Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu and Ishita coming to meet Ruhi. Pihu and Ishita greet her. Ruhi thanks Pihu and hugs her, while ignoring Ishita. Pihu makes Ruhi sit and gets the south Indian food served by Ishita. She asks Ruhi to have it, and feeds Ruhi, while she refuses. Ruhi also feeds her. Ishita smiles. Niddhi comes and sees them. Pihu asks whats this Komolika aunty doing here. Ruhi takes Pihu to show her room. Niddhi asks Ishita what is she doing here. Ishita says I came to feed my handmade food to my daughter. Niddhi argues and says it will happen what I want, start staying away from Ruhi. Ishita says Ruhi is my daughter, this is court order, she has 24 hours security, don’t try to hurt her, else you will land in jail. Niddhi says you have just 27 days. Ishita says you too have that time

to rejoice, then Ruhi will be ours. Niddhi says lets see. Ishita calls Pihu and they leave.

Niddhi tells Ruhi that Ishita’s drama will never end. She goes. Ruhi thinks whatever, I don’t know how time passes so soon with Pihu, I m so happy. Pihu tells Ishita that you planned superb for Ruhi. They come home. Pihu tells Shagun about it. Shagun says its not good to bunk school on class test day. Ishita asks what, did she had class test. Pihu says sorry. Ishita says I m sorry, I did not know this. Shagun says you never ask anything, its good to be in limits. Ishita says sorry. Shagun goes. Ishita says I should have checked Pihu’s school diary, I have become careless. She attends Pihu’s teacher’s call and says sorry, I did not know about class test. The teacher says its fine, class test did not happen today and tells about science project, send the fees. Ishita says thanks, I will inform her mumma.

Pihu asks Shagun not to cry, I won’t go anywhere without telling you. Shagun says I was so scared, if you get away, will you miss me. Pihu promises that she will not get away. Shagun says if you get someone better and loving you more than me, will you go. Pihu says never, don’t get sad, I promise I won’t go. Shagun cries and says I love you a lot. She sees Ishita at the door, and asks Pihu to freshen up. Pihu goes. Ishita tells Shagun about teacher’s call, and conveys message. She leaves.

Mani comes to the society to meet Ishita. He parks the car and sees Ishita worried. She sees him and asks how did you come here. He says its Ruhi’s birthday, I know its challenging day for you , so I came here, whats the problem. She says its fine, come. He says I atleast gave right to share your problems, tell me. She says I feel so incomplete, like everything is slipping out of my hands, Pihu does not know I m her mum, I have so much love to give her, I had to show this does not affect me. He says there is a solution. She says its not easy, I want to solve all this, I want to love my daughter, I m at the point where Shagun was before, I can’t express my love, Shagun changed, she is very sincere, caring and loving, she is a good mum, how long should I know it does not matter, but I don’t want to hurt Shagun or anyone, I don’t know how to handle all this.

He tells about light coming after darkness, its cycle of life, you will get both daughters’ love, don’t know why you are worried for Shagun, the girls are lucky to have love of two mothers, why should we lose courage, you managed difficult situations and me, this is little thing, close your eyes and think, you are the solution. She says you are really good Mani, I don’t want to thank you, you are right, when intentions are good, everything can be acquired without snatching anyone’s right.

Pihu says how will I wear old clothes and spreads all the clothes on the bed. Neelu comes with her new dress, and says this will look good on you, wear this. Mihika asks Simmi about Ishita, and takes her advice about the dress. Simmi asks is Romi coming. Mihika says no, he has some imp work. Neelu gives a new dress to Simmi. Mihika likes it.

Raman comes to his room and sees Ishita getting ready. He smiles. She pins the saree pallu. He says I was not staring at you, I was thinking something, don’t get mistaken. She says I m not. He gets blue and black blazers and thinks what to wear. He is confused and asks her to say blue or black. She says blue, you will look good in blue. He thanks her and gets black coat. She says I said blue. He says I know, so I m wearing black. She asks why did you ask then. He says I just asked. She says you will wear anything in your ego. He sees her pinning the saree.

He says don’t think I m paying any favor, I m just trying to help you so that you don’t waste time. He pins the saree. Dil kahin rukta nahi………plays………. They see each other in the mirror. She recalls the old moments. His finger gets hurt by the pin. She asks him to show. He asks why are you wearing sarees. She says some change is good with time. He says like you changed, you did not find out whether I m alive or dead, I was madly missing you, Ruhi also left me, you both keep changing, I m good being the same. He goes. She cries and says why do you feel this change was by my wish, destiny joked with us, I wish I could explain how sad I was being away from you, I hope everything gets fine in today’s party, atleast you can get Ruhi close to us.

Ashok asks Raman to get out, as you don’t have invite. Raman gets angry on Ashok. Ishita and everyone stop Raman. Ruhi comes and says stop, I have invited them. Ishita smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jaz

    Today episode was nice but lil bit emotional also.mani such a nice man he no how to handle ishu and always supports her.just I’m fed up this shagun manipulate drama I think ishu will sacrifices pihu.ishra fb scene was nice

  2. jaz

    Niddhi darling apni ulti ghiti ghinna shoru kardo srif tere liye 27 din bache hain and jail mein chakki pising pising humei tab aye maza..

  3. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans . episode was ok. Ishu and raman love each other but they not showing their true feelings . niddhi and ashok together with shagun should go fly kites.shugun is feeling very insecure. Ishu is such a good person yet everyone just hurts her.well we just have to wait and watch what will happen next.

  4. shivani

    I just want to skip all shaguns scenes….she is irritating….she hasn’t any right to speak like that…poor ishu..Raman taunting ishita was very nice….it seems like he wants to get more close to her…he is making excuses to talk with her and at same time he wants to show her that she means nothing to him…so lovely…
    its so boring that story is repeating…once adi humiliated raman on his birthday party and now its ruhi….

    • vp

      True shivani … once Adi humiliated and Ruhi knows that … I cant see children humiliating parents … parents love to their children have no limits that doesnt mean chikdren can humiliate .. parents … that can hate … i was trying my best not to comment in this site … one being the oldest oerson here … second i really cant take bad words … like Kimberly was using …but somehow i am forced to reply you ..,

      • shivani

        No VP…. you should comment….i like ur comments…age doesn’t matter here….views are important….just avoid Kimberly…

      • rithushree

        hi vp .how are you? dont see age .age never matters here .infact I really like your comments and I everyday search your comments and dont bother that Kimberly .she doesn’t know about the serial itself and is commeting on her own imagination of the serial assuming something .its her views so its better to avoid her comments as we know the story of yhm.

  5. Nivedha

    Ahaan… Raman What an idea Sirji… You are just helping her to save time right!! Raman is rocking as usual… Happy to see Ishra nokjhok…
    I got doubt how this Ravan kumar is asking Jhansi Ki Rani’s suggestion.. But Raman is Raman… Cute Episode… Loved it a lot…

    • priya.j

      Nice episode…i think pihu should get love from both the mothers….it is not the right way of talk to ishitha like this be in limits…i just hate that word..its the right of ishitha to come close to pihu.

  6. Priya

    Thanks for fast update amena.i wish pihu understand ishita is her mom.and pls pair shagun with manoj that will be good.I want them live in bhalla house and pihu will satisfy.

  7. Swathi

    I hate this ghost that I will kill her….. Vo kehrahi hai ishita ko apni hadh mein Rehne ke liye jaise vo apni hadh mein rehna jaanthi hai….. Vo pihu ki asli maa nahi hai ishitha hai pihu ki asli maa Lekin ye ghost aise behave aur sabko dikhka thi hai ki vo uski asli maa hai aur ishitha nahi hai aur raman uski pathi hai ishita ka nahi kal ke episode mein shayad vo raman se kehrahi hai ki uska room use karo Lekin raman ne uski jagah dikhadi….. Aur vo ye bhi kehrahi hai ishita ko ki ishita will not ask anything like she have asked aur listened to someone in the past aur tho aur vo ishita se permission bhi nahi maangi jab vo ishitha ki bacche ki surrogate mother banni thi aur ishita tho shagun ko adi ya ruhi ko Milne se nahi rukhi thi insecure thi ishita ruhi ko aur raman ko lekar Lekin itna nahi thi jaise abh shagun behave karahi hai…. Shagun ko insecurity nahi hai pihu aur raman ko lekar uski insecurity raman ki paise aur uski popularity se hai ki kahi ishita vapas raman ki life mein phir se aagayi tho uska apni jagah kya hai isiliye vo raman se shaadi karna chahathi hai thaki mrs.bhalla ka tag paakar raman ki paison se aash kar sake……. Coming to today’s episode last raman ishita scene was nice and ishita said that when intentions are good,everything can be acquired without snatching anyone’s right that’s soo true shagun’s intentions are not correct she is trying to separate a mother daughter and a wife husband also so she will loses every thing pihu a ur bhalla house

    • jaz

      You absolutely right swathi kitni shellfish women hain ye shagun o din jab niddhi bhalla house ayi thi ruhi ke exchange offer paisey lene keliye tab shagun kya kehe rahi thi ki ruhi ki real maa hain ho.ishu bhi tu pihu ki real maa hai na lekin ye greedy women apna phan phela ka beiti hoyi hain ishita ku das ne keliye ab bus manoj ajaye tu acha hoga ye bhalla house se jaldi veccet karde tu acha hain.

    • Anju

      I totally agree with u swathi
      Every word u say is correct
      And now that muddy shagun is dancing with raman…..

  8. steph

    i actually don’t like new ishita.. she shouldn’t have put ruhi into risk in the first place.. wonder whether she would do the same if ruhi came outta her womb too despite raman’s insistence.. ruhi adored her a lot, trusted her, was always there for her.. so ishita shouldn’t have done that even if raman requested because it is the mothers always protect kids.. i don’t think i am the only who noticed ishita wasn’t hurt as much as she was when shagun snatched her from her back when raman made that stupd deal with shagun to bring adi home.. she didnt have any kid then, but when ruhi was dead she had her own baby in her hands.. so she was sad of course but not more than an aunt.. disgusting.. may be they’re right step mothers always step mothers.. pooor little ruhi was so unfortunate not to get the love from her bilogical mother too.
    not to mention that ishita let her family believe she’s dead lament them each day over her death.. above all, the way she promises to mani saying she would leave to “there” world in australia when things settle is disgusting.. how could you ishita, shame on you! ruhi is not wrong to hate her

  9. Shona

    Hey jaz adi rithu sindhu and all yhm fans..

    Good episode..
    I too wish d same dat d grls pihu n ruhi get love of both ishita and shagun.. i thnk shagun wnt turn negative again..she love pihu soo mch i thnk.. duno wat cvs is planning..
    I thnk bfre divyanka’s marriage ruhi wud come bck n ishu will go bck to Australia.. and den raman would be trying hard to bring her back..
    Mani is sooo good.. it will b awesome to have sch a frnd..
    Waitng fr upcoming episodes..

    • jaz

      Hi shona how r u..yeah shagun will CHANGED to grey apni fitrat apni.pass.hi rehethi hain so shagun tu badleghi hi I think manoj aajaye na tu acha hoga shayad..agar ye pihu ku patha chaleghi ku ishu uski asli maa hain tu kya hoga???

  10. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, Shivani, Mino, VP and many YHM fans. I hope everyone is doing fine. Thanks Shona for liking our comments. You mentioned yesterday and since I am living in Singapore and due to our time difference I could not comment right away.
    Shivani I agree with you. What I wanted to say you say it. I see what younger Adi did to Raman during his birthday is exactly happening to Raman again but this time Ruhi. Well at least his children insult him since he insulted Ishita. He will know how hurtful it can be when he did that to Ishita several times. But I like their nok jokh in the room. His ego prevents him trying to get closer to him but he can’t help it but look at her and even ask her opinion about clothing. Raman definitely wants her but he is afraid that after Ruhi comes Ishita might she go back with Mani. I think he can’t bear it.

  11. Kimberly

    I swear this drama is getting so Boring and stupid I mean seriously sometimes Istiha acts like a Devi and now she is techincal trying to snatch Pihu from Shugan. I know Istiha and Raman are suppose to be be the main leads and protagonists but still yo they are literally playing with Mani and Shagun. This drama is so far from reality I mean who starts living with there ex wife after saying you hate her the most and she is the reason for the reason for the dark/sadness in your life and techincal speaking isn’t Shagun the one who gave birth to Pihu and than she took care of her too and now the mahadevi Ishtia wants her back and in which real Indian household do to sautans live together in harmony and “give the children the love two mothers”

  12. Swathi

    Thank you jaz for agreeing with me and manoj ko nahi aani chahiye kyunki manoj bahot acha insaan hai vo shagun ko deserve nahi karte but he deserves the best ye ghost tho usse bhi dhoka diya vo kisisse sacha pyaar nahi karsakthi agar karthi tho manoj ke dhoka nahi dethi

    • jaz

      U r right swathi ye shagun kuch bhi karsak thi hain phele raman ashok phir manoj ab raman kya phir se ashok ke saat jayeghu many boy friend in her life I’m fed up this all

  13. jaz

    Hey Adu whr u dear today episode was nice but ishita ne muje rola dya.and mani was such a nice person. Dho dho.betiyan hokar bhi bichari bilkul akeli hain.ek beti tu os dyan niddhi ke pass hain.dosri beti tu os swarti aurat shagun ke pass hain.I hate shagun lot lot lot lot..she never change

  14. Anju

    Hey guys
    U know this
    Ishra dance for soch na sake in bday party
    Its good up to there
    Bt later raman dances with shagun & ishitha with mani
    I m unable to tolerate this
    If it continues in this way only for some more days then i’ll never watch the serial….
    Sooooo sad
    What is ekta trying to do?????

    • Cham

      I hope something which happened to Shagun when she was with Ashok,will not happen to Ishitha in the same manner as Raman made Shagun fall in the party at that time

  15. Mino

    Hi Sindhu, Shivani VP , Rithu & All The Other YHM Fans.. Sorry if ur names are not mentioned but when i say all everyone in this site is included… Sindhu I too Agree with Shivani. Why cant they think of another line . The writers are repeating the whole story all over again. Oh Gosh can’t they let their imagination get a better story.. All the Fans here write better comments.. regarding the story.. Anyway we have no say. Now Mani knows he has to be a friend to Ishu. what a gentleman he is. not forcing her to come back to him after living in his house for 7 yrs. Why can’t Shagun be a Lady & accept the same way. She knows Raman did not marry her for the last seven yrs & Raman in his anger told he will marry her. But now she is back to her old tricks Using Pihu for her benefit. sick woman i though she has changed but she is the same old cunning woman. shedding crocodile tears just to get sympathy from a little girl. why is no one telling Pihu that Ishu is her Mum. I think when Bala went to drop Ruhi to the hotel when Ishu was sick he told Ruhi the whole story. i have a feeling that Ruhi knows everything that happened & want to unite Her dad & Ishu. Raman has lost his memory. he chased Ishu out of his life now telling her u did not bother whether i was dead or alive. actually he has no right to say that to Ishu. he told her to get out of his life & family. Ishu must bring Ruhi back & Go & stay with her mum till Raman comes crawling to her. then he & the whole B family will realise her value. In a way can’t blame Shagun too As the old Mrs B Welcomed her & Made her comfortable & even wanted Raman to marry her. All are to be blamed. As IShu’s Mum says.
    Hope i did not hurt any one . Have Fun Luv

  16. Sharadiya Banerjee

    I liked today’s episode. I am so sad that Ruhi still ignores Ishita. It is very interesting that history is repeating itself. The childhood Ruhi would not even THINK that she would become like this in 7 years. But she loves her family this I know. But Raman why you are so full of ego. Please change!!

  17. abhishek

    I think ishitha is loving pihu more than ruhi
    raman is trying is best to get ruhi back but ishita is not bothered about ruhi i know no one loves ruhi more than ishitha but in today episode i felt like ishitha loves pihu more than ruhi i hate shagun ishitha was the one who thought shagun how to love kids uncondtionally and ishitha always suported shagun and turned her into a good human being

  18. aruna

    Actually I want to mention one point don’t take it negative. I wanted Pihu to choose shagun bczz wen shagun left Ruhi at 6mnths old Ishita made her her own daughter by marrying Raman but she didn’t sacrifice her lyf for her but shagun did it without marrying Raman. And now wen shagun realized her mistake she never interfered in ishra’s lyf bczz she knows ruhi and Adi will be happy only at Ishita but now whole family wants ishra without thinking of shagun. That’s not acceptable. But I love Ishita so much…

    • vp

      Raman never wanted to marry Shaghun …Aruna .. thats the truth … he wanted Pihu to be taken care … Shaghun doesnt know the meaning of sacrifice … if so why insecure … should allow Ishitha to gel with Pihu … sacrifice is that when you make others happy … the moment Raman preposed she was ready to marry … As for me beginning Shaghun is a selfish lady …

      • Kimberly

        I feel sad for Shagun man she actually tired to change and be a good mother to Pihu and its normal for everyone to feel insecure and anyways you do feel insecure when you treat someone else as your life or the goal of your. I think that is what Pihu is to Shagun the meaning of her life I mean I like ishu but I like Shagun too

    • Reshma


      |Registered Member

      Ishita loved ruhi as a baby itself & a neighbor.. when RUHI choose ISHITA in court, then Raman & decided to get marry just for ruhi’s happiness. Later Raman realized RUHI has chosen best for him & his family. Raman found a good friend, carer, trustworthy, lover & wife in ishita… He immensely loved ISHITA without anyone’s influence/pressure..

      Raman did not marry SHAGUN as HE STILL LOVES ISHITA….. SO, he also mentioned he will talk to marriage bureaus for shagun….

      so, clearly Raman doesn’t have interest to marry SHAGUN.. he askd SHAGUN to marry him as he was in anger with ISHITA, so that he could tell ishita that he is not in pain & leading a life and to make her known how it feels when someone we love the most leaves us…. that’s all…. coming to shagun, she didn’t sacrifice, she is trying to manipulate pihu as she used to do with Adi… so, I’m feeling like she may turn negative from tomorrows episode..

  19. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    As per the ongoing track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein, Raman and Ishita are
    working hard to win Ruhi’s trust to
    get her back to Bhalla house.
    In the upcoming track Nidhi will
    arrange Ruhi’s lavish birthday
    party where Bhalla family will
    come in without invitation card.
    Guards will not allow Bhalla family
    to enter into the party but Ruhi will
    welcome Bhalla family taunting
    Raman will present Ruhi the photo
    frame where he has gathered all
    Ruhi’s childhood photos and
    memories in one huge frame.
    On seeing the frame Ruhi will get
    teary-eyed but will insult Raman at
    the same time.
    Raman gets grief-stricken on
    hearing Ruhi’s harsh words and so
    does Ishita.

  20. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    hey rithu how r u??? sorry, I couldn’t reply as I’m bit busy in work….


  21. jaz

    Yeah ekta khabi nahi sodreghi uske show mein tu humesha affairs hothe theen par wedding karwathi hain she never change story wahi ghisa pita love triangle affairs 2-3 baar shadi karoi srif atha hain.

  22. Cham

    I wish Raman could accidently or somehow hear Ishitha for once, while she is talking to herself that she still loves him as before….


    I know it is too Late to Wish, But Still I Say A BIG Hi to JAZ Super GIRL Rithu Shona Ramchin Leena And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Today’s EPISODE Was Not BAD But Very EMOTIONAL.




    Tab Hi ISHITHA KO ACHCHA Dikhasakte

    But One Thing AnyONE Can UNDERSTAND


  24. rithushree

    Raman is acting too much . he told ishitha to gi out of his life and now he is taunting every now and then about she leaving him and his family .he’s gone totally mad I think .and this shagun , even she is overreacting on every simple matters .she was searching for ishitha madly in Australia and screaming her throat that bhalla family is ishitha’s family and niw she is screaming her throat like bhalla family is her family .whatever let it be ishitha never uses any cheap tricks like using children to fulfil her motive .and this shagun used pihu to stay in bhalla house and is always worried about what will happen to her place in bhalla house not that she will loose pihu .she is just using pihu as a medium to stay in bhalla house .she is overdominating over pihu and that too infront of ishitha as if to showoff it looks too horrible .mani explained to ishitha very nicely . this shagun and raman both are behind ishitha taunting and acting like mentals as if they are perfect and what all happened seven years back was all because of ishitha .ishitha ia understanding shagun and thinking of her happiness and this shagun is thinking when will ishitha go back to Australia .the whole story is a total disaster and a mess as whatever will happen somewhere injustic to mani aliya and shagun .because they gave seven years of their life to ishitha and raman.

  25. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    many say Raman has ego & anger…. I agree in some cases, but not all… He is egoistic then & now.. he was like that when SHAGUN created a fight between him & his parents.. Do, u remember??? papaji took shagun’s car for some work, then she created a havoc.. from then Raman’s ego & anger has grown up I think… ruhi’s birth, shagun leaving him & he was totally depressed as he loved SHAGUN but now she left..

    He was to divert his mind from all these & left for business work & stayed away from RUHI as well as family. he was always involved in business work beside spending time with daughter/family.. ISHITA brought RUHI nearer to Raman.. Even after ishra’s marriage he was egoistic & angry man.. Then he was changed a bit by bit after ishra’s marriage… So, again he lost the one he loved most.. He loved ISHITA so much that he still can’t forget her memories though keeping his full focus on work… Now, he is getting all the madly love through his anger & ego as to make ISHITA he still loves her a lot..

    But after leap it has gone max, I think its KP’s acting in some scenes which makes us feel Raman has much ego & anger than before…

  26. rithushree

    nowadays there is lot of comments in this site .one month back it would not even reach to sixty or seventy comments but now it is reaching hundred and I hope even the old commenters also come back here like mizun prayosha priyaroli thachu nimrit bhagi unique angel and many?
    even where are you guys darshika darshi jhanvi anakha parvathi diya ( both the diyas ) lavanya fathi ude riya anakha rithika tansuri sachie and many?


    Hi Bhagi.
    How Are You?
    How Was The EPISODE?



    • jaz

      Hi Adu Gd MORN.u right Adu muje shagun jaisi aurat se sakth nafrat hain.adi sahi tha shagun srif apne bhare mein hi soch thi hain.adu zindaghi mein sacrifices hona chahiye lekin insecure khabi nahi. Hona chahiye.shagun khabi khus nahi hoyi jab ishita ruhi ku zinda dekhkkar.kitni gatiya aurat hain.keise manipulate drama karahi hai pihu ke samne rokar.lekin ishita khabi ayesa nahi kya ruhi lekar.

  28. Saima

    Hi guys!!! Loved today’s episode specially ishra scenes and btw guys I am in 9 grade from Hyderabad India and jaz in which are u in? Btw who is this kimberly?? Does she even know the story of yhm she is just commenting here on her own imagination……huh!

    • jaz

      Hi saima I’m from Tamil nadu your ARE from Hyderabad..oh wow my lovely friend Adu I mean aditya also Hyderabad we both are best friend s just we meet in mam SHOW update comments par.we both left mam show now days in yhm show update comments par.

  29. Siddhi

    Hi everyone I hate this shagun she can never be like ishu everything is so complicated in this serial ishu want to give love to her both daughters I know ruhi really loves ishita but it will take some the for her to accept her but pihu she don’t even know that ishu is her mother but she start liking her I don’t know how will she react on knowing that ishu is her mom Raman is becoming irritating every time he shouts on everyone writers have completely ruined his character n now I don’t want ishu to say more sorry sorry to Raman

  30. Siddhi

    I don’t want to see shagun ishu n same house I hope that they will not show Raman n ishu together n ishu n shahin together taking care of children

    • shivani

      i too dont want shagun and ishu to look after the children…may be because i hate shagun….i really want shagun to get out of ishras life forever…. shagun is ramans first love , first wife and mother of his children… though pihu is ishus baby, shagun gave her birth…. so there must be some kind of love in ramans heart for her…..during the ghost track when shagun committed suicide, i was really happy…but that was only a drama….if there is anything in this world which can separate ishra , thats shagun..

      • vp

        I too dont like Shaghun and Ishitha under the same roof … Ishitha is very understanding … I think thats her failure too

  31. Fan

    I occasionally read the comments protion of the written updates just to read other peoples reactions to this wonderful show.
    In this day and age, where we have so much exposure to the internet, written media and various other forms of access to research results, people are still ignorant of a lot.

    People don’t realise (or they do and still choose to be insensitive) that people are overweight for various reasons (ill health, hormone imbalances, medication, or just plain old “puppy fat”) no body wants to be overweight. Be more sensitive to others peoples feelings. Your insensitive words or actions may cause irreparable damage to an affected persons mind or emotions for years.
    Let us be more caring and sensitive to our fellow man. Stop critising their weaknesses, their shapes and sizes etc. Were all different in so many ways, let’s not judge others, rather let’s embrace the divers types of people that God saw fit for us to live with each other.

  32. nish singh

    Today’s episode was OK. At least Raman not shouting..spoke calmly to Ishita. Hope story line moves faster.not sure how Ishita will ever explian her staying away for so long

  33. summi

    Where is when Pihu is looking for her dress to get ready for party , why she is always out busy with NGO. I think a 7 year old girl needs her mom every time but she is always outside home what type of love is this. Pihu should know Ishita is her real mom , what’s wrong if Pihu call Ishita as Ishimaa like Adi n Ruhi as she call Shagun mamma . Shagun its too much to ask Ishita about limits. I am sorry if any feels bad its my own wiew that those who are always busy outside with some NGOS are not good moms.

    • jaz

      No summi u right dear now days shagun is doing na it’s was not good enough is enough aur apne aapku samaji thi kya hain jab ishu ayi hai the lady behavior is too much apni bachi ku lejane keliye iski permission lene padighi kya shellfish women.and hand she is manipulate ing pihu ghandi nali ka kiida hai shagun kitna nalavo o si mein jayega.

  34. Akansha

    It is ishu’s mistake..Pihu and shagun love each other and isbu mst nt hv taken pihu without asking shagun.And when ruhi was gone with nighi in that day ishita left ruhi’s hand she must hv put ger behind her.

  35. jaz

    Hi Guys Adu bhgi ritu sindu super girl vp saima swathi siddhi mino shona Gd morn Guys to all members of group…

  36. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    As per the ongoing track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein, Nidhi has arranged
    Ruhi’s lavish birthday party where
    Ruhi wants her little sister to grace
    her presence along with Bhalla
    However Ruhi dreams of Ishita
    when she wakes up in the morning
    on her birthday but later gets
    Bhalla family will attend Ruhi’s
    birthday party but they will get
    insulted due to Nidhi’s cheap
    tricks as usual.
    On the other hand even Ruhi will
    not leave any stone unturned to
    insult her parents.
    Nevertheless Ishita will take a
    stand and will gift Ruhi best
    daughter’s award on her birthday
    as Ruhi used to gift her Ishimaa.
    Ishita’s this gesture of love will
    leave Ruhi astonished.
    Stay tuned for more exciting


    Good Morning ALL The Members of The GROUP
    Hi JAZ Bhagi Super GIRL Shona Rithu Leena And Other Members of The GROUP.

    Hi VP Am NEW to This Site.

    VP if You Want to Give COMMENT,Then Just Give it.
    Don’t Hesitate to Post Your COMMENT.

    Yesterday Only I Wanted to Tell You
    VP in LIFE As We Have Day And NIGHT



    At The End of The DAY This is Only An Entertainment.




    From Now Onwards You POST Your COMMENT Daily Or Whenever You FEEL.
    Happy SUNDAY VP.
    HAPPY SUNDAY to ALL The Members of The GROUP.

    • jaz

      Hey Adu what happened Adu phir se eyes mein pain kya.consult some doctor adu I’m worried about you yaar.patha nahi adu ye kaisa dard hain.dard tumei horaha hain taklif muje horahi hain.itna stress kyun lerahi ho take some rest Adu.mein allah se zaroor tumare liye duwa karoghi Adu.dekhna allah meri duwa zaroor legha aur.tumara dard mitjayegha.( bebasi dard ka aalam.tum muje dedo apne ghum)happy wala Sunday Adu take REST and god bless you my lovely friend Adu..

  38. rithushree

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman’s
    (Karan Patel) efforts starts to melt
    Ruhi’s (Aditi Bhatia) heart
    The upcoming episode will show that
    Raman and Ishita are tensed for
    Ruhi’s return.
    Raman and Ishita tries hard to
    convince Ruhi to return back to Bhaa
    house leaving evil Nidhi.
    Raman makes special arrangements
    on Ruhi’s birthday to win hwr trust
    and love back.
    Ruhi has started to melt seeing
    Raman-Ishita’s efforts to get her
    back in their life.
    Ruhi’s little sister Pihu also asks
    Ruhi to return back as she needs a
    sister like her.
    Ruhi returns to Bhalla house
    Ruhi will agree to return back to
    Bhalla house and to Ishita-Raman
    but on a condition.
    Ruhi will keep condition of bringing
    Nidhi along with her to Bhalla house.
    Let’s see will Raman-Ishita agrees
    to bring Nidhi to Bhalla house along
    with Ruhi.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates
    of the upcoming episodes

  39. vp

    Hi Rithu , Shivani , Sindhu, Mino ,Jaz , Reshma and all … Thank you Rithu and Shivani … its not about Kimberly … comments and views are always good if its health … Using bad words on any one we have no right … even its fictional characters … But last episode Ishithas feeling and talk to Mani was very emotional … its so natural … and I have seen many comments here she gave Ruhi for Pihu … and then left Pihu her own daughter … she never wanted to take Ruhi … but she took her … informed Police and Romi to act immediately … the action was so fast Nidhi threw the infact … in that situation both your hands are required to catch the baby and its an automatic impact of any one to kiss the baby … whoever it is … That small second clever Nidhi dragged Ruhi … for Ruhi at that age ..cant understand and tolerate … followed by 7 years that Nidhi tortured her . Now Pihu being her own child … why did she leave … no Ruhi … no Ishima and the child has not come from her womb .. rt ? she had not known the pregnancy hood to get that feeling of her own to come to that level of motherhood … which she had not experienced at all … she had committed suicide becoz no Ruhi and could not stand of Ramans blame … From Raman had never respected her … now after leap its worse … love however eternal and all if not respected can fade away …… And Ishitha is saved by Mani and Mani met with an accident where she felt she is responsible for the same . From begining however upset she is she makes her surroundings happy … Marriage to Raman itself is a sacrifice for Ruhi rt ? The total situation here is Raman lived on guilt … thinking Ruhi and Ishitha died and his anger is justified to some extend when he says she did not try to find out about him . For Ruhi both papa , Mama lived happily with out her … Shaghun uses Pihu now … she is not sure of her love to Pihu … other wise how can she ask Pihu if some one loves more than her will she leave her … this line gives answer for Shaghun .. Ishitha always allowed Shaghun to see Ruhi and Adi … here Bhallas are responsible for hiding the truth from Pihu ..they are answerable to the growin Pihu .. Raman loves Ishitha … but he has complicated his life from surrogancy track .. he does everything for good but not all a sensible decision … end of the day serial … till surrogancy Yhm was an unique .. but after that damaged it fully … ex wife current wife … no value for relations marriage ans emotions … children against parents …. its very defficult to give a good upbringing … but these serials .. kill it … Ashok … what all things he do … lives like a king … I love Dt , I watch to see her … it gives me immense pleasure her role as Ishitha … one has to kearn a lot … And i value friendship … hope that is not spoiled here between Mani and Ishitha … I really want Ishitha to leave Raman and live independently … I look at life very pisitively … enjoy to the fullest with out harming any one by words or deeds ..


    THANK You Very Much JAZ.
    DUA MAI MERA NAAM Lene keliye.
    Bismillah ALLAH Tumhara DUA KUBOOL KARNA.

    • Sara

      Hey ritushree it’s very nice of you to update the newest spoilers and yes thank you very much

  41. shahana

    its ishita who should get away from pihu. yeh lovingmother kahan thi jab wo choti si bachi ko uski zaroorat thi?. And after all these years she is back. if shecare about smone its onlyraman. she dont have any right to take pihu away frm shagun.

    • vp

      She is not taking … Pihu … she doesnt want to hurt Shaghun …. but the child if find out true love ? either Shaghun or Ishitha ? she will def go back to Ishitha … children are very innocent … and if she comes to know Ishitha is her real mother and she be anothe psychic case here …Is shaghun gets the Pihus custody …, then Pihus life is gone ….here Ishitha knows her limitations … she wants Ruhi back to Raman … atleast that much she is capable of handling I believe Raman be happy with Ruhi and Shaghun be happy with Pihu … Children will suffer … in both the hands … becoz Raman is nothing without his Madrasan

    • jaz

      Hey swathi gd even.No yaar I miss it today sbs segment cuz I’m so tried.fasting hain na isliye I slept at 2:0 clock so I CAN’T SEE.

  42. Swathi

    In the serial yeh hai mohabbatain the current track is showing that ruhi is still angry with ishita raman and she don’t want to live with them
    she is supporting needhi because she wants to trouble ishita raman

    in the upcoming episodes we will see that pihu makes agree ruhi to come to bhalla house with her raman ishita become happy after hearing this

    pihu will be the bond maker between ishita raman and ruhi because ruhi never says no to pihu and she loves her sister pihu very much she loves to live with her so pihu will clear all misunderstandings between ishita raman and ruhi

    when ruhi will get to know about ishra love for her and when she understand why ishra got separated
    she will try to reunite ishra and pihu will be the bond maker between trio because pihu brings closer ruhi and ishita raman

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.