Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman being shocked as Ishita comes and tells everyone about Raman’s so called thinking. She says he has named company on my name. Raman says so what wrong did I do, I did it to secure your future. Ishita asks who told him that he is going to die. Raman says doctor told me, I have just one month. She says he has just allergy, she spoke to doctor. She says she will talk to doctor and puts it on speaker, asking him to tell Raman’s problem. The doctor says Raman has just simple allergy. Raman says you said someone that you will come my home and give sad news. The doctor says I was saying about Mr Mehra. Mihir asks Raman why was he so negative, he won’t die so soon. Ishita says he is fine and still sad. Raman goes after her.

She asks how did he think all this,

he is so stupid, he runs corporate business and how could you think you are going to die, you did not share with me, did you think about me, you don’t think about me. She cries and says its good Pathak told me. Raman says I will not leave Pathak. She scolds him and takes his phone. She takes sweepstick in her hand. He asks will she clean home in anger, relax, Neelu has cleaned the home. She says I will clean your mind and beats him with the sweeping stick. Raman runs and she beats him. He runs outside the door and everyone see him getting beaten. Raman asks is she mad, and asks Appa to stop her.

Ishita scolds him and Raman runs. She says Raman is not needed at home, and takes everyone else along. Raman is outside and asks Lord to take her, I know its tough, but try being Lord.

Mihir comes home and tells Rinki how Ishita has beaten Raman, and Raman was saying sorry while running. Rinki asks why did Ishita beat him. Mihir tells about Raman’s tension that he will die, and he thought about others, and made will to give the company to Ishita. Rinki is shocked and thinks Ishita does not know any business, Mihir works so much and Raman did not think about him. Ishita is angry on Raman an Mihika comes. She smiles seeing her talking. She asks him to leave this lovely anger, and stop this acting now. Ishita says I will sleep peacefully today. Mihika says you won’t get sleep, and they talk about Raman. Ishita asks Mihika to go.

Raman says I would have died for good. Mihika comes and says Ishita is angry, I tried to explain, but she is not listening, you come and stay at our home or lobby. He says I will manage. Ishita is unable to sleep and thinks how will Raman sleep on hard bench, he has back pain, and worries for him. She goes to the door and talks to Raman, asking why did he name company to her, and did he think about her, he did not share his problems, she would be glad if he shared, he wanted her to be happy, but she gets happy when he shares his pains. Raman cries.

She says she is not just his wife, and wishes she could become one who could share his pain. He asks her to open the door and talk once. She says its open. He comes to her and asks her to beat him more, but stop crying. He says he did mistake and he forgot his promise of not hiding anything. He holds her hand and says we will take vows again, so that I don’t do this again. He promises her that he will give prosperous life ot her and their kids, and she smiles promising him that she will always keep him and their kids happy, and stand by him as his strength. He promises they will always be together. She promises him that she will always support him.

He says I was living incomplete life without you. She says my life starts and ends on you. He says you are my wife, well wishes and best friend, I won’t hide anything. She says the same. He says we will always be together in happiness and pain. She hugs him. yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………. They smile. Rinki talks to Shamit in the bar about Raman choosing Ishita over Mihir, how did Raman do this with my brother. Shamit says I said this CEO is just a post for Mihir. She says I felt Raman values Mihir and his potential, he was Mihir’s mentor. Shamit says so he got you married to Mihir.

Rinki says Ishita convinced Mihir to marry me. Shamit says it means Mihir married you doing hid duty to follow Ishita’s orders, and not for love. He says Mihir should work with people who respect him. Ashok looks on and hears them smiling. Raman and Ishita sit in moon light and have a talk. She says Raman is very much imp, he is strength of the family, his siblings respect him a lot. He gives her credit as well, and asks about Rinki blaming her in Eid party. She says she is immature, I feel she has something in her heart, I will talk to her, I will sort it. He says I don’t have tension, I m setting up project for Mihir, I want him to make him my business partner on right time, I have names company’s shares to him, I want them to be happy. She says that’s why I love you, so proud of you. They talk about party food.

A lady congratulates Shagun for her NGO work and saving many girls. Shagun thanks her. The lady says they have to send someone to Delhi branch and she wants her to handle that work. Shagun thinks she can be close to her kids, Ruhi and Adi, and smiles.

Ashok and Suraj talk about their plan. Raman pays the last installment. Mr. Bhalla stops Raman and tells Manish that he will pay for his flat, he can bear the home expenses even today. Simmi looks on.

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  1. Aaj jhansi ki rani …apne full mood mein thi kya mara raman ko jhado se. …bechara raman. ….par bhi uss ki ho hai. …har baat chupa ta hai. …

  2. Ye rinki ko negative kyun dikha rahe hai. .uss ki paison mein koi intrest nahin tha. ……..muhje ye wali rinki bilkul bhi pasand nahin hai. …

  3. siddhi

    Shagun ne to kha tha k bhallas us ki life ka close chap Thai phir WO Delhi Jan par itna khush kyo ho rah hai

  4. siddhi

    Rinki ki problem kya Thai agar Raman ne company ishita k name ki Thai after all she is his wife

  5. Yaar…..yeh Rinki ka kya naya drama hai…….Usne ab Phir yeh topic nikala ki Ishita ne unn dono ki shaadi karai….jab Shadi kar rahi thi tab to kaha tha Bhabhi aap par pura bharosa hai….

  6. rinki bahut kar rahi hai.mujhe toh woh pehle se hi pasand nahi hai.bahut zyaada act karthi hai. apne friend circle ko choose karne ki samaj nahi hai aur educated hothe hue bhi jab uski shaadi ho rahi thi toh tabhi object karthi.abhi sirf ishitha ko blame kar rahi hai. aur raman ke baare mein kya kya soch rahi hai pagal kahiki.raman se ghuma phirakar uske dost ne baath kiya aur apne bhai se zyaada uss horrible gande aur bure dost par yakeen kar rahi hai.

  7. ashok aur suraj ko ek aur plan mil gaya raman ke khilaf games khelne ke liye.lekin ab raman ki misunderstandings door ho gayi toh ab woh business mein zyaada dhyaan dega toh ashok se nipat lega.

  8. ab yeh shagun ka entry delhi mein hoga.aur uss dim mumbai mwin euhi shayad uss shagun ki taraf inclined ho rahi thi .ab agar delhi aayegi toh ishraruhdi ko alag naa karde.bhale hi uske intentions galat na ho. aur yeh romi sarika case mein bhi woh madad karegi toh kahi sab uske taraf inclined na ho jaaye.

  9. tahira

    Uff yeh long shagun drama phir create karne wale h acha khasa yhm 3 pe aya h use nhi dikha rhe the toh ab pta nai kya hoga

  10. Gree

    Uff too many -ve characteristics. Rinki 😡 2 kamna brothers 👿 . And this shagun juz disgusting I don’t like her even if she change. Get laz u all bad people ? . Ishras part was awesome lovely. Wat happened to mr. Bhalla ?? y he’s taunting my Raman . Tanq god Raman got shaved but I like him in beard too ?

  11. i want to talk abt only
    Raman nd ishu
    i don’t want to talk abt
    other character in the show
    only Ramishu are scenes are gd
    nd other characters just
    dragging the show
    we are nt interested plzz
    focus on Ramishu
    unite them.

  12. Ramzan is going on and on every set
    there are some muslim folks on the
    set and Iftari is done daily. Ye Hai
    Mohabaatein is one set where Iftari is
    done daily and actors especially
    Divyanka Tripathi who plays Ishita
    takes active interest in it. A source
    reveals Divyanka set up the table and
    sometimes even treats everyone with
    Iftari from her side.
    On being contacted Divyanka says, “It
    is supposed to be community activity.
    I do it for the love of my unit people
    and self-satisfaction. I belong to
    Bhopal which is part Muslim part
    hindu. We call it ‘Ganga-Jamuni’
    culture of Bhopal where we all coexist
    with utter love and no differences. I
    had lot of muslim folks in my city and
    it was a must for me to visit them on
    Eid and enjoy the scrumptious
    delicacies like Sevaiyan, standard
    chole and Dahi Vade”.
    On being asked if she ever kept a
    Roza she says “I haven’t kept a roza
    but I understand the ritual and feeling
    as I have seen people doing it”

  13. gopu

    hai… ramya rithusree lucky mizun priyaroli prayosha nimrit thachu naima…. and all yhm fans…

  14. V P

    Mr Bhalla is going to be seen as negative , as Raman has written the company will on Ishithas name . Sooraj , Ashok , Shaghun and Rinkys friend is unnecessarily dragging the show .as long as their intentions are not succeeded no problem . Ishithas too beautiful actress so too Raman . Their characters deliver good message to the audience

    • Tigress

      I don’t think that will be the reason dat Mr. Bhalla spoke harshly to Raman. May b raman ne kuch kaha hoga. Waise bhi I dont like how Mr. Bhalla spoked to Raman infront of outsiders.

  15. rosy

    Oh rinki u r jealous of ur own bhabi…n raman did so much for u…n u thnk raman doin injustice to mihir…mihir is such a nice guy…neways ishra rocks…

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