Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mr. Bhalla taking permission from inspector to give food to Raman. Inspector asks him to explain Raman that Ishita can’t save him from murder case. Mr. Bhalla goes and meets Raman. He says Adi is finding Shagun, she slipped while running away, she fell in some truck, don’t tell anyone, I will come to tell you about her. He goes. Raman says thank God Shagun is safe, Adi should find her. Adi slaps the man and asks where is my mum. Bala asks the driver about Shagun, who fell in his truck, don’t try to lie, there are blood marks in the truck. Adi shouts and asks where is she.

The driver says I stopped at dhaba and saw a woman with severe head injury, she fainted, I dropped her outside a nearby hospital. Adi asks are you mad to leave her. Bala asks did you see

anyone helping her. The man says no. Adi says I will not leave you if anything happens to her. The man tells hospital name. Aaliya says mumma fell in truck and cries. Mihika says Adi will surely get Shagun. Aaliya says if anything happens to her, I already lost Mani, I can’t lose her. Mihika asks her to trust Adi. Aaliya says Adi is Raman’s son, Raman has killed Mani. Mihika says that’s not true, once we get Shagun, everything will be ruined. Aaliya says he is doing this to save his dad, not for me, let’s not talk about this, let me go now, I have to find mumma. She calls Nikhil home. Mihika says Aaliya has to go with Nikhil, I hope no new issue gets created between Adi and Aaliya.

Adi scolds the nurse. Bala stops Adi. Bala asks for emergency ward and goes. Adi says don’t know how is mumma, I have to find out what did she see. Bala asks nurse about Shagun. Nurse says describe her, many patients come. Adi shows Shagun’s pic. Nurse says she came here in morning. Doctor asks who are you. Adi says I m her son, is she fine, tell me. Doctor says she is in ICU, she had much blood loss, we gave her blood transfusion, but she did not get conscious. Bala asks can we see her. Bala and Adi see Shagun.

Adi gets Aaliya’s call. She asks why did you not tell me that mom fell in truck. He says we got mumma, she is in nursing room. She says send me address. He says she is unconscious, I will tell you when she gets conscious. She says stop it, don’t tell me what to do.

Kiran says kids were questioning a lot yesterday, I made some story, but today they will ask again, can I take kids, I will order food and they will be happy. Appa says fine, take them, what happened about your work. Kiran says don’t worry, I finished my work today. She goes. Amma says why did you say yes, how can she take kids. Appa says she managed kids well, she is trying, we should give her a chance, what’s wrong if she bonds with kids.

Nurse sees Shagun getting conscious. Adi says don’t know what she has seen, I will find out. Nurse says patient got fine. Aaliya and Nikhil come. Aaliya asks did she get conscious. Nurse asks who is she. Adi says she is her daughter. Doctor comes and says let me check her first, its not good for her. Aaliya says please let me meet her once. Doctor permits Aaliya. Bala stops Adi. Adi cries. Aaliya talks to Shagun. Bala asks him to relax, they will come. Shagun asks who is she. Aaliya says I m your daughter, Aaliya. Shagun says my daughter is very young, no she is not my daughter. Doctor asks Aaliya to go out. Aaliya cries. Nikhil asks why are you crying, say something. Aaliya says mumma does not remember anything, she did not identify me. Adi asks what happened to her.

Aaliya says she did not identify me Adi, she does not remember anything. Adi says I will go to her. Nikhil stops him and says doctor stopped you. Aaliya asks Adi is he mad, don’t create a scene, she is saying her daughter is young. Bala asks what does she mean. Doctor comes and says it means she lost her memory. Adi asks does she not remember anything, I m her son. Doctor says she has grown up children, but she said her daughter is young, it means she has forgotten some years, maybe she has seen something very bad before she got hurt. Bala says Shagun’s husband got murdered, maybe she has seen that murder. Doctor says that’s it, maybe she wants to block this from her memory. Adi says does she not remember anything. Nikhil consoles Aaliya. Aaliya says Shagun has seen Mani’s murder, how can she forget me. Bala says how will Raman get saved now. Adi says what will I tell Ishimaa.

Roshni gives file to Ishita. Ishita says this is old report, what are you saying. Roshni says sorry, tell me how to arrange reports. Ishita says arrange it in alphabetical order, you think I m foolish, I understand you are doing this to divert my mind. Roshni says sorry, I can see you worried. Ishita says I can’t sit in peace till Raman gets free. Adi calls her and says I got mom, maybe she slipped and fell in truck, she got a head injury, she will be fine. Ishita says get her back, she can save Raman. He says no, she can’t come. She asks what happened, does she know about Mani. He says mom did not identify Aaliya, she said her daughter is a little girl, doctor said mom got temporary amnesia, I don’t think she can help us in saving Papa, she does not remember anything, maybe she refuses to identify me also. Ishita gets shocked.

Shagun asks where’s my phone. Aaliya says don’t panic, we informed Ashok, he will be coming. Shagun says he must me so worried for me, thanks, I think he will be coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nivika

    Worst thing in todays epi was nikhil calling aliya as alu… was sounding very bad…..and in rest of epi missed DT soo much

  2. So shagun remembered the time that she was with ashok.. In that time she hate raman then what about the promo??

  3. No hopes for Adhiliaa… All because of this stupid nikhil. He might have killd mani coz he wants a married woman back in his life. And ishta, what to say? Her bestie has been murdered and not a single drop of tears went through her eyes for him. Her only motive is to save raman from the blame. If raman hadn’t been blamed, she would have stayed put seeing her friend burnt in ashes. Selfish bhalla family. I know raman didn’t do this. They aren’t worried for shagun’s situation too. Again they are repeating the old drama.

  4. Ohkk……now everyone will cook up a story that ashok left her now she is moving in with raman……if its ashok’s time then ruhi was 6 7 years old……then pihu will play ruhi……what about adi?….maybe shravan?……

    Adi Aaliya are both being jerks……

    Hope that raman gets provved and this mystery gets sorted……

    Why the hell does amma hate kiran????

  5. I really saw the selfish side of ishitha..not a moment of grief at all..she was not happy when shagun was found..only thing she wants now is Raman to be free..she should be ashamed to be called manis childhood friend..very bad

  6. Hi friends.. another drag episode… feeling really strange about adis behaviour… I think he hit Shagun with vase…precap was interesting… Shagun asking Ashok… And she remembers small Ruhi… So she thinks she is staying with Ashok… So I think she won’t stay in Bhalla house.. she comes to meet Ruhi… Unless Ashok manipulate Shagun and send her to Bhalla house… Show is becoming interesting… If not dragged it will be good… Taneja along with Ashok has killed Mani… Don’t know how ishu saves Raman now…this Aliya became too immature.. she is crying like a baby.. . And she prefers Nikhil over ADI…. Few months with Shagun , she become spoil …

    1. What about he spoiled bcoz of ishita or shagun.
      They were great but story writer spoiled their character.some one said v should give award to ekta for disappointing.that s so true.

      1. Introducing nikihil was the worst thing in thing that happened in yhm.i don’t like roshini.

      2. ADI has done something bad with Shagun and Mani… That’s y he is trying to protect the truth… Anyway he has shaguns blood… So it’s natural…but ishu never thought bad to ADI…. Though ADI knows Shagun is selfish still he respects her,, that is ishu s values

  7. I think ruhi saw mani with riya

    1. Who is Riya?

  8. whatever you want to do do it, but dont ever ever separate ishra. The are the best couple.

  9. I disliked Aliya from the beginning of introduction. She is not very loyal to anyone. First Ishita was the one and only person she trusted and considered her mom, then she loved Shagun’s brother (forgot his name), then she loved Adi, but is so close to the new man that she can’t see how its affecting her relationship with Adi, just dumb. She never liked Shagun, but now she can’t lose Shagun as she is her mom….how can she even think Raman can kill someone let alone Mani…what a dumb idiot. Adi should leave her.

    Further this show has too much over drama, it leave your head spinning. They need to tame it a little and add some fun elements that normal family have. Like picnic in the park, singing and enjoying simple things in everyday live.

  10. Hi all …. expected Sindhus comment today . I really did not want to watch seeing Alias immense love to her mumma … and Adis consoling to Ishima . Both of them did not act well at all . Cvs spoiled Amma and daughters bond between Ishitha and Alia … so sad it is ? Why Ishitha is not gone to see Alia … The loss of mani should be affecting more on Ishitha and Alia . Degraded Ishithas character here . Ihow well Dt used to act on hospital scenes … not only that once on the way to picnic she acted as memory lose to Raman … how impressive that was ! Shaghun proved not at all good in acting .. on top off that head injury and memory lose … Alia is asking whether She can take mumma home . Surely Shaghun is faking … She is asking for Ashok … may be her memory will be her stay with Ashok . Hope they will atleadt find out the killer .
    Roshini will be a very good help and understand the situation also . Where Azuka ? Shreya are you angry with me ? Valpa … so many days ? Your comment about Ishitha is true … why she is not seeing Alia .. is sad … very sad I feel for Ishitha losing her close frien . Even Vandita too was closet to her … both the death she cud not mourn and cry out … as she had to stand for Raman .Ishra love is something that anyone can understand …. What a performance was Ishras on Zee tv gold award … so graceful … pleasing it was … both KP and Dt … all other performances were zero to me . Awesome Ishra was …

  11. This show is shit. Hope raman has an affair with tht woman hahha so tht ishitacan just f**k off from this show

  12. I think ruhi saw niddhi.. She is the one who can do such things with her anger. May be she is with ashok and taneja.. And taneja know about fight between Raman & Mani .. So niddhi get the advantage of that.. Last time she gose to jail bcoz shagun recognised her… This may be her revenge… Thats why ruhi wants to talk with mani..

  13. Hi Rithu, VP, Parichary, Bhagya, Magic, Mino, Missy, Ravi, Shereya and many THE fans…..

    VP Aunt, how are You? I agree with your comments on Ishita and Shagun. Do you know that I am getting tired of watching YHM? One moment they show promo about Raman and Shagun karvachaut and the next moment yesterday Shagun is asking for Ashok. Honestly it is confusing. I don’t know how the story is going to revolve but one thing for sure will be splitting Adi and aliya and Ishra. Both Ishra look jaded. There is no chemistry in them anymore. Susan is right. We can’t expect any of the past moments before the two leaps of YHM. Even cha write in such a way that Kiran is with Pihu and not her Ishimaa. Usually at this time, Ishimaa will be with Pihu knowing how much Pihu loves her dad and Ishra will try not to allow Pihu be affected at all. They didn’t show any frame of Pihu and Ishra especially. My hopes dashed and I will not see Pihu and Ishra anymore. It will be Raman, Shagun and Pihu.

    1. Good morning Sindhu ! I too agree with you ! I think these promos as HP said reverse pshychology only ! Shaghun somehow wants to see Ashok … Shivani …Magic and all I know busy with studies . If not watching yhm , its a wise decision !

  14. Hi friends… Promo can’t be as perfect… Because in previous promo … Raman to ishu that they have to keep Shagun away from Aliya to save the house.. but that never happened… So promo s are just to increase curiosity in the viewers….

  15. Now we will get more scenes of ishra and ishu and pihu…. Because ishu can’t stay away from her family…

  16. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Mohababtein will show that Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) missing, Mani’s murder and Raman’s (Karan Patel) arrest drama have already brought many twist in the show.

    Ishita is very much disturbed not able to save Raman while Adi and Ruhi are hiding something big from everyone.

    Adi and Bala mange to get information about Shagun and fid her in the hospital.

    Doctor informs them about Shagun’s brain injury so that she has forgotten many memories of her life.

    The real twist unfolds when Shagun calls Raman as her husband and doctor suggests everyone not try to force her recall everything.

    Ishita allows Raman stay with Shagun

    Ishita being a kind heart woman allows Raman to support Shagun and Raman unwillingly agrees foe this.

    The question is that if Shaun really lost her memory or it is her plan to take revenge from Ishita.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  17. azuka nkwonta

    Hello vp madam you asked of me the truth is that somebody has been using my name to comment here so I stopped commenting to see if something will be done .

    1. ok Nice seeing you back …

  18. azuka nkwonta

    Hello vp madam you asked of me the truth is that somebody has been commenting on this page with my name so I stopped commenting to see if something will be done about it. The imposter was using my name it wasn’t good.

    1. Hi they have deleted the comments from fake account in your don’t worry.

  19. Charu prakash

    Hi all!I’m Charu.I used to visit here almost every day for updates and comments.Actually the main attraction is Azuka’s comments.Most of the time I totally agree with her.vp ma’am Shagun’s acting in the scene is the most apt one,I would say.She is waking up with a clogged mind.In the mentioned scene Ishitha is doing the worst case of hamming.We enjoyed that scene,thanks to Raman’s reactions.Shagun herself had her moments of excellent acting.Remember those scenes which lead to her fake suicide and the one in hotel room with Ruhi.I don’t mean to hurt your feelings.Hope you understand

    1. Hey namesake……my real name is also Charu…..

    2. Yes def … in negative role she is superb . But emotion and positive she is not at all to the mark .Yes she is waking up from clogged mind and so it did not give any emotions to the viewers . My opinion … I dont like character Shaghun but AH can not stand near Dt in acting … There is some charm on her acting .. may be I like her v much charu . Nothing to hurt .. your views … you comment .. welcome my dear .

  20. Dam CVS ruined ishitha’s charector, she lost her best friend but still she didn’t get single drop of tears in her eyes can anyone behave like this? And that too Mani saved her life and took her to Australia and stayed for seven years together. I don’t know how they r taking her charector I love DT very much pls don’t ruin her charector CVS
    Hi rithu hi VP mam good evening

    1. Hi Proyanka Good evening

  21. Charu Prakash

    Hi Dia!Happy to hear that.Dia is even nicer ?

  22. Charu prakash

    Hi Dia!Happy to hear that!Dia is even nicer!!!!

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