra which brings trp ? nd wt about Sp ?. are they blind???? i dnt know . but i dnt know … but i dnt approve leap .. nd especially separation… ….. … sindhu …. plz tll me hw many days ago she got those emails?

    1. hey diya .how are you? patha nahi aage kya hoga yhm mein .ya you are right .we dont know what to believe and what not to.

  4. I just dnt want any leap in this show.

  5. Hi rithu diya darshika and all yhm fan friends,
    I’m a silent reader up to now, but think now its time I also don’t want a leap in yhm and ishraruadi separation for a such a long time, at least 1 year leap is more than enough
    Rithu thanks for your upcoming posts
    And hey friends can I join with you all?
    I’m from SL

    1. hey sachie. you are welcomed to this site . you can surely join us.

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  7. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and
    Ishita romance trapping Nidhi
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  9. Pls makers don’t spoil d story by bringing the leap
    Don’t wanna see the leap in yhm

  10. Hi every one episode was OK but I don’t want any leap missing adi in the show

    1. hey siddhi .how are you?

  11. hey guys good afternoon.

  12. plz makers dont bring leap in yhm and dont seperate ishraruhadi in yhm .otherwise we cant watch yhm.

  13. guys m from south Africa…here we also watch the series n we crazy in love with it…we giving you total support no leap, we want to see ruhi n no ishira separation plz…I wonder y ekta is doing all this…the show will lose viewers… m such a big fan….cnt they atleast listen to wat viewers want

  14. @ani look up below ur comment, I told u how to fill the captcha

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